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  • May 2010

    Playlist for Springsession on 2FM

    *Retrodance - Jump Around [Ariel Perazzoli remix]
    *Fact Fiction - The Weekend [Kyfu & Hotwire remix]
    *M6 - The Flow [original mix]
    *Uto Karem - Maschine Love
    *DJ Discrete - To All The Killers [Chris Coman remix]
    *Popof - Head Cleaner
    *Danism & Haze - Strike [Nick Bridges remix]
    *Boy 8 Bit - Wolfen [Jokers Of The Scene remix]
    *Tiga - What You Need [A-Trak remix)
    *Wavewhore - Breakin The Law [40,000 Watts remix]
    *Flatmate - Cheyenne
    *The Others - Karma
    *Sabb Luca Albano - Del Sol [Hector Couto remix]
    *Chris Comben - This Is It (Combat UK COMB 016)
    *HATIRAS vs KID - Don't Stop PHNTM remix] (Nervous US NE 21076)
    *MOXT, Cristian/DJ DANIEL CAST - House You (Idea 8 ID8M 001)
    *Cedar M - Planet Of Tokyo (Franz Franz 10014217)
    *4TH CHAPTER - Doppelgaenger (4Club 4 CR014)
    *YOODZA, Konstantin - Insomnia (Tech It TCHT 025)
    *SIC - In The Flesh origina] (Aux AUX 011)
    *John Locke - 8 Bit Symphony (Baroque BARQDA 017)
    *MASSEYEFF, Nicolas feat JR C - No More Time [Gabriel Ananda remix] (Herzblut Germany 807297467918)
    *Miika Kuisma - One Step Behind The Mankind [Sied Van Riel remix] (Bonzai Belgium MWCD-2010-128)
    jUst plAythAtbEAt

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    Playlist for Springsession on 2FM

    *Karim Haas feat Claudia Kennaugh - Read My Mind Sergio Fernandez Remix
    *Craig Hamilton - Hear Me [Mr Clean remix]
    *Commuter - Cobaye
    *Deepchild - Backroom [Dopamine remix]
    *Koen Groeneveld Addy van der Zwan - Disko tek
    *Blue & Deep feat TIB - Holdin Me [Plastic Funk remix]
    *Roy Gates - I Am The Music [Sunshine remix]
    *Matt Salviani - Reset White
    *Marco V - Greyhound
    *Alexander Wolff - Destructive [Mark Norman remix]
    *Avalon - Opus Pokus
    *Spor - Kingdom
    *A BALTER - [Ching Tao Te mix] (Flow Mexico FLR 1016EP)
    *Milton Channels & Sebastian Reza - Zutra (Spinnin Holland SPDEEP 017)
    *HEY TODAY - Toasted (Turbo Canada TURBO 078)
    *BEATS N PIECES - Freak Nasty [WoNK's Freakin Nasty remix] (Ho Ju Australia HJ 020)
    *FJ PROJECT - Escape From Alcatraz (Acid ARD 033)
    *HOT PINK DELOREAN/FANTASTADON - Party Favour (Pieces Of Eight POE 028)
    *BAROCCO, Gigi - Gomma Gomma [Calvertrons's Double Humbucker remix] (Jack Knife JKR 008)
    *SINDEN/SBTRKT - Midnight Marauder (Grizzly 6675)
    *RIPPERTON - Random Violence [Joris Voorn Green mix] (Green Holland GR 09D)
    *RENDEIRO, Miguel - Journey [Jean Philips & Mike Kelly Sorry Shoes remix] (Sorry Shoes SORRYSHOES 014)
    *JAYTECH - In The Jungle (Anjunadeep ANJDEE 073D)
    *AQUABEAT feat REY NA - Ride The Time [Kotov & Andre Wilde dub] (Creative Technologies Studio CTS74-10-3)
    *Capella - everybody (media)
    jUst plAythAtbEAt


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      Playlist for Springsession on 2FM

      *Like Mike - Es Vedra [JoeySuki Remix]
      *Tong & Rogers - Ze Demo [original club mix]
      *Bit Thief - Monkey Bars [Dillon Francis remix]
      *Wan - See The Groove In Your Eyes [original mix]
      *Christian Smith - Break It Down [original mix]
      *Denis A - Brutalizm
      *Shabu Vibes - Obscene Calls [original]
      *Jochen Miller - Humanoid [original mix]
      *Andy Moor feat Carrie Skipper - She Moves [MIKE remix]
      *Fatali - Change The Universe
      *Point - Enjoint [remix]
      *Gella - Force Feedback
      *Mikalogic - The Invisible (Nervine NVD 026)
      *MOGUAI - DSFH (Mau5trap MAU5CD 003)
      *KAETZEL, Steve - Something About This (Songbird Holland SB 243-0)
      *Aitor Ronda - Phunkie Maker Upfront Spain (UPF-NS 001)
      *Richard Sjoberg - Random Phatness (Straight Up! STUCD 001)
      *TRONIQ, Alec - Fauxpas (Ipoly Germany IPOLY 00)
      *NEELIX - Adapt (Spintwist Germany SPN1DIGI 025)
      *TRIPLET, Anton - Bassline (Trouble & Bass TBD 030)
      *LUTZENKIRCHEN - The Music 1605 (1605026)
      *DOM G - Work (In Stereo US INS 053)
      *Ozgur Can - Turn The Page Parquet Germany (PARQUETCOMP 003)
      jUst plAythAtbEAt


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        Playlist for Springsession on 2FM

        *Timofey Bartosz Brenes feat. Miss Autumn Leaves - Red Alert [2o1o Nino Anthony Remix]
        *Milton Channels - Abacaxi
        *Anil Chawla - Loop 3
        *Hertz - A Voice Of My Own [Petter B remix]
        *Fish N Zone - Heart Of The Sun
        *Digital Freak - Hustler [original mix]
        *Boom Jinx presents BJX - Come On Over [club dub]
        *Phil York vs BRK3 - Traffic [original mix]
        *Nikola Vujicic - Fresh Sound
        *Nero - Electron
        *RSD - Heavenly Dub [feat Preddy]
        *JASPER JINX - Epic Nostalgia (Green Martian Belgium GM-2010-105)
        *Type 1 & Tom Laws - Behind Closed Doors Little Mountain Holland LMRCD 1001)
        *DJ DAW/FUAD - Capital Nights [original mix] (Xela Digital XELA EP 200)
        *HEDBERG, Tomas - Smash & Repair (Flow Vinyl Portugal FV 023)
        *PASCAL VERT - Strange Days [Martin Eyerer remix] (Lofi Stereo Germany LOFI 046)
        *PFIRTER - The Dub Track [original mix] (Driving Forces Germany 912004 2330048)
        *TORT, David - Don't Laugh [David Tort remix] (Nervous US NE 21068)
        *DINSDALE, Richard - Drifting From City To City [dub mix] (Beat Therapy BTR 046)
        *FLATNER, Alex/OLIVER KLEIN - Outlandos [Santos Provocation remix] (Circle Germany CIRCLE 026-8-X)
        *The Whiteliner - Saphir (San Trincha STMDIGI 10-13)
        *REECE, Chris - Salvation [Jerome Isma-Ae & Daniel Portman Ibiza Late dub] (Pilot 6 Holland PILOT 044)
        jUst plAythAtbEAt


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          Playlist for Springsession on 2FM


          *f.g.t.h - 2 TRIBES
          *dead or alive - you spin me round
          *freez - iou
          *new order - confusion
          *shannon - give me tonite
          *simple minds - new gold dream
          *reflex - the politics of dancing
          *kraftwerk - the model
          *tears for fears - pale shelter
          *magazine 60 - don quichotte
          *echo & the bunnymen - the killing moon
          *culture club - miss me blind
          *thompson twins - love on your side
          *david bowie - let's dance
          *lydia murdoch - superstar
          *sister sledge - lost in music '84
          *d-train - ur the 1 for me
          *talk talk - its my life
          *third world - now that we found love

          (all 12-inch versions)
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            Playlist for Springsession on 2FM


            *animotion - obsession
            *f.g.t.h. - relax
            *queen - radio gaga
            *PSB - west end girls
            *scritti politti - wood beez
            *hall & oats - out of touch
            *human league - fascination
            *depeche mode - everything counts
            *herbie hancock - rockit
            *propaganda - p machinary
            *thomas dolby - hyperactive
            *zz top - legs
            *billy idol - white wedding
            *pigbag - pappa's gotta brand new pigbag
            *fine young cannibals - johnny come home
            *kirsty mc coll - a new england
            *altered images - see those eyes
            *human league - open your heart
            *human league - love action
            *flash in the pan - midnight man
            *tom tom club - wordy rappinghood
            *neneh cherry - buffalo stance
            *imagination - just an illusion
            *nu shooz - i can't wait
            *princess - say i'm your number 1
            *falco - rock me amadeus
            *the cure - why can't i b u?
            *the cult - she sells sanctuary
            *killing joke - love like blood
            *big country - in a big country
            *rocksteady crew - hey you the rocksteady crew
            *expose - the point of no return
            *propaganda - dr mabuse
            *duran durn - the reflex
            *go west - we close our eyes
            *evelyn thomas - high energy
            *men without hats - safety dance
            *grandmaster melle mel and the furious 5 - the message
            *sos band - just be good to me
            *paul hardcastle - 19
            *joyce simms - all in all
            *alphaville - forever young

            (all 12-inch versions)
            jUst plAythAtbEAt


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              Playlist for Springsession on 2FM

              *Si Valdez & Tin Dog - Beatbox Bass
              *Edwards World - Soul Roots Mark Simmons Remix
              *Oliver Huntemann & Dubfire - Fuego
              *Konstantin Yoodza - Gumus [original mix]
              *Cristian Verela - Perras A Tutti (Bedrock records)
              *Simone De Caro - Atlantis [Alex Di Stefano remix]
              *Calvin Bosco Chris Bekker - The Chase [feat Giorgio Moroger - DONS remix]
              *Paul Webster - Punchbag (Subculture005)
              *Soul-T - Premonition [Chris Dynasty Mix] (PHD)
              *Hipnotix - Safe Mode
              *Sub Focus feat Coco - Timewarp VIP
              *Mr Boogie - Woodpecker
              *MUTEKI - In Your Car Cue Burn Digital (CBDIGI 002)
              *LEUCE RHYTHMS - Headroot (Your Love) [Retroid remix] (Scarcity SCAR 07)
              *Access Denied - Desperado (iBreaks IBREAKS 031)
              *DELIA, Alex - Didascalia [Federico Milani remix] (Frequenza Holland FREQ 001RMX)
              *DI STEFANO, Alex - (Multiverse 1605 1605029)
              *Mikatek - Ravers Insignia (Innervate INNERVATE 05)
              *BURROWS, Gavin - Last Stop [Eaglesville Productos] (BMM BMM 48)
              *Miniroom - Stupidomukino [Joseph Petrin remix] (Malatoid Germany MALATOID 065)
              *MOWREE - The Devil Doots [Back My Neck mix] ( DOOT 091)
              *MUTE - Sensimellia Tribal Vision Czech Republic (TVRD 067)
              *Dale & Daniel Dreier - Mutanga (Highgrade Germany HIGHGRADE 075)
              jUst plAythAtbEAt


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                Playlist for Springsession on 2FM

                *Phonat - Love Hits The Fan [Iamone mix]
                *Broad-bean-band - OkiDoki [Fish Go Deep Remix]
                *Higinio - New Friends [Acumen remix]
                *Felipe Tropolli - Na poles
                *Eats Everything - Airport Woman
                *The Cheerz - Whooz Da Baddest ! [Jay Robinson remix]
                *Dax J - Lucky Motel [Oli Brand remix]
                *Sem Thomasson & Xavez - Balkan Snow [Steve Slight Remix]
                *JoeySuki - Decimort [Original Mix]
                *Hilton Caswell - Room Is Spinning Quickly [Heavy Duty Brothers remix]
                *Total Science - Skinz
                *DJ Pred - Mind Portal (Pro State Digital)
                *Machine Code feat Dean Rodell - Current Value (Audio Assault)
                *AQUABEAT feat REY NA - Ride The Time [Kotov & Andre Wilde dub] (Creative Technologies Studio CTS 74-10-3)
                *Paranoid Soul - Other Way Around (Bralli Brazil 789893 8459686)
                *SPEKTRE - Distant Fever [extended mix] (Respekt RSPKTCD 001)
                *Tim Berg - Alcoholic (Planetworks DGW 2010-8)
                *SERI - Blind Dancer [original mix] (Hypnotic Room HROOM 059)
                *AGENT MATTEO - Dark Groove (Brown Eyed Boyz BEBR 055)
                *Sell meets Mutlu - Lakonia [original mix] (Formatik FMK 003)
                *YANN SOLO/JUST 1 SIDE - Full (New Era Recordings NER 062)
                *DILL, Roland M - Hash Browns (Trap-ez Germany Trap-eZ 108)
                *Sires - Rox Da House (Ripcurl RIPCURL 002)
                *RAPUNZEL - El Manero (Disturbulence Digital DTRDIG 020)
                *uhf - uhf (xl)
                jUst plAythAtbEAt


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                  Playlist for Springsession on 2FM

                  *Pleasurekraft - Tarantula [Hugo remix]
                  *Mac Zimms - Your Horny Horns [Original Mix]
                  *Joris Voorn - The Secret
                  *EDX - Hoover [Phunk Investigation remix]
                  *Koen Groeneveld - Stick Shaker
                  *Matt Gill - Elysium
                  *Lauhaus - Moonshine
                  *Softcore - Dara
                  *Dance Nation - Great Divide [Frontier remix]
                  *Mark Sherry vs James Allan - Mindset [original mix]
                  *Camo Krooked feat Tali - History Of The Future
                  *Baconhead - Wookie
                  *HERVE - Blaze It (Cheap Thrills CHEAP 017)
                  *HARDNOISE - Television (Distorsion DSTR 004)
                  *MC Flipside, Matteo DiMarr & M1 - Naughty [M1's Keep's Bouncing remix] (MAR186 MARDIGIALBUM 1)
                  *JAMES, Danny - Freek [original mix] (Ebony Red 10014251)
                  *WAYNE, Patrick - After Midnight [original mix] (Deep 8 D8R 006)
                  *KIRSCH & SCOTT - On My Way [Grunjah remix] (BIT Mexico BRMEP 309)
                  *DECODING JESUS - The Path 3 0 [Decoding Jesus DJ edit remixes] (Let's Beat Milo LBMR 004)
                  *NELSKI - Body Pop [original mix] (Rising Music RIM 026)
                  *DANNY W - Rumba [Coskun Karadag remix] (HMSPrhythm 1094 R)
                  *BARRATT, Alan - Transit (New Era Recordings NERD 040)
                  *ZAWODNY, Roman - Vice (Sonic Mind US SM 027)
                  jUst plAythAtbEAt


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                    Playlist for Springsession on 2FM

                    *Juan MacLean - Feel So Good [Florian Meindl remix] (DJ-Kicks)
                    *Marco Bailey & Tom Hades - Funky Business (Debrock Beddigi05)
                    *Re-Zone ft. Lizzie Curious - Freak the Speakers [Phunk Investigation Remix]
                    *Urim Salee - Salted
                    *Theriotz - Shut Up! Bastard
                    *mladen tonic - in my red room
                    *Dash Berlin feat Solid Sessions - Janeiro [Dash Berlin 4AM mix]
                    *Ali Wilson & Matt Smallwood - Let The Games Begin
                    *Nick The Kid + FJ Project - No Woman Allowed [Roket Mix] (Friction)
                    *Replicant Criminals - Adagio (white)
                    *Hooves - Turning Point
                    *DEEJAY GOD - I AM GOD
                    *TORIN - Get Dirty [original mix] (Motif 100164 08)
                    *KORGBORGLAR - Max Renn [Robert Raine Thermal remix] (BDivision 10014303)
                    *Hyperion [Oz] - Chapel Hill [Stephen Cole & Matthew McCurry remix] (Dead Famous DF 030)
                    *Bastien Grine - Perca Fluviatilis (Woh Lab 366158 5376057)
                    *BRENNAN VC - Bleep (Don't Look Productions DL 093)
                    *CITIZEN 42 & TIM CULLEN - Perception [Nemanja Kostic remix] (Frisky FR 035)
                    *CHANNEL X - We Love The X [original version] (Stil Vor Talent Germany SVT 045)
                    *LILITH - Adult Content (Kant Recordings KAN 0017)
                    *PARONATOR - Sunset (Electronic Elements Holland ELEL 107)
                    *Sam PAGANINI / JOHNNY KAOS - Shibuya's Cosplayer (Android Muziq ANDROID 026)
                    jUst plAythAtbEAt