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Late Night Sessions 24/25/26 November 2018

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  • Late Night Sessions 24/25/26 November 2018

    Fri 23/Sat 24

    02.00 Solid Steel

    Feat: Ruf Dug

    Kaschiel - San Pellegrino
    Debbie Gibson - One Step Ahead (MAW Mix)
    Klodya - I Was Tired Of Being Alone
    Omar-S - Less Pain
    MB - Nativtonguetwisterhood
    Intelligent Communication - Critical Ebb
    Elektrik Dred - Butter Up (Inst)
    Martini Bros - Hot
    DJ Duke - Tribal Journey
    John Tejada - Mind Bend
    Nagual - Core
    Jackmaster Hater - Your Love
    Sugar Minott - Murder Weapon
    TNT Roots - Mighty In Battle
    M-Dubs - For Real
    Mark Seven - My Caesar
    Reggie Dokes - Love
    Designer Music - Good Girls
    Dubtribe Sound System - Equitoreal
    Unknown - Saturday
    Glowing Palms - Getting There

    03.00 Solid Steel

    Feat: Brame & Hamo

    Tracklist Unavailable

    04.00 DJ Pressure

    Sat 24/Sun 25

    22.00 Springsession


    *VRN - Proton402 (Seveneves Records)
    *Kokiri & Dragonette - Faith In Love [Kokiri's Back To '96 Mix] (Armada Deep)
    *Robbie Rivera - Magical World (Juicy Music)
    *BLR - Masuria
    *Drop Department & Havoc & Lawn - Money
    *Tim Light - 1991 (LW records)
    *Godamn & Crossnaders - I Love Girls
    *Space Jump Salute - To The Funk (Kryteria)
    *Alex Wicked - Fatal Attraction
    *Destroyers & Basstyler - The Flow
    *Chime - Here We Go
    *Arcon - Tickless
    *Calvin Logue - Mysteryland
    *Major7 & Status Zero - Dawn
    *Interactive Noise - Fking Bass Line
    *Timelock & Solarix - Cell Runner
    *Break - Keepin It Raw
    *Calibre - Let It Rain


    *Adrian Hour - Make You Feel Good (K7 K7376 DTM)
    *EATS EVERYTHING - Space Raiders (Kneaded Pains KP 33)
    *I_O - Low (mau5trap Venture Limited MAU 50208)
    *REINIER ZONNEVELD - Rave Generator (Filth On Acid FOA 039)
    *KAISERDISCO - Trip (Suara SUARA 332)
    *DAVID LONDONO - Wooster (Ushuaia Music PCL 729)
    *MAHARTI - Its Not You (Reload Black Label RBL 242)
    *PHUNK INVESTIGATION & JEAN AITA - Dual Sequence (Blu Fin BF 256)
    *LUCIID - Initiation (Tlaloc TLR 071)
    *CJW - Arch Stanton (Wirelab WRLB 022)
    *STIL & BENSE - Serenade (Wildfang Music WFM 007)
    *Holocube - Flat Lick [C Rock Basic mix] (Blu Fin BFCD 039)
    *Lifelike - The Chase (Club Sweat ADV n/a)
    *JENSEN INTERCEPTOR - Ultramax (Lone Romantic LR 009)
    *Thoden - DIESEL ( Clipp 44)

    00.00 Whitenoise #673

    Feat: Mr. Jones live at Dave Clarke Presents, ADE 2018, Melkweg, Amsterdam.

    Stepback - Slam
    Ultrasharp (Ritzi Lee remix) - Arjun Vagale
    No Ambition And Fuck all Interest - Soutpilaar
    If I Could Stop - Randomer & Hodge
    Teste (Remix v3)- Cleric
    Balamber - El Bosco
    Rave (Original Mix) - Alex Bau
    So 1992 (Original Mix) - Deep Dimension
    Inside (Endlec Remix 1) - Hiroaki Iizuka
    Planet Earth - Brother From Another Planet
    Multiply (Original Mix) - Truncate
    Are You Jackin' - Artefact
    Unveiled - Shifted
    Detozex - Umek
    Analog Planet - Industrialyzer
    cwejack - material object & audio injection
    Q13 (Ritzi Lee Remix) - Booz
    Body Snatchers - Vin Sol
    Shell Shock - Echologist & Matrixxman
    Stomping Grounds 2 - DJ Skull
    Clap Your Hands - DJ Milton
    Crazy Trip (Ben Sims Remix) - Paula Cazenave
    Cosmic Collission (Jay Clarke Galactic-Groove Remix) - Stephan Hinz
    conjugate - discrete circuit
    Seawolf - UR
    ///////// (Forward) - DJ Lily
    Magic Poison - Mr. jones
    The Groove - Da Posse
    Percwerc - Mak & Pasteman
    Move - Hugo Moya
    Staying Home 93 - Deep Dimenston
    Fury Bkte - Imaginaire


    01.00 L.A.W.

    L.A.W. Late Night Sessions 25/11/18

    1. Lag - Rutra / Rebekah Remix (Elements)
    2. Azte Ton - Chey Chey / Ninna V Remix (Paroxsym Records)
    3. Kaylah - Hollow ( Voight Kampff)
    4. Irregular Synth – Mental Disorder / Dario Sorano Remix (Decoy Records)
    5. Ercan & Ethan Fawkes – Obscure (Hard Electronic)
    6. Corroid – Wenn eine Maschine (User Experience)
    7. Sazera - Apostasy (Aerotek)
    8. David Meiser - Tarantula (Helical Structures)
    9. BiLY - Breathless / The Effaith Remix (Cinetica Inerte)
    10. Ercan Ates – Jackwell (Hard Electronic)
    11. Dark Quadrant – Initial Reaction (Space Travel Records)
    12. Submerge, Hiroko Yamamura – X.AN.112 (Impact Mechanics)
    13. Silentcell – Something in the Acid (Nightmare Factory Records)
    14. Oyhopper - Siege (Oyhopper)
    15. SNTS. – Revelation (SNTS)
    16. Doug Cooney - Poly Form (N&N Records)

    02.00 Sonic Sessions #041

    Louk returns with the Sonic Sessions this month with Animal Farm & 47 Recordings and Jaded Afterhours resident Stephanie Sykes on Guest mix duties, while the
    sublime Missile recordings are in the label spotlight!


    Kaczmarek - 1111 [KCZMRK]
    Bleak - Ekko [Deeply Rooted House]
    Tensal - Elyum Sphere [Black Codes Experiments]
    Charles Green - Resolute [Revenge Techniques]
    Electrorites & Dolby D - Module 02 (Mark Broom Remix) [Hex Ltd]
    Lenson - Mystical Relief [Revenge Techniques]
    Stephanie Sykes - Interference [Animal Farm]
    Confluence - Bleak Whale [Etruria Beat]
    Setaoc Mass - To Not Exist [Soma]
    Ike Dusk - Decoded Identity (Matrixxman Remix) [Codec 992]
    Oscar Mulero - Chasing Shadows [Token]
    SLV - Reflected Light [Soma]
    Unknown - Unknown [White Label]
    No Ambition And Fuck All Interest - Soutpilaar (Ike Dusk Remix) [Marked]
    Casual Treatment - Necessary Consequence [Wunderblock]
    Binny - Balance Of Power [Dyad]
    Cleric - Unwritten Future [Clergy]
    Bryan Zentz - D-Clash (D.R.N.D.Y Bootleg) [CD-R]
    Charles Fenckler - Distant Light [Soma]


    Alex K Katz - Westside Fuckers [Form] (2001)

    LABEL SPOTLIGHT Missile Records

    Fred - Do It From The Back (Electro Mix) [Missile]
    Planet Of Drums - Acid Over LA (Clemens Neufeld Remix) [Missile]
    Dave Tarrida & Lars Sandberg - Supa Hammer [Missile]
    The Hacker - Nothing Lasts (Oxia Remix) [Missile]
    DHS - House Of God (Surgeon Remix) [Missile]
    Sulfurex - Point Break (Inigo Kennedy Remix) [Missile]
    Egyptian Empire - The Horn Track (Luke Slater's Khufu Remix) [Missile]

    GUEST MIX: Stephanie Sykes [Animal Farm / 47 / Jaded] (

    Unknown - Unknown [Unknown]
    Radial - Cold Water [Mord]
    Unknown - Unknown [Unknown]
    Uun - Beyond The Veil Of Ignorance [No Future But What We Make]
    Unknown - Unknown [Unknown]
    Unknown - Unknown [Unknown]
    Stephanie Sykes - Blur [://About Blank]


    H vs Nuccle - Boxheads [Red Seal]


    Remco Beekwilder - Queensbridge Murderer [Emerald]
    Unknown Artist - Upper 281 [Rave Archive]
    ArchivOne - Tape 3 [Obscuur]
    Andy Dux - We Have To See (Master Of Disaster Mix) [Overdrive]
    Ben Khlifa - Only Problems Can Come Back To Life [Gobsmacked]
    Tommy Holohan - Inter Dimensional Hardcore Business [Monnom Black]
    Jake Conlon - Cry Of The Necromancer [Dubtek]
    Ritzi Lee - Reverse Processed [Theory]
    14anger & Dep Affect - Eating Alpha Waves [Tripalium Corp Rave]
    Freddy Fresh & Tim Taylor - Scissorhands [Missile]
    Dax J - Midnight Vigil [Monnom Black]

    04.00 AM:FM

    Chris reports on this episode: This AMFM is a 23 years old recording from the Omen club in Frankfurt, which I still consider the best DJ school that I have ever had. Last month, 20 years ago, the Omen closed down it´s doors for good and I felt that this was a good occasion to share one hour out of a mix that I had recorded towards the end of `95 in one of my early days at the Omen club with you.

    As a little fun-fact by the way, the way I became resident at the Omen club in fall 1995, was that one day I was sitting in a record label where I was working back in the days and the late DJ Good Groove (R.I.P.) came into my office and asked me if I had time to play a little bit of music in the beginning of his set that night. On this day he had his night at the Omen club together with DJ Pauli, but Pauli was sick and he couldn´t find anyone else to play with him. Since he didn´t want to play the whole night on his own, as Omen nights were sometimes going a little bit longer, he asked me to play in the beginning. That was the veryfirst time I got to play at the Omen and instead of two hours I ended up playing four hours and the managers asked me back again to play in the following weekalready. This is how I became resident of this beautiful club. I call it my DJ school as I have learned so much there, playing early sets, playing warm up sets,playing extremely long sets, playing late sets, playing early morning sets and I am very grateful for these times.

    So you could say that this is a “retro-AMFM-show” and I am very curious to hear what you think - musically and tempo-wise, as I believe that the same vibe of
    the music is happening again today, obviously in a way more modern form and put together a little bit better. You always have to remember that a mix like this
    was basically done with just two turntables and a Rodec MX 180 mixing desk, where you had to train your finger muscles quite a bit in order to turn the EQs. I
    hope you enjoy this little throwback-in-time-issue of AMFM and I look forward to your thoughts about how far we have come in the last 23 years. Next time Ill
    be back with a new set, until then have a great week everyone and happy listening!

    1. Not available
    2. Trancesetters - The Search Goes On Touche
    3. VA - Work Your Body
    4. VA - Don’t Play That Shit
    5. Hardhead - Demon Dreams - Strictly Rhythm
    6. Promo
    7. Green Velvet - Flash - Relief Records
    8. Promo
    9. EOX - Acid New York
    10. Raving Lunatics - Raving Lunatics - Strictly Rhythm

    Sun 25/Mon 26

    00.00 Corsten's Countdown #595

    01. Viper - Titty Twister (Jam El Mar Remix) [Coldharbour Black]
    02. Tim Iron - Vitamin Z [Big Toys Production]
    03. Ruben de Ronde X Rodg X Orjan Nilsen - Booya (Ruslan Radriges Remix) [Statement!]
    04. Marlon Rube - Ozark [Mondo Records]
    05. Yan Weinstock - Horizon [Flashover Trance] [CORSTEN'S COUNTDOWN EXCLUSIVE]
    06. Lostly - Distant Shores [Pure Trance]
    07. Astrosphere - What Lies Between The Stars (Club Mix) [Pure Trance NEON]
    08. Miroslav Vrlik - Illusion [Always Alive Recordings]
    09. System F - Ignition, Sequence, Start [Flashback][LISTENER'S CHOICE]
    10. Jody 6 - Cloud 9 [Flashover Trance] [NUMBER 3]
    11. Fahjah & Aloma Steele - Won’t Let Go [AVA Recordings] [NUMBER 2]
    12. Ralphie B - Kingdom [Black Hole Recordings] [NUMBER 1]

    01.00 Tritonia #237

    01. Axwell / Ingrosso - Dancing Alone (BROHUG Remix)
    02. MALAA - Testarosa.
    03. Dirtyloud - That Rush
    04. Don Diablo - Survive ft Emeli Sande & Gucci Mane (VIP MIX)
    05. Man Cub - Breathe Again
    06. StadiumX & Metrush - Want U [SPRS]
    07. Tritonal - Gonna Be Alright ft Mozella
    08. Retrovision - Get Up
    09. Cheatcodes - Home (Tritonal Remix)
    10. Breathe Carolina & SLVR - Headshot ft TITUS
    11. Cuebrick & Jochen Miller - With You.
    12. Alpharock & NDR8 - LOVE
    13. BRKLYN & Fairlane w/ Jocelyn Alice - Things Ive Learned
    14. Fatboy Slim - Gangster Trippin (Sultan & Shepard Remix)
    15. Marshmello - Happier ft Bastille (Breathe Carolina Remix)
    16. Nicky Romero & Deniz Koyu - Paradise (ft Walk Off The Earth) (Festival Mix)
    17. Maxim Schunk - Give It All
    18. Ben Bohmer - After Earth
    jUst plAythAtbEAt