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    2 Nice votey things for you to take part in... are collecting votes for the TOP 100 DJs in the world, so get voting now for tony fenton and joe duffy.. and are collecting votes for various things like BEST WEBSITE ("the drudge report" IMHO) so geddin there and VOTEVOTE!!


    Bloody students!! Galway has a l-a-a-r-r-g-E student popul8n... (no shit!) ah well.. at least they'll all be hangover-masters after this freshers' week! Shouts to all that i met over the last 2 blurs, nice 1 etc.. special shouts to SONIC TRIP who r genuinely clever guys, and played b4 me on wedneday nite.. nice 2 meet uz atlast! And thanx for playing me that TERRIBLE bootleg of Voyager.. the _worst_ yet by far.. utter pants.. pure OinkOinkOink bollocks with my breakdown & riff ripped in the middle.. i Don't care who did it, and i reckon i'll never know, it's CRAP and the wanker(s) responsible should RUN AND HID THEIR MUSHES IN S-H-A-M-E!! The _only_ thing in it worthy of any nods is the fact i'm ripped off on it.. and calling it ZEBADEE or whatever (the guy with the spring for legs in MAGIc rOUNDABOUt) is just an ambarrasement.. Well, for them (4 i know who cut it, and who pressed it and who is selling it) i am thrilled to announce the re-release of Voyager as the rights revert back to me in october with the following mixes: The ORIGINAL director's cut, The New Album version, a new mix by DJ GARY ("my own kind of style") and we are talking about/looking at mixes from OXIA vs THE HACKER, DJ SCOTT PROJECT and TONY CROOKS as well as a new mix from me... Oh, and you can be Fuc*ing sure there will be _NO_ Oink Oink mixes. Gobshites. Hope you scar your foreskins pulling your plum so hard!! Now don`t get me wrong here, i'm all for a bit of private enterprise, but this is PURE piggybacking,the bootleg brings NOThING to the table besides the fact it steals my idea... what utter pants.. really.. no respek, no no no no no.



    Okay, here's a scary one.. I'm on in Galway 2moro (wednesday 260901) _and_ the thursday (270901) and Johm Power is on there on the Friday (280901) night So.. you like it like that in Galway huh? God bless Frescher's WeeK!! Hehh!

    The Bloody Internet is ScrEWeD at the moment.. i thought it was all a conspiracy on behalf of our pals in EIRCOM to knacker all of the 1891 internet access numbers - the 1p a minute 24hours-a-day ones - and force us onto FREE numbers or Local nodes charging at LEAST 11p a minute to call.. you know.. one of those "temporary" fixes and add maybe a tenner to your bill with dropped calls to 1891 numbers and maybe 20quid to it for local number sessions lasting an hour or so.. GRRR!! It goes like this on a 1891 number:

    -1st call - rings loudly for ever.

    -2nd call - half a ring, answers,begins negotiation, stops after initial cycle, silence, starts again, engaged tone, hang up.

    -3rd call - instant answer, prolonged neg. cycle, hang up.

    -4th call - instant answer,perfect neg. cycle, connect, maybe 2 pages of info or medium sizedmail downlioad, incoming data ceases, you STAY CONNECTED and can`t send mail or pull pages, You must hang up.

    -5th call - back to "rings loudly for ever" for anything up to 5 calls...

    while on a local access ("free") number (11p a minute) - see "4th call" above.

    So this is all CONNECT messyness? no. the net itself is very unstable. iv'e had intermittant loss of incoming data from both cable and satellite internet services since the WTC incident, and it`s been getting worse. I'm averaging about 2 messages a day now with the "no subject" virus (see below) and even sites hosted by my provider are dissapearing.. So what do you think? I reckon (again) the CONNECT problems are simply 1000s of likeminded people failing to connect properly, when a small problem becomes a big one due to people just dropping lines (or bieng kicked) and leaving servers in hell with untold loads doing NOTHING!! - and this is all down to the complete dependance of our internet services on AMERICA?!!?? Bollocks. That's what i say. Boll-oo-ocks. I don`t believe that our servers in DUBLIN are joined at the hip to ones in The states. Give me a Break! Sure we should expect Stateside connections to be a bit shady for a while, but how does that axplain going down? eh? well? WTF? God i hate when things DONT WORK! grrr! And another thing.. anyone noticed the 086 network is blanking non-native handsets? if you are using a hacked handset or an 086 or 087 handset with a nice pay-086 sim, it keeps needing battery-pulling to get it on again!?!?!? Lads, don`t annoy me! Ehrumph.

    Anyways. Friday i was back at Doc's i limerick, and it was gr8 fun.. JC looked a bit ragged, and was CAUGHT leaving for home right at the end TURNING DOWN the proposed dwinks and so on, hheh, the IbeFFa cru looked well ropey, mustv been good.. i DID hear that the st8 of some ppl was SCARY at times, but hey, EVERYTHING looks scary after 3 nights of no sleep and major stimulation.,.,.,.,.,,..,,..,,,...,,,...,,,,....,, ,,....,,,,,.....,,,,,,......,,,,,,,.......,,,,,,,, ,...........,,,,,,,,,,, hehehehe! But doc's, every1 agrees it`s a lovely place, nice and open courtyard feel (get the gas heaters in for winter!!) and a serious continental vibe, lovely (growing) crowd, coming from as far away as tralee and kildare for the night (!) and quality Staff.. almost perfect. I say Almost. Yes Almost. It`s been a while since i played Sligo. remember EquinoX? remember the mid-range Impedence Howl that ruined every night there? ITS BACK!! in Doc's. Seriously crap sound. Bottom line. Nasty Feedback howl during not only breakdowns, but during full tunes as well??!! Horrible. And i REFUSE to believe it's not been noticed by both the crowd and the workforce. Helloooooooo? Anybody care? Thought not. (sigh).

    Expecting TestPressings of DESIRE/EMBALMER (aka. FiretrUCK/PDCHB) any second. (yawn). Gave up on Linux 7.1 (redhat), built a new(old) machine out of bits instead and it's fine and dandy now.. so much for Dual-boot installs! arse! and whats the no PCI modem shite? Linux is STILL the #1 timewaster (next to changing your boot harddisk) of the year!

    Weekend Playlist for Mr.Spring`s Show on 2FM,
    ( TX: 220901/20.00-22.00

    Firen` Squad Squaddies: Darran Rice (Space), Mark Kavanagh (The Star),Garreth Reverb (Reverb records), Casper (redBox)

    *alcazar/crying at the discoteque-bmg - 21%
    alcazar01/wri:bard & goulos//bulldozer & universal music
    *ratty/living on video-kontor - 21%
    kontor187/wri:languirand//costa demo
    *nylon/if you love me-y2k - 70%
    y2k026r/no details
    *novacane vs noone driving/playa sol-direction - 2%
    sampms10616/no details
    *miss shiva/dreams-vc - 52%
    vzrtdjx4/no details
    john creamer & stephnie K/i love you-pipeline - 62%
    no details

    *kelis/young,fresh and new(timo maas) - virgin vustdjx212
    *vengence/song to the siren - conception cam033
    *rammstein/ich will(van dyk) - motar b157159
    *reanimator/rewire your brain - pulsive009
    *uberdruck/drugface - pulsive004
    *pureal/ease the pressure - playin001
    *mdm/mash it up - nulife 74321870471
    *jonah/yeah right! - kickin kick125
    *olivar klien/timeloop - maelstrom maelt005

    Fillin Playlist for John "ibeefa victim" Power's Show
    ( TX: 210901/22.00-02.00

    *skymixer/remember camels? - bootleg
    *power & spring/not so fast - spring slicd10601
    *future sound of london/papua new guinea(hybrid) - jumpin' & pumpin'
    *sandstorm/oomba - credence 12credx015
    *mrspring/desire - spring sli11001
    *novacane vs. noone driving/playa sol - direction
    *kelis/young free and raw(timo) - virgin
    oxia vs. the hacker/goodlife EP - nation
    *reflex/babadeng - clubgroove cgr019
    *ramirez/la musica tremenda - dfc 1393
    *quo vadis/la musica - wax 006
    *norman DJ/electronic technology - blutonium 036
    *beat cops/mindgames - bass city white
    *dj wout presents../the awakwning - illusion ill940101-12
    *heav'n/see the light - zentimental dmdzen 002
    *miss shiva/dreams - vc vartdjx4
    *chaper and page/poisend air - overdose dmddose 081
    *nylon/if you love me - y2k026r


    I love a good Virus-Scare!!!


    If i hear one more speech.. i'll puke. REDHAT 7.1 killed my main system, be very carefull with the garage edition people, they rip you for a full forkout again for shipping, and then LILO refuses to install and your MBR becomes nomore. MEssEE i hear you say???? Visiting DOC'S in Limrick this weekend, also hosting JOHN POWERs show friday night coz he's having his brain rewired.. Won't be doing the next tune on coloured vinyl after all, gonna do 180g Vinyl instead - thats heavy for those of you that dunno.. testpressings next week i hope..


    Remember, It's NEW YEAR'S EVE tonight if You have any ***ish Tendancys!! We'll be Having Humous for dinner and playing chess in a politicly furious manner to celebrate!

    Weekend Playlist for Mr.Spring`s Show on 2FM,
    ( TX: 150901/20.00-22.00

    Firen` Squad Squaddies: Dale Copeland (Purple Moon Records),Dubz (Real Coder),Pressure (That's Him).

    *ariel/out here-a7 - 57%
    a7-04/wri:beloso & house//automatic songs
    *green martian/indistry-serious vinyl - 76%
    serr038t/no details
    *justin robertson/the brightest thing-nuphonic - 13%
    nux172/no details
    *sandstorm/oomba-credence - 8%
    12cred015/wriicchotti//muchnoyse music
    *iio/rapture-data - 71%
    data27p1/wri:ali & moser//renemade music
    *zfactor/ride the rhythm-direction - 33%
    xpr2758/wri:joey negro//sony music

    *marc & claude/tremble - alphabetcity alph 0119-6
    *desert/lettin your mind go - future groove p12fgr017
    *dj tom/the message - 0815 r3cords
    *dj wag/the darkness - overdose dmddose 078
    *dj simple/y2k+1 - trauma
    *unknown/sometimes - cream records 0121
    *montiini traxx/sound of innocence - roadrunner
    *m/a forest - noname
    *johan gielen/velvet moods - freestyle

    So.. saturday was the 3rd birthday at SPACE at lamberts in camolin.. and didn`t we all do well!! Glad rob and company had a good turnout, i (we) were worried as Kavanagh & Pullen Were on down the road (literallY) and the last thing we need is a "split vote" on such a landmark night.. in fact it smacks heavily of a spoiler gig was on, i can`t understand why the 2 boys weren`t playing in camolin as well.. after all, the more the merrier! As it turned out, i arrived with Ricer on the Dex, and he was pumping nicely,i'm a bit blurry from then. hehe.. but i think it was a ruff and new ride for all.. we did have a couple of incidents.. well 3 actually.. [1]- the aggressive bouncers pushing everyone out of view if they came near the new decks podium, which is a nice thought when the front row are all in "chat to the DJ" mode and the DJ needs to work.. but i witnessed some agressive and mean pushing, especially of girls.. pity, but noone seemed to care.. the bouncer that damaged my record lasttime was present, and on my way out blatently threatend me and insisted i had finished before 3am because i valued my records and didn`t want him damaging them!!!??? i have to say now if i'd have seen him there when i'd arrived i'd have insisted he be put on car-park dutys.. smart ass. [2]-ingo's tunes were robbed between madchester and dubbling!? 2 boxes and his clothes! messy! so he borrowed some records and tried to do a set of sorts.. i hear it wasn't great but got alot worse after condensation dripping from the tent roof gave him a shock of the mixer resulting in a general "enuffing" from all concerned.. poor ingo! he was so downtrodden when i met him afterwards, no choons, nasty set, shock angle and no clean clothes or toothbrush etc.. well dood, let this be a word to the wise - baggage handlers STEAL record boxes,well, wouldn`t you? [3]-the fights! WTF? where did this come from? years of frying brains in psycho-whizz?? attack of the pissheads?? nah-football! bin dwinking since 11am takes it's toll by 2am!!!! pity.. (bleedin' scumbag slaughterheads).. So >>-=HapPY_thIRd_biRThDaY-=-SpacE=-<< actually still flattered you fork out for my services _still_ while other favorites of yours over the years have been so severly dropped from the rotation! I must be a hard habit to kick then


    Space (camolin) was a blast. Especially for Ingo! (more 2moro).. did i mention the DOWNLOADS page has changed?


    It began in afrika.. well to be precise, it began on an AMIGA.. and the DemoScenE to be precise.. so here it is.. the .MOD from the bubrain demo, and a nifty MODlayer for the peecee.. enjoy! do a search for .MOD files if you fancy hearing more mod choonz.. do the research, it'll make you feel good.. don't forget to read the dox in the modplayer zip..


    Playlist for Mr.Spring Doz Fanning on 2FM,
    ( TX: 110901/21.00-23.00

    *therapy/i am the money(full) - ark21
    *garbage/silence is golden - pias
    *led zepellin/rock n' roll - atlantic
    *flash in the pan/walking in the rain
    *doors/riders on the storm - elektra
    *front 242/headhunter - dindisc
    *future sound of london/papua new guinea(hybrid) - jumpin n pumpin
    *leftfield/afroride - virgin
    *todd terry/weekend - sleeping bag
    *patrick adams/weekend - wea
    *stereo MCs/lost in music - island
    *felix da housecat/control freq - cityrockers
    *fatboy slim/ya mama - skint
    *cure/the baby screams - fiction
    *eyedentity/too fuc*ing real - exite
    *south street players/music - tripoli trax
    *ariel/sampler 1 out here - a7
    *marco v/indicator - duty free
    *z factor/ride the rhythm - direction
    *sandstorm/oomba - credence

    Just watched Bush's speech,this is like a movie.. he even quoted the bible like they do in horror movies.. My last fanning show lastnight was a sombre affair, every room in the building had a news broadcast on, the radio 1 area of the corridor was very busy, lots of stern faces and anecdotes of similer emergencys in the past.. We skipped the movie 2nite and didn't really say much.. i really couldn't think of anything correct to say, so i left it.. "if we allow this to go unpunished...." (Newt Gingrich) This is the big one.. the americans are "getting serious" now with Afgan & Saddam's harbouring the people responsible and are asking them to hand them over (if it was them that did it??) This is bieng called "A war declared on terrorism" already on US news... In fairness (in fairness) if they DON'T get a fast and hard "settler" in and enuf this shit, then these (well educated but misguided) suicidal fanatical (but absolutly -=guaranteed=- a top gig in heaven for doing the deed.. no seriously.. they have it in writing. ) nutbags will piss all over us all.. and god knows what we will have to do to stop them.. I mean, what is the POINT of all this? Nobody is saying WHY anyone would WANT to do this kind of stuff.. I mean, What are their demands exactly? Surely we can come to some arrangement that profits everybody and doesn't mess up the world?! I reckon we need a global feud like we need a piss-soaked paper bag on our heads. er... Meanwhile while looking for distraction i found this for those of us that remember before the internet made modems commonplace.. God i love ANSI animations.. now in crude form reborn on text-messages!!


    I sit here in the bratcave watching FOXnews (who's offices are in view of the World Trade Centre) and i feel a growing chill creep over me.

    A Quote Gathered by Skynews:

    'I'm in a dream',In Israel in the West Bank city of Nablus hundreds of Palestinians distributed sweets to celebrate the attacks. Many also honked their car horns and fired rifles in the air.
    Mustafa, a 24-year-old gunman, said: "I feel I am in a dream. I never believed that one day the United States would come to pay a price for its support to Israel."

    The suspected terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon have been condemned by Muslim leaders - but also met with scenes of jubilation by some militants.
    Palestinian president Yasser Arafat said: "I send my condolences, the condolences of the Palestinian people to American President Bush and his government and to the American people for this terrible act.

    However at Palestinian refugee camps in the Lebanon, shots were fired into the air in celebration. One gunman said: "America and Israel are one. This is the result of American policy." [end quote]

    I feel cold inside now.

    2nite's the last night of spring doz fanning series 4


    " ......I have decided i am about to run out of world shortly and therefore am proposing we leave. You read correctly, Let's leave. Before we exhaust this place, let`s just leave, so there's still something here for us should we have to return. I'm thinking Mars looks nice.. Sure we'll be strangers in town and will have a tough time getting work and settling in, and learning to breath sulphurdioxide gas, and adjusting our diets to include radioactive dust and ignatious rock,but given time, i'm sure we can be just like someone's neihbour..."

    John Power Has Updated THE SCRIPT.

    Playlist for Mr.Spring Doz Fanning on 2FM,
    ( TX: 100901/21.00-23.00

    *charletans/love is the key
    *love/alone again or... - elektra
    *up,bustle & out/rough platter,diamond needle - ninja tune
    *squarepusher/my fuc*ing sound - warp
    *fourtet/unit angle - domino
    *the streets/has it come to this? - locked on
    *future sound of london/papua new guinea(hybrid) - jumpin n pumpin
    *liquid wheel/blue - red
    *mantronix/ladies - 10
    *desert/lettin' ur mind go. - future groove
    *macy grey/sweet baby(8 jam) - epic
    *ed case/who?(wideboys) - culombia
    *roots manuva/evil rabbit - big dada
    *sonic experience/hardcore innovator - strictly underground
    *m/a forest - roadrunner whitelabel
    *green martian/industry(durango 95) - serious vinyl
    *heav'n/see the light - zentimental
    *dj tom/the message -
    *push VS sunscream/please save me - inferno


    Weekend Playlist for Mr.Spring`s Show on 2FM,
    ( TX: 080901/20.00-22.00

    Firen` Squad Squaddies: BP Fallon (Original Prankstah),Conor G (Nova/Mono),Ken O'Flannigan (Kiss/Various).

    *mange le funk/i still want you-gusto - 23%
    prgus5/no details
    *watkins/black a.m.-direction - 44%
    1am/wri:thomas/arnold//sony music
    *chemical brothers/it began in afrika-virgin - 95%
    chemsdj12/wri:rowlands & simmons & ingrham//mca music
    *bob marley & the wailers/i know a place-island - 30%
    12tgx10dj/wri:marley//marley & blue mountain music
    *genius cru/course bruv-kronik records - 80%
    brun1/no details +442074503041
    *s.i. futures/we are not a rockband-novamute - 30%
    nomu85cd/wri:begg//cop con

    *norman dj/electronic technology - blu036
    wri:friedrich//edition blutonium MV
    *montini traxx/untitled - whitelabel 23203026
    *antiband/fuckin rock n roll - prg 7171
    *chapter & page/poisend air - overdose dmddose081
    wri:brenner & phadt//edition beam
    *ramirez/la musica tremenda(storm) - dfc 1393
    *drugace/untitled - pulsive 004 0846581201
    *cuban sluts/bossa nova baby - gusto prgus4
    *pureal/ease the pressure - white playin001
    *reflex/babading - clubgroove cgr019

    Nice weekend, if a little hectic!! Strange, but i felt quite downed by what fergie played for us at REDBOX,a load of rattling trounce-pounce bangalicious stuff that frankly i couldn`t get my head 'round, maybe it's cool where he plays, and that would explain why i nevr cross his path when gigging!? Or maybe i'm getting old.. all banging rolling threatning skagout stuff,but i am only speaking from experience of the first 40-50 minutes of each of their sets,maybe they lightend up a bit later on and i missed it.. No mental aspect, dead serious all the way.. Sure it was _waaay coool_ stuff, but IMHO it was painfull bollocks... Fergie eventually picked it up and by 3am was blasting out PICOTTO-esque stuff at +6 - comments from the attendance ranged from "sublime" to "ridiculous" re:the night in general.. but i think overall (barring my personal tastes) the night was a massive success for THE SESSIONS TOUR in dublin - always a difficult town!! Oh, and the audience wasn't as split as had been xpected either, the temple was comfortably full and the redbox sold out! One thing that bugged me was CASPER was looking very hasstled and busy all night in the redbox and when we all retired to THE CHOCL8 BAR for a nightcap, he announced INFRONT OF EVERYBODY that "only fergie was to be served"!!!! helloooo???? WTF?? We can all hear you?! I immediatly suggested Fergie order 18 pints so we could all have a drink, he didn`t see the funny side of it and failed to run with the vibe. WHAT A LET DOWN!!!! Needless to say we all legged it to our respective places of unwinding and left The Choccy Bar cru to wallow in their own ambiance. Such a pity, cos the staff, lights, sound and production value were all spot on throughout the night Caught waving their hands in the air like they just didn`t care at redbox: KEN OFLANNIGAN,CONOR G and BP FALLON! Caught by Pat o'keefe for playing his own tune (all of it) AGAIN before the next DJ comes on: DARRAN FLYNN..Oh and for those of you that know her, my little sister dropped a sprog on saturday, a girl!


    Sent off the master of the next toon on SPRING RECORDS today.. I Finally settled for the FiretrUCK(a.k.a. desire,a.k.a. the fire) with the Embalmer track ("pheno-dichlorohydrate-benzorex") on the flip. It`s catalogue Number will be SLI11001 and will be distributed by TUNED in london.. We'll start with 500 whites on coloured vinyl as usual and take it from there..


    Playlist for Mr.Spring Doz Fanning on 2FM,
    ( TX: 050901/21.00-23.00

    *raven maize/the real life(slim) - rulin
    *chemical brothers/afrika - virgin
    *gadgeteers/wake up - 5ht
    *drops of jupiter/train
    *hanging by a moment/lifehouse
    *turn off the light/nelly furtado
    *mrspring/***** - spring
    *human league/love action - virgin
    *kraftwerk/numbers - emi
    *midnite star/freek-a-zoid - mca
    *planet perfecto/bites the dust - perfecto
    *felix da housecat/control freq
    *[unidentified musak]
    *andre neumann/first picture of you - wonderboy
    *miss shiva/dreams - vc
    *sonic infusion/reformatted - bonzai
    *sunscream vs. push/please save me - inferno
    *4 strings/into the night - liquid


    Playlist for Mr.Spring Doz Fanning on 2FM,
    ( TX: 040901/21.00-23.00

    Last night was a real messy one.. the mobile was dead, keeps having no signal, and the only waaay to get signal back is by pulling the battery out! messy! oh, and the handsfree doesnt work anymore, so no more typing messages while talking!! Horrible situation, bloody hell!! AND the chatserver wouldnt work, although i did manage to configure a terminal to use the rte proxy with NS6 the bleeding chat was dead.. messsssyyyy. Maybe it'll work tonight, yeah, and maybe i'll go snorting vodka this weekend with the pope and lemmy outof motarhead... Big session this weekend in REDBOX, fergie is playing, while in the TEMPLE it's jules (apparently)..So i might stay in on saturday and floss the cats.. ehm.

    *spiritualised/stop you crying - no details
    *eurythmics-the city never sleeps - rca
    *wish you were here/pink floyd - emi
    *talk talk/life's what you make it - emi
    *si futures/we are not a rock band - novamute
    *new order/your silent face - qwest digital
    *new order/rock the shack - london
    *groove armada/suntoucher - pepper
    *charletans/love is the key - no details
    *david kitt/you know what i want to know - blanco y negro
    *basement jaxx/just 1 kiss - xl
    *roots manuva/dreamy days - big dada
    *sophie ellis baxter/take me home - mistake
    *chemical brothers/afrika - virgin
    *soft cell/bedsitter - some bizzare
    *desert/lettin your mind go - future groove
    *watkins/black a.m. - direction(sony)
    *push/the legacy - inferno
    *midas/fire in the sky(agnelli & nelson) - credence


    God i am bored. Bored bored boRed bOreD boRED bOred BoreD bOrEd BorEDyborDybordbordbordyBooored.

    Playlist for Mr.Spring Doz Fanning on 2FM,
    ( TX: 040901/21.00-23.00

    *jack l/so far gone - dara
    *fatboy slim/ya mama - skint
    *mrspring/the embalmer - spring
    *utah saints/sick - roadrunner
    *demon boyz/original jungalist - tribal base
    *etienne de crecy/scratched(hype) - xl
    *genius cru/coarse bruv - white label
    *si futures/we are not a rock band - novamute
    *jean michele jarre/magnetic fields 4(live) - polydor
    *felix da housecat/magic fly - city rockers
    *human league/love me madly - papillon
    *ragga/ghost story - exite
    *ty feat shorty blitz/i can`t hear you - wordplay
    *N.E.R.D./am i high? - virgin
    *de la soul/say no go - tommyboy
    *chemical brothers/afrika - virgin
    *alex kidd/strawberry lane - f-comm
    *ariel baund/love generation - inversus
    *johan gielen/velvet moods - freestyle
    *040/dreams(lost witness) - mainline
    *sonic infusion/reformatted - bonzai
    *green martian records #39


    Playlist for Mr.Spring Doz Fanning on 2FM,
    ( TX: 030901/21.00-23.00

    *konkrete/law unto myself - perfecto
    *chemical brothers/afrika - virgin
    *muse/bliss - mushroom
    *charletans/love is the key - bmg
    *garbage/androgeny - mushroom
    *donna summer/i feel love - casablanca
    *opm/heaven is a halfpipe
    *mrspring/deep red - spring
    *3rd eye surfers/globalhashfutugraff - black sheep
    *kelis/young,fresh & new - virgin
    *depthcharge/silver fox - silverfox
    *groove armada/suntoucher - virgin
    *dj+1 & kila kula/the proservas - wordplay
    *eve/let me blow yuor mind - sony
    *the rough & the quick
    *tall tin box/god's love - perfecto
    *lil devious/come home(clarke) - rulin
    *silverback/monkeylover - serious
    *sonic infusion/reformatted - bonzai

    Wow!! a real complaint at last.. i got ratted on for playing 3 EYE SURFERS lastnight!! Such a shame, since the only thing going for it is the profanity in the intro, the rest of the choon stinks IMHO!! Power Updated the SCRIPT lastnight... And it looks like i'll be doing mon & tue next week for Dave Fanning as well now.. so.. there.. Chatroom was working lastnite, nice change Made the Bside for The new release today - THE EMBALMER! After watching WITHNAIL & I lastnight.. It`s a really simple structure,but i made some amazing granular stuff for it.. quite like it, a nice compliment for FiretrUCK..


    Weekend Playlist for Mr.Spring`s Show on 2FM,
    ( TX: 010901/20.00-22.00

    Firen` Squad Squaddies: Jay Pidgeon (Temple),Gabry Fassano (BXR records),Raff (RaffDaGaff records).

    *mystery/the mystery-inferno - 26%
    djfern42/no details
    *dj hardware/static resistance-rosenberg - 33%
    sol014t/wri:hardware & stout//pure music
    *liberty/thinking it over-v2 - 25%
    vvr5017776p//v2 music
    *victoria beckham/not such an innocent girl-virgin - 11%
    vstdj1816/wri:kipner & frampton//sonic graffiti
    *push VS sunscream/please save me-inferno - 16%
    fam007/no details
    *konkrete/law unto myself-perfecto - 27%
    perf23cds/wri:konkrete//mute song

    *beat cops/mind games - beatcity bcr0011t
    *tall tin box/god's love - perfecto perfsumo1
    *matanica/lost in a dream - camoflage cm2001015
    *offcast project/into the light - reign +441506443888
    *space brothers/everywhere i go - manifesto ewig1
    *omnipresence/the weapon - md md0085
    *scooter/devil drums - sheffield tunes 0110590 stu
    *lars palmas/gang bang society - edm 054
    *ben shift/la isla dorada - md md0083

    "it was the 3rd of september.. a day i'll always remember.."


    2nites FIREN SQUAD squaddies: Kenno Flannigan,Jay "the stud" Pidgeon and Some bloke playing at REDBOX 2nite.. I did my first chatroom lastnight (in more ways then 1!!) and i wish 2 announce it was a pleasure.. i was actually very busy in the shack throughout, alot of stuff 2 do coz of the end of the month, so i cudn't keep up really.. but a nice bunch over at heheh! I will officially be attempting to be in OUR chatroom here as often as possible..

    So.. speaking of end of the month.. we had a RECORD month!! new hit record of 24933! thats 804 requests for something from a DAY,peaking with 1315 a day?! nice one! the 360-degree real audio thingy was the most requested file, you liked that despite it's massive size, cool! Google,Yahoo and Lycos all sent ppl our way, which was nice,but 10 times the number of ppl finding us with a search engine find us with a direct hit... There are still ppl using Netscape v2(!!) but IE5 still leads the pack with NS4 and Opera 5 tailing behind.. CuntGraf looks likedis:


    1 -Ireland
    2 -US Commercial
    3 -United Kingdom
    4 -Austria
    5 -Sweden
    6 -Germany
    7 -Australia
    8 -Netherlands
    9 -Canada
    17-Slovak Republic
    23-Russian Federation
    24-Czech Republic
    jUst plAythAtbEAt