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    So, thanks to dara that pornking, we inherited a rack or 4 of spare parts from old micro computers..

    we now have 9 SID chips - these are spoken for, so don't ask for them, 6 x 6581 and 3 x 8580, with dates spanning 1982 thru 1991.. Also, a large stash of AY-38912 sound chips - as used in everything since they came about..

    The SID are going into 2 of these: me and brain are building one each..

    The AY could be used in the but it doesn't have a midi version yet, it seems to be only a jukebox.. Still though, the vectrex uses this chip.

    I also have a pile of amstrad spare parts for the CPC range and the Spectrum + machines:

    *40007   Gate-Array version 1 (20RA043) (used in CPC464; with heat sink, other pin-outs than 40008/40010)
    *40009   32K ROM; BIOS and BASIC for CPC464 (English)
    *40010   Gate-Array version 3 (HSG3170) (used in newer CPC464 and in CPC664/6128; no heat sink)
    *40025   32K ROM; BIOS and BASIC for CPC6128 (English)
    *40054   32K ROM; Spectrum +2
    *40056	Spectrum +128k Graphics
    *40077   Spectrum +3 ASIC
    *40092   Spectrum +3 ROM 1 (English)
    *40093   Spectrum +3 ROM 2 (English)
    *40101  UNKNOWN
    these chips are all very rare and totally useless to me, but probably golddust to an amstrad fan - so, if you want them, PM me and i will see what i can do..

    Also in the stash were chips for early Amiga 1000, C128, Apple ][ (microsoft rom from 1978 anyone?).. plenty of agnus and so on chips, Atari ST chips, floppy controllers, VIA chips and umpteen other custom badboys that are NO use to anyone but a fan.. Along with a mad selection of 8bit ram chips of various ilks..

    I am going to keep the things i can use for Vectrex and Instrument repair (6502 and Z80 related stuff) and the piles of gate arrays and flipflops and blah, but the rest is heading for the bin, srs.
    jUst plAythAtbEAt

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    Do you still have these chips?


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      Sure.. a good few.. All the SID chips are in Midiboxes now, but still a good few of the rest..

      Also found a box of counter modules for the Amstrad tape mechs, and what looks like a bag of the pressure pads too..

      What do You need?
      jUst plAythAtbEAt


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        I'm after a 40077 for a Speccy +3 transplant, do you have any left?




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          I am fairly sure all the Amstrad era stuff was sent to someone that ran a dedicated site for those machines a few years ago.. I did not keep anything Amstrad i'm afraid. I thought it best to put the lot in the hands of someone who was into that scene.

          Right now (2020) i can see i kept mostly 4 & 8bit ram chips, PIA and AY / Sound chips, and stuff for Amiga & ST. I also have a few bits for Apple ][ and Atari 4/6/800/VCS for some reason, probably because i could not find anyone who wanted them, and could not bring myself to throw them out..

          Basically, when i did the clearout, i only kept things for my projects - MidiBox stuff, and repairs to my arcade board and personal computers.
          jUst plAythAtbEAt