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  • September 2007

    Firstly: There is no Playlist for the Springsession on 1st September, as we were onsite for Electric Picnic, not in studio as usual.. a Low-rate Archive is online only.

    So, the ELECTRIC PICNIC is happily a memory now, and we can move on to the real business that is THE SUMMER SESSION. What? you detect a smidgin of joy that the Picnic is over? Damn straight. People were asking me about my favorite bits from The Picnic, and without a doubt HEXSTATIC and the latter part of UNKLE punched through the Almost constant fail to make me smile. Still though, my Electric Picnic Highlights remain: Kraftwerk / Fatboy / DIEP Pad Thai - All from 2 years ago. But hey, You KNEW i'd say all that, because i call it how i see it, and i saw it failing so fuc*ing hard at times, that i actually thought i was taking part in an endamol reality show. Seriously. Now, have we learned the lesson? No? I didn't think so somehow. I know NONE of us have learned from this, and will be back next time as one thing SHONE through with the picnic this year - a VERY low knacker count again. Really, it was astonishing just how Undedicated to stirring up trouble some gougers are these days. It seems 300eu for a ticket scared them all away, making room for twitchy couples pushing "all-terrain" baby-buggys, and flocks of delerious happy people swanning around in complete safety, knowing they weren't going to be hasstled by their fellow party-goers - bieng wary of only the pricks-in-bibs, who were doing their VERY best to throw their weight about, as usual. This, my friends is what you pays your money for - because it CERTAINLY wasn`t for the lineup or the food (food was extra and the lineup was fuc*ing patchy). PEOPLE WILL PAY HARD CASH FOR SEGREGATION is the message here i think.

    So, with this in mind (here we go) i intend establishing a BOUTIQUE TOWN on the west-coast of ireland. There will be NO scumbags. NO 4x4s, NO Ugly or fat chicks, NO blacks/***s/gays/spaniards/italians/polish/asians/anyone of non-irish descent, NO European Cars, NO anything at all of any sort that wasn't featured in WALLPAPER or OMNI.. House prices start at 3m EU for a 1 roomed aluminium & rosewood shoebox, and it's ALL legal because it says all of the above on the flyers. Oh, and before you reach for the creditcard, its already sold out.

    Wait, did i mention the SUMMER SESSION is like 4 days away??

    jUst plAythAtbEAt

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    !!!STOP PRESS!!!



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      See the post in the RANDOM SECTION of the main board!!!!
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        I think.. ehh.. i think we got away with it...

        So..Here we are the Day After the Day After.. Still totally sideways.. Ehm.. I really think there is a Book in the last 4-5 months, no, wait, a chapter in a book. Yeah. Lets not get carried away.

        So, the Summer session Happend. We had a blast. Srsly. Some piccys up at, and there are several torrents floating about of Both the N.Ireland PlanetLove and the Soummersession, as well as the regular archive here of my radio show, so, if you need to reassure yourself, make the effort, and Firm up those smiles

        Now, i should point out that i haven`t spoken to anyone else since sunday at about 4am when i finally left fairyhouse, so the FULL script and so on will be revealed after the official turning-the-mobiles-back-on ceremony on wednesday night - i'll be able to work out then if we really DID get away with it all..

        But, for now, my Personal Observations:

        *The Chicken Curry was Thai, and outstanding
        *They now do Cute Ban-Gardai
        *Dave Clarke Needs to do the Brekfast show on 2fm
        *Only 2 out of 70 Artists' Managers/Teams Caused Problems
        *Our Riggers and Tentbuilder-Guys are Superhuman
        *Plugging & Wireing in a Record Deck Is NOT setting it up
        *Fence-jumpers need to plan things better
        *"...There it is..."
        *The Ugly People Stayed at home
        *Fibre-Optic Cables Look like endless Hotdogs
        *Music fixes everything
        *I think we got away with it
        *Yep, looks like it
        *Moon is Moon
        jUst plAythAtbEAt


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          We have moved the Board to a new Server..

          This explains the downtime recently..

          Hopefully this will do away with the staggeringly slow performance over the last few months..


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            So.. my account of what went on is a little but celia, but hey.. Early start on saturday for us all - especially 1 individual who ended up in hospital during the night after collapsing from heat exhaustion! (yes i know, and this was BEFORE the day began - blame 200 cigs and 3 litres of filter coffee and no sleep for 48 hours..) Anyway, on the m50 by 10am, and in the blanch about 11, shopping for Sudafed and solpadine - yes, i had a cold. OF COARSE i had a cold. That would be from 2 days walking the site and hitting the coffee and so on.. I really dont function well before 12pm unless i have been up all night anyway, but with the running nose and aches & pains, i was going to be unreasonable to deal with all day - i knew it. Anyway, maccy-ds presented me with a nice meat-flavoured snack and some caffine & milk solids, and i was soon necking the pharms and meatthing on the road to the House of Fairys.. parking was a cinch, and it was amusing to see the security and Gardai all massing in the fron carpark - a sea of orange and yellow dayglo bibs resembling 2 opposing armys silently shaping up to one another.. Over to the LOVE arena (the joint 2FM / Planet Love Tent) to inspect the place i was playing.. I was assured the Record decks were working, (lies) by a confident soundguy who was quite confident they worked (liar) despite NOT testing them by playing something on them. So, you get the picture, THIS was to be my bain. The "don't give a fu*k about the decks guy". Off i went to get in a nice vantage position to witness the gates opening - the walkway between the stands, you remember it? the glass bridge you walked under to get to the arenas? - i was inside that, coffee and camera, to see it all.. I have piccys of the first 100 people to get in, and left a cam filming the first 30 minutes or so.. I have to say, seeing the thousands of you lining up the drive waiting to be turnstyled in was kinda wierd, and those 5 minutes after 1pm when the tention became unbearable - i was pacing back & forth biting my fingerbones (nails long gone).. the first big thumps of music i heard came courtesy of FISH GO DEEP who were unerneath me and behind, and then the tents sparked up in the distance, one after another, and then the mind-boggling began.. People just kept on coming, dancing as they went, hugging each other, all bright faces and handshake as far as the eye could see.. Security (even the grumpy foriegn nationals) smiling at the spectacle.. Endless streams of people really going for the full-on realdeal day-in-a-field dancing thing, dressing up like freaks, feeling the fun! So, i got bored of this, and the arenas were calling me, so off i went for a walkie.. Good Greef was first stop on the trail, heaving already with a core of non-movers and a good flow of curious heads (easy as the bar was like right next to it..) while the music bumped.. COLLECTIVE next, again, a core of placeholders, and a lot of drifters taking the whole thing in, same in LOVE, where i got sidetracked and missed the PUKKA UP as the sidetracking was extensive.. Early days, and there was a major mingle on in the areas inbetween the tents, alot of coolcats chilling in the shade, alot of meet & greet and WTF? going down also.. It took 2-3 hours before everyone found their vocation and stuck to it for the duration TBH.. A check on the RTE crew found 2XM with JOHN POWER banging out the liveness, while 2FM prepared to go on at 6 with JENNY GREENE by skulling coffee and standing around wearing those headsets and holding folders.. Actually, the 2FM side of things was very calm, as most of the hardware needed to do a Broadcast from there is already in place thanks to it bieng a racecourse, so the technical guys had like big easy heads on... Up to the Observation points for a look, and its clear that the place is now STUFFED. Good Greef is like rammed, LOVE is becoming an indipendent nation in its own right, and the space inbetween them is just all people, and, people were STILL arriving out front! The word starts to circulate - THIS IS FUN.

            So, what of the Decks? i know, i know.. AFAIK, only the COLLECTIVE, LOVE and OLDSCHOOL vs NEWSCHOOL had decks, and they ALL had problems. Serious Problems. I cannot speak for The others, but here is MY experience: 1st record, no problem, a little skip on cuing, but OK to go, other deck NO SLIPMAT! i am srs. yes i know. so i try to make one, and ask for one to be got for me - all a waste of valuable syncing time - and make do, fine one arrives, and i can get on.. Grand job, fine fine etc.. Back to the 1st deck, and it seems ok, no skippys, no humm.. well, ok, a humm, but one i could null with the HPF/LPF knob on the mixer.. so, i DID have to ride the bass in breakdowns - A FAIL. Anyway, the 1st deck - originally ok, now develops a Tracking lock about 1/2 way into the tune! like it gets stuck and loops the same groove over & over (in the middle of TIGERSTYLE) WTF? i dont remember the tune doing that there? etc.. so i watch it for a bit, then nudge it on.. i am SHOCKED to see it had BURNED A RING INTO THE VINYL WHERE IT HAD BEEN SKIPPING! i am fu*king serious. so off it plays, only to do it again shortly after, burning another ring, and skipping again. THIS my friends is how i managed to mess up a mix, not once, but TWICE - as it did it again on another tune later on (sigh) - and, the loop it made was almost in time with the beat, so kinda threw me a bit.. Anyway, i then had to rely on the right deck, which did skippys when the (very nice but irritating) dancers did leapys, and my CDs i had brought for the RADIO in case i needed them. Now, THIS is life, i know this, but this is the LAST TIME this will happen. I intend recommending the Company that supplied the decks not be paid, and be publicly flogged & ground into catfood. I mean REALLY. This is NOT the last we will hear of this, i assure you. I hear also that 2 other people's sets were compromised due to shoddy & untested equipment, and this is also unacceptable. Do you remember HIFI? when the cnut stagemanager gave me the "you arent setting foot on MY stage without a artists pass.." only to supply a CD player that CRASHED in my set playing a real CD (not a burnoff)? When i proved without a doubt that CDs are for loosers and so on? Well, here we are reminded that DECKS are a science - they are NOT cd players. you cannot just put decks on a table, wire them in and walk away.. With CDs you CAN do this, as CDs are for girls and are 1/0 - they play or not, end of.. DECKS on the other hand require a semblemce of thought, skill and prior experience and knowledge. They are FAR superior to CDs as far as mixability and sound quality is concerned, and they are more complicated as a result. Using CDs is a fail, using just Vinyl is a fail - lets not even get into using laptops or Software mixing tools, they are not the same thing, and fall more into the catagory of UTTER WANK rather then DJing - so it seems that i now realise i am helpless, and totally at the mercy of the person setting up the equipment. If they fail, then I fail. I have no control over this. This makes me very nervous, i don't like handing over my fate to anyone that isn't ME. This, my friends, is the lesson Your humble narrator learned this weekend past. As for how i felt with my set? well, i had my back against the wall from early on, and i worked through it ,but i should not have had that much hasstle at something i fuc*ing was involved in.

            After i played, and calmed down a bit, it was off to the 2FM broadcast, with a little moonlight raid on 2XM for the duration.. We were brilliantly positioned at the bottom of the stands, to avail of the racing commentary point above, within walking distance of the artists commonroom (the green room) which was jointly controlled by SHANE FISHGODEEP, JOHN GIBBONS and LIAM DOLLARD in 3 shifts.. It was a great shortcut to the production offices on the top floor as well, making it easy to Do a link on 2FM, run up the steps to check everyone was drunk enough, and then continue on to the office to listen in on the radio system and giggle at the chaos.. And that, my friends was my bag for the rest of the night.. I didn't get to see any of the arenas after about 9pm, only heard them on the links and saw them in the distance boo hoo.. I had a few calls that people were looking for me to say Hi, both DJs and Friends, and to those who feel butthurt and sore at me, i say sorry, i wasn't avoiding you, and if you all hadn't left so quickly afterwards, we would have hooked up.. We stayed on site till about 3am, and homewards bound was enhanced by GALAXY FM who had Gar Skelly & Mob on tap - most fitting!

            Interesting anecdote: There was a guy wandering around Locking doors! seriously! We had to play musical dressing rooms for a bit as rooms became available and then unavailable.. some issue with the number of suites we had for artists to hide in, but it was a panic moving nibbles and tablecloths like 3 times to satisfy the guy with the bunch of keys.. I had to climb on the outside front of the stands to rescue a camera we had filming the queue at one stage as the door got locked! Eventually we had a nice spread - rooms either side of both stands with balconys to view the fun.. The rooms you see in movies overlooking the racecourse where Gangsters and politicians quaff champagne and scheme and stuff were host to: Dave Clarke, Armin, Ferry, The RTE mob, The PLSS Production Team, Mongey Comms (who had optical fibres for the CCTV hubbed in a room), the Section heads of staff and the "Mystery" room! The Mystery room had NO furniture, NO fridge, NO nothing, and therefore wasn't even used to stash a coat.. Mental note: next year put a pool table, dancing pole & texas hold 'em table in here..

            Surprise Nicebit: The Food. Yes, the food. On friday i got roped into making 700 meal tickets. Well, cutting them out from printed sheets actually. THIS is why the tickets were of random size and finish.. er.. i blunted 3 blades cutting them, and had no guillotine or ruler, so i think i did well.. Sadly, i forgot to pocket a handfull, and ended up blagging (with assistance) a (very nice thai) curry at dinnertime.. "seriously, i cut them out, why do you think they are so shite?" Mark McCabe astonished us all by eating 3 desserts one after another (bluto out of ANIMAL HOUSE style), boldly exposing a hole in the catering security system in the dessert area before bieng apprehended by 2 undercover catering cops dressed as ravers, who then assisted him in the removal of 2 further apple crumbles, and an ENTIRE cheesecake after realising how easy it was.

            As for the Final score, i still don't know, as RiskySean (sessionstour) and SillyBilly (HighOnLife) both dissapeared early sunday morning, and the operator's voice when you call their mobiles sounds malaysian, possibly indonesian. I myself am suffering massive attention and stress withdrawl symptoms, so i plan to raise hell on a transatlantic flight this friday before work to pep me up some..
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              Playlist for Springsession on 2FM.

              *nick-nite vs tex mex - mexico [degg blakker] (MuschiTunes)
              *K-System - Samba 69 (Bigstar records)
              *the sounds - painted by numbers [soulseekerz dub] (rhino)
              *dirty south + MYNC Proj - everbody freakin (cr2)
              *pet shop boys - integral [dave spoon] (parlophone)
              *underworld - crocodile [hunteman] (cdr)
              *lcd soundsystem - get innocuous [soulwax] (dfa dfaemidj2182)
              *interpol - the heinrich maneuver [phones] (parlophone)
              *unklejam - stereo (virgin)
              *Phatzoo - Poop 'n' Loop (In Charge Records)
              *dave angel - taurus (niah0702)
              *Nic Chagall - Borderline (High Contrast Recordings)
              *andy duguid - hypocrisy (black hole 210-5)
              *mark norman - ventura (magik muzik 838-5)
              *vincent de moor - fly away [cosmic gate] (combined forces cf002)
              *jaytech - essence (anjunadeep anjdee-012)
              *kyau & albert - 73 skies (euphonic)
              *sophie sugar - sense of connection (a state of trance)
              *volition - evolver 2007 (somatic sense somatic023)
              *menno de jong - solid state (united)
              *burger queen - boom & pound (babushka records)
              jUst plAythAtbEAt


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                Wierd Behaviour On FIREFOX Browser Has crept in..

                Not sure WHY exactly, but recently, hitting this board with Firfox Fails - giving a White Page

                I know this WAS a common problem a year or so ago, but why it has returned to people, with no Upgrades Serverside or ClientSide is Etremely odd..

                No Point in Saying anything like "Use Opera" to the Foxers who are having the trouble, since they cannot read this.. er..

                UPDATE: Needs to update Your Firefox to the Latest Version to Fix..
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                  Ooops.. Playlists :3

                  Playlist for Spring-Doz-Dan on 2FM.

                  *black heat - chips funk (atco)
                  *lcd soundsystem - get innocuous [soulwax remix] (dfa)
                  *mixmaster mike - agent skanner 12 (asphodel)
                  *grandmaster flash - the message 2 (sugarhill)
                  *underworld - jumbo (jbo)
                  *tracey thorn - grand canyon (virgin)
                  *billy mackenzie & yello - the rhythm divine (wea)
                  *curved air - moonshine (bellafon)
                  *sos band - just be good to me (mercury)
                  *lil louis - french kiss [12-inch version] (ffrr)
                  *killers - read my mind [pet shop boys mix] (parlophone)
                  *xray spex - germ-free adolescents (virgin probably, i can't be arsed looking, but i agree with BETH DITTO - reform the spex for great justice)
                  *kurd maverick - strings of tortuga [or whatever] (cr2)
                  *chic - le freak [12-inch version] (atlantic)
                  *sharon redd - can you handle it? (prelude)
                  *japan - quiet life [12-inch version] (virgin)
                  *lexicon - superstar (plastic city)
                  *art of noise - beatbox [#2 in seattle mix] (ztt)
                  *mashmakhan - days when we are free (collectables)

                  Playlist for Springsession on 2FM.

                  *dave angel - taurus (niah0702)
                  *Phatzoo - Poop 'n' Loop [In Charge Records]
                  *the sounds - painted by numbers [soulseekerz dub] (rhino)
                  *underworld - Cowgirl [Chris Cargo remix] (cargo adv)
                  *dave armstrong & redroche - the love has gone (data adv)
                  *murk - 'Reach For Me' [TV Rock & Dirty South Remix] (cr2)
                  *phunk investigation vs bebe brown - shake (absolutely records)
                  *daZZla & ronny Clark - that moment [freakquencer] (drizzly adv)
                  *K-System - Samba 69 - (Bigstar records)
                  *dj spoke - watch them fall down [ali wilson] (Bigstar records)
                  *denga & manus - e-clipse [volition] (drizzly adv)
                  *prada - balaton (prada)
                  *f.l.o.II - ??? (zoogroove)
                  *mat zo - out of minority (coldharbour)
                  *volition - evolver 2007 (somatic sense)
                  *san - daja vu [m.i.k.e.] (captivate)
                  *simon patterson - bulldozer (reset)
                  *tha bomb - trancebass (x-clusinve)
                  *alphazone - flashback [dave joy] (joyride music)
                  *kyau & albert - 7 skies (euphonic)
                  *hatiras - spaced in vader (541 records)

                  Playlist for Spring-Doz-Dan on 2FM.

                  ** ELECTROID INVASION SPESH **

                  *hashim - al-naayfysh {the soul} (cutting)
                  *new order - confusion {radio edit}(factory)
                  *herbie hancock - rockit {dst megamix} (cbs)
                  *midnite star - freek-a-zoid {album verion} (solar)
                  *freeez - IOU {extended} (beggars banquet)
                  *funk box party - the masterdon committee (enjoy!)
                  *chris the glove taylor - reckless (polydor)
                  *man parrish - hip hop, be bop {don't stop} (polydor)
                  *depeche mode - newlife {extended} (mute)
                  *newcleus - jam on it {original} (sunnyview)
                  *afrika bambaataa & the soulsonic force - planet rock {original} (tommy boy)
                  *planet patrol - play at your own risk {original} (tommy boy)
                  *G.L.O.B.E. & Whiz Kid - Play that beat mr DJ {extended} (tommy boy)
                  *the egyptian lover - egypt egypt {full} (egyptian empire)
                  *twilght 22 - siberian nites {full} (rca)
                  *yaz - situation {francois kervorkian vocal remix} (sire)
                  *telex - moscow disko {album edit} (prt)
                  *kraftwerk - the robots {album version} (emi)
                  *sparks - the number 1 song in heaven {album version} (virgin)
                  jUst plAythAtbEAt


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                    New Addition to the TAPES FROM THE ATTIC section:

                    July 1999 - THE COURT in Ballina Co.Mayo..

                    jUst plAythAtbEAt


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                      JOHN PEEL 1977 Uploaded Again..

                      Also: in the Tapes From The Attic section, the Return of the JOHN PEEL 1977 recording..

                      This is the Recording The Got Blacklisted in the weeks following John's Death Due to Demand.. There were so many Downloads, our hosts "noticed" us, and that was that

                      For Fans of Radio, Punk Rock, John Peel Himself and Simply Good Music, this recording is easily the most valuable you will ever possess..

                      History: This was Recorded on a 3-in-1 System, using an external Antenna on the North-east coast of Ireland From FM to Compact Cassette in 1977. The Tape was Lovingly Guarded until John's death, when it became the subject of a Restoration Project. The Tape was Kindly Donated by OISIN from his private Collection. Good Man

                      Interesting/Ironic Bit: Peel Plays some original 1967 Jingles on the Show, as it was the week of Radio 1's 10th Birthday!!!
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