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Late Night Sessions 10/11/12 July 2021

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  • Late Night Sessions 10/11/12 July 2021

    Fri 09/Sat 10

    02.00 Dave Clarke's Saga Series #037

    Damaged Goods (feat. Gang of Four) - IDLES
    A Song for Those Who Speed in Built - Up Areas - JOHN (TIMESTWO)
    Psalm 23 - Cold Cave
    Making Plans For Nigel - XTC
    Body Electric - The Sisters of Mercy
    Push / Pull - bdrmm
    Pariscope - Maxime Dangles
    So Young So Cold - Ascii Disko
    Highway - Automatic
    Highway (Kevin Haskins Dub Remix) - Automatic
    The Dazzler - Ex:Re
    No One Quite Like You (feat. Tricky) - Trentem√łller
    The Gift - Mark Hollis
    Eha - VC-118A & Privacy
    Why Rain Makes You Cry Our - Mothers Meds
    Shadowplay - Velvet Kills

    03.00 AM:FM #331

    Chris reports on this set, and life in general: Ok, maybe I should have not chosen this set for you on AMFM, but‚€¶ as it marks a milestone really for many reasons, I thought I share it with you with all its ups and downs. I reveal some news here too‚€¶, but hey, who reads those set reports anyways.. right.. Besides you of course. So here is some info .. just for you.
    Maybe a general rule is not to release your mix, if it was recorded under many ‚€œfirst time‚€ circumstances. Well this one definitely is one of those. Those of you who don‚€™t read this here might not even notice any difference to other sets (so not you, as you are reading this‚€¶or here is an idea, ¬ just don‚€™t keep on reading and try and figure out differences while listening to the set and then keep reading later, well whatever you prefer).
    Anyways, so I recorded this set at Akvarium Club in Budapest on Friday July 2nd 2021 and here is a first ‚€œfirst". It was my first gig in front of a live crowd in a year! Felt amazing and I wanna thank everyone for making this such an awesome experience.
    A second ‚€œfirst" is, that additionally to my regular Traktor/Maschine setup, I included 2 Pioneer CDJ 3000‚€™s. Yes, I want to be like other DJs or rather try what many other DJs do for years, use CDJs. Not as a replacement, rather as an addition. ‚€œWhy?" you might ask, well a couple of things, I always wanna learn new things (yes, never in my life I used CDJs for DJing..never), the CDJs have some cool features, like slip reverse etc and also I like the fact to mix something in from another source other than Traktor, gives me back a little more the mixing DJ ‚€œfeel‚€ (as you will hear some transitions where I struggle to keep the beats matched, but I guess that makes it all a bit more ‚€œalive‚€ maybe?) and last but not least, using additionally CDJs gives me the peace of mind if something goes wrong with my laptop. I call it an "exit strategy". Every DJ should have that one way or the other to prevent sudden silence on the floor.
    The third ‚€œfirst‚€ is maybe the biggest. I use a new mixer. ‚€œWhat?!" I hear you ask once more, as I have been quite a Model1 guy from the beginning, even helping creating the mixer with a bunch of other DJs together under the helm of Richie, but time moves on and new things want to be discovered. So during the pandemic I stumbled upon the new Pioneer DJM V10 mixer and have to say it is quite a beast. Yes, the people at Pioneer ‚€œborrowed‚€ quite some ideas that we had put into the Model1 mixer (fun fact, which in turn must mean that I might have indirectly also contributed to this new one? .. anyways, nothing is original these days, everything is a remix of something before, right?) , but Pioneer did whatever they did really well. What a lovely mixer with a great sound and haptics and so I decided to use this one as well on my first ‚€œreal world gig‚€ too. So as you can see, a lot of ‚€œfirsts‚€. I find this so amazing with Techno.. it just constantly keeps evolving.. never ends really.¬
    Not sure if that is so smart to do so many ‚€œfirst‚€ things after a year of not DJing in front of a live crowd, but hey, you gotta have some additional challenges I thought, or better, I didn¬īt think much at all.
    And now I thought it is a good Idea to share that set with you. I might regret (and delete) that later, but hey why not see what you think‚€¶.so please share your thoughts with me, would be happy to read them. As time goes by, I guess I will learn new tricks and ways to play with that ‚€œnew setup‚€. Always so much to learn. Otherwise I hope you enjoy the set that I played there, it is more on the faster, crunchier techno side as you will notice. The next night by the way, I played in Kiev, somehow a completely different set, much slower as the setting was very different (open air/evening), even ended up playing 2,5h longer, but didn¬īt manage to record that set sadly, so I cannot share that with you. If you like to hear that set without me talking over it and much more like this, head over to my @mixcloud select channel please, oh, and a little disclaimer for those who bought my DJ Masterclass at Aulart, don‚€™t worry, everything I explained still stands and is totally valid, as what mixer you are using is not important, important is (and that is what I am trying to teach in that masterclass), how to use it‚€¶ So go and check that out if you haven‚€™t yet, here is a link :¬ Stay safe and healthy out there. Can¬īt wait to see you on the dance floor somewhere. Exciting times ahead."

    Sailor & I - Thinking About You (Radio Slave featuring Thomas Gandey Remix)
    Amotik - Ikyavan
    Joseph Capriati - Spirit Brothers (ANNA Remix)
    Stephen Disario, Danny Wabbit - Pulse feat. Danny Wabbit - Planet Rhythm
    Setaoc Mass - Inferno - SK_Eleven
    Rene Wise - Hand Tap
    Hybrasil - Wild Blue Yonder - HBL MSTR.3
    Robert Hood - REKIDS184 B1 Robert Hood - The Majestic 1644 PM
    Hertz Collision, Gene Richards Jr - - Hood Thang - Truncate
    Marcel Dettmann - Command - Seilscheibenpfeiler Schallplatten Berlin
    Truncate Sanhaji - Brian_Sanhaji_- Lift_Off_(Truncate_Remix)
    Amotik - Daya - Bpitch
    Thomas Hoffknecht - 3. Push (Flug Mutation)
    Truncate - Basic - Bpitch
    Paul Ritch - Insomnie
    Marcal - RSPX22 01 Marcal - Ainozama 1644 PM
    Gaetano Parisio - Advanced Series Vol. I (The Advent Remix) - Conform Records
    Keith Carnal - Endless
    Robert Hood - The Struggle

    04.00 We are the bRAVE #167

    Guest mix from Matrixxman

    Sat 10/Sun 11

    23.00 Springsession

    Dawna Montell & Georgie Porgie - Love Somebody
    Vintage Culture, Fancy Inc., Roland Clark - Free - GOOD COMPANY CATCH AND RELEASE
    DONT BLINK - 808
    Huda Hudia DJ30A DMoney - Rock With It!
    Ravers Tactics - Loose Change (Under Break remix)
    Damage Inc. - I Dont Know

    *DJ Fen - Ready - Spektra SPKEP 048
    *Alt-A - All I Want (Metachemical remix) - Diesel Recordings DRC 02
    *Piero Pirupa - Gimme Luv - SOLA Adv. n/a
    *Jonno & Gibson - Drop The Roller - AM Adv. n/a
    *Alignment - Disconnection - KNTX KNTXT011
    *Jurgen Degener - Long Time - Planet Rhythm PRRUKLTD 1999
    *Reinier Zonneveld and T78 - Zaor - Filth On Acid FOA098
    *SKILOH - Almost Different - DOA DOA001
    *Weska - Meru - Factory 93 Adv. n/a
    *TYPE3 - Real - IN ROTATION Adv. n/a
    *PEPU - Twister - Label Engine PP 004
    *Big Bunny - Come On Work (dub mix) - ZNMK M 0483
    *DJ SCHWA - Ape King (Posthuman Freak Your Body remix) - RFR RFR 017
    *Adana Twins - Cyrus - Watergate WGVINYL 084
    *OCB - Scum Planet - WARNING WAR 2002
    *Zobol - White Coral Wastelands - Nocta Numerica NNCOMP 01
    *Adam Beyer - Break It Up - CircoLoco Records Adv. n/a
    *REPLICANTS - checkpoint charlie - Woodwork WOOD085
    *Blutch - River - Astropolis 361655 6245351
    *Zombies In Miami - Laser Cat (Amaury Trevino remix) - Permanent Vacation PERMVAC 2261
    *Art und Weise - Calipso - Evitative Adv. n/a

    01.00 Whitenoise #810

    Seebe (Exit 2) - Ryan James Ford
    Rejection Rate - Jeroen Search
    Samo Moderno 2 - Mikadroid
    Zone - Ruskin & Broom
    Mood - The Southern
    EFX - Mark Broom
    Sound Chaser - Dimi Angelis
    Raptor - Rene Wise
    Ode To Luna - Operator
    Jackin OG - Fhase 87
    Sydhavn - UBX127
    I Last Forever - Joe Farr
    Transmission - Martin Matiske

    02.00 Rebukes Rave Radio #035

    Rubes sends greets from upside-down-land...

    Jamie Jones - Laser Lass
    M.F.S Observatory - Rolling [MTWAT]
    Gerome Sportelli - Acid Over [Sporty Limited]
    THEMBA feat. Lizwi - Izindlu (Dense & Pika Extended Remix)
    Domshe - Feelin Tiger Stripes Remix - Bach Music
    Fatboy Slim - Weapon Of Choice (KiNK Mix) [Skint Records]
    Ramon Tapia - Screwdriver
    Ferry Corsten - Punk (Reinier Zonneveld Remix)
    Layton Giordani - Astro
    Cosmic Boys - Minotaur [Legend]
    The Thrillseekers - Synaesthesia UMEK remix

    03.00 Fire it up!

    Musumeci & Dodi Palese - Go [Diynamic]
    Trance Wax - Beul Un Latha (Kevin De Vries Remix) [Anjunabeats]
    Adana Twins - Nimbus [Watergate]
    Mircea Ivan - Reflex [Shodan Records]
    Sinisa Tamamovic - We Are Doing Fine [Night Light]
    Dubfire - Sound Bath [Kneaded Pains]
    Aitor Ronda - Virgo [Kuukou]
    Alex Stein - The Phoenix [Terminal M]
    Sian - We Could Be (Ghost Dance Remix) [Octopus]

    Bart Skils - East Of The Sun [Truesoul]
    Eli Brown - Morning Light [Factory 93]
    Alex Bau - Klon [The Bedroom]
    Teenage Mutants, Giorgia Angiuli - What We Think (Boy Next Door Remix) [TRAGEDIE]
    Elso (GER) - Unlock [Airborne Black]
    Biz - Psychotropic (Hannes Bieger Remix) [Tronic]
    The YellowHeads - Dust Bowl [Senso Sounds]

    Layton Giordani - Astro [Drumcode]
    Kaiserdisco - Spule [KD RAW]
    Nico Cabeza ‚€“ Thunder Spears [HE-ART]
    Cosmic Boys - Out Of Space [Legend]
    Stiv Hey - Outlaws [Form]
    Airod, Amelie Lens - Ravers Heart [Lenske]
    V√…GH - Phase Transitions [Suara]
    Charlotte de Witte - Formula [KNTXT]

    Audiomatiques - Icon [Unrilis]
    Ron Costa - Sides (The Reactivitz Remix) [There Is A Light]
    Aitor Ronda - Geodux (Simina Grigoriu Remix) [Kuukou]
    Freak Unique - Invasion [Set About]
    A.Paul - Off The Record [Naked Lunch]
    Gary Beck - Stone Mirror [Xerie]
    Marco Bailey - Days Of Yore [Materia]

    Rewind 2‚€¶2014
    Cirez D ‚€“ Ruby [Mouseville]

    05.00 Thinknology July 2021

    01. Rekorder - Rekorder 6.1 [Rekorder]
    02. M√ļsica Charlista - Juan Aprende El Piano [Apnea]
    03. Robert Babicz - Star (Avus Remix) [Barbarella]
    04. A Guy Called Gerald - Blow Your House Down (Ben Sims Soko Mix) [Split Music]
    05. Monolake - Alaska [ML/I]
    06. Adam Marshall - Black Snow [New Kanada]
    07. Alexi Delano & Xpansul - Cosmic Antipathy [Plus 8]
    08. Tigerskin - Neontrance [Dirt Crew]
    09. Jona - Monkey Money [Fumakilla]
    10. Mark & John - Hoodinge [Pickadoll]
    11. Alexi Delano & Xpansul - Vegetotherapy [Plus 8]
    12. Kamisshake - I Cant Get E-nof [Sumplus]
    13. Ricardo Villalobos - Lugom-ix [Frisbee Tracks]
    14. Julian Liberator & Lenny Dee - The Sex Pill [4x4]
    15. Phase - Spacetank [Inceptive]

    Sun 11/Mon 12

    00.00 Hysteria #275

    Hérve - Together - Hardcore Energy
    Joe Stone & Jack Wins - Light Up My Life - Spinnin‚€™
    Claptone Feat. Apre - My Night - Different Recordings
    Eden Prince - Hang Tight - Solotoko
    Low Steppa - Ricochet - Armada Subjekt
    Basement Jaxx - Romeo - Wh0 Plays
    Federico Gardenghi Feat. The Melody Men - Hold Me - Armada
    Capozzi - Buss It - Space Yacht
    ESH & Kaan Pars - Sometimes - Musical Freedom
    Marvin Aloys & Special Vibe - Rolling On - Playbox/Kontor
    N4C - Tunnel Vision - Hysteria
    Charmes - On The Ground - In Control
    Curbi - Seeing Is Believing - STMPD
    Axel Boy x NuBass - We House You - Hysteria
    Padé & Herc Deeman, Roxana - Antidote - Controversia
    Kiro Prime & JDiego Castle - Control - Glorie
    Kryder - Come Home Soon - Perfect Havoc
    Mike Williams - AIR - Spinnin‚€™
    Henry Fong & FOMO - Bust It - Dim Mak

    01.00 Rave Culture Radio #083

    #VALUE! - #VALUE!
    The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition
    Eric Prydz - PJANO VS HIGH ON LIFE
    Daijo - Black James Bond feat Q
    Lucas & Steve - Get Together
    Future Anthem: W&W x Martin Jensen ft. Linnea Sc - Greece 2021
    STVW - Summer Rave
    Zaxx vs W&W - Diddy Bop Gold
    CARTA x Luminn - Reload
    Dada Life - Noise Heaven
    KEVU - Creatures Of Space
    Afrojack & David Guetta - Hero
    Timmy Trumpet x Felix - Don't You Want Me
    NWYR Selects: EMKR & G - Sus - Marina
    NWYR Selects: Andrew Rayel & Tensteps feat. RUNA - Carry You Home
    SaberZ - Close Your Eyes
    AXMO - The Jungle
    D Block & S te Fan - Enter Your Mind
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