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    Missed flight to derry due to The M50 Collapsing.. That`s the 1st time i've done that EVER..Missed a gig like.. So.. I upped this [ ] to make you think some.. it`s a scene featuring some HOT ARCADE ACTION from sometime about 1977ish.. anyone that can name all the games (especially the space shooting game intercut with NIGHT DRIVER in the middle & near the end of the clip,just before the last view of the projection racing-game) will be elevated to bieng "one of those 'cool guys'.." ehm..


    Time to temporarily revive a tradition.. I'm officially announcing the re-beginning of a Free(ish) service for y`all that want some springloaded MP3s.. SENDUSACDANDWE'LLFILLIT. Simple plan,send us 2 blank CDRs and we'll fill one with MP3s and keep one as a hostage.. You can choose between TRACKS or MIXES (or both if you send 4 blanks..).. The TRACKS one will be alternate versions,unreleased tracks,demos and other exclusive noises, and the MIXES will be various sneaktapes of gigs and sessions.. We offer this service purely out of total and complete boredom coz it`s wednesday. I hate wednesday. Email me for an address to send your blanks to with the following in mind (by reading this you agree & accept): Only 1 copy of each disk per cru/person,the disk(s) are for personal amusement only and No resale or exploitation WHATSOEVER of the disk('s) content is permitted,We accept no responsibity for anything at all that happens to anyone ever, that may or may not be anything to do with the disk(s) or the use,misuse or abuse of the music contained within,Neither do we guarantee anything whatsoever including quality,quantity or compatability of the music with anything,anyone or any situation. We reserve the right to deny all of the above and claim the website was hacked and we knew nothing about all this should 100 blanks arrive in the post needing burning.. I think that about covers it. ehm.

    OoooKaayyy... So we have a new Look to the site from 2day thanx 2 DJ7!! much nicer on the eye alright! A defin8 groove if ever i saw 1 2 b sure! Dig that Kewl Space1999 Fontage! Oh Yes... Hear back from PVD about the mix, a few suggestions and points of order were raised, but all in all i`m flattered it didn`t fall straight into the bin.. he claimed a perticular sound i used "didn`t do me any favours.." (??!!) and maybe the balence between the kickdrum & bassline was a bit biased in the kick`s favour.. ehhh.. yeah... duh!!!! I _like_ heavy kickdrums.. so we`ll agree 2 differ on that one.. So the next stage is a commitment from a teritory to release, then i`ll review what i`ve done and adjust it to suit them and we`ll be on! Needless 2 say i`m not going to run about now and incorp every single suggestion into version after version untill it`s diluted beyond all recognition.. well.. not untill i`m sure i`m not wasting my time doing it! So The project rests in the hand of the Record Company now, it`s up to them if we take it any further i think.. Who knows?? POLTERGIEST was submitted today in 2 forms, the original 9 1/2 minute version, and a nip&tucked 8 minute cut,so let`s play the waiting game again shall we? I'm well impressed with the interpretation of the main sound with hindsight, infact it`s hardly an interpretation but rather a mutation! lovely sawtooth 4ths all with plasmatrails swirling away in the ether as it floats and dances!! Sweet.. Subtle.. And DAMN difficult to do!!


    The most important thing that happend this weekend has 2 have been the copping of the new KRS ONE album "sneak attack" ina NormShop in london.. so much for my pre-order at!! Am listening to it on heavy rotation at the moment so.. er.. anyway.. a nice bank-holiday indeed t'was shaping up, adds for SOFAs on the telly, and me at PEACH.. The usual suspects were in attendance, the SINISTER CRU on transport detail,DARRAN PEARSE looking as-if-butter-wouldnt melt in his mouth,DAVE LAMBERT looking far too healthy and turning me green with his top selection of choons as usual,and the GRAHAM GOLDyster doing a "just got off the plane from doing PASHA in Ibeefa" angle and proclaiming a week on the dry isn`t all it`s cracked up to be,er sortof... he`s managed to tone up real well too,his muscletone now has a special toneiness one only achieves from mining emeralds in the sun by hand for a month.. I doooo like peach and cru, and it was well flattering this time with a nice bit of "it`s yer man again" attitude from the stage-drivers.. Nice to converse with the KNOW about the Paddy`s day broadcast experience.., Apparently i wan`t the only one that noticed the Boom.Bollocks crew were lamers.. Phew! So.. What did i feel? Well.. the Night was fine as far as vibess went,but i tink The Good-ol-USofA aint the only place heading for A Depreddion.. No kidding kids, Stringfellows only had 3 people outside laughing at the faded WindowDisplays, The CinemaStore had only 1 Norm Having his wire Pulled By the Elite Staff, Plastic was full of ProgHouse that Did nothing (very well mind!) and The OurPrice Chart-Plant Outlet in Covent Garden Is now a Virgin "EStore" forchrissakes.. No more Wonderfull Cheapo Compilations and DVDs (admittedly not scoring Region2 DVDs 3 days in advance for a 3.4.2 deal is no big deal.. but the lack of PURE SILK compilations and so on without having to go off the tried-&-trusted shopping route is annoying).. What a concept.. reduce Your stock by putting ALL of it in one pile,with no visable way of finding what you`d like without having to search through MEATLOAF rereleases and THE BATCHELORS retro 3.99 stuff!? WTF? Oh, and only 3 staff!! Heloooooo?
    What's next? BondStreet HMV stopping doing Laserdisks? OxfordStreet Virgin Abandoning Cassettes? BOTTOMLINE:it`s getting increasingly difficult to get what you need in London.. Be Worried,Be Very Worried!

    Speaking of The End of the world,This weekend is a silly one for me. Thursday in Letterkenny for the student`s farewell thingy,Friday in Bagleys in London (freedom tie-in?),Saturday on 2FM and Sunday at the Point for JUDGEMENT SUNDAY.. The Latter is bugging me.. i want to say i`m doing it for the money at this stage.. Jules & Picotto claim 2 b doing a 2hour set each.. and SafriDuo r doing a PA, and darran flynn and jay pidgeon are also on the bill... so.. do the math, remembering to take into account Ego`s Therom (which states the Snodge on the Headliner is in direct proportion to his Location on the running order) and you`ll see i`m Doomed to play an empty room.A very big empty room indeed.But not HALF as fuc*ing empty as it`ll be for Poor Old Darran & Jay!! (or Jay & Darren,depending who wins,or looses depending on which way you look at it) Now this may appear as if i`m getting a bit Egotistical and snotty here, er.. wel DAMN FUC*ING RIGHT MAN! I feel a little bit guilty and fake and dirty just bieng a name on a poster and not actually earning my pay from playing properly,and if I was in the crowd, i`d want my proper wack,not "jay & darran & Springer were excellent i heard from someone over there.." i`m going to have to admit if i KNEW i was going to be on at 8pm for less then an hour to make a bill look meaty on a poster, i`d have declined the offer.. and Our visitors insisting on 2hour sets each shows a tremendous lack of respect for me and my fellow billdressers. I`m just glad i`m getting paid more then them. Oh Yes. -=(yes you may suck my plasma)=-

    Did the POLTERGIEST/VISCIOUS CIRCLES remix yesterday.. it`s VERY large and distorted, i needed to create the old feeling with it.. CarlCox and Moguai and whoever all did nice mixes, but the lost the energy and the mentalist aspect of it, so i tried.. but the guys never gave me the parts for the horn stab.. YouKnow!! THAT "di-da-di-da-dida-di-da-di-da" bit that comes in after the break.. so i ad to swirl it and it`s not as i!" as i`d like.. dunno what to do next, should i redo it with a treated grab from the original? or what...

    Topicofdiscussion:Creamfields2001Ireland and the art of Bilocation and Flu Avoidance with respect to Madonna`s secret appearence.. (1000 Words or more)

    Weekend Playlist for Mr.Spring`s Show on 2FM,
    ( TX: 260501/20.00-23.00

    Firen` Squad, Squaddies: Barry Dempsey [played by John Power since Barry was hiding for the 1st 3/4rz of the show](DJ),
    Tara Murray(Abbey Dance Empire Heir), Hugh Scully(DJ/Promoter/Kitchen)
    *placebo & timo maas/special k-white - 43%
    floortp14/no details
    *vitae/energy flow-distinct'ive - 37%
    *2pac/until the end of time - interscope - 41%
    cdr/no details
    *eddie grant/electric avenue - sharkatack - 41%
    re1/no details
    *crunchie/tango flavour - cadbury - 6%
    no details
    *su real/always on my mind - AM:PM - 20%
    Felix DA Housecat/silver screen shower scene - fcomm -61%
    no details

    *basement Jaxx/Where`s Your Head At? - XL
    xlcd143p/fav cut from the new album "rooty"
    *mississippi fky & schooly D/rhyme creator - boom bang
    *natural born grooves/kickback - spinnin NL
    *primrose path/bells of joy - house nation
    dst70836-12/wri:maguire//lube pub. +31(0)53180938
    *revil-o/don`t stop - y2k
    *DoubleD & Stienski/History of HipHop Lesson 3 - Bootleg
    *members of mayday/10 in 01 - deviant
    dvnt42xr/wri:westbam//low spirit music
    *sasha:emerson/scorchio - excession
    74321865991/wri:coe//sherlock holmes music
    *xtc records xtc055
    *xtc records xtc058

    *triptomatic records trip046
    *epo vs sergio ercolino/co-cane - clubtown
    *cosmic gare/firewire(dj scott) - data
    *dj scott project/o - overdose
    dmd dose 076/wri:zenker//2bp
    *junkfood junkies/the journey - incentive
    *technoboy/ravers rules - titanic
    ttc009wri:antoloni//arsenic sound
    *guess who!/posse - kontor
    b145855 kontor168/
    *barthezz/on the move - superstar
    super dj 2018/wri:claessen//purple eye
    *cygnus x/superstring(dub) - xtravaganza
    xtravdj28 / no details


    Back from a _StupidFresch_ night at PEACH.. as usual.. shouts to all the cru who were just sooooo nice as usual.. as usual.. just got a moment 2 announce the BRITISH SCHMIDLAND delays.. 45 mins over, and 35 back.. oh, and because they wanted to give all their mates a free trip to dublin for the weekend we (the spas) were restricted to 1 piece of light hand-baggage so there would be room for ALL the freeloaders` luggage.. this resulted in my choons going "down the chute", and therefore i`ve decided to finally FINALLY enuf B.M.I. and use ANYBODY else.. especially after one of their tarts LIED to me infront of anyone by saying "we are NEVER delayed sir..." Hahahahahahahahaha. Hahahah. Hah. So.. off to work, i wonder if we`ll get a chatthang going during the firen` squad??


    Hahahahaha! JOHN POWER looks like a lobster (a red one BTW) for he is more sunburned then me! And.. he`s making noises about doing a page here.. Y`know.. excerpts from interviews,rants,playlists,shitlist etc... So.. Let this be a 1st public mention of him openly thinking about it... Sunshine listening:SOUND OF THE PIRATES 2.. Off 2 Laandaahhnn 2moro for PEACH at the camden palace.. Greatly looking 4wd to it as usual,i`ll be back (i hope) for the radio show as usual saturday night.. I`m gonna go on a bender in The shops too so i should have a pile of nu vinyl for yezall.. er maybe.. cos that all involves getting up in the morning.. PREDICTION: 45 minute delay out of london on the way back... Did nu track tuesday with DJ PRESSURE in attendance.. Polished it a bit wednesday for an hour and i tink i like it, it`s entitled HOUSE IS DEAD and features my Speak n` Spell on Lead vocals after a tad of circut bending & low voltage useage!! The main jist is a Trance-Meets-Large909-Reversebass thingy-banger.. so.. If Power dozent play it this weekend, i will....

    ==210501 are selling the album & CD singles worldwide mailorder.. the site is in spanish or french.. (!) but they are reliable according to people in poland and canada who have ordered from them.. apparently the MO'S MUSIC MACHINE distributer in the UK has changed names/hands and the site is VERY out of date.. Shops will have to call them in person i think to get any action.. i`l have an english site or shop to mailorder from hopefully 2moro.. PVD heard the mix down the fone 2day & asked for it 2 be sent.. (gulp!) added a link for quasar electronics in the UK who have been recommended to me for their 25w FM transmitter at 100 quid! it`s built and tested and runs nicely on a 5amp 12volt (CB type) Power supply.. They also do PLL add-ons and stereo encoder addons for gr8 prices too.. Summer is coming People.. Them`s hobby-radio months!!!!! Top Nuews!!! is back.. Oh joy.. And Yes, the Spring Records Cru Had a whip-round and we donated online.. Oh lordy.. i`m back in PEACH this friday night!!


    Seems the CHAT thing at Yahoo is a little wierd (and IMHO 2 mush trubble) to get into, but read the posts in the MESSAGE BOARD and you`ll be there in no time... Recomment selecting HTML rather then JAVA when using Yahoo chat rooms as JAVA is really a plot to allow Badly written crap to clutter up our PeeCees!

    Weekend Playlist for Mr.Spring`s Show on 2FM,
    ( TX: 190501/20.00-23.00

    Firen` Squad, Squaddies: Rob Murphy(space promoter),
    Sunil Sharpe(DJ/Kitchen/Music Ctr.), Mickey Mac(Inventor/Radio Pornstar)
    *raff & jay/safe distance-raff da gaff - 23%
    rdg 002/
    *rozalla/everybodys free 2001-gen overseas - 40%
    *bran Van 3000/astounded-virgin - 66%
    vustdjx194/wri:diSilvo & mayfield//editorial avenue(socan)
    *pied piper & master of ceremonies/do u really like it?-relentless- 2%
    *sol ray vs. pranksters/so damn tuff-e-traxx - 60%
    *basement jaxx/romeo-XL - 51%
    *system f & marc almond/soul on soul-tsunami - 36%
    tsu6026/wri:corsten & almond//purple eye

    *skynet UK/way of the wave-whoop!
    *paul van dyk/together we will conquer(spring)-CDR
    *xtc058-xtc records/no details +31-3-3661135
    *yoda/definitely-netrecords-z nz038/wrireis//codex MV/
    *sol vs. gatcha/we call it techno-blutonium blu033/
    *mrspring/*****-fundamental 23201066/wri:spring//atrisk notting hill
    *revil-o/don`t stop-y2k y2k023/no details
    *mirko milano/stop & go-deep mission
    *dj guis/de-generation-spectra

    -- special paddy`s day rewind mix by pressure --
    *hybrid/i will survive(way out west)-virgin
    *plump DJs/i is enough-white
    *faithless/we come 1(rollo & sis bliss)-cheeky
    *MIKE/got to have it-zounds
    *tomba vira/sound of oh yeh(yomanda)-VC
    -- thank you rob! --
    *technoboy/raver's rules-titanic ttc009 /
    *dj scott project/o-overdose dmd dose 076
    *misjah & tim/access(schumacher)-xtrax x0341 /
    *ernesto vs bastian/heaven-altitude alt001 / +31.23.5628134
    *trinity/overnight-moon records mo24 / +34963778389


    DJ7 is back online after what has to hav bin a HoRRibLE jaunt into actual reality! And he`s slapped up a MESSAGE BOARD.. (mental note: change spelling to MASSAGE BOARD) so have a look and use away.. a few mates online (hey DUNCO? remember??) have offered to patrol it more often then i'll be able and suss any burning issues like "what was that tune.." or "why is ???? ????? shite?" since they know as much about that kind of thing as i do,and have infinatly better memories.. (fact: 5 out of 10 times i`m asked what record i JUST PLAYED i haven`t a clue..).. COOOOLLL! I finished the PVD mix today.. It`s a bit wierd,i`ll play it on saturday`s show so you can hear it for yourselves.. the track is "2gether we will conquer" and is on his album.. Young POWER witnessed the polishing phaze.. Had a mail asking how to get at the music you can download from here.. You should SAVE TO DISK anything you want after clicking on it`s link, then use WinZIP to open it by finding it and doubleclicking on it in Explorer (you did remember where you SAVEd it didn`t you??) and extract the files inside into your MP3s folder (or wherever).. then read the README.TXT that was included with the file.. (it says you'll have to RENAME the file to have a ".mp3" on the end so your mp3 player can see it... ) and i thought you`d appreciate the challenge!!! what ever happend to intuition?? (Didn`t it tun into GEM??)


    Updated the Downlaods Page with The final Installment in the "Test" saga.. Part 3, today`s fruits,with respect to DUNCO who was in atten-dance.Historicly this marks the first noises laid down in this the new era of having a room of things that do what they are supposed to do.. Yes, i know the 1st 2 TEST files are a measely 56k as opposed to Test3 in not-quite-good-enough 128k,, but they ARE testests and therefore it`s alright to be no bloody good.. OK? I`m actually amazed at how crappy the 56k files sound!! incredibly lumpy and very muffled.. yuck!! GoddamnAwful.


    This weekend was a bit of a wierd one.. i didn`t gig,still feeling the fx of last weekend.. DOUGLAS ADAMS died.. and i am very upset about that i have to say. I never really got back into the habit of reading after the HardyBoys/NancyDrew/3investigators fixation i had as a pre-teen..except for The books written by Douglas Adams.I try to encourage people to read his books,they help make sense of everything we have become.. THE RESTRAUNT AT THE END OF THE UNIVERSE was my first,and it began a strict policy of absorbing everything he did. His ideas are countless but one i adore springs to mind as i type.. In one of his DIRK GENTLY books, he described an Apple Mac/Emulator hookup that took the yearly financial accounts of a company and presented the numbers within as music! Imagine every april the charts flooding with tunes made from yearly returns!? "New at #5 this week, the balence sheet of Amalgamated Breadheads Plc." Jesus i`m gutted. He Made a difference,and i`m sad i never met him.He was only 49 and didn`t deserve to die so young.If you havn`t read THE HITCHHIKERS GUIDE TO THE GALAXY,steal a copy now and read it.You`ll thank yourself after!

    I`m awaiting a hard copy of the DAILY STAR article from friday slating myself,John power and Pressure for comments on the state of hard-house production values on last weekend`s FIRENSQUAD,and when i get it i`m going to post a scan here for all to read.Apparently i`m "childish" in the way i Egg people on to slagging things.. (!) I had a pile of messages (as did john) this weekend on the GSM from People Offering support and opinions,but the general concencus is people are delighted at the conflict and despite several previous attempts by the journalist concerned to stir hatred for me in the past,this time people noticed. One _brilliant_ suggestion was a "celebrity death match" at CREAMFIELDS to settle the issue.. I LIKE that idea!! But i really couldn`t care less about the whole thing and am flattered that a leading light in a genre respects our opinions so much that he feels compelled to raise the matter in a national newspaper! The undertone of the article is the worrieng bit to my peers,they feel we are bieng accused of carelessly abusing our power as the sole national service provider of dance music radio by slagging things off... er.. Is that hypocritical,as it is a slagging coming from another sole-national service provider,this time of weekly dance music news in a nationwide newspaper?

    On the fun side, i have finished the TestPhaze of the Studio rebuild and am delighted to report EVERYTHING works now as it should except the MARION synth. It can`t stop bursting into white-noise digital insanity so i've decided to sample it (a sin) before it looses it`s fuc*ing marbles totally. It`s (in case ur intrested) the last machine made by TOM OBERHIEM, the dude behind OBERHIEM (duh!) that brought me my favorite MATRIX12 and MATRIX6 Synths. The m12 is cool still,but every other oberhiem iv`e owned has gone mad.. the M6 just goes nutz all the time, but i love it,and the M1000 has a fault in one of the VCAs that makes every sixth note sound poor.. grr.. but the marion was a wierd one,and now is following it`s cousins down the road of Digital Insanity. I must point out that it`s SOOOO rare and obscure that when it DOES go mad,all i can prey for is the SYNTHESIZER SERVICE CENTRE have a special on... Oh, and the CONCUSSOR system presented a problem.. the single power supply couldn`t handle all the modules in a triple-rack.. so i added another and re-wired all the power.. and lo!! it`s cool.. you should hear the oscilators when they are fighting for power!! mad distortion and underlying drones ahoy!! heheheh.i did 2 trax to test the gear, they are only demos and are not meant to be anything other then test-runs for everything.. the first one here is a workout for the Modular, withan 7-oscilator SHEPARD TONE appearing alot and alot of midi modulation on the effects to check`s crap and isn`t worth the download unless You MUST hear it,but don`t forget that You can take a little now and top it up next time as we do support resume-downloads so it ain`t all bad.. the second one here is a bit of a tribute to the SYSTEM100m that is on KickDrum and Percussion duties with the Nearly-Dead MARION on bass duties.. It`s all muffled and noisey but the CAT on lead is Massivly nuts and the MRSPRINGSWIRL is sounding as sexy as ever after the break.. Now bear in mind that as it stands these were never intended to be tracks as such,they are mostly staggered loops to test everything works before i declare things as sorted.. i put about 2 hours into each track and most of that was setting Gates in the desk and wiring up the Shepard tone! but for the curious among you,i prefer the second one!! (even thought the same Sequencer file was used for each one.. and i may develop it into something trivial and over-produced as an excercise! Shock revelation, if i used the desk automation to cut the tracks in & out,and simply fed a single or 3 bar loop from the sequencer,the entire file for track 2 was less then 24k!! shock! but don`t worry, i disabled the loops and pasted the bars where i needed them and the count went well into the 3hundreds..) So, who`s first on the waiting list? parts for a Mix for PAUL VAN DYK and a remix of POLTERGIEST/VICIOUS CIRCLES are due this week, MARK McCABEs maniac follow-up is promised and a number of heads have been very patient awaiting a date to do something,the list is extensive & i`m not admitting to it`s existance untill iv`e had MY OWN session!!!

    Copies of LETS SKATE AGAIN/***** are shipping as we speak.. Shops can order from MO`S MUSIC MACHINE in london as they will be importing it for the UK from Spain where MOSTIKO FUNDAMENTAL have released it as 12inch #23201066 and CD #23201063,Distribution by Sony Music Madrid. There are a handfull bieng mailed by MEGABULLET for UK DJs next week also. PLEASE don`t email me asking for it as i don`t have any to sell or give away,just pester Your dealer if You want it, it`s just another import guys!! Oh, and the sleeve is KILLER!!

    Weekend Playlist for Mr.Spring`s Show on 2FM,
    ( TX: 120501/20.00-23.00

    Firen` Squad, Squaddies: Rons Mobile Disco(producer/coder),
    Podje(DJ/Kitchen/GlobalHead), Ken O`Flannigan(DJ/Producer)
    *Virtulismo/mismoplastico-south east - 32%
    se 12017r / no details
    *phats & small/respect the cock-multiply - 48%
    12multy75px / no details
    *people in the house/people in the house-white - 7%
    white001 / +3233661135
    *ravelab/push-EDM - -10% (mius ten percent)
    edm048-1/wri:ludke//b.mikulski publishing
    *trisko/musak-positiva - 7%
    12tivdj155/no details
    *snickers/cruncher-mars confectionary - 71%
    cruncher/new snickers "lite" bar..
    *steve thomas/i am- tripoli trax - 32%
    ttrax075/wri:thomas//pure groove music
    *texas/i don`t want a lover-mercury- 3%
    loverdj1/no details

    +++ special mix by ken o`flannigan of TripoliTrax #75 +++
    *dj ziad/hold it now!- tripoli trax
    *kgb/attention- tripoli trax
    *steve thomas/i am- tripoli trax
    *knuckleheads/believe- tripoli trax
    *pete wardman/are you dancing?- tripoli trax
    +++ thanks kenno! congrats 2 the pure groove cru!! +++
    *beat reality/get hooked(knuckleheads)-y2k - y2k022
    *mr spring/let`s skate(again)-mostiko esp.- 23201066
    *the g-move hymn/we call it techno-blutonium - blu033
    *epo vs. sergio ercolino/cocane-clubtown-clt012
    *dj mirko milano/stop & go-deep mission-dm018
    *headroom/citynature-net records-nz2-001

    *unknown/untitled-xtc records-xtc055 +3133664205
    *liberty/moonshine-no name-nt5015
    *coast 2 coast/home-religon edel-012695orlg-p
    *eye to eye/just can`t get enough-xtravagnza - xtravldj25
    *faithless/we come 1-cheeky-cheeky002
    *dumonde/never look back-superstar-superstar2016
    *riva/stringer-united -alien021


    What? u want me 2 elabor8? Fair `nuff.. Things really got fun upon arriving in canada.. at the Immigration counter there was a classic conversation happening between 2 visitors and an immigration inspector (via a translator, they were mexican).. here`s a line i overheard: ".. but sir, you claim you wish to visit niagra falls during your visit, well that`s 2000 miles thataway [pointing].." and so on. luckily, i was not up to anything and sailed right through that section - straight into the arms of a nice customs guy with rubber gloves.. (gulp!) I'm glad he finally levelled with me and i was able to make my non-drug/gun/furious political thought-smuggling stance clear and was then able to make my way in peace.. With the benifit of hindsight,if i WAS a naughty boy, i`d have been -=screwed=-,these people do this very well and i bet its a _cool_ job to have! There should be a docu-soap done immediatly about the joys of ion-scanning people's socks in case they came into contact with some *****/explosives/anarchists! Hehehe.. So.. after a roll in bed for a while watching the American version of "who`s line is it anyway?" on a seattle channel (get this: you know the 2 americans that kept turning up on the UK version? they are residents in the US one!! go figger..) it was 96.1FM time for the "G-Spot".. Played for a bit.. Nice cru,interesting visitors(!).. Next day (er.. or whenever..) was short.. and Then it was off to play at "NeverNeverLand6 vs. Kismit4".. after SOLRAY, at about 4ish (er.. or whatever..) till.. er, later then that.. FineFineFine. Was using the Mk3 Technics Decks.. Mmm.. no notch in the centre.. Mmmmmm.. Nooooo Nooooootchhhhh.. Ah yes. Why can`t we have them here then eh? I didn`t have the nerve to lift the platter off to look for the 110v/220v switch thingy.. Thing`s were skipping enuf with the occational person loosing the plot behind me on the stage.. Bouncy-Bouncy etc.. Mmmm... Maaaarrkkkk Threeeeesszszss.. Anyway.. big greetZ to <> who defin8ly run ting in vancouver.. Nice time! Now.. a special warning for all those of You wishing to fly a fuc*ing serious distance.. Brtiish Ariways Sux. Not only did they spoof us up on 4 out of 7 successive worried-sounding announcements spread out over 4 (count them..) hours sitting on the tarmac in Vancouver,in the dark alot,... with NO airCon.. with the doors open to let in air.. but they LIED IN PRINT about "the professionals" bieng on the in-flight TV thing in the 2nd last hour of the flight.. i Sat through all that arse and then they just stopped and they landed. Nobody said a thing. It was disgrrrrraceful!! No Bodie.. No Doyle.. No Capris.. No Nothing.. No FUC*ING APOLOGY.. Special shouts to the Polish Lady&VeryBrightDaughter,The German Secret-Agent that spoke polish and the Diamond Smuggleress On her way to Switzerland,ALL of whom missed their connecting flights from heathrow as well,and were Doomed to queue for hours in ...,A.i.r.p.o.r.t.H.e.l.l,... Welll.. what else Wud u be doing on a bank-holiday?


    Bak from Vancouver. Had a Smashtastic Time there and a panriffic 4-hour-delay nightmare trip home.Need New Brain.


    New Month ahoy.. and mayday bankholiday angles are tightening around
    us.. no point in beating about the bush here, i`m in canada this
    weekend (vancouver) so the radio show has been pre-recorded & that explains how i`m publishing the listings 2 days b4 they happen.. er.. so 2 speak..

    Weekend Playlist for Mr.Spring`s Show on 2FM,
    ( TX: 050501/20.00-23.00

    Firen` Squad, Squaddies: Casper(DJ/producer/world traveller),
    John Power(DJ/prime suspect), Pressure(DJ/Ledgend)
    *E.N.E.R.G.Y./party time-xtc UK - 66%
    no details
    *sharam j & nick k/shaka-airtight - 66%
    air012 / wri:jay & kazemian//low spirit
    *dj ted/aftermath-religon(t.b.a.) -75%
    no details / wri:dj ted//cop con
    *dr.rick/lucifer-jumper records -42%
    jp9028 / wri:wauwe & bruyndox//impart productions bvba
    *ace of space/9 is a classic-tripoli trax -26%
    ttrax074 / no details//pure groove music
    *durango 95/big red whoosh-duty free -42%
    no details / wri:durango 95//cop con(?)
    *esp/traveller-neo -76%
    neo12052 / wri:grainer//warner chappell

    *vincent da moor/fly away-VC records
    *members of mayday/10 in 01(PVD mix)-Devient
    *delerium/innocente(deep dish)-Nettverk
    *solid sessions/janerio(lemon 8)-additive
    *kamaya painters/wasteland(chab)-data
    *jam & spoon/b angeled(original)-dmd
    *dj guis/d generation-spectra

    *junkfood junkies/the journey(future breeze)-dropout
    *revil-o/don`t stop-y2k
    *shakta vs. digitalis/amazon-dragonfly
    *walter & gelden/7 of 9-captivating sounds
    Andy manston Minimix w/thankz 2 intermedia/incentive records...
    *lexos/the key(incentive)
    *chab/sinus-plastic fantastic
    *incisions/hard tipped-white label
    jUst plAythAtbEAt