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    ReDid INTRUDER today for some strange reason.. just a quick 2hour throwdown so don't get exited.. Counted 13000 hits this month which is silly!! Now that isn`t 13000 PEOPLE or even VISITS, it`s "requests for something from".. sort of.. er.. So.. that`s an AWFUL lot of piddly little bits & bytes of crap flying about all in the name of timewasting! I'm Soooooo proud. Oh Yeah, i never did Xplain why when you take an MP3 from here you have to rename it to have an ".mp3" bit at the end.. Welll... it`s because the host is a robot, and it doesn`t like MP3 files, so if i up one (even in an archive) it nukes it! Bast*rD! This is Despite the fact that it`s MY bloody tune and none of their business what i choose to do with it. So. There. That`s why.


    Remember Our <> Thingy? Well I'm pleased to announce (sortof) that The MIXES CD has now Grown to be 2 CDs.. So In Future Anyone Wanting An MP3 CDR can choose from A CD of Unreleased Spring Tracks or A Double CD of Mixes And Bits N Bobs (including a nice AVI of The LETSSKATEAGAIN video and A Package of SAMPLES i use to make my stuff!!).. The Deal Remains The Same, Send 2 CDs for Every 1 You Require, Get the address by Emailing me..

    ==260601 have reviewed The Premature Ejaculation EP..


    Weekend Playlist for Mr.Spring`s Show on 2FM,
    ( Live From Creamfields Ireland 2001 TX: 230601/20.00-21.00

    Portable Firen` Squad, Squaddies: Robbie Nelson (DJ/Producer/Suntanned),Podje (DJ/Kitchen),Raymond Franklin (DJ/Mono),Tony O'leary (DJ/2fm),Chris Cargo (DJ/Producer).

    *mark kavanagh vs. mr.bishi/the flava-baby doll - 45%
    mm001a1/wri:kavanagh & hill//pure groove music
    *shaft/kiki riri boom-wonderboy - 12%
    wbdj026/no details
    *skinny/morning light-cheeky - 51%
    cheeky003/wri:herman & benbrook//cheeky music
    *junkie XL/b y whop to the y-roadrunner - 44%
    b145523-01/wri:junkie xl//bmg music
    *mark lowndes/indya-religon music - 79%
    b149483-01/wri:lowndes//notting hill
    *cosmic gate/firewire-data - 23%
    data24p2/wri:terhoeven//step by step

    And so another Typical Weekend passes without so much as an event worth mentioning.. er.. except the fabbo headlines that greeted us this morning.. THE SMARM said <> and pointed out their own (sic) Mark Kavanagh rocked the shop along with the other homeboys (that's us..) THE SCHMIRROR said <> And mentioned the Cops "moving in" to break up violent clashes around midnight!!?? You can tell who was a sponser and who wasn`t can`tcha!! Both rags quoted the same hearsay about 580 arrests from an attendance of 34000! Of thoz 580, 120 were cautioned and let go,the others obviously needed permenant branding for the rest of their lives and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law under section whatever of the thingy regarding doing stupid things to yourself.. or whatever. My highlight? Overhearing a Conversation between a representative of THE SLOW FIDDLY UPSTARTS and Our Rep complaining about the fact that Rice (DJ Comp winner),Power and I had Been "Too Hard" and Had caused embarresment for them!! What had happend was there were 12000ish people out there (source:IRMB,MCIA and 2 blokes with fieldglasses in the main stand) when I finished my set after the other 2,and when THE SLOW FIDDLY UPSTARTS started their set the crowd sort of er.. left. Is this our fault? Well, to them and to the Person making the complaint, may i point out that my ass is available for kissing any time you like fool. Ehm. It`s not Our fault if Your Cru sucks, but it`s now clear to me why you put us on the same stage as the bands, you thought we were crap and would make your lot sound good.. well, like i said, right heeerree, on the groove line baby! I Should point out the VESTAX mixer we had to use sucked. It had either/or cueing with no mixcue facility, only 2-band EQ, low headphone volume and a faderhead missing. Also the decks were skipping everytime the cameramen walked by, and (most importantly) everytime the WIND BLEW!!!!!!!!! So that`s why Pressure,Zoe,Ricey,Power and Myself all had -=BraINdAMagE=- mixing for you all! Combining The Complaints from the Band(s) and Us, i Expect a massive change next year.. luckily we are all professionals and coped despite the messing.. SNOUTCRUST the rappers (whom i had never heard of up untill saturday) took the prize for biggest assholes on the bill though!!! They REFUSED TO LEAVE DUBLIN CITY and had to be gently coaxed into travelling to the venue by a stressed MCD cru.. God knows why.. But they arrived an HOUR late, causing AL GIBBS to play a double set and everybody else to shave theirs.. Power & I missed out 11.30pm set because of them, and FECK played late instead, then SMALL SMOKEYHOLE played late as well throwing a wobbler in the works for the 2FM live broadcast we had planned for midnight of his set.. so to them, (SNOUTCRUST) i am pleased to award the official MrSpring Creamfields2001 ASSHOLES OF THE EVENT Award.. Well done boys.. Keep it up.. Good luck in the future!

    Funny moments: *CONNOR G catching his NOSE on the windowsill climbing onto the balcony from the dressingrooms to "buzz the turnstile"... *OWEN YOUNG attempting to play in the Artist's VIP and entering a new magic world all of his own... *BOY GEORGE not turning up but still having people saying he was "savage"... *YER MAN FROM MTV downing 6 quarter-full smirnoff ices in r dressing room for a joke then becoming blotto immediatly...

    Yes We have Photos! More to come whenever i develop them etc..


    Mmmmmm... Haaaangoooverrrrr. rrr. r. (ulp!)


    Creamfields 2moro.. And We chose the winner for the WinaSetatCreamfields comp lastnight, ul hav 2 tune in to the broadcast (6pm-7am) to find out who won, but i can announce the 3 runners up who have been asked to provide a session mix for us at a later date.. Hugh Jarcey (sic.) of Letterkenny, Gary Lynch of Dublin & Mark Johnston of Cork.Deep respek 2 every1 that sent something in (400+ entries!) and i can confirm we are a nation of DJs now 4sure! Such Quality etc.. Also: we broke 10,000 Hits this month some time earlier this week! That's 2000+ more then last month's total which is pretty cool with a week to go in the month! Nice 1!


    At 23:52 Hours Last night Its was confirmed I actually made a Tune I Really Like. You know What that means. Yes. Another Release Is Called For. Its called "FiretrUCK".

    Ican`t Believe the number of people with PCs & Soundcards (everybody really!) that dont know what Cthugha is.. Find it here.. It`ll change Your Listening Sessions For the Better, i Unconditionally Guarantee It. (That Guarantee Comes With the "MrSpring's Cast-IronGuarantee" Guarantee Of satisfaction!) I can`t get the 3d Version to work anymore, but the '97 version is cool, let it rip in DEMO mode, with 800x600 settings and 60fps and hit the Space Bar as Your CD Plays!! Ohhhhh Babbbbyyyyyyyyy... And there are LinuxX and Windows Ports now as well.. The Most Compatible Seems to Be the Visualisation PLUGIN FOR WINAMP.. No Messing..


    So.. only a couple of days till Mudfields.. Er.. HomeSlice... emm,WHATEVER.. And the panic is well and truely on! I've a SHED load of toons for you all.. and if you check the lineup You`ll C i have a few oppertunitys to blast some out on the day, but ive done a nice little "back 2 ours" Hour for Broadcast on 2fm after.. (duh!) So has John Power, in fact we'll be your spiritual guide on the way home (as usual) till 7am.. with some VERY wierd slider stuff for a finale!! I _was_ looking 4wd 2 getting out the <> for the day, but i`m on duty in service of my country with 2FM, as is Power, so.. er.. no making fun of us coz we had to stay sober!!! Pleeez!? I'm going 2 attempt a FIREN`SQUAD from the site at the usual time, featuring some of the performing talent of the day.. hey hey.. So.. I`m off 2 do some more worrieng.. Oh.. more piccys in PICS for you, including some anorakky ones of 2FM by Special request!


    Mmmm.. madrid rocks!

    Put Up some New(ish) Photos here.. Some nice Judgement Sunday Photos, and some madrid too.. Oh and Canada..


    So.. My schedual this weekend takes me to MADRID for the pre-hyped PVD gig, and then to the joys of exploring a foriegn city, followed by raiding the cupboards at the spanish label doing my stuff... hehehe.. Cleverly avoiding JAM AT THE PARK/POINT in the process.. Some may think i`m mad turning down the chance to do the `squad with , i think i'm making the right choice.. So, i won`t b on the radio this saturday is the long/short of it all.. Enjoi the RnB flavaz wontcha!?

    Power's Script has details of the 2FM broadcasts for CREAMFIELDS..

    Chris D found this article about Bob Moog in FT.. well, he wud wudnt he, bien a newzhound!! 4 doz of u that dunno bob, he's the man that brought us the MOOG synthesizer.. A true Godfather of the scene..


    Dark Dreams has posted some news on an upcoming Region 2 DVD release of
    Dario Argent's latest film, Nonhosonno. Here are the details:

    Audio: Italiano DD.5:1 DTS, English DD.5:1
    Video: 2.35:1
    Language: Italiano, English
    Subtitles: Italiano, English
    Extras: Theatrical Trailer, 15 minute behind the scenes segment, Biographies
    Region: 2

    (Lifted from

    BACKYARD DOG - baddest ruffest is SOOOOOO the choon of the year. Pity the weblink is hijak'd..


    Did Track 2day for BANANA BOYZ.. Now My Head Hurts An Awful Lot Indeed.


    Oh Lord god.. i Just got my copy of MEN WITHOUT HATS' COLLECTION from CDNOW.. oh god oh god oh god.. help me!!! I`m Regressing to the summer of 1982 in cork.. lusting for a JUNO, watching ZOMBIE FLESH EATERS, listening to MWH drunk on a haystack! Doing Partys and playing DEPECHEMODE 12-inches.. Going to MUSIQUE in BANGOR co.down to score FREUR/DOOT DOOT (now underworld!!). "What do they really know?" Jesus i am literally P-o-G-o-I-n-G around the shack right now listening to "WHERE DO THE BOYS GO?"..

    Updated The ALBUM page a bit..

    Have the official line on the CREAMFIELDS running order:

    MAIN ARENA\par PAUL OAKENFOLD 12.00-2.00 am\par MR. SPRING / JOHN POWER 11.30-12.00\par BECK 10.00-11.30\par MARK McCABE 9.00-10.00\par OUTKAST 8.00-9.00\par MR. SPRING / JOHN POWER 7.30-8.00\par AL GIBBS 6.30-7.30\par LO FIDELITY ALLSTARS 5.30-6.30\par MR SPRING 4.15-5.30\par JOHN POWER 3.00-4.15\par 2FM DJ Comp. Winner 2.30-3.00\par DJ ZOE 1.45-2.30\par PRESSURE 1.00-1.45\par TOMMY STEWART 12.00-1.00 pm

    Oh yes You read it here first.. So.. YahBooSux 2 all the minniez that spread the marge on all us paddywax bieng blanked from the running order, we are only blanked from the ADVERTISING for the gig.. since (it makes sense) who the fu*k would pay 51 quid to see some asshole like me!! I mean!!??


    So.. The new SPACE is as follows: New podium in centre of the floor for standing and glowsticking off.. looks gr8 & adds to the vibe.. New position for the dex,in the centre of a stage on a low(ish) table.. very exposed and not a good idea.. the monitor provided on the table next to the dex to the left caused a Basssfeedback loop in breakdowns so i had to ride the bass all night.. a PAIN in the butt. The Sound on the floor has been unchanged.. still all boxy bass end and no mid and less top! i cudnt hear any of the vocals in the trax i played, a shit of a pity,and the biggest problem? the bouncers RIPPING MY RECORD OFF at 3 before 3am with a "scraaaatch..".. very snotty attitude and if i wasnt such a gentleman i would have boxed the cunt's adamsapple into his cranial cavity (which has ample space for an adamsapple install due to total lack of brain matter) and then while his eyes rolled into the back of his head with the shock,popped them out with HIS OWN thumbs after snapping them off.. all while leaving no trace of violence... ehm..The place was 1/2 full as well..(r 1/2 MT,bepending how u look at it..) thanks as always 2 the cru,thinning now but still knowing good tunes and a good night when they feels one. Yahboosukmydick to the bouncer. Pussy. Touch any of my shit again and i`ll mess u up so bad people will deny u ever existed rather then recall your horrible demise.

    Weekend Playlist for Mr.Spring`s Show on 2FM,
    ( TX: 090601/20.00-23.00

    Firen` Squad, Squaddies: Ulick-The-tag (Tag Records etc..),Adrian Kenneddy (FM104 Talk King/NormClubJock), Webster (WestCoast's Most colourfull Promoter 1998-2001)

    *untra nate/get it up-AM:PM - 43%%
    ampmdj140/wri:nate//bovina music & april music
    *boris d'lugosh/never enough-positiva - 66%
    *daft punk/digital love-XL - 73%
    *raven maize/the real life-Z records - 44%
    promo051/no details
    *the streets/has it come to this?-locked on - 62%
    *system F/exhale-tsunami - -22% (minus 22%)
    tsu6028/wri:corsten & buuren//dance therapy music


    --some old shite coz it's summer!
    *lionrock/lionrock(graeme gold mix) - DMC 1991
    *liberation/liberation - zyx 6865-12 1992
    wri:liberation//b.mikulski publishing
    *get decor/passion - flying international fin 086 1992
    wri:munzing & volkers//CC & songs of legis
    *dj jamx/!das licht! - chaos 001-12 1999
    wri:deleon & mutschall//
    *commander tom/are am eye? - noom 045p 1997
    wri:kugler & boye//attractor pub.
    *colonel gurnell/time - spirit vond 19 1998
    wri:colonel gurnell//cc +44.1956914193
    *pied piper/do u really like it?-relentless relmos1
    *james brown/funk on a roll-inferno eag12127
    *static revenger/happy people cenrul1tp2
    *bran van 3000/astounded virgin vustdjx194


    *peter g & the clubjock/club strings-deejay djr 002
    wri:gelderblom//high fashion music
    *cygnus x/superstring(rank 1 dub) - xtravaganza
    *atomic alliance/the countdown - fog area trance cases 4
    *primrose path/bells of joy - house nation dst 70836-12
    *afrohead/crybaby - credence 12creddj009
    wri:stallings//sherlock holmes music
    *groove electronic/indian dream - headline 003
    *vitae/energy flow - distinctive
    *cosmic gate/fire wire - data
    *offcast project - into the light - reign 0217985 +44.1506443888


    Club SPACE in camolin c.wexford 2nite.. and they have a new DJ box/mixer thing goin on.. thank gaud..


    Bits of Mine & DARRAN FLYNN's Set at JUDGEMENT SUNDAY will be broadcast 2nite on 2fm after midnight..


    Finallised reworking of the PVD track, and it looks like i`m playing with him next weekend in madrid.. hmmm.. also remastered the POLTERGIEST track to b even messier! And.. a nu choon.. After watching THE NEW YORK RIPPER (mostly on FFWD) last night with simon teh maniac, it HAD 2 b done.. the return of THE DEVILFISH in 303-nutta mode!

    that flyer in full...


    JOHN POWER's page is now available.. -=>> here <<=-

    Weekend Playlist for Mr.Spring`s Show on 2FM,
    ( TX: 020601/20.00-23.00

    Firen` Squad, Squaddies: Arvinne (Onmipresent DJ),Johnny Moy (Influx Partner), Carl Lambert (FutureSounds Records)
    *polaris/no more-future groove - 44%
    *depeche mode/i feel loved-mute - 53%
    cdr/no details/
    *nick holder/freedom in `63(remix)-nrk - 78%
    nrk052/no details
    *wideboys/sambucca-locked on - -33% (minus 33%)
    CDR/no details
    *sacha & emerson/scorchio-deconstruction - 4%
    74321865991/wri:coe/emerson//sherlock holmes music
    *cygnus x/superstring(dub)-xtravaganza - -33% (minus 33%)
    no details
    *butterfinger/multisize tester-nestle - 2%
    new sweety from nestle in fingers that tastes like butter!
    *diff'rent gear/drink to get drunk-inc.- 22%

    *john johnson/buenos aries-alphabet city
    mecl0114-6/wri:lepore//warner chappell
    *placebo & timo maas/special k-white label
    *corp of 1 vs jakkata/real life(negro)-white label
    *esp/traveller-neo records
    neo12052/wri:grainer//warner chappell
    *yakooza/stronger(dj wag)-overdose
    dmddose077/wri:wagenknecht//getinto magic
    *cosmic geta/firewire(dj scott proj.)-data data24p1
    *kamura/crash the party(norman bass)-y2k y2k024
    *vitae/energy flow(nick sentiance)-distinctive
    *natural born grooves/kickback-NBG NBG001
    *bang on 2-white label

    *constanza vs. reza/everytime-housewurx hw001 +31(0)294492998
    *trinity/overnight-moon records mo 024
    *xtc 055/xtc records
    *viscious circles/poltergiest(spring)-test
    *d-lution/galaxy of time-fog area trance 151 germany
    *hennes & cold/sound of rock-tracid traxx ttx2028
    wri:hennes & winter//cop con +49(0)6172934761
    *devil d-devil d/mostiko white label

    So.. what a bank holiday.. and as for sunday.. well!!! A SESSIONS TOUR broadcast from THE POINT DEPOT for JULES,PICOTTO,PIU,ME,FLYNN and PIDGEON.. We claim responsibility for the noisiest dressingroom and the least respek! Top marks to the production cru for not giving us our own loo,so everyone had to trapse back & 4th from the communal ones at the end of the corridor.. nice to c all captured on in-house video doing just that (as intended..) So was it as bad as i`d been making out? For me.. truthfully - NO,i was amazed my jibes had stirred anything in the attendance, but they were all there, stuffed in at 8pm ready and rocking- in defiance of my prediction of playing to the bouncers they shouted and screamed like loonys and forced me to play what was needed rather then the selection i had for me,riskysean,diamond joe,the bouncers and the ambulence cru (the pigz don`t like music as a rule.. so i had nuffin 4 them) 2 listen 2 as people arrived.. i`d planned all the classics, BLACK BETTY,FREEBIRD,ROCKER etc... but had to slam out the poundcakes!!.. i got some pukka snaps of the front row, so i`ll put them up when i develop them (taking my time on the reel,quality rather then quantity..) i reckon'd the panik about DiamondJoe ranting on the PA was the best we`d have that night.. but better was to come!! In venue#2 for the mallet, SCOUSE JON gave JOHN THE GOBSHITE(of the famous spinal-tapesque illfated BOOM-DOT-BOLLOCKS tour) a slapping!! Yes!! he decked the prick!! apparently for (1)Slagging the ONE LAYDEE saying her live vocal performances leave alot to be desired & (2)Slagging Off BIGGA JAY himself and his whole cru for bieng in Ireland in the 1st place - implying they must be desper8 2 b even there!! Now the nice thing is SCOUSE JON didn`t even know what JOHN THE GOBSHITE had done to me & cru on the UK tour, so when i filled in all re:BOOMDOTBOLLOCKS tour,they were delighted to have been of service. May he begone forever,tosser!(the names have been changed to protract the ridicule)
    As for the 2nd venue that night.. neyeap. (blip) Oh.. and the 1st CDRs for the SENDUSACDANDWELLFILLIT arrived 2day and are burning as i type.... see last month`s update for details..


    While Every1 was watching the match this afternoon, i went out & joined the looters on MainStreet.. Got 2 microwaves, a kettle, 12 pairs of white knee-socks, an inflatable chair, 48 boxes of ALPEN, 11 copies of THE LEINSTER LEADER and (proud of this one) the "turn right" filter arrow from the trafficlights in front of the Garda Station.. Oh.. and a jar of Peanut Butter, (but some1 else dropped it in the panic so it sorta-counts i sp'ose).. had a look at the hitcounter thingy for this site, we had 2482 hits in April, and 8582 in May!! cool! Thanks! Nice one etc.. Remember we sofar have had NO referrals, NO search engines will offer the site address up! So all the hits are Direct Hits from People that Know The Address.. I kinda think that's cool.. 8) News 2day is the NEW NEW NEW design for the Irish/UK album Cover is in process, the LIGHT SURGEONS have been landed with the task since our attempts to use ForiegnCru has failed.. And they reckon it`s all in hand for tuesday next weekish.. so i expect we'll meet the CREAMFIELDS deadline for release as hoped.. Whey-Hey..


    Summer Hath begun.. lastnight i messed up REAL BAD.. missed Letterkenny Gig due 2 messy Traffic & Flightmissing activity.. ;( so soory.. That`s the 1st time that`s happend to me.. Feel well bad about it.. The London Vibe 2nite has also faded, this time due to elastic financial media.. ehm.. anyway.. did some more capturing today.. results on the downloads page.. Ul need WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER to watch it.. (the video for LETS SKATE!!).. Yes.. another meaty download but MytrEe did well!!! Go On Then.
    jUst plAythAtbEAt