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    Oh lordy it`s so nice to be able to type properly again!
    Friday was ICON in co.cavan.. 1st time for us there.. nice
    welcome for JAY PIDGEON on the dex and from the hotel staff
    that had a pot of tea for the cru on request! Mixer was one of
    those _horrible_ formula sound jobbies.. but surprisingly even tho
    it was a cheaper/smaller one then the one in LUST (thurles), it
    was easier on the head.. still fu*kall effect from the EQ, but at
    least i could hear what i was doing.. good job i don`t use monitors,
    cos er.. well.. there isn`t one.. only a 3-inch woolbox that is
    more annoying then anything else due to it`s lack of quality!
    The venue itself is the typical "dogtrack" layout so common to hotel
    clubs, an oval dancefloor with a small system suspended and pointing
    into the centre of the floor so as not to disturb the moochers and
    drinkers that can stand all around the floor "looking".. from where
    i was standing the sound was awful,thatnk god some heads could stick
    the crap sound and hung out around the DJ box to egg me on cos` the
    floor was out of my view. Yes, you get the picture! The whistles from
    accross the room was all i had to go on really besides the box-hangers,
    seemed to go alright though! Nice addition to the standerd club setup
    was the projection screen.. some nice mad gear on it to drift off on 1
    staring at! Special shouts to Jay`s cru for the kind welcome!

    Finalising Mastering the UK/Irish version Album this week before the
    trip to canada on friday.. Does anyone out there have a CD Player that
    handles CDTEXT??? I want to encode the Album with it but don`t know
    if i should bother.. If YOU have a CDTEXT enabled machine e-mail me
    and i`ll send you a test disk to see what happens!

    Weekend Playlist for Mr.Spring`s Show on 2FM,
    ( TX: 280401/20.00-23.00
    Firen` Squad, Squaddies: Conor G(DJ/artist/Mono),
    Trigger(DJ/M.I.A), Scott Bond(DJ/Gatecrasher HedHoncho)
    *brother of soul/back to the basement EP-b.o.s. - 46%
    d 002 / glasgow underground distribution
    *delerium/innocente-nettwerk - 68%
    p331161 / wri:delerium//cryogenics songs
    *members of mayday/10 i 01-devient -69%
    dvnt42xrp / wri:westbam//low spirit music
    *squarepusher/my red hot car-warp -58%
    lc02070 / wri:squarepusher//warp music
    *altered states/the shamen told me-white -21%
    gngh001 / no details
    *public domain/rok da funky beats-xtra hard -33%
    x2h3dj / wriublic domain(?)//cop con(?)
    *revil-o/don`t stop-y2k -57%
    y2k023 / no details
    *atlantis ITA/see you in the next life-infusion -43%
    12inf019 / wri:doria/d'elia//cop con
    *devil d/he`s the devil-mostiko bel. 23200816
    no details
    *mr spring/*****-acetate
    wri: mr spring pub:atrisk/notting hill
    *dj gius/de-generation-spectra spc023
    *fiasco/live in bilbau-sunrise sun011r
    wri:silirkus pub:tyme music/music allstars
    *fatboy slim/star 69-skint
    *stanton warriors vs. public enemy/bring the doomsnight-bootleg
    *faithless/we come 1(wookie)-cheeky
    *mark b & blade/you don`t see the signs-mawlaw wordlp10
    wri:blade pub:cop con/westbury music
    *people under the stairs/underground run-fat city fc12008
    wriortugal/turner pub:cop con
    *santos/3-2-1-fire!-incentive cent23tdj
    *technoboy/ravers rules-titanic ttc009
    *microbots/cosmic evolution(dj scott proj.)-superstar superdj2015
    *bbc trax/the truth-no name nt5012
    *musique vs u2/new year's dub(picotto)-serious serr030t
    *frank t wallace/facts(dj garry)-ftw 2103052
    *eye 2 eye/just can`t get enough(lange)-xtravaganza xrtavldj25
    *green court vs devision/take(cosmic gate)-logport dmd log2005r1
    *vincent vegas/babylon-deep mission trance dmt07
    *liberty/moonshine-no name nt5015


    Added Album Page Link from Homepage.. some horrificly ropey scans i admit, but hey.. i`m lazy..


    Weekend Playlist for Mr.Spring`s Show on 2FM,
    ( TX: 210401/20.00-23.00

    20.00:Firen` Squad, Squaddies: Jay Cisco(DJ/Dublin Tyrril),Tony O`Leary

    (DJ/Bloke that knows Digweed), DJ Ted(DJ/Artist/GPO Galway "essence" MainMan)

    *max graham/falling together-hope - 73%
    hope 022a /
    *junkfood junkies/the journey-incentive - 74%
    cent25tdj / wri:johnen//alphabet city music
    *dreamgate/gladiator theme-zyx -28% (minus 28%)
    big5158-6 / wri:zimmer//warner chappell
    *stereo mc`s/deep down & dirty-island - 66%
    12stereo4 / wri:birch//emi virgin music pub.
    *slacker/sound of slacker-jbox - 66.33%
    jbox5 / wri:slacker//cop con
    *reisen/new peanut reisen-storck confectionary- 57%
    no cat# / storck confectionary gmbh
    *lisa roxanne/no flow-palm pictures - 25%
    lisa112dj / no details
    *eye to eye/just can`t get enough-extravaganza - 64%
    xtravdj25 / no details

    *jbn/all i want(mr.bishi mix)-manifesto jbndj2
    no details
    *crazy drummer/rollorcoaster-sunrise sun010r
    wri: jack/tomson pub:arcade/emi
    *ot quartet/hold that sucker down(warp bros)-dos or die dos169
    wri:rollo/trollope pub:bmg/champion
    *baloon/technorocker-edm progressive predm0201
    wri:dj baloon/goedicke pub.O.N.S/universal
    *marc & claude/lovin you(ratty)-alphabetcity alph0114-6
    wri:ripperton/rudolph pub:melodie der welt
    *musique vs. U2/new years dub(picotto)-serious serr030p
    wri:U2 pub:island music
    *greencourt vs. devision/take-DMD log2005r1
    wri:terhoeven pub:essential cuts publishing
    *shakta & digitalis/amazon-dragonfly bflt70
    wri:taylor & chamberlain pub:MCPS cop con
    *jam & spoon/be angeled-vandit records b146681
    wri:elmar & spoon pub:get into magic music publishing
    (+ rewind & reload as loudly called for by the studio cru)

    *faithless/we come 1(wookie)-cheeky
    *reflex vs. MC Viper/put ur hands up-gusto pvgus2
    no details (
    *tim wright/searchin-novamute lc5834
    wri:tim wright pub:cop con (
    *Public Enemy vs. Stanton Warriors/Bring the noise - bootleg
    Wri & Pub as for Public NME title
    *Shut Up & Dance/no doubt/SUAD no setails
    wri: PJ & Smiley Pub:Cop Con
    *The chocolate collection/it`s a dance thing chocolate boy cbr001p
    *depeche mode-dream on-mute p12bong30
    wri:gore pub:grabbing hands music
    *screen II/hey mr DJ-cleveland city cle13010
    wri:ritchie/rufus pub:cop con
    *armand van helden-funk phenomena-zyx 8523-12
    wri:van helden pub:northcott music
    *itty-bitty-boozy-woozy/tempo fiesta-blue blue002
    wri:ittybitty & boozywoozy pub:cop con
    *global trance mission/dream mission-spot on seb014
    wri:debacker pub:cop con
    *16c+/timerunner-amtrax atrax1
    wri:16c+ pub:low spirit pub


    Finished the studio 2day. Decomissioned about 16 Jack2Jacks (to Asa) a keyboard stand (Fionn) a Wattmeter (Cian) and decided the Roland Sampler Has to go.. It`s not that it`s crap or anything, in fact it`s the opposite! It`s the only sampler i`d ever use as a synth due to it`s strange patch/prset structure and wacky envelopes! so many happy looping swirling 4part thingy hours were had.. but i just never use the poor thing anymore, and it, the monitor and the harddrive just get turned on and ignored every day now, so rather the have it just break and get fuc*ed on a skip (it happens!!) cos it`s getting on a bit, i decided to retire it. poor roly. (ahhh) on the upside, it can look foward to a useful life with someone else.. er.. maybe. So.. Er.. all we need now is a _serious_ hoovering and then we can get down to some serious hoovering.

    Anecdotes from the rewire: I heard a knock at the door about midway through fixing the CONCUSSOR (see later) and it was the little old lady that lives next door (she`s so sweet) wanting to know why the VCR wouldn`t play on her 36inch 100hz phillips monster,turned out to be a loose scart, but anyway i sorted it and went back to the bunker to find the steel doos CLOSED!! even though they are rusted to hell the wind had slammed them.. so i had to (gulp) get in through the roof vents i`d left open because of the dust i`d been raising... duh. (i`d locked my keys in..) so i lept up, down the spout and slid to the bottom with no thought beforehand.. crashing through the cieling and ending up dangling about 15 feet above the mess on the floor below hanging from a support-rail for the false ceiling.. er.. and there i stayed for about 3 minutes.. no shit. terrified into superman mode my arms didn`t ache or nuffin! shock is a wonderfull energy source! eventually i dropped onto a chair after hopping to another rail in a mad haze of mixed fear and embarresment.. i suppose i had some idea that i could crawl along inside the cieling and lift a panel over a shelf or something.. jesus christ what a fool.. i could have broken my neck!! The CONCUSSOR modular synth was the only bit of gear that vexed me during the refit.. i combined a double and a single rack`s worth of modules into a singe 3-rack cabinet and combined lots of different manufacturer`s stuff so the power was a nightmare.. nothing worked when i powered up.. had to 1-by-1 them all,most were in upside down etc.. no damage though??.. then the analogue sequencers went nuts.. now only 1 (of 4) slaves to the internal clock/reset.. no matter what i tried, the other 3 won`t clock, even wired singularly!! They are different from the one that _does_ work only in that they have only 1 "port" for the sync wire while the working one has 2.. hmm.. it`s no bother, i can clock them from the front and reset them by hand, but hey, whassup? (i`m refrerring to 2 CV and 2 Gate 8-step modules from the CONCUSSOR system by analogue solutions) maybe i toasted something in them by powering up with the modules incorrectly connected? oh shit. ah well.... suppose i have to go to work next week!


    1 piece after EQUINOX lastnight.. Special shout 2 DEREK the driver for lastnight,he was pretending to be RISKYSEAN who was absent due to 2FMsessions commitments at TEMPLETHEATRE in Dublin... a fine job and _what_ a kewl dash in his Passat! Really nice neon blue glow.. grrr!! And how was it for You (Sligo)? A Lovely Warm Welcum as always from the Cru with excellent cups of scald b4 hitting the Dex, Padghrig was glowing as usual and Sir Phillip put in an appearence (minus Bow-Tie hi hi) l8r on.. The Sligo Representatives were in Fine form also,after a splendid Resident`s WarmUp,with instant proud bandishing of "ITS SPRINGTIME" banners et al... Now, the iffey bit.. OK, i must be coming accross as a major winger in these reports, but SOMEONE has to say these things.. Sad it has to be Me, but maybe (just maybe) it`ll wake some1 up some? The sound... Please som1 sort it out?? Am i the only 1 that notices the Feedback from the PA? Hello? The bass hum is common to alot of clubs, i can compensate by pulling the bass out during breaks (although i shouldn`t have too!!), but WHAT THE F*CK is that mid-range howl?? i had to ride the midrange all night to stop the system just howling like a zombie-wolf with piles after a gravel-tandoori!!!! This is not fair. Will someone in the audience confirm that it was as headwrecking for you as it was for me? Anyway.. enuf. Let`s have it fixed,It can`t be good for the system to be doing that, and i imagine an overhaul is cheaper and quicker then a refit after a meltdown! And while You`re at it, how about a REDSOUND INFADER or a PIONEER DJ600 instead of that 2 Grand Desk as well.. And A Sushi Bar in the New DJ "Preperation Suite".. Speaking of the New DJ "Preperation Suite" at Equinox.. How about a "Human Fly" game (where people throw themselves at velcro walls while dressed in spiderman-velcro suits..) instead of the Mechanical Bull? and Any chance of getting 2 of the pool tables re-felted in White and Orange Baize to make a flag with the remaining green one? The Virtual sex-machine and the oxygen tent have to stay though...


    Easter Sunday.. I feel so religious (seriously!) dunno wot it is, lightheaded and iv`e been moving in a mysterious way.. heheheh.. 2nite is EQUINOX in sligo.. with a threat of a visit from the long-lost Longford Cru,although i`ve heard that b4 and nothing came of it,but still it`d b nice 2 c all (r sum) of them again..

    Weekend Playlist for Mr.Spring`s Show on 2FM,
    ( TX: 140401/20.00-23.00

    20.00:Firen` Squad, Squaddies: DJ Zoe(Touring DJette),
    Christian Homan(DJ/Nova Dublin), Jay Pidgeon(DJ/Artist/Temple Theatre/RaffDaGaff Records),CJ Bolland(International Superstar TechnoDJ/Artist)

    *voodo/warrior-incentive - 2%
    voo 1 / no details
    *static revenger/happy people-city of angels - 43%
    coa76701 / wri:hollander//poprox music
    *faithless/we come 1-cheeky - 42%
    cheeky002a / wri:armstrong//champion music
    *badly drawn boy/pissing in the wind-XL - 1%
    no details / no details / lemon jelly mix
    *flat 6/lift to hell-infusion - 40%
    12info18(572898-1) / wri:d'elia//cop con
    *morando/single bell-diamond traxx - 41%
    no details/french white
    *mark kavanagh/hold it right there-tripoli trax - 49%
    trip073 / wri:kavanagh//puregroove music

    *mismoplastico/virtualismo(corvin dalek mix)-southeast se12017r
    *minimilistix/struggle for pleasure-sphear records 2013184
    *infrared/never need to worry-sunrise records spr004s1
    == special dropin mix from CJ BOLLAND
    *sharpside/psychogene-belgian resistance deluxe 003
    *quartz EP-ascend records canada asc008-wri:filipucci//cop con
    *steve rachmad/tir na nog-rotation UK rot0023//sterac publishing
    *redhead/humanised EP-zync 18-wri:redhead//diode music
    *untitled white label-wet009
    *bassmosphere/untitled-insert records insert03//insert publishing
    *tony thomas/the journey EP-kenetik kin015
    *mateo murphy/zenith EP-default recordings defa001
    *planetary assault systems/coad warrior-peacefrog pfg005
    == thankyou CJ!
    *microbots/cosmic evolution(scott proj.mix)-superstar superdj2015/wri:wax & adler//edition without a doubt

    *303 Nation/untitled-edm progressive predm 1/no details (white label)
    *aquagen/lovemachine(remix)-dos or die
    *das licht/trilogie-tunnel recs. pu5008/wri:dean//universal music gmbh
    *higgens/dramatic-liquid 210314-8/wri:mulders//r2 music
    *faithless/we come 1(wookie mix)-cheeky
    *ramsey & fen/favorite part of me-e_mancipated fav01
    *perwert/just for you-zen garden
    *DJ gius/de_generation-spectra records spc023/wri:antolini//arsenic sound
    *bbc trax/the truth-no name nt5012
    *ot quatret/hold that sucka down(warp bros mix)-dos or die


    Studio work progresses.. My hands are in ribbons!!!

    == 100401

    What a nice weekend to be here!! Friday was a delight in Galway for The GPO.. I _do_ look 4wd 2 going there every time.. besides having some close personal aquaintencesesses in the area, the GPO is a very nice warm place to visit! This time of Year the Sweat doesn`t drip so much from the grille above the dex which makes for predictable dekbehaviour.. Serious John was looking Sooooo serious when we got there,but i hear he`d un-serioused hisself by the early hours of sunday when spotted pogoing to DAVE CLARK`s pUNk & dISorDEly set at the secret-not-so-secret point depot afters thingy!

    And so in short,Galway was nice.. as usual,even though i did sort-of play alot more nutbag material then usual, i, eh.. sorta got carried away.. as you do.. i do wish someone there would tape it next time!

    The studio is happening this week.. new 02r is in,ive rebuilt the modular into 1 tower and soon i`ll begin fighting with the heystack of cables i seem to have aquired. Here`s the last 2 piccys taken b4 "enuf was enuf".. notice the total and complete chaos... a joy to work with..


    It should be said that the place hasn't been rewired since 1996.. The loom in this room is ALIVE!

    Weekend Playlist for Mr.Spring`s Show on 2FM,
    ( TX: 070401/20.00-23.00


    20.00:Firen` Squad, Squaddies: Glenn Brady(DJ Wool/3rd Eye Surfer),
    Dave Clark(DJ/Artist/TechnoGod), Niall Redmond(DJ/MonoHouseJock)

    (((Brought to you live from the 2FM roadcaster at spring party
    (no relation) at the POINT DEPOT dublin)))

    *sutra/digital blonde vs. joof-joof - 40%
    joof 005/wri:smith // sherlock holmes music
    *santos/3,2,1 fire!-incentive - 22%
    cent 23tdj/wri:santos // expanded music
    *kamaya painters/wasteland-data - -4% (minus 4 percent)
    data 237/wri:goeij/****** // allure music
    *dj mirko milano/stop & go-deep mission - -54% (minus 54 percent)
    dm 018/no details // cop con
    *jbn/all i want-manifesto - 46%
    jbndj 2/wri:gross // lina music
    *lisa stansfield/let`s just call it love-arista - 56%
    call 1/no details // no details

    Live Broadcast of Carl Cox DJ Set from SPRING PARTY (no relation) at
    the POINT DEPOT dublin. (no track details)

    Live Broadcast of LAURANT GARNIER`s Sax-player`s performance jamming over a DAT from SPRING PARTY (no relation) at the POINT DEPOT dublin.

    == 020401

    So.. the page never made it up last week.. i _did_ try to up it myself a few times, but it just wrecked my head totally.. messy. is STILL down. ;(

    Played the Boyne Valley this saturday.. left deck was ropey, head changed and it began to behave... heard the "we`re doing it up" spoof for the 22nd time(!).. seems the promoter hadn`t told the venue about the gig despite a week`s radio adds, so a bit of confusion there about the lineup... ie:no sign of Ken o`flannigan even though he ws on the flyers.. so to sum up: the radio,flyers and venue all had different lineups.. whey-hey. classic!

    Have to say the new POLYTRON digisatbox is tasty.. 2CI and 2 VIA onboard.. nice.. testing it now..

    Got our ps2 as well (10 screw version so we can mod it) and ordered up the chippage, watch this space!!!

    Weekend Playlist for Mr.Spring`s Show on 2FM,
    ( TX: 310301/20.00-23.00

    20.00:Firen` Squad, Squaddies: Mark McCabe(DJ/Popstar-2fm/MANIAC(!)),
    Mark Kavanagh(DJ/Artist), Raymond Franklin(DJ/Mono)

    *precious heart/exchange-duty free - 40%
    no details (samples INXS)
    *home/coast 2 coast-edel - 95%
    0126950rlg/religon music(?)
    *if you have it/base grafitti-casa dura - 50%
    casa 008/pure groove music(?)
    *the truth/bbc trax-no name records - 43%
    nt 5012/a2 music belgium
    *all for you/janet jackson-virgin - 43%
    vstdjx1801/black ice music
    *dont stop/avant garde-vendetta - 28%
    venmx 304/april music
    *belfast trance/bootleg-bootleg - 43%
    no details (samples belfast child)

    *minimilistix/voices for jana-roadrunner 2103219 -wri:koner -r2 music
    *manhattan/space disco-capital heaven chlt014- wri:james/alex -cop. con.
    *dj garry/my own kind of style-ftw records
    *dj sakin/venus-overdose records
    *dj errik/minimal obsession-logport recordings
    *perwert/just for you-zen garden
    *the crazy drummer/rollarcoaster-sunrise sun010r -wri:jack/tomson -arcade pub.

    *hi gate/work it out-incentive
    *mauro picotto/lizard-bootleg
    *camisra/let me show you-bootleg
    *vincent vegas/babylon-uptide records dmt07 -wri:dj shoko -edition electro city
    *baloon/technorocker-edm 020-1 -wri:baloon/binapfl -d.o.n.s. publishing & universal
    *drax & scott mac/sublime-spot on
    *barthezz/on the move-superstar dj2018 -wri:claessau -strengholt music
    *push/strange world-bonzai UK & inferno
    *ding fei fei/forgotton moon-infusion
    *minimilistix/struggle for pleasure-arcade 2103184
    *daniel ash/burning man-plastik records USA
    *meemo vs. the joker/eden-silverstar

    == 260301

    Oh!! our first texty eh?? So.. might as well proceed with the NUDES:

    Firstly 2 gigreports from me for this weekend, i won`t be doing this for every gig,just ones that have noteworthy bits, this time it`s EQUIPMENT..

    Friday was LUST in thurles for me.. accompanied by the ever effervescent DUNCO i arrived a bit shaken after a thrilling 2-litre VVTL rollor-coaster ride in the haunted fog, and was made most welcome indeed.. as usual! Noisey bunch down there, but then again, so am i!! Shout to Slime and hes 2 Jailbaits in tow, good job.. The gear in LUST is a bit notoriously iffey, the big (a&H??) mixer is NOT easy on the head, the `phone levels are so low you wnd up redlining the decks on the trims just to hear it in the cans, but i dropped the main outs and the PFL level stayed the same, so up went the gains, down came the main, and it was better, not ideal, but workable.. THE MAIN pa IS still limited to fuck,a bit sad, no dynamics on the floor, loads of "sucking" so beware you never drive it too hard cos you`ll run up against a rubber-brick wall!!!!.. and the left deck head had to be swapped 1/2 way thru the nite cos of a total lack of top compared to the right one(spotted by me early on but confirmed by dunco), the replacement head works only in the RIGHT side though, no top in the left, better then no top at all, but hey.. come on.. for fuc*ssake!? Brill night for all i hope, but my job (and every DJ that plays there`s job) would be made alot easier if the Dex were checked weekly.. and the quality would go up 2!!

    Saturday was PANAMA JACKS in castlebar.. Upstairs.. never played in there... Decks were encrusted and impossible to adjust,right deck wouldn`t cue up at all (crappy concord-stanton yellow thingy) so had to throw wobbler till it was swapped for a 500... helped a bit but the arm has a case of the parkinson`s-shakes, so backtracking causes big damage unless you are gentle.. and slates are risky.. the other deck remains on a yellow-thing but works.. mixer was another big silver expensive job, had kill nobs and nulling gains so i did my usual "fader-up-all-night" damage-limitation act.. my monitors were nice and distorted.. heheh, but i felt the PA sucked severly, so i left them on so at least the people in the front row could hear the hi hats.. The Limiter (3-band Xover combo) is set for the nolan sisters, so it`s rubber-wall time again people, this time to the detriment of the top-end.. The crowd`s are a bit down as the return of WEBSTER has split the vote,and speaking of VOTEs a local politician is stirring it for everyone as well, and to top it off the Main room in `jax is shut, hence the use of the disco-bar type bit for gigs,it`s not the same, and everyone was on best behaviour and trying to make the most of it, but i think the grand open-space and pukka sound of the main room is sorely missed!! nice to see the usual faces there too, smiles and handshakes galore,and cheers for all the feedback on the radio stuff,nice 2 know u likes it (or not.. whatever).


    Weekend Playlist for Mr.Spring`s Show on 2FM,
    ( TX: 240301/20.00-23.00

    20.00:Firen` Squad, Squaddies: Robbie Butler(DJ/Promoter-POD/REDBOX),
    Darran Flynn(DJ/Artist-TEMPLE THEATRE), Al Gibbs(DJ/Artist-FM104)

    *new year`s dub/musique-serious records - 43%
    no details
    *massive power/steve thomas-tripoli trax - 29%
    ttrax072/pure groove music(?)
    *good love/inner city-pias - 53%
    piasx018promo/no details
    *dream on/depeche mode-mute - 63%
    p12bong30/grabbing hands music
    *burning man/daniel ash-plastik records - 88%
    pk032/schulz music
    *perwert/just for you-zen garden records - 84%
    am28382/cop con
    *dj tomcraft/prozac-kosmo records - 20%
    kos 2020/edition kosmo

    *skynet uk/way of the wave-whoop records-whoop who58-no details
    *submerge/sinners & angels-xtrax 1912-no details
    *riva/stringer-alien recordings-alien 021-wri:dj manta/mca pub.
    *vincent de moor/fly away-vc-wbadj70-wri:de moor/moor 2 come music
    *lock & burns/dance to the music-plastic surgery-lock3-no details
    *housetraffic/let the house fall down-ultimate groove-2103217 -wri:fanelli/evento music
    *mr.spring/voyager 1 director`s cut-unreleased-no details
    *sueno latino/sueno latino bushwacka mix-ultimate groove-2103217
    -wri:collino/expanded music

    *tom novy/now or never-rulin-rulin 14p1-wri:novy/edition kosmo
    *manhattan/new york nights-wallop-wall001-wri:milliner/cop con
    *nils van gogh/electronic confusion-kosmo-kos2021 -wri:regal/edition kosmo
    *drax & scott mac/sublime-spot on-spot 43-wri:routh & mac/cop con
    *base grafitti/if you have it-casa dura-casa008-no details/pure groove
    *rozzo/into your heart-white label-bootleg
    *perfect phaze/slammer jammer-2play-tp026-wri:faber & freak/corbeau music
    *nerva/the jackal-pitch black-pb3003-wri:gardner & holt/cop con
    *bodyshock-ghosts in the church-bonzaiUK-ukbonzai01-no details
    jUst plAythAtbEAt