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    Hi Kent..

    The Matrix 6 & 6r had the Audio interface for loading & saving patches, so i never needed to use anything else on them, while the Matrix 1000 did not, and required a librarian to get patches in & out of the first 2 banks (or is it only the 1st bank??).. There were many librarians and editors in the past that support the Matrix 6, You should be able to google up some abandonware, or an old cracked version, long since abandoned. My Librarian is a DOS app as part of Voyetra sequencer+, wich supported everything up to about 1996..

    M6 and M6r also have very poor response times for sysex - as discovered by anyone who has tried to edit patches using sysex remote control - packets get lost, the units freeze, and things are very sluggish at best.

    I suggest you avoid the Sysex patch dumps, and use a librarian software if You want to do things by MIDI, or use the audio interface (TAPE IN/OUT) to make a recording of the patch dump in audio form, since You have a 6r, and not an m1000.

    As for the "@@@@@@@@@@@" crap in the display - good luck fixing that, it should be a simple matter of changing all the capacitors on the power supply board.. Make sure you dab all the solder points for thew caps with some FLUX, and use nice quality solder braid to soak up the old solder, adding some new solder to each first to loosen it up of coarse! Take Your time, there is no hurry, and then enjoy Your nice stable 6r
    jUst plAythAtbEAt


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      M6R PS Rebuild

      Well, I've just checked the voltages on the output side of my completely rebuilt M6R power supply board, and all is well!


      I replaced not just the caps but every component, as well as added .1uF caps across the diodes for extra switching filtration. Everything seems to be supplying the correct voltages; next step is to install a battery holder and replace the old battery, then install the new v2.15 firmware from Mr. Grieb and reseat all those ribbon cables and pray for the best.

      It turns out I was able to dump all the patches through SYSEX into Protools; my confirmation method was flawed: once I changed the patch, then switched BACK I saw the "restored" patch name. I do still have my old Tandy Data Cassette recorder just in case.

      Will post one last time when (fingers crossed) all is back together and humming beautifully. Good gosh how I love this old synth!



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        Hah Fantastic, You still have the TANDY cassette deck! I have been using just a soundcard in/out for these things, and it's actually quite twitchy.. must be the full bandwidth of it all..

        OK, Fine Fine on the build, i guess the only thing left is those pesky Ribbon connectors, which i suggest You hit with some DEOXIT if You continue to get issues. The downside to this fix is you have to keep doing the Deoxit shuffle every few years, and Deoxit dependency is a common problem - once You start, it tends to fix things right away, but over time causes another buildup of [stuff].

        Yes, the M6 is such a classy device, i really could not do without one. the M1000 is all very well, but it does nto sound the same. Take for example the last couple of patches in the factory bank - the crazy looping SFX, they sound totally different on an m1000 to the m6, just a hint at how things changed between designs.
        jUst plAythAtbEAt


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          Well hello again...

          And apologies for the radio silence...y'know, "life" conspires to pull me away from the solder smoke and old synths.

          So my M6R is booting so very happily, since I rebuilt the PS board, and followed you suggestions, however I am now having an issue similar to one you reported: just ONE of the voices seems to have the filter cutoff wrong more open than the others - if i cycle through six notes on, say, a warm stringish pad, the voice whose "period" indicator is by the first character of the display is brighter than the other five. On some sounds of mine you can't notice (depends on how the filter is used in those patches), but on these dark mellow warm pads it's like a tiny bucket of cold water every few chords!

          Where would you suggest I start to troubleshoot this? I was going to begin by swapping chips and seeing if the fault follows to a different voice indicator; beyond that you've mentioned something about calibrating the HFO, but that will all be new territory for me. Could you share any more specific info? Of course I'll also re-seat all the ribbon cables, and give a good Deoxit burst...

          Thanks for any help...



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            The bright Dot in the display thing i remember, but i don't think it's related to how the voices are working, i think it's more about the voice rotation or stacking mode in the patch perhaps? BUT, if one voice is sounding a bit strange, then it is probably an unwell voice chip alright. There are very slight issues on some patches, and others You can clearly hear it is missing every sixth note or whatnot. Watch the display and see which dot is on when the faulty voice fires, and that's Your culprit - swap it with the chip next to it and see if the fault moves with it, and if it does, it's an easy fix - replace the chip! They are still on aliexpress and ebay, no big deal. If it's a TONAL issue on that voice, then i would bet You 5c it's the chip. Remember the dots are read left to right for 1-6 but the physical layout of voices is right to left, er,. i think. Been a while
            jUst plAythAtbEAt