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June 2009

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  • playthatbeat
    Playlist for Springsession on 2FM.

    *The FACE vs MARK BROWN ADAM SHAW - Needin U [Danny Freakazoid Remix]
    *Karl G - Bassplay (CD-R)
    *CRISP BISCUIT - Starfish
    *JEYSOUND - Sonic Attack [original mix]
    *FLOWJOB - Cruise Control
    *Sander Kleinenberg - This Is Our Night [Sultan & Ned Shepard Rmx]
    *orbital - lush [herve] (rhino)
    *WONK - Dirty Jack
    *Marlo - Ula [StoneBridge SG Trippin' mix]
    *Marcel Woods - Inside Me [Radio Edit]
    *Phunk Investigation - VooDoo Belief [Robin Hirte Remix]
    *RIKTAM BANSI - Ride The Snake [original mix]
    *Jon Rundell - Atmosphere [KG Remix]
    *Leon Bolier - Beyrouth [Club Mix]
    *BROOMBECK - Mono Turn [Alex D'elia & Nihil Young remix]
    *Paul Ritch - Evil Laff [Konrad Black remix]
    *JET PROJECT - Do It Like This [Fergie remix]
    *John Shelvin feat Erire - All In My Mind [Abel Ramos Miami With Love Dub Mix]
    *Rob Mooney - Feelin Electro 2009 [Valentino Kanzyani Remix] (Punchfunk Records 01)
    *Jonno BRIEN - Rewind [original mix]
    *COSMIC GATE - Sign Of The Times [Markus Schulz remix]
    *alex costapres. deeptronikz - dance [roby c big room mix]
    *tomcraft - let it bleed
    *beltek - belina
    *martino b - u [organ mix]
    *jakob hilden - glamouflage <-- WDDATOTWBIWD
    *patrique - kamerton
    *dj madskillz - down the rabbit hole
    *jose cabello - la secrateria
    *dax j - odyssey
    *the aloof - mind [flaw records 002]

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  • playthatbeat
    Playlist for Springsession on 2FM.

    *BINGO PLAYERS vs CHOCOLATE PUMA - Disco Electrique [vocal mix]
    *DANDYSKILLS - Stole It [Plastic Shell remix]
    *Moonbeam ft Avis Vox - About You Radio [Edit] (High Contrast Records)
    *orbital - lush [herve] (rhino)
    *Marlo - Ula [StoneBridge SG Trippin' mix]
    *Will BAILEY & WONGO - The Cannock Wobble [Hot Mouth remix]
    *JAYTECH - Delta [PROFF remix]
    *James HARCOURT - Proton
    *SCREAMHEADS feat CAMILA ANDRADE - Under The Sun [Morten Alick & Casper LT Acid remix]
    *Karl G - Bassplay (CD-R)
    *Arpi - Into The Abyss [club mix]
    *Dadahack- hello
    *Jon Rundell - Atmosphere [KG Remix]
    *SMARTMINDS - Twice As Nice
    *danny howells - on the moon
    *Atfc - Bad Weed
    *Rob Mooney - Feelin Electro [2009 Noreuil Remix]
    *FLOWJOB - Cruise Control
    *Alexander Popov DJ Feel - What About Future Original Mix
    *RIVA vs. BART CLAESSEN - Stringer [Bart Claessen 08 Tek Dubleg]
    *Ayla - Ayla [Paul Webster remix]
    *Phunk Investigation - VooDoo Belief [Robin Hirte Remix]
    *olav basoski - unlock
    *braincell - absorb
    *fernando tessis - nacht der maschinen
    *diego poblets - massive shock [sego remix]
    *kid massive - 4k [moonbeam]
    *jeff bennett & kriece - string theory
    *population 3 - unidentified hero
    *riktam & bansi - ride the snake [orig]
    *paolo mojo smokestack <-- WDDATOTWBIWD
    *pedro delgardo - ayahuasca
    *noise control 2 - the killer insect [urban sound of amsterdam usa2037]

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  • playthatbeat
    Playlist for Springsession on 2FM.

    *ALP presents GLAM - Hell's Party [09 Rekindle mix]
    *SANDE feat JOHANNA NORSTROM - Want You Around [original mix]
    *SCREAMHEADS feat CAMILA ANDRADE - Under The Sun [Morten Alick & Casper LT Acid remix]
    *KISSY SELL OUT - This Kiss [Jack Beats mix]
    *BAROCCO, Gigi BLATTA & INESHA - Where Is It [Aniki's ATM mix]
    *Adam Shaw - Engage
    *Candy Williams & Whiteside - Love Will Keep Us Together [Chris Kaeser remix]
    *Phunk investigation - Excess [Andrea Mattioli Gabriel C Springer Remix]
    *Van der Zwan, Rehab & Groeneveld - Fastevil [Original Mix]
    *Polarkreis 18 - Allein Allein [Schiller RMX]
    *ANGEL RIZE - Back In Time [Back To Miami mix]
    *Maxie DEVINE VEERUS - Kikkass [original mix]
    *seductive - hard to handle (made in nl)
    *Umek - 16th Century Japan )astro005-6)
    *miss dica - freak n pound (third ear 3eep103)
    *loco & JAM - EMERGENCY ROOM [Final Master]
    *Lumiere - Nothing (130-D032)
    *Alexander Popov & DJ Feel - What About Future [Original Mix]
    *Daniel Wanrooy - To The Horizon and Back
    *Alex Panik - That Is SIK! (Mixology Digital)
    *ANTOLINI, Luca vs ANDREA MONTORSI - Free [Andrea Montorsi mix]
    *Brain Bashers - Let's Do It Now Lisa Pin-Up remix
    *james harcourt - proton
    *niels van gogh - dreamer [sunlovers dub]
    *daniele papini - hidden source
    *luetzenkirchen - lonley phone want to speak
    *fm radio gods - wallbanger
    *dahlback & dahlback - forsburg loves the acid
    *lambda - hold on tight [phonjaxx remix]
    *access denied - morphology
    *le que feat stanford - history of house [tommy tremundo]
    *edwin & ferdy - pop machine
    *incognet - my side [french government mix]
    *peas and beans collective - funkfurter (1 tribe)

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  • playthatbeat
    Playlist for Springsession on 2FM.

    ## portable edition at LiFE Festival

    *born to funk - change is on the way
    *alp presents GLAM - hell's party [09 rekindle mix]
    *sande feat. johanna norstrom - want you around [original mix]
    *tiga - what you neet [zombie nation mix]

    Set: christian smith

    *dahlback & dahlback - forsberg loves the acid
    *maelstrom - bit kitchen
    *moonbeam feat. avis vox - about you [terry ferminal mix]
    *noir - troya

    Set: sugar experiment station

    *dub frequency - guy brutus
    *boltan - nine to five [rico tubbs speed garage mix]
    *hardwaks & mr x - records back [gigi barocco remix]
    *adam shaw - engage

    Set: surge DJs

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  • playthatbeat
    started a topic June 2009

    June 2009

    Playlist for Springsession on 2FM.

    *planet funk - lemonade [tommy vee & roy malone remix]
    *WEEKEND PLAYERS - Party Time [Audio Jacker mix]
    *Mike CANDYS & JAKE HOLIDAY - Insomnia [Chris Crime Infinity remix]
    *depeche mode - peace [herve] (mute pcdbong41)
    *WHO DA FUNK feat JESSICA EVE - Shiny Disco Balls 2009 [Jorge Jaramillo remix]
    *KRAAK & SMAAK feat BEN WESTBEECH - Squeeze Me [Fedde Le Grand dub]
    *ASHA - JJ Tribute [Glenn Morrison & Bruce Aisher mix]
    *Leigh BROOKS - Three O 3 [original mix]
    *Brett JOHNSON & DAVE BARKER - Stucco Homes [Chuck Daniels remix tool]
    *PAGANO feat STEWART WHO - Back To The Future [Giangi Cappai remix]
    *YACEK - Hyphy Reggae [Danny Soundz & The Roach remix]
    *the slips - 3.0.3 [The Death Kit RMX]
    *dub pistols - BACK TO DAYLIGHT [JUSTIN ROBERTSON remix]
    *AFRICAN SWINGERS - Brain Damage [Kelzmer mix]
    *Brandon PLANK vs THE HOUSE MASTER BOYZ - House Nation 2009 [Snip remix]
    *FILTHY RICH - Dirty Freak 09 [Dirty Secretz remix]
    *Olav Basoski - Dont Turn Your Back [Olav Basoski Remix]
    *Pacific & Vandyck ft Anna Montgomery - Shine On [Alex Romano DBS Remix] (Dirty Soul Records)
    *miss kitten - Party in my Head [Original]
    *Nathan c and dex - The Box [peter mcgill Remix] (beneath records)
    *Carlo Resoort - First Rebirth
    *Robert Burian - Orion [Bart Claessen Mix] (Tetsuo Hybrid)
    *jc2- banging side of life [Booth side of life mix]
    *JohnOCallaghan ft AudreyGallagher - Big Sky [Joint Operations Centre Deconstruction]
    *mike 303 - my house
    *marcell woods - inside me [dub]
    *dusty kid - train no. 2
    *kalva & kieran brindley - insurgence [original mix]
    *hook & sling - the best thing [2009]
    *maelstrom - bit kitchen
    *noir - troya
    *mark trophy - the bug
    *alex s rock the rhythm <--WDDATOTWBIWD
    *kid handsome - telegraphs [part 3]
    *torch song - prepare to energise (IRS records)