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Late Night Sessions 22/23/24 December 2018

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  • Late Night Sessions 22/23/24 December 2018

    Fri 21/Sat 22

    02.00 Solid Steel

    Feat: Juan Atkins

    DJ 3000 - Untitled
    Robert Hood - Detroit One Circle
    BrokerDealer - Soft Sell (Sami Koivikko Remix)
    Martyn - U1-U8
    Hiroko Yamamura - Moon Rocks (Carlos Nilmmns Remix)
    Poor Pay Rich - True To LifeOriginal Mix
    Chanell Collen - Vouch
    Santos - You wanna Hear
    Tee Mango - Wazoo
    House Syndicate - Jam The Mace (Jerome Sydenham's Tekno Rendition)
    Golden Bug - Taste of Love
    An On Bast - Black Diamond
    Robert Hood - Solid Thought
    Oliver Way - Stained Glass Shadows (DJ 3000 remix)
    Still and Bense - Call
    Maceo Plex - 5th Dimensional Groove
    Oliver Way - Stained Glass Shadows (Robert Hood remix)
    Mr G - Love Dub

    03.00 Solid Steel

    Feat: Coldcut

    Cybotron - Clear
    Coldcut - Irrupt Electro
    Tarquin - Masked Ball
    Floating Points - Nuits Sonores
    Coldcut - Modular Analog One
    Moderat +Thom Yorke - Out of Sight
    Peter Van Hoeson - Quadra
    Coldcut - Dada Noise
    Forgotten Souls - Stop íní Go
    Coldcut - Modular Analog Two
    Mr Fingers - Slam Dance
    Underground Resistance - Galaxy 2 Galaxy
    Coldcut - Modular Analog Two c
    Derrick May - Kaotic Harmony
    Liquid Sky Berlin x Coldcut - Session 1 c#
    Jon Hopkins - Symmetry
    Project Pablo - Less and Less
    Ganymede Impactor - SHALT
    Bogus Order - Flight (Jamm Acid Flip Mix)
    Coldcut - Dada Noise

    04.00 Dj Pressure

    Sat 22/Sun 23

    22.00 Springsession Review of 2018

    Back to January 2018!!

    *TEXTASY - I'm The Needle (Craigie Knowes CKNOWEP 6)
    *MICHAEL HUNTER - THC (Technz TNZ 132)
    *Ektoside - Dream Engineer [Hasche remix] (Reson8 Music RESON 8005)
    *FUTURE PEOPLE - Jiva (Blue Tunes Austria BTRDR 486)
    *Blanx & Cyrus The Virus - Alien Talk (3rd Eye 3RYDW 001)
    *Sian - Medicine Man [Mark Reeve remix] (Octopus Recordings OCTLP 014)
    *Rob Hes - Home (Tronic TR 269)
    *FRANKIE BONES - Front To The Back [Cocodrills remix] (Bangin Music FTTB 1)
    *KARMON - Acido (Diynamic Music DIYNAMIC 097)

    Back to February 2018!!

    *DE-CR - Loop Of Life (Northbeatz Digital NBD 164)
    *UMEK - Quest Chain (Form-Music FORM 74)
    *SECLUDED - Eternal [TWR72 remix] (Secluded SECLUDED 010)
    *REGAL - Time For Us (Suara SUARA 297)
    *ALEX RAIDER - Tetrahedron (Kaleydo Beats KLB 226)
    *Paul Darey & Hannes Bruniic - Dilusion (Colore COLORE 103)
    *KIERAN APTER - Babylon [Club dub] (Chapter 24 CH 031)
    *LATE NIGHT APPROACH - Luvequest (Klakson Holland KLAKSON 28)
    *PSYCHOPATHS - Eternal (Beat By Brain BBB 217)
    *MOVEMENT - Void (Hygrade HYG 003)

    Back to March 2018!!!

    *Raul Cremona - Dont Stop (Digital + Muzik DMM 226)
    *ROB HES - Clear Mind (Tronic TR 274)
    *DAZE PRISM - 2005 [Nixon remix] (Articulate ART 004)
    *MORPHOLOGY - Mind Stealers [Sync 24 remix] (Cultivated Electronics CE 023)
    *THOMAS P HECKMANN - Provide The Future (Monnom Black MONNOM 012)
    *SHEDBUG - Journeyman (Lobster Theremin LT 047)
    *D-Unity - Attraction (Suara SS 33)
    *Victor Santana - Green Kush (Involve INV 019)

    00.00 Whitenoise #677

    A Model Of Order - UVB
    EBM.2 (Delectro Remix) - Thomas P. Heckmann
    Spreading Plague (Perc Remix) - I Hate Models
    Persecuting Themselves - P.E.A.R.L.
    Gendarme Classe A - Stef Mendesidis
    Status - Damon Wild
    FMM03 - Elektrabel
    Peak - Mark Broom
    Stora - Radial
    Firesist - Madben
    Tool #001 (DJ T-1000 aka Alan Oldham Remix) - Andre Crom
    Gohst - Jay Zoney
    Fuzzy Gold - TWR 72
    Damage - Silent Servant

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    01.00 L.A.W.

    1. Shkedul - Incorretto (Nervous Affliction)
    2. DJ Sodeyama - I Wanna Dance(Quartz Rec)
    3. iFormat - In The Shadows Of The Futures Past Kenny Campbell Remix (Taro Black)
    4. Pfirter - Falling Bridges (MindTrip )
    5. Ninna V - Scutoid (Ninna V)
    6. Tim Jackman - Psychic
    7. Simbiose - Regressive Process (Human Recs)
    8. Alter-Mind - Coaxial ( Nervous Affliction)
    9. Buried Secrets - Realm Of Fever (Green Fetish Records)
    10. Antony Doria - RX9927TY Brecc Remix (Variance)
    11. Abyssal Chaos - Unicorns on Acid, Acid Mix (Advanced)
    12. OB1 - Cardiacid (HardCoded)
    13. L.Self - In the Gutter OB1 Remix (HardCoded)
    14. Sir Real - Gritty McGritface (EarWiggle)
    15. Reveillon - PZ Bunker D.Carbone Remix (Gomboc Records)
    16. 14Anger -At The End Of The Longest Road

    02.00 Sonic Session #42

    Louk rounds off the year with an hour selection of his favourite tracks of the past 12 months, Germany's Proper Techno Tunes spearheaded by Dave Simon is in the label spotlight, and also Johnny Island picks his tune of the year as well. Hope you have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year!


    Daniel Avery - Radius (Surgeon Remix) [Phantasy Sound]
    Stephanie Sykes - Interference [Animal Farm]
    Charles Green - Resolute [Revenge Techniques]
    Oliver Way - Lucky Dip (Barrow Boy Remix) [EPM]
    Deep Dimension - Staying Home '93 [Gen X]
    Missing Channel - Onslaught (FJAAK Remix) [FJAAK]
    Boglin - Xerox [X-Trax]
    SHDW & Obscure Shape - Die Augen Des Teufels [From Another Mind]
    TAFKAMP - Please Make Love To Me [Revenge Techniques]
    H vs Nuccle - Boxheads [Red Seal]
    Stigmata - No Heaven [Modular Source]
    Genau - Pac Man [Genau]
    Bryan Zentz - D-Clash (D.R.N.D.Y Remix) [CD-R]
    No Ambition And Fuck All Interest - Soutpilaar (Ike Dusk Remix) [Marked]
    Diego Amura - One Thing [Etruria Beat]
    Charles Fenckler - Distant Light [Soma]
    Hiroaki Iizuka - HH2 [Self Reflektion]
    Unknown - Unknown [White Label]
    Dax J & Cressida - Two Foot Shallow [Monnom Black]
    Primus V - Sense Of Primary [Techsturbation]
    Dax J - Kerb Crawling [Monnom Black]
    Remco Beekwilder - 90's Mayhem [Projekts]
    Deep Dimension - Coming On Strong [Gen X]
    Remco Beekwilder - Queensbridge Murderer [Emerald]
    Rebekah - Riot Control [Mord]
    Ben Khilfa - Only Problems Can Come Back To Life [Gobsmacked]
    Binny - Balance Of Power [Dyad]
    Dax J - Midnight Vigil [Monnom Black]
    Tommy Holohan - Ask For Absolution [Haven]
    Danilo Incorvaia - Cut2: TENSE [Scuderia]
    Tim Tama - Alignment [Blvckplvgue]
    D.Dan - The Danger Zone [Lobster Theremin]

    LABEL SPOTLIGHT - Proper Techno Tunes (

    Dave Simon - Traib [Proper Techno Tunes]
    Dave Simon - Phenoly [Proper Techno Tunes]
    Mark Broom - Dank (Luca Agnelli Remix) [Proper Techno Tunes]
    Dave Simon - Stripes Of Soden [Proper Techno Tunes]


    Ninjahead - Pulseman vs Sineman [Frogman] (1995)


    Marla Singer - Sufficient [Sculptures]


    Axel Picodot - Warehouse Memories [Blvckplvgue]


    Two Sided Agency - Retrotopia [RAW]
    Thomas P Heckmann - Himmel & Hoelle (Scalameriya Remix) [AFU Ltd]
    Jeroen Search - The One [Figure]
    Rob Janssen - Boy's Interface (Deep Dimension '92 Remix) [Gen X]
    Rohar - Negative [RoRecs]
    DJ309 - No Social Condition [Obscuur]
    Deep Dimension - Our Noise [Etruria Beat]
    Syrette - Fake News [Obscuur]
    Sugar - Krankengymnastik [Euromatic]
    T99 - Anasthasia (Danilo Incorvaia Remix) [iG]
    Reveillon - Djembe (Nico Moreno Remix) [Gomboc]
    Gijensu - Nitro Heaven [RAW]

    04.00 AM:FM #198

    Once a year in the beautiful City of Stuttgart, Cosmopop, known as the promoters behind Time Warp organize SEMF, the Stuttgart Electronic Music Festival. Always around my birthday and always fun as you get to meet everyone once more before the year is over. What - over again already? Time really flies when you have fun. This edition was on Saturday the 8th of December and I got to play the closing slot till 8 in the morning after Len Faki. I was still bummed to have missed out on my Space Miami gig for Art Basel due to an ear infection. No flight, that is what my doc told me, but I was able to take a car to Stuttgart, so I put all my energy into this set. It was maybe my best SEMF ever so far, and I already did a few. Got to play quite some new stuff too. For those closely listening, I had to edit out two brand new productions in this second hour. One is a collaboration with Charlotte De Witte that we are still currently working on and one is a new Collabs track with Speedy J.. Well, I guess you have to wait for next year to hear them out. Sorry for that. Hope you will still enjoy!

    1. Exos - Wish of 24
    2. Rod - Hor (Original Mix) - Klockworks
    3. Kalter Ende - Downstairs (Original Mix) - Subsist Records
    4. Flug - Echoes (Original Mix)
    5. DJ 3000 - Raki (Andre Crom Remix) - Motech Records
    6. luca agnelli - 7oclock (mikail johannson remix)
    7. Robert S (PT) - Paranoid
    8. Alex Bau VS Lathe - Deeprushin - Be As One
    9. Relham - The Run (Andre Crom Remix) - Complexed Records
    10. Sleeparchive - Monochrome - Mord Records
    11. Deep Dimenson - So 1992 (Radio Slave & P.Leone Remix) - REKIDS127 B
    12. Alex Bau - onemoretime
    13. DAF - Arbat - Mash (Promo)
    14. Edit Select & Teste - Ascend (remix Matrixman)
    15. Phasor - B2.Refracted-Phasor
    16. Moderat & Paul Woolford & Special Request - Reminder (Special Request Remix) - Monkeytown Records

    Sun 23/Mon 24

    00.00 Corsten's Countdown #599

    01. HP Energetic - Kiksuya [Big Toys Production]
    02. Mavros vs Bigtopo & Omar Diaz - Draco [Suanda Base]
    03. Gareth Emery & Emma Hewitt - Take Everything [Garuda]
    04. Protoculture - Valley Of The Red Gods (Cubicore Bootleg Remix) [White]
    05. Alexander Popov & LTN feat. Cari - Always Connected [Interplay]
    06. David Forbes presents Hal Stucker - Stars (John Askew Remix) [Pure Trance NEON]
    07. Eximinds & Ben Stone - Cassiopeia [AVA Recordings]
    08. Andre Visior - Synthetica [Always Alive Recordings]
    09. Markus Schulz vs Andy Moor - Daydream (Lemon & Einar K Uplifting Remix) [Coldharbour Recordings][Listenerís Choice]
    10. Kojun - Aim To Be [Big Toys Production] #3
    11. Theoh feat. Kyler England - Anything [AVA Recordings] #2
    12. Ferry Corsten & Ilan Bluestone - Weíre Not Going Home [Flashover Recordings] #1

    01.00 Tritonia # 240

    01. Throttle - Like This (Original Mix)
    02. Hanne Mjoen - Sounds Good To Me (RetroVision Remix)
    03. KAAZE feat. Nino Lucarelli - Satellites (Original Mix)
    04. Fatboy Slim - Gangster Trippin (Sultan + Shephard Remix)
    05. Dirtyloud - That Rush (Original Mix)
    06. Tritonal feat. Mozella - Gonna Be Alright (Man Cub Remix)
    07. Seth Hills - Centipede (Original Mix)
    08. Mike Williams x Mesto - Wait Another Day (Original Mix)
    09. Marcus Santoro - Hijack (Original Mix)
    10. Orjan Nilsen - In A Thousand Ways (Original Mix)
    11. Tritonal - When Iím With U ft. Maia Wright (Original Mix)
    12. Funkiní Matt - Concrete (Original Mix)
    13. Dropgun - Drought (feat. Nevve)
    14. Frontliner - Iím the Melodyman (Sander Van Doorn Remix)
    15. John Christian - The House Is Mine
    16. BRKLYN - Gotta Have It (Original Mix)
    17. Matt Nash - Frequency (Original Mix)
    18. Noah Neiman - White Flag (Original Mix)
    jUst plAythAtbEAt