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Lisa Lashes sessions tour 2003 Grill Letterkenny

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  • Lisa Lashes sessions tour 2003 Grill Letterkenny

    I was looking for this recording before but with no luck, just throwing it out there again to see if anyone has come across it in the last few years??
    Thanks in advance

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    All sessions tour recordings are safe in the RTE sound archive. This year many of the 'digital' items were sent abroad for professional transfer. This was farmed out, and not undertaken by RTÉ because of the amount of material.

    Things like that gig in Letterkenny would exist as 2 or 3 DAT tapes usually, each 90 or 120 minutes long. To preserve these, someone would have to supervise a real-time recording from DAT to [computer] and watch for error warnings for the duration of the recording. If You were to do this for the first 10 years of LATE NIGHT SESSIONS it would take You 3000 hours+ if You got lucky!

    The real worry with all of this is TAPE ROT. It happens! Some brands of magnetic tape actually rots, ruining the recording, so it's a race against time to save all this stuff, depending on what brand of tape was used.

    My personal archive has held up very well. Only 1 or 2 AMPEX tapes have had errors appearing. SONY, TDK and QUANTAGY all seem to be OK, and they were the one's mostly used AFAIR.

    Minidisks are not as bad, but we only ever used them for playout - making copies from the master DATs. Very few minidisks survived, as they were re-usable, so people tended to erase them and keep using them until they were worn out.

    CDs are also prone to rotting, but that's usually to do with the label/printed surface, and is not usually as fatal as DAT rot.

    CD-RW were sometimes used over periods, by adding sessions to the disk in MP3 form, then when the disk was full (after a month or 2) finalising the disk. These all seem to be OK so far.

    Bottom line: don't worry, everything We did will survive LONG past all of us. RTÉ is committed to archiving, they know their shit.
    jUst plAythAtbEAt


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      "All sessions tour recordings are safe in the RTE sound archive." - Apart from sound people uploading from their 'recorded-live-from-the-radio' from 2fm on the live broadcast onto their cassette tapes, and later converting to digital format, have 2fm uploaded or made available any of those seminal and groundbreaking club events that were the Sessions Tours from the early 2000's. Personally, many an afterparty session was sound-tracked to somebody's tape recording of Lashes from Panama Jacks, Picotto in the Temple, Johnny Moy in Horans and so&so in The Grill etc
      Heard on the grapevine that 2fm might be replaying these seminal shows- did this ever happen? If anyone has recordings of these sessions tour events, i'd love to assist in getting these uploaded for mass enjoyment


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        Jaysus nevermind - just found the thread with loads mixes on it !! Savage thanks Tim !!!