Fri 6/Sat 7

01.00 Materia #060

Feat: Julia Gover

02.00 Anodyne's Darkroom #040

Brenecki - Phantasmic Frequency
Forest Echo One - Heads
AM.MA - The Fall of Romeo (Thrae Remix) [Voight Kampff]
Syrette - Protect Own Existence [Taro Records]
Anodyne - Empire of light - Boris Noiz mix (COMBAT031)
Umwelt - Shut Up And Dance (ROD13)
Kaotic Chemistry - Illegal Subs
2 Bad Mice - Ware Mouse
Anodyne - Symmetry
Anodyne - Wasteland (z80 mix by Mr.Spring)
Anodyne - Corrosion (Bitten by the Black Dog remix)
Brawdcast - 3 Amigos (anodyne remix)(Live mix)
Anodyne - Loss of Consciousness (IV)

03.00 AM:FM #234

Chris Reports on this episode: This AMFM is the second hour of the set that I played on August 15th on Ibiza. The night went incredibly well, maybe because it
was middle of August, maybe because I had a super fun night on Formentera at @tipic the Monday before and everyone came back, maybe the stars were aligned, who knows. Let´s just take it as it was and you can (hopefully) enjoy listening to it. Thanks to all involved!

1. Skryptöm Collective - B1-Skryptocol-Studio_5 [edit]
2. Collabs - wasn't recorded 002
3. 170519_44khz_24Bit_Brian@calyx A
4. Planetary Assault Systems - Born Anchors
5. Chris Liebing - All Went Dark (Mark Broom's Vision Remix) - Mute
6. Andre Crom - Ready To Jack (Original Mix) - Tronic
7. Inner City, Steffanie Christi'an, Ramon Tapia - Need Your Love (Ramon Tapia Extended Remix) - Armada Music
8. Modeselektor - I Am Your God feat. OVS - Monkeytown Records
9. Robert S - Angels Of Acid (Original Mix)
10. ANNA - Spectral (Original Mix) - Afterlife Records
11. Roberto - Nemesis
12. Chris Liebing and Charlotte De Witte - Promo KNTX
13. Andre Crom - Syncopat (Remix) - 100% Pure
14. Luke Slater - Love (Planetary Assault Systems Low Blow Remix) - Mote Evolver
15. Heiko Laux - Self
16. ANNA - Razor
17. Cherrymoon Trax - The House Of House (Thomas Schumacher Remix) - Electric Ballroom

04.00 AM:FM #235

This episode of AMFM is the first hour of my set that I played at Toronto’s @electric island festival on August 31st. It was my second time, as I played the
festival two years ago and it was a blast already back then. This year they had to relocate, as the island was a bit too wet due to heavy rain the days before.
But sometime a relocation can turn out to be a good thing. Not that I didn’t like the island, but the alternative location was amazing. A great stage and an
amazing crowd that I got to play into the sunset. Loved every minute. And that didn’t look easy in the beginning, as I came traveling from Miami, just in time
before the Hurricane Dorian was supposed to hit (which in the end luckily didn’t happen) and when entering Canada, I got held back by immigration, while
everyone else was able to just walk out I was told to cue up to talk to an officer for my work visa (which I had and normally should have just walked out like
everyone else). The line was huge and even with trying to talk my way out of it, explaining that I might miss my gig and the whole reason I actually have a work
visa would be obsolete. Well after being yelled at by some Canadian immigration officer, I went back to the line, where I was standing for the next 2h. Luckily
I made it to the festival just in time and the bad mood I was in, therefore vanished the moment I walked up on stage. Thanks everyone at the festival for those
great times.. Oh and the after hour at @coda club with @anja Schneider was a blast as well! Can’t wait to be back! Hope u enjoy the show. Follow me on Instagram @chris_liebing if you wanna know these things in real time..

1. Damon Jee - Keeper (Original Mix) - Correspondant
2. Drown - Mount Circeo (Hunter/Game Remix) - Just This
3. Andre Crom - Syncopat (Remix) - 100% Pure
4. Wehbba, SCB - Survival (Original Mix) - Hotflush Recordings
5. Andre Salata _ Roland Leesker 01 - - Oi (Oirignal Mix) - Afro Acid
6. Miss Kittin, ANNA - Forever Ravers (ANNA´s Raving in Space Mix) - Kompakt Extra
7. Andre Crom - Pressure (Original Mix) - Off Recordings
8. Linkan Ray - Dissonant Shapes (Original Mix)
9. DJ Pitts - Make It Happen (Original Mix) - 898 Records
10. Setaoc Mass - Destruction (Original Mix) - Propaganda Moscow
11. Josh Wink - Sixth Sense (Shlomi Aber Remix)
12. Bjarki - Promo
13. POLS - Arcanite (Ramon Tapia Remix) - Frequenza
14. Laurent Garnier, Chambray - Feelin' Good (Radio Slave Remix) - Rekids

Sat 7/Sun 8

22.00 Springsession


Madison Mars - New Vibe Who Dis
Perpetual Motion - Life's Too Short (New State Music)
Jaguar Grace - To All The GIRLS [Georgie's Jackin' House Vox Mix]
ARTY - Find You (Armada Music)
Mason - Rhythm In My Brain
Justin Lawson - Mr Officer (Murston records)
Victor Tellagio - Genres
Hook N Sling - Superstars
Shade K - Traffic
Prisma Breakbeat - DEDBWOY
Psymbionic & Toadface - Hypnotoad [Toadface remix]
Khrebto - Drippin Acid
Dezio - On The Move
Oforia - Return Of The Machines [Timelock remix]
Aries & Nicky Blackmarket - Tun Up The Bass


*DOMENICO TORTI feat AFRIKA BAMBAATAA - Radar [Borussia remix] (Ed Banger France BEC 5650197)
*Roisin Murphy - Cinthie [remix 2] (SKINT Adv. n/a)
*SPARTAQUE - Aftermath (Codex Recordings CODEX 030)
*POLLI JI - Meant To Be [Coyu remix] (Suara SUARA 367)
*Phutek - World Of LSD (Layer 909 Adv. n/a)
*ROSA ANSCHOTZ - Rr4 (R Label Group RR 4)
*SYNTHATIC - Rush Hour (Alien ARC 431)
*SPEKTRE - Boxed Off (Static Music AM 337985)
*DRUMSAUW - Synergy (Nightshift NSR 028)
*HEERHORST - The Rhythm (Miles From Mars MFM 015)
*Mukkaa - Burrachacca [Paul Hawcroft Remix] (Limbo Records Adv. n/a)
*Syrte vs Visions of Gloster - Satellite Funk [Syrte Intergalactic Uplink] (Science Cult Adv. n/a)
*NEGATIV - Entropy (Southpoint STPT 055)
*Alex Patane' - Get The Music (Level One LOR 19088)
*TIGER STRIPES - Ride (Drumcode DC 209)
*Dittrich - Enigma (La Fruta LFR 030)
*CLAWZ SG - Andromeda (Steyoyoke Black SYYKBLK 050)

00.00 WhiteNoise #714

Shoot The Mirror in The Leg - Errorbeauty And Serge Geyzel
Bodily Warrior - Analogue Secretions
The Sentinel - Carlos sicRock
Help Me Understand - Steffi x Virginia
Hangdog - Dez Williams
Nuke Boogie - Replicants
Elektronisch For Pleasure - Si Begg
Last Man Standing in Chicago (RXmode remix) - DTST
Hybrid Structure - Datawave
Hydraulic Performer (Radioactive Man Remix) - Derailleur
Let's Go Program Thomas (The Exaltics Remix) - Kenneth Scott
Et Cetera - IXRQ
Kestrel Manoeuvres In The Dark - Datassette
The "body without organs" vol 1 - Raw Ambassador

01.00 GlobalWarmup #809

03.00 DJ Pressure

04.00 WATB #071

1. Jack Whitworth - The Voices
2. Dennis Cruz - Broken Up
3. Dominik Massaro - Street Of Hanau
4. Nautica - Silent Cry
5. Nautica - Funk
6. Joe Red - Groovy Do
7. Joseph Edmund - Creata
8. Unknown - Connections
9. Unknown - Blue Cowzer
10. Jay Shepheard - Bullfrogging
11. Nautica - Passion
12. Cuartero - Enderezado (Cocodrills Remix)
13. Yasmin, Infinity Ink - Rushing Back (Seb Zito Remix)

Sun 8/Mon 9

00.00 Corsten's Countdown #636

01. Elevven & JES - Heartbeat Tonight (Elypsis Remix) [Statement! Recordings]
02. Above & Beyond - Anjunafamily [Anjunabeats]
03. DIM3NSION - León [Flashover Recordings] [CORSTEN'S COUNTDOWN EXCLUSIVE]
04. Carta - Your Love [Musical Freedom]
05. White-Akre - The Future [Big Toys Production]
06. Tenishia - Moonshar [A State Of Trance]
07. Marco V vs. Rafael Osmo - 20.000 [Vandit]
08. Jurgen Vries - The Theme (Binary Finary Remix) [Armada Captivating]
09. Nalin & Kane - Open Your Eyes (Vocal Club Mix) [Superfly][LISTENER'S CHOICE]
10. Bodo Kaiser - Tokyo [AVA Recordings] [NUMBER 3]
11. Giuseppe Ottaviani - Raven [Black Hole Recordings] [NUMBER 2]
12. Ferry Corsten & Johnny B - Hear It Now [Flashover Recordings] [NUMBER 1]

01.00 Tritonia #261

01. PRAANA x Dezza - Mirrors ft LEVV
02. Ferry Corsten, Kristian Nairn - Galaxia
03. Muvy - Tonight
04. Stash Konig x LUX - Second Chance
05. Ferry Corsten & Johnny B - Hear It Now
06. Maor Levi - Halcyon
07. Alesso - Time (Alesso & Deniz Koyu Remix)
08. Martin Garrix, Bon - High On Life
09. Luke Bond ft Tyler Graves - Left Of Us
10. Avicii - Heaven (David Guetta & Morten Remix)
11. Tritonal & Kapera ft Ryann - Easy (VIVID Remix)
12. Armin Van Buuren & Avian Grays ft Jordan Shaw - Something Real
13. Tom Fall - Solar
14. Milad E & Andy Kumanov - Playa Pilar.
15. Seven Lions & Mitis ft RBBTS - Break The Silence.