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Late Night Sessions 28/29/30 July 2018

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  • Late Night Sessions 28/29/30 July 2018

    Fri 27/Sat 28

    02.00 Solid Steel

    Feat: Makeness

    AEVA - Unreleased
    Vessel - Lache
    GILA - 106 Slipper
    Gamma Intel - Theorem X
    Minor Science - Volumes
    Theo Parrish - Cypher Delight
    Golden Teacher - Spiritron
    Manie Sans Délire - Simulacron-3
    Scientific Dreamz of U - Disintegration Rhythm
    Voodoo Charles - Brickwall Tunnel
    Charlie McL - Brickwall Tunnel
    Rudefood - The Bit
    Broken English Club - Breaking the Flesh
    Jay Daniel - I Have No Name (Original Mix)
    Armando - Don't Take It (Thomos Edit)
    Giant Swan - Celebrate The Last 30 Years Of Human Ego
    Makeness - Rough Moss

    03.00 Solid Steel

    Feat: Unseen Worlds

    Basil Kirchin - Third World pt. III
    C-Schulz - Barbapapa
    Pete La Roca - The Dancing Girl
    Trevor Watts and Katrina Krimsky - Mial
    Albergo Intergalattico Spaziale - Migrare
    Arturo Stalteri - Gii Hins
    Halim El-Dabh - Leiyla Visitations 2
    Eberhard Weber - Unfinished Self-Portrait
    Jacqueline Humbert & David Rosenboom - talk 1
    Asmus Tierchens - Zeebrügge
    Godley & Creme - Snack Attack (Remix)
    The Grodeck Whipperjenny - Put Your Thing on Me
    Geinoh Yamashiogumi - Dark Slumber

    04.00 DJ Pressure

    Sat 28/Sun 29

    22.00 Springsession


    *Paul Mendez - I can see you dance now
    *MOGUAI & Macon - I Like It (Heldeep)
    *Eldar Stuff & Tim Cosmos & Alison Fai - Together (Rollrock Records)
    *SIR IVAN - Get Together [Cristian Poow Funky Horn House Mix]
    *CID & VINNE - Take Your Place (Musical Freedom)
    *LVNDSCAPE - Gumburanjo (Spinnin Records)
    *Titus1 & Soundbouy - Weird Science (Sogood Music)
    *Shade K & TERRIE KYND - Fire
    *Face & Book - The Fire A
    *Row-EX - Rogue Shark
    *Klutch - Beethoven (Fur Elise)
    *Disciple - Get Lemon
    *NEMO - Blast Em (E4)
    *Spirit Architect & Djantrix - Dark Angel
    *Bou - Higher
    *Soulstructure - Seduction
    *Tony Moran & Jason Walker - I'm In Love With You [Todd Terry Remix]


    *ENRICO BSJ FERRARI - Bang (Traktoria TRK 0379)
    *Uakoz - In Da House (Selected STD 207)
    *FLUG - Rejected (JAM JAM 006)
    *DJ MURPHY/DOLBY D - Scream Art [ABYSSVM remix] (Dolma Red DMR 010)
    *THE-PROPHECY - Therapy Sessions (Egothermia ETM 505)
    *DJ RUSH - Fist Full Of Bass (Kne Deep KD 090)
    *NEIL LANDSTRUMM - Sleep [feat Brain Rays] (Unknown To The Unknown UTTU 087)
    *BOOKA SHADE - Quantum Leap (Suara SUARA 317)
    *Stampatron - Quantstamp (Filth Infatuated Digital)
    *WLDERZ - Based (Skryptom 37)
    *Ben Long & Oliver Way - Lemak Rhythm (Soul Matters 017)
    *CAMELPHAT - DMT (Circus Recordings CIRCUS 088)
    *So Pink Mafia - Deep Chills (Sensual Ibiza)
    *Nirmal/Ocelot - Touch And Goa [original] (Samaa SAMDIGI 004)

    00.00 Whitenoise #656

    Supersonic Aircraft - Krypton 81
    Rov - Bramor
    Futureworld - Le Chocolat Noir
    Un Dimanche Sous La Pluie - Jauzas The Shining
    Show The Way - Larry Mc Cormick
    Corals Of Pannonia - N-TER
    Lucifer's Light (Final Discussion) - Morah
    One Night Lost - Jauzas The Shining
    A Monster In Two Worlds (Silicon Scally Vocal Remix) - Mr Velcro Fastener
    Mermaids Of The Dark (Original Mix) [Bass Agenda] - Antony Dupont
    Smoker (Sync 24 Remix) - Maelstrom
    Horizon - Carlos Sicrock
    Electromagnetic - Populist

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    01.00 L.A.W.

    1. Ashley Nield - Cause of Consequences (Taro Records)
    2. Joton - The Soinning Wheel (Raw Raw)
    3. Kike Pravda - Cyclone (Animal Farm Records)
    4. DRT - For Execution (Variant Electronic)
    5. A. Morgan - Post Traumatic Stress (N&N Records)
    6. DJ Emerson - Contra (Dolma Records)
    7. Vladw - Dragunov / Mekas Remix ( Animal Farm Records)
    8. Syrette - Fino / II - 22 Remix (Taro Records)
    9. C-System - dd998 (N & N Records)
    10. Gotshell - Second Today (MORD)
    11. Sven Wittekind - Extasia ohne (Sempiternal)
    12. Andres Gil - Glass Room (Dolma Records)
    13. Tonikattidue - Where Are You (Mind Burn Recordings)
    14. Rommek - Grintstone (Blueprint)
    15. Newks - Gestures / Patrick DSP Remix (Geushky)
    16. Scenedrone & StereoLounge - Electronic Examination (Variance)

    02.00 Sonic Sessions #037

    It's the third birthday of the Sonic Sessions! Thank you for tuning in and lasting this long! For a birthday special, Louk's asked four friends to provide
    guest mixes and Dave Angel, Billy Nasty, Tommy Holohan and Jamie Ball have delivered.

    DAVE ANGEL ( Guest Mix

    Dave Angel - Belle Ame [Rotation]
    Unknown - Unknown [White Label]
    Dense & Pika - Project Zeus [Kneaded Pains]
    Vincent - How I Feel [Klockworks]
    Bastinov - Wormhole [Etruria Beat]
    Dave Angel - Dogspray (Mark Broom Remix) [Jehrico]

    BILLY NASTY ( Guest Mix

    Emmanuel - Antidote.1 [Arts Collective]
    Randomer - Van Pelt [Dekmantel UFO Series]
    Randomer - Shadow Harp [Dekmantel UFO Series]
    Almaty - Ten Eight Seven (Gennaro Endian Remix) [Naive Trax]
    Assailants - Effort 7 [Obscurity Is Infinite]
    Paul Mac - Back To The Floor [Suspected]
    Flug - Rejected (Sam Paganini Remix) [JAM]
    Miss Kittin – 1993 Eacid (Truncate Remix) [Zone]

    TOMMY HOLOHAN ( Guest Mix

    Tommy Holohan - Martello [Civil Disobedience]
    Rune Bagge - Secret Solutions [Ectotherm]
    Boston 168 - 707 Sing [Involve]
    The Mover - Calculations [Boidae]
    Doug Cooney - Coming Home [Orbis]
    E-Dancer - Velocity Funk (Stacey Pullen Remix) [KMS]
    Charles Green - Innerzone [Revenge Techniques]
    Hiroaki Iizuka - Drum Unit [Self Reflektion]
    Ritzi Lee - Framework [Mord]
    Tommy Holohan - Ask For Absolution [Haven]
    Ben Sims v Rue East - 3 Of A Kind [Theory]
    Tommy Holohan - DMAT 3 [CD-R]

    JAMIE BALL ( Guest Mix

    DJ Barrio vs Jamie Ball - Move (If U Wanna) [CD-R]
    Mike Humphries - Tactical Recon [Mastertraxx]
    A. Paul & Mike Humphries - Test Rage [CD-R]
    Luke McMillan - Mixed Reactions [Compulzion]
    Jamie Ball - Spike [CD-R]
    Jamie Ball - Radio Rock [Turning Point]
    Luke McMillan - Dee's Education [Compulzion]
    Mike Humphries - Telepath [Hard Electronic]
    Jamie Ball - Ithaqua [Turning Point]
    Jamie Ball - Radio Rock (Jamie Bissmire Mix) [Turning Point]
    Floorplan - Mmm Hmm Hmm [M-Plant]
    14Anger & Dep Affect - Transcendence On Demand [Tripalium]
    David Moleon - Savage [Patterns]
    Jamie Ball - Moonlight (Unreleased Mix) [CD-R]
    Alcatraz - Giv Me Luv [Yoshitoshi]
    Oliver Ho - Changing [Meta]
    Mike Humphries - Jupe [Hard Electronic]
    Jeff Mills - Sugar Is Sweeter [Purpose Maker]
    14Anger & Dep Affect - Eye Trap [Tripalium]
    Dep Affect - Great Circuits Fall Quiet [Totentnz]
    Jamie Ball - Drift [CD-R]
    DBX - Live Wire [Peacefrog]
    Mike Humphries - Scorpio Rising [Techsound]
    Metro Skim - From 3d Into 5th [6dimensions]
    Jamie Ball - The Brass Continent [CD-R]
    Steve Bicknell - The Moment I Stopped [6dimensions]

    04.00 AM:FM #177

    Chris Reports on this show: This AMFM is the second and last part of my set that I played at the famous Cocorico Club in Riccione, Italy. Cocorico has always
    been special for me. I have been playing there for many years and it is always very exciting to be in this cult venue. Especially for the Notte Rosa, the pink
    night, apparently the shortest night in the year. I got to play there on the same date, which made it even more special. So this time was no exception. I was
    travelling with my kids, as they are on summer school holiday and before my gig I already spend some good time with them in Florence and Riccione. Of course it
    makes a stark difference when you hang out at a pool all day, playing with your kids and then enter a club to play a gig at night, but everything is possible in
    my beloved Italy. Idriss and Paco Osuna played great and energetic sets before me and the spirits were up high at the time I started. The following two hours
    went by way too quick and it was an impressively intense atmosphere, which I never really experienced that way in the cub. You might be able to hear that.
    Especially at the end, no one wanted to leave and I did even end up playing 30 min longer than normally allowed. What a night! Can´t wait to be back! Hope you
    enjoy the recording!

    1. Bjarki - Promo
    2. Charlotte de Witte - Silence (Original Mix)Â Â Â
    3. Max Cooper - Promo
    4. Cleric - Silent Kingdom (Original Mix) - Soma Records
    5. Gemini Voice Archive - Significant Proportion of The Speed Of Light (Matrixxman Shadow Mix)
    6. Avision - Free Your Mind (Mark Broom Remix) - MATTER +
    7. Alex Bau VS Lathe - Deeprushin - Be As One
    8. Chris Carter - Promo
    9. Lory D - Acid-Cls 2
    10. Nagen und Saugen - Deep Throat
    11. Patrice Baumel - The Hatchet - Afterlife Records
    12. ANNA - Razor
    13. Boys Noize - Distort Me

    Sun 29/Mon 30

    00.00 Corsten's Countdown #578

    01. Matt Fax - Kinetic (Estiva Remix) [Colorize]
    02. Serge Orvin & Li-ion - Enthusiastic [Sunstate Records]
    03. DIM3NSION - Plata O Plomo [Flashover Recordings] [CORSTEN'S COUNTDOWN EXCLUSIVE]
    04. Denis Kenzo & Sveta B. - Sweet Lie [Denis Kenzo Recordings]
    05. Henry Dark - Alive [Enhanced Progressive]
    06. Diago - Beausoleil [Digital Society Recordings]
    07. Giuseppe Ottaviani - Slow Emotion 3 [Black Hole Recordings]
    08. Yuri Kane - Right Back (Solis & Sean Truby Remix) [Flashover Trance]
    09. Armin van Buuren feat. Ana Criado - Suddenly Summer [Armind][Listener’s Choice][LISTENER'S CHOICE]
    10. Akku - Serendipity [Flashover Trance] #3 [NUMBER 3]
    11. Ferry Corsten & Jordan Suckley - Rosetta [Flashover Recordings] #2 [NUMBER 2]
    12. Ferry Corsten - I Love You (Won't Give It Up) [Flashover Recordings] #1 [NUMBER 1]

    01.00 Tritonia #223

    01. Mesto, Jay Hardway - Save Me (Original Mix)
    02. Disco Fries feat. Raquel Castro - U Make Me (Zack Martino & Disco Fries Remix)
    03. MOTi - I See Light In You (feat. Faye Madeson)
    04. Zonderling x Don Diablo - No Good (Original Mix)
    05. DubVision - Steal The Moon (Original Mix)
    06. Dankann - All Your Love (Original Mix)
    07. Tritonal ft. Lourdiz - Love U Right (Original Mix)
    08. CID, Vinne - Take Your Place x Like This (Edit)
    09. Tritonal x Cuebrick - Iceland 2018
    10. Midnight Kids - Find Our Way feat. Kiel
    11. Mikael Weermats, Misha K - You & Me feat. Kayla Renee (Original Mix)
    12. Dzeko, Riggi & Piros - Anthem (Original Mix)
    13. Audien feat. Cecilia Gault - Higher
    14. Tritonal & APEK - Just Like You (Original Mix)
    15. Maximals - My Best (ft. Nino Lucarelli)
    16. Thomas Feelman, STV - Maasai (Original Mix)
    17. Lucas & Steve - Anywhere (Original Mix)
    18. ANG, Patrick Moreno - Alone Tonight feat. Morell Brown (Original Mix)
    19. Steve Brian - Footprint (Original Mix)
    20. Seven Lions feat. Fiora - Dreamin (Original Mix)
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