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  • January 2008

    Firstly, a Playlist Update:

    Playlist for Springsession on 2FM.

    *dominatorz - do you love me (loaded adv)
    *murk pres funky green dogs - reach for me [paul woolford](cr2)
    *Da Funk - Catch The Wave (The Remixes) - DJ Meri's Cylon dub
    *Nick Fiorucci ft Kelly Malbasa - The Night - Chriss Ortega mix
    *Jorgensen v BSD - I Don't Care - Deadmau5 remix
    *Moonbeam - Cocoon (Moon Mix) [High Contrast recordings]
    *sound players - restless (drizzly adv)
    *tasadi - timemachine [vadim zhukov] (deepblue)
    *schossow and brandt - horny
    *vicky devine - silver whispers (insatiable)
    *glenn morrison - no sudden moves (pilot6 pilot001)
    *bobnic - get together (walnut records walc002)
    *albert vorne - ravens over my rave (club elite)
    *marcel woods - new feeling (HCR048)
    *benjamin r - hybrid (druck016)
    *walt jennssen - waltmart (dutch masterworks dmw-020)
    *mike koglin & marc vedo - dirty monster (noys noys5am01)
    *orjan vs octagen - lost once (galactive galso019)
    *coast 2 coast - cut me (discover 33b)
    *committe - trance line (md records)

    Playlist for Springsession on 2FM.

    ** REVIEW OF 2007 - Part 1 of 3 **


    *kraak & smaak - no sun in the sky [noogman](jalepeno jal45)
    *mason vs princess superstar - perfect exceeder (cdr)
    *freakquencer - bit chess (drizzly)
    *robbie rivera - float away [G&D] (hit!)
    *simon le grec - la mer part 2 (drizzly music adv)
    *Javah - One By One [Rene Ablaze] (redux) (m2m d/l)


    *marco g - one miracle by day (yinyang yyrws003)
    *Wippenberg - Promisedland [Sphaera Dub] (High Contrast Recordings HCR030)
    *Marlo - Shes A Mirage [Liquid M] (pioneer records)
    *Mr Sam ft Kirsty Hawkshaw - Lodestar (John Gibbons' Fully Loded Remix)
    *DJ Choose - Lucite (Big Star Records)


    *minimalistix - whistling drive [filterheadz] (mostiko adv.)
    *Marcel Woods - Don't Tar Me With The Same Brush (High Contrast recordings adv.)
    *Peetu S - Plugin ( )
    *michal poliak - world republic [elton d remix] (relic 004)
    *michel de hey vs grooveyard - compound [peter horrevortd] (ec072)


    *tim deluxe - let the beats roll (skint)
    *Sam Ball_Carbon_(EQ-Grey) EQG12033
    *dave robertson and john gurd - Our Execution (Original)
    *First & Andre - Cruiser [Alex M.o.r.p.h.] (High Contrast Recordings)
    *gleave - needlewerk (spinninrecords)
    *unklejam - what am i fighting for [steve mac dub] (virgin)

    Playlist for Springsession on 2FM.

    ** REVIEW OF 2007 - Part 2 of 3 **


    *chemical brothers - do it again [oliver huntemann] (virgin adv)
    *groovenatics - loose control [grobag] (spinnin adv.)
    *tracy thorn - raise the roof [cagedbaby] (virgin)
    *Howard Jones - Stir It Up [Sharooz] (dtox)
    *voom voom - best friend [charles webster dub] (gstone)
    *Plato - Wanderlust [Wanderlust e.p.] (Big & Dirty Records)
    *roisin murphy - overpowered [herve and roisin in the secret garden] (emi)
    *lxr vs ardrea doria - freak me (GI recordings)


    *Blake Rock - Over You [Paolo Martini]
    *Marcel Woods - Lemon Tree (High Contrast Recordings)
    *Pascal Feliz - From Inside The Speaker Part 1 (Rytmic Records)
    *John Gibbons & Scimon Tist - Beautiful Filth
    *Activa - Flashpoint [orig] (spinnin)
    *Ricky Fobis - Nobody [Dj Res aka Igor S Rmx] (In Charge Records)


    *mike koglin vd energy dai - reloaded (noys music)
    *micheal dow - ascent (captivating sounds cvsa 048)
    *absolute - up in the air (a state of trance asot082)
    *marcus schulz - fly to colors (coldharbour recordings clhr031)
    *leon bolier - summernight confessions (2play021)


    *digitalisim - idealistic [hystereo] (virgin adv)
    *filaferro - fried ricehq(elastictrax)
    *roisin murphy - let me know [andy cato](emi adv)
    *mind movement - oceania (deep blue)
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    And now, the NEW YEAR RANT.


    2007. Did it suck balls through a rat's anus or WHAT? No really.. Okay, except for the SUMMER SESSION and finishing mah album, the year failed for me. In fact, if it wasn't for the PLSS and NFS, i would probably have called it a day and done myself in, alongside most of my m8s who had also decided suicide was the answer. OK, so maybe we have formulated a plan every year since 1985 to do ourselves in, only to have the plan ruined by some world event that somehow incorporated part of the cool suicide plan in it.. (sigh) - Making it unoriginal and therefore pointless.. It's becoming almost impossible to do the big "Battle Beyond The Stars" Death scene at the end of the/this/our story, the messier the world becomes! But, i think we may have a winner for this year: We intend ramming the moon with a stolen cruise-liner packed full of celebritys & explosives! Yes, i know. It`s Foolproof. The big problem with previous plans was we wouldn't be able to properly record the event for YOU TUBE etc., oweing to us bieng horribly deaded and such, but, with the payload of b-list celebs, i think we can be assured of TOTAL coverage, and at least a special on ITV2.. So. that's the bail-out plan for 2008 - Cruiseliner/moon etc. Good. Now we can Proceed as normal into the new year, which, my friends is already in progress!

    Now, to the WINTER SESSION. Exit 15 on the M50. Now. Thats the one near the south end of the M50, that services Kilternan, and has the Trading Est. with PC WORLD and HALFROGS on it.. Yes, it IS the back of the Racecourse there - the place you saw the FunFair and Circus at as you blasted down the road towards the 20-minute wait at the M11 junction.. Know it? Yep. You do now. So why the Venue change from OxegenLand? Simply, the Buildings we were going to use have certain conditions of use attached to them, some of these conditions are in small print. So small in fact, that nobody read them untill it was far too late, and the rest you know.. No big drama, no messing, just a simple thing to do with words on a page, put there when the site was last built upon (25746 years ago..) And, if we are to be 100% above-board in our dealings re: festivals, we simply had to move things, promising to return at a later date with our OWN bit of paper, hopefully older then the CURRENT bit of paper. Yes, the older the paper, the better. Er...

    Anyway, so, its gonna be: FERRY JULES SANDER MARCUS ALEX MAURO MARK JOHN and Your Humble Narrator at EXIT15, and it's a valentines theme, so that means excessive chocolate and random secks for everyone!!! Of coarse, 2FM will be on the case, and 2XM will be on digital (hopefully in cork as well as dublin - but i didn't say that cos' its a secret) and on the interwebz as well with TOTAL coverage of the event for those of you too lazy to go. On thing, this is only a small gathering compared to the PLSS. We hope ~5000, just as a mini thingy to keep us ticking over.. Now, i know the past has provided some valuable lessons re: followup-not-as-big-as-the-good-one gigs, remember HOMEFIELDS? and CREAMLANDS? and the poxy Spinnoff single-tent-with-2-people-you-have-heard-of-in-the-mud-and-sleet things that follwed them???? No? Neither do I. You get it now? And the danger is, uncle greedyface will appear, and we will be knee-deep in tents, all with people who will become old VERY quickly. I don't WANT to get bored of the people we have at the Sessions Gigs. Really i don't.. And it`s nice to have people over that we haven't worked with before, thats a kick - you know, putting the face to the records/labels.. We EXPECT people like Marcus Schulz (etc.) to be as interesting as his tunes innit!! But, knowing how too much too soon and too in-the-sleet too often is a surefire way to fu*k it all up, WHY the wintersession lad? Well, it's down to having SOMETHING TO DO. And also: if we don't do something like this, nobody else will bother. Yep. The USUAL.

    Now, who wants to start a campaign requesting tunes you ACTUALLY WANT TO HEAR on your local radio stations? EXAMPLE: when did you last hear MARCEL WOODS on Radio Kerry's Afternoon show? Exactly.
    jUst plAythAtbEAt


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      WinterSession Panic, Part 52:

      Yesterday (friday) TICKETMASTER.IE was showing the Wintersession as Not On Sale.. This was done on purpose to Scare you all into buying tickets fast as we have the Mafia, Ra, Guards and Irish Quaker Movement breathing down our necks for their cut, and kinda needed the $$ in fast. As you know, Nothing gets done in Ireland without the co-operation of one or more Greater Religious Bodies, it just so happens our Spiritual Partners & Financial Guardians on this Job are THE VATICAN PRIVATE INTEREST BANK (represented by Sr. Antonio "Tenebrae" Visconti and assoc.) and THE QUAKERS (represented by Pstr. Gonzo "bongo" Cotrez III Jr.) - both of whom are making sure things run as smoothly as Organised Religion & it's associated Unlimited Finance Can possibly guarantee.. We understand that Arranging for Things like Good Weather and No interference from The man upstairs or any other external influence is an important part of Sessions' Major events, and we would like to humbly extend our thanks to the Lads for their support, and also to thank them for the valuable lesson on friday re: meeting Payment deadlines and keeping Schtum. We hope the lads enjoy the Ticketmaster moneys, with our compliments, and we graciously look foward to attending the Wedding Of Sr. Visconti's GodDaughter in April, whereupon we will be GLAD to perform a 4-hour set, as a Gift. We would also like to Thank Pstr. Cotrez for his support and guidance during the most welcome nailing-of-our-heads-to-the-floor on Friday evening, and i'd like to personally thank him for his Rousing speach re: the fires of hell that await people who don't Spread the Wealth, after which, many things became alot clearer.

      Bottom Line: Tickets are BACK online, with the Venue name Corrected here - and anyone with a Ticket Bearing PUNCHESTOWN as the Venue can Still use the ticket at Exit 15 / Leopardstown... BUT: if you DO have one with PUNCHESTOWN on it, it`s one of the Earlybird tickets, and you are TRUELY made of Win for buying a ticket well early, you should now pat yourself on the back and proceed about your daily business with Smug Power +2.

      That is all.
      jUst plAythAtbEAt


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        Playlist for Springsession on 2FM.

        ** REVIEW OF 2007 - Part 3 of 3 **


        *interpol - the heinrich maneuver [phones] (parlophone)
        *unklejam - stereo (virgin)
        *Phatzoo - Poop 'n' Loop (In Charge Records)
        *dave angel - taurus (niah0702)
        *Nic Chagall - Borderline (High Contrast Recordings)
        *freemasons - uninvited [wawa]l(loaded).wav


        *Josh Gabriel – Summit (Organized Nature)
        *Joop - Prominent [Leon Bolier remix] (High Contrast Recordings)
        *genix - phused [orig] (reset)
        *above and beyond - home [club] (anjunabeats adv)


        *Marcel Woods - New Feeling [Original Mix] (High Contrast recordings)
        *RST - Stormbound [maarten de jong] (spinnin adv)
        *gleave - blinded (spinnin)
        *Pascal Feliz - Aftersun (Musical Madness)
        *Adrian M - Obsessive Thoughts (Binary Finary Recordings)


        *sound players - restless (drizzly adv)
        *tasadi - timemachine [vadim zhukov] (deepblue)
        *schossow and brandt - horny
        *vicky devine - silver whispers (insatiable)
        jUst plAythAtbEAt


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          Playlist for Springsession on 2FM.

          *addictive - gonna be mine (gusto prcdgus59c)
          *Jorgensen v BSD - I Don't Care [Deadmau5 remix] (d/l)
          *dave gahan - deeper and deeper [sebastien leger] (mute pcdstumm398)
          *Chris Cargo & Paco - To the Beat (cargo adv.)
          *goldfrapp - a_and_e (mute pcdmute389)
          *frase and koto - down the wire [orig] (insatiable insat04)
          *02Marc Romboy vs tyree cooper - Lost (Original Mix)
          *cor fijneman - disturbed [original] (spinnin adv)
          *schossow and brandt - horny ( ???)
          *ron verboom - mindwarp (deepblue)
          *BKR feat sebastian rivas - Stallone (Elektrabel mix) (ADV040)
          *jose amnesia - invincible (armind armd1048)
          *ferdy & matt van wyk - miami (electronic elements elel060)
          *josh gabriel - summit [dusty kid rouge mix] (organised nature)
          *DJ HAL - close my eyes (w/l)
          *sebastian brandt - technology (a state of trance)
          *pavo & zany - 99.9 (fusion 026-5)
          *randy katana & mac zimms - bring it on (w/l via spinnin)
          *m.o.r.p.h. & van eyden pres lexwood - i love trance (fenology fen020)
          *bissen pres. the crossover - quicksand [joint operations centre] (a state of trance asot089)
          *brainbug - nightmare (additive 12ad007)
          jUst plAythAtbEAt


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            Playlist for Springsession on 2FM.

            *jody watley - i want your love (gustocdgus58)
            *Cargo & Paco - To the Beat (cargo adv.)
            *mandy reid pres. disco construction - bring it back round again [andy boph] (d/l)
            *agant mulder and tales - stoomboot (deal)
            *kylie - wow [david guetta and joachim garraud] (parlophone)
            *paul phelan - reveal [havana boys remix]
            *peter horrevorts - wipe your window (kanzleramt)
            *delinquent - my destiny [denis the menace and big world] (mnb)
            *Rodriguez jr. - Soledad (Leena Leena04)
            *Marc Romboy vs tyree cooper - Lost (Original Mix)
            *Omid 16B - Like 3 Ears And 1 Eye Part 1 (SexOnWax)
            *cor fijneman - disturbed [original] (spinnin adv)
            *phynn - this is the time (black hole)
            *randy katana vs mac zimms - bring it on (spinnin adv.)
            *olav basoski - geiger (surplus sps002)
            *ronski speed - the perspective space [marcus schulz] (coldharbour)
            *heartbeat pres. mathias faint- SXing (incharge ic020)
            *matt darey - animal [pedro delgardo] (adv)
            *pavo & zany - 99.9 (fusion 126-5)
            *josh gabriel - summit (organised nature orgn010B)
            *Denga & manus - eclipse (red silver recordings RS010)
            *sebastian brandt - technology (a state of trance asot090)
            *hardfloor - acperience 1 (harthouseUK)
            jUst plAythAtbEAt