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  • October 2001


    Weekend Playlist for Mr.Spring`s Show on 2FM,
    ( TX: 271001/20.00-21.00

    ++ bank holiday "blood n` guts" edition!! ++

    Firen` Squad Squaddies: tome cole (as frankenstien), stephen carroll (as dracula), dj pressure (as hannibal).

    *big ron/cold chills-on & spot on - 22%
    on001/wri:gilbert & gorry//bmg music
    *dj gert vs marcel woods/once-roadrunner bel. - 10%
    nt5020/no details
    *spiller/crybaby-positiva - 30%
    cdtivdj163/wri:spiller & troutman//S.I.A.E. & cop con
    *daniel beddingfield/gotta get thru` this-relentless - 32%
    relent27/no details
    *groove armada/my friend-pepper - 81%
    9230532/wri:crouch & mckinney//human rhythm music
    *psychedelic waltons/wonderland-echo - 1%
    ecdj1202//cop con & warner chappell
    *tukan/light a rainbow-incentive - 11%
    cent33tdj/no details

    *afroman/coz i gots bootlegged - bootman afb1
    *badmarsh & shri/get up - out41x
    *U.O.A./U.O.A. - full horror tfh0101
    *spock/lost in space - fragile frg008
    *jp vs. allstars/untitled - blockbuster block2003 +49(0)69.9414-3844
    *pulsedriver/i dominate u(scott proj.) - nothing pulle1
    *commander tom/are am i?(wout) - bonzai bc-2001-031
    *those meddlin kids/& down again - demo
    *warp brothers/blast the speakers - dos r die dos181
    *luna park/space melody - underdog ud-x3


    Tralee 2nite.. Check this out if you fancy Yourself as a ChipHeD.. I`ll be there..


    Mmm.. tralee this sunday apparently. Okaaay.. bank holiday is it? Thaaats right.. Went 2 the launch thingy for CLUNBBING DOTCOM the magazine thingy last nite in the kitchen.. so many dear dear dear friends.. all gathering to toast the latest arrival from the GPO cru.. aw.. isn`t it cute! Lovely little First issue and all that! Aw.. Well, it looks good and reads well and is a valliant effort for a first issue... i`m in it too!! heheh! So.. Go any buy it!! You baaaaasterds! Her's my advice:: First issue MUST be bought as it`s the First issue, and regardless of content, in fairness, it`s the first issue, and it has a CD on the cover. And it`s irish & it`s the First Issue. In fairness to the lads, it`s a Fuc* sight more levelled at us (yes us) then most other lifestyle mags on the shelves. And it`s Irish and it`s the First issue. Oh, and it`s quite good really,almost worth buying. In fact i can ==CONFIRM== i would have bought it _anyway_ even if i hadn`t been given one lastnight, and even if it Wasn`t the first issue, and even if it wasn`t irish.. and eeeeven if it didn`t have me in it... I actually hope it goes on and on. and gets some "disco babes straddled across Jetax-Exhaust" spreads going.. and a regular section on italian horror films and vintage video games (all very important componants of the irish/euro clubbing scene you`ll agree..) i`ve discussed it all with the lads and they agree- more stylish slasher writeups and techno-skin is the way to go.. But not a bad start at ALL! Goddamn.



    Me n power did a choon yesterday - it`s to be referred to as "& Down Again.." from now on.


    Strange thing of the day: I have been nominated as Best Irish DJ in this year's (?) BBM Awards!??! Well.. er.. ehm.. wow.. ehh.. i just like to thank the crew.. and the cru.. and.. er.. (cough) ehm.. jessus this is soooo emotional.. (blub).. (sniff).. (blubber).. Thankuverymush... (wipes nose and eyes)..

    Weekend Playlist for Mr.Spring`s Show on 2FM,
    ( TX: 201001/20.00-21.00

    Firen` Squad Squaddies: Will O'Brien (Seriously in2 chocol8), BP Fallon (.com), Declan Canning (purple moon).

    *eddy grant/walking on sunshine-ice & eastwest- 33%
    sam00356/wri:grant//greenheart music
    *marshall jefferson/music makes me happy-cleveland city - 48%
    cle130-69/wri:jefferson//cop con
    *badmarsh & shri/get up-white label - 61%
    out41x/no details//no details
    *nestle/babe ruth bar aka. "nudge"-nestle - 8%
    strange chewy fudge thingy with peanuts
    *delerium/underwater-nettwerk - -2% (minus two percent)
    33141-1/wri:leeb & rani//chrysalis songs
    *felix da housecat/harlot - city rockers - 91%
    cityrock1cd/wri:f stallings Jr.//sherlock holmes music
    *bbe vs. emmanual top/orion-electret - 30%
    dmpe07/wri:top//*****tore music publishing

    *olivar klien/rheinkraft - leaded 0972.40976.0
    *tony vankomono/headrock - 3beat 19box007
    *sunkissed/round trip - future groove 12fgr009
    *mr.spring/desire - spring recordings sli11001
    *groovelikers/grooveliker - drop out 0107-6
    *airplay/the music is moving - eastwest 0927.40252.0
    *kai tracid/life is 2 short - tracid traxx ttx2031
    *dj shredda/chainsaw - pulsive 006
    *marc manga/chase the sun - NZ053


    Alleged Squaddies 2nite: BP Fallon, Will O'Brien + 1 & Jay Cisco + 1.

    Hey hey! Survived the Sligo trip as usual.. special shouts as always 2 DERRICK on the pilot duties.. And so EQUINOX is alive and well i can confirm! Arrived to see the collagething in full arousal.. mmm.. rude.. people casually walking around the town, in the middle of the road, holding Pint-glasses.. etc.. etc.. and wasn`t it a busy night r wot? Fergal (am i right?) had the crowdz appitite well whetted with a fit entree of bubbling beats.. strangely the topic of the week has been weather r not "warm-up" (i h8 that term) DJs should bang the shit out of the place or not before the main event.. i'm begenning to feel like a right bolloc*s walking into a happening vibe, and knowing how the DJ feels when he has to hand the dex over 2 me.. i mean, the crowd were there for the taking and all that.. As the world has already been in formed i couldn`t care less WHAT people think of me ,but i can`t help feeling like i'm imposing at times - you know? And REALLY pissing the Guy on b4 me off - i have an idea for a movie.. how about the psycho DJ plot where the Star has warmed up for 1 too many posing meatheads and seen them simply "finish off" the job he started.. for years he's watched the glory go to a succession of flash gits that all crash & burn by the wayside eventually while year-in-year-out he's faithfully rocked and shocked the crowd into a state of willing surrender for them.. and for what? A secure job? Fu*k that!! He wants action! He wants Random Birds and Parties!! And if he can`t have them.. he'll mutilate EVERY guest DJ in the Scene till he's the only one left able to travel! [note: it's part of his evil plan to make the flash-jox WATCH him rise to the top as they suffer in the torment of bieng too mutilated to wee straight let alone rock da shop - killing them fully would be letting them off!! Mmmmmm.. "DJ Hannibal".. we could re-write PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, except with loads of random birds and kicking toons!] ehm.. er.. ehh.. yeah, so anyway, Fergal warmed up very well, and i hope he got to play what he wanted to.. _and_ we got to visit MISSION CONTROL at equinox! Heheheh. An excellently awkward request for an auld coffee resulted in a bit of a logistics nightmare, but thanks to a cool head bieng kept all round, it all worked out perfectly, and we can now report that not only is the coffee excellent in MISSION CONTROL, but philip has a BLACK p.c. Mmmm... Blaaaack.. [Tip: when installing a new DVD drive or whatever in a black PC, get a nice can of matching black car-spraypaint and pop the plastic off the front of the drive for a nice even spraying, then the cool-but-offwhite coloured thingy you had to install - and by doing so ruining the look of the nice-black PeeCee - will be regulation hard-as-nails BLACK to match the rest of the face.] Oh and the crowd? "Deeeer boys, dear girls.." (spoken in a "monty" form WITHNAIL & I voice) simply elegent.. wonderfull.. Now, the Sound.. so.. i reckon my salvo after the last time i played there (re:sound,shittyness of) resulted in a few harsh words in my absence, but in fairness it WAS on it`s knees, and it needed to be AT LEAST told to pull itself 2gether.. It seems it has INDEED been caressed into bieng a nice PA again! Not as nasty by half in the top-end - i remember having a SHAVE from those horns at one time, very horrible, and probably the cause of the HoooOOooWWWllLLLLLl at the time - in fact damnright workable.. and the bass is well heavy now.. i found that i had to REMOVE about 15% of the bass end to avoid a total brown-out some of the time.. and yes, a bit of the old breakdown-moan DID appear a bit, but hell.. it`s back up there with the best in the country now again.. it's not perfect, but it is so much happier then it had been previuosly.. i can`t wait to read it`s book on the subject - how it was plunging into the depths of depression, how no other PAs wanted to hang out with it anymore cos' it was so messy, how all it wanted was a loving fiddle, how it stopped talking to the top end and fell out with the decks.. and then the triumphant (?) return to form.. attending rehab, the friends that stood by it, the slow painfull process of winning back it`s self-respect.. blah blah.. (shit, another born-again-PA story?.. sigh..) So.. in short.. I've had 3 hours sleep. I think. And today i actually GAVE UP going into town. The traffic was sooooo silly, there were Soooo may bombscares, soooo many Anthrax scares and sooooo much rain that i actually GAVE THE FUC* UP and turned around and came home. It didn`t work though. They Knew. And they all turned around and gave up as well. I DID do a double-whammey and turn around again since everyone else was now LEAVING the city, but they were thinking the same thing.. and we all ended up in the same soup again except this time 5 miles further away from the city! So. The world is ending. It has begun.


    Bloody Students Tonight in Sligo.. Back at EquinoX for the first time in ages.. and it _would_ be a student vibe, wouldn`t it??? Power Updated the Script today.. So many requests from people for FREE copies of DESIRE - sorry!?! We are doing a special mailout of ZERO on this one! I insist on testing the theory that mailouts actually _harm_ sales!! Anyway, i've handed out and personally (and by proxy) sent out shedloads of EPs and Albums this summer and got little or NO response! Only JOHN KELLY and SONIQUE used what i gave them at work, everyone else gave me the ceremonius Cold shoulder!? Well, 2 can play at that game - DESIRE is not for you people!!!! "If you want it, You must pay.. And if You mention Extortion again, i`ll cut your legs off.." [spoken like the mafia-mayor in ANIMAL HOUSE] So how you like that? Feel good?


    Latest Release Now Available On the Net!!!

    Check for details on the Latest Spring Recordings' Release: Cat# SLI11001 "Desire & The Embalmer". It is apparently available from ALL the usual Internet Sources In The UK this week,Most Dance Stockists UK & Ireland from Next Weekend, European Internet Availability Next week and European, Asian and American Shops the week after.. If your favorite supplier (real or electronic) has a blank expression upon demanding a copy (it's on vinyl and limited to 800 white-labels in black bags with banner stickers) mention they/he/she/it can get supplies from TUNED distribution in London... If you'd like a quick listen to the record, check out the REALPLAYER clips for downstreaming or downloading on the DOWNLOADS page.

    Cons-piracy Theory:

    Chapter 17: "The Internet Sucks Even Harder In Ireland.."

    So have you noticed the latest moves in EIRCOM to make us all get new "dual" or "digital" or "high speed" lines? Calling any of the 1891 1p-a-minute internet access numbers is just not providing any satisfaction!!!! Endless loops of Failed Negotiations.. random dropping of lines, Long periods of "no answer" behaviour.. YET THE FULL PRICE "free" NUMBERS and LOCAL FULLLLLL PRICE NUMBERS ALL CONNECT FIRST TIME! Go figger. Now you'd think this would have us all saying "fu*k this, i`m goin' for a high-speed line.. this messing is too much to bear.." But >>HOLD UP, WAIT A MINUTE<< (shouted in a rappalistic stylee) this sounds familier?! Isn`t this what happend with our computers all the time? Some Wanker moves the goalposts and we have to spend monEy and uPgradE just to do our daily tasks? Well i say ENUF you SmEIRCOM fools.. No fuc*ing waaaaay i'm changing anything, you make the regular 1891 service WORK first or just be honest about it and withdraw the service completely - admitting you'd prefer us all on Dual lines and furnish us with a nice 1p-a-minute (or .7 eurocents) service instead. >>Are you alllll with me??!?<< (shouted in a belusi-in-animal house stylee)


    So.. Rugby Club it was lastnight.. and scrum we did!! Surprisingly it wasn't as bad as i'd been teased it was.. RON of RON'S MOBILE DISCO accompanied Myself & RiskySean,DUNCO and Cru to (yes!) er.. the Rugby Club in Mullingar and it had it's problems, but they were no worse then the problems we experience in other purpose-built clubs - ie: Hum/bass feedback during the breakdowns causing massive problems on the left deck - probably down to logistics since it was only the left deck - Unbearable heat - touching on scary at times - A total loss of the Top end near the end of the night resulting in me having to bring the PA guy by the hand out the front to hear it was gone, and he actually asked me what was missing? DUH! the hihats fool.. er.. the treble?? You know? It`s not meant to sound like a bear with a pillow in it`s mouth.. er.. hello?? Ah well.. he'll be buying a nice new set of tweeters now - that's what he gets for running his gear in a sweat-box at full duty-cycle for 5 hours! Let this be a lesson to you, and you have my sympathy on the passing of your top-end.. I have to say i DID enjoy the event! Such memories of the days before we were allowed into REAL nightclubs to play.. I mean.. rugby club, enthusiastic organisation (against all odds - mullingar has _no_ nightclub- probably for good "financial" reasons) and a capacity crowd and the (sigh) glorious sight of people bieng refused entry due to the club bieng full and TRYING TO CLIMB IN THE WINDOWS! hahahahahaha. And a friendly crowd & vibe.. Oh, and we did have the Industry-Standard Power Failure mid-set - always a crowd-pleaser!! Some advice lads - ventillate the club, rent de-humidfiers and Airconditioning units (or form a company and lease them), place the decks on a solid floor not on the same plateau as the speakers (to cut out the BOOOOM feedback) and get a bigger PA but run it at HALF volume - then it will sound better and last forever.. But PLEASE form a members club as soon as you can - issue members cards, have social meetings and look at making a long-term thing happen.. Doesn`t Mullingar deserve a club? Wouldn`t 500 Active members be able to make it happen? I tink so. You could even have a subscription charge and run FREE nights! Am i making any sense here?

    Weekend Playlist for Mr.Spring`s Show on 2FM,
    ( TX: 131001/20.00-21.00

    Firen` Squad Squaddies: Jay Pidgeon (Bloke That Has His Picture In Magazines), Conor G* (Porn Star), John Power* (Now Available In Chrome), Robbie Butler* (Sortof), Ron (Mobile Disco Intact), Mark McCabe* (Wudfitinsam), Johnny Moy + 1* (Briefly) , Darran Flynn (Insomniaac).

    * Live Via Swedish Microwave From THE WINTERPARTY @ Point Depot, Dublin.

    *boca/miami-alphabet city- 51%
    alph 0118-6/wri:bodzin//warner chappell & alphabet city music
    *tungsteen/couplicity-funked up - 55%
    084733120 eur012//no details
    *depeche mode/free love-mute - 1%
    *afroman/cos i got hi-universal - 65%
    mcst 40266/wri:foreman//publishing designee
    *new order/60 miles an hour-london - 68%
    8573896212/wri:new order//gema/mcps
    *hypertraxx/paranoid(scott project)-overdose - 40% (+/- 0%)
    dmddose 080r/wri:barnes & adam//2bp & universal germany


    Houseisdead link if fixed on the DOWNLOADS page - sorry!!

    Tonight i visit the quiet see-saw-town of MULLINGAR for some rugby-club thing (??)!!??(!!??) good god! I haven`t been in a rugby-club since i was a teenage vandel.. but that's another story! Ant THE FIREN' SQUAD 2nite could be a new record for Nutbagness.. RON of mobile Disco Fame is on the squad and (allegedly) PEASY & BLOCKO are in town and will be joining RAYMOND FRANKLIN as gunners... and what a bumper crop of stinky weeds we have for general smoking!!! In fact - rentokill will have nowt on us - such an abundance of new stuff this week - i don`t know where we'll find the time!! I have to give up the last hour of the show 2nite for a live broadcast from the point depot, so it`ll be a qwik hour of messing then over to there.. Saw HANNIBAL at last last night - cool bit at the end - feeding someone their own brains? Classic - a man after my own heart! But nice to see the FBI had Osama Bin-Liner on the Top-Ten most wanted list at the time of filming.. how er... perceptive of them!!

    It`s now time to introduce a new player into the scene here in Ireland - he`s been well known and totally ignored for his complete lack of Taste and knowledge of dance-music for years now, but his special performance this week has elevated him to a place of honour - ladies & gentleworms, please put your lips together, poke your tongue between them & blow for.. SALLY!! Sally Sally Sally. Saaaaaaalllllllllyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeee. Sally forth sally!! Sally is a bitch, and he`s READY to stick his nose into anything going and make a mess of it & himself!! Sally not only offends, but she introduces a BRAND NEW twist into the plot - that of PITYFULL WONDER! Yes - bask in the modern marvel of a bieng that is so chamically altered and sexually depraved that he strikes a stiffy at the mere thought of causing someone discomfort! He LOVES to say "NO" when the nice thing to do is say "YES".. He not only carves up his nose to spite his face/boost his seratonin levels/install temporary balls, but he gleefully stomps on his nose and calls it names before barring it from his face - JUST TO ANNOY IT! If it`s unfair, if it`s destructive, if it's downright puzzlingly unpleasently rude - SALLY'S ON THE CASE (cue 70`s "wacka-wacka" copshow music...) Welcome into our community SALLY, at last you have your dream - you are a player!


    Have you checked the script?


    22798 hits in September - Thanks!!!!!

    WAR! What is it good for? (etc..) Well.. as far as WE are concerned.. it`s lots of lovely jobs in the engineering industry making missile cases and aircraft parts, loads of work in the tech sector making mission critical electronic componants, tons of work in the textile industry making bodybags and imaginge the rush there's going to be on sesame-seed buns for burial ceremonys!! If you are interested, you can find FOX NEWS on your SKY digibox as part of the SKY NEWS INTERACTIVE service, hit the red button while watching Skynews, other satheads can find FOX NEWS on Astra 1 (old sky) using an old analog skybox, tune around, you`ll find it.. while if you have a Shortwave radio in the house, tune to 11.176Mzh and fiddle with the BFO or try switching modes (USB etc..) and you will hear the Bombers calling in on the way to the drop site!! Craaaazy Baaaby!! I'm actually a bit freaked (as you do) since the victims of the US/UK attacks are bound to be pissed off at their shacks/caves/dung heaps bieng chargrilled and could get messy on us in return.. i mean, who fancies dealing with SELLAFIELD bieng whacked by a hi-jacked something-or-other? or maybe the INTEL plant on our east coast? I do understand that if nowt is done in retalliation for the 11th then it`s an invitation for anyone with a page-or-2 missing from their script to go on a nutbag spree all over our asses,but shit this is heavy stuff - and suspisiously close to the global trade downturn.. i do hope it`s all in the bag soon, and that the world stays united after the common NME is vanquished - i hope that this makes people realise we MUST get along, at least until we can leave the planet!

    For full UNBIASED stuff (ie:the stuff everyone else doesnt DARE mention) about the war, goto THE DRUDGE REPORT on the LINKS page.

    Biiiiiiiiiiig shouts to the Saturday cru @ Panama Jaxx,great 2 c u all again, and nice to feel the air tingling again up there! As some of the cru noticed i was a little messy on the night - you can thank our good friend BENELYN 4FLU for that - i was dieng with the runny-nose and "whereami?"s so had to medicate and it was a bit wierd 2bhonest.. a bit like bieng pissed - but more from the piss's point of view!!!!!! Ah well, at least my nose stopped running! I wouldn`t reccomend 4FLU if you have to operate ANY machinary at all - cheers to DERRICK for the excellent Xport job in the all-new neon-dash Turbo Passat and Dunco for the watchfull eye.. goddamn the flu.. this isn`t even a nice 1.. only mild dreams, hardly as good as the one i had in june - that was 70mm DTS Panoramic dreams and full on melts all round.. grr! Poxy cheapo flu! Played the new choon on sat nite 2,and (shock!) DESIRE was recognised by select members of the audience!??! cool.

    Oh, and i missed from midnight of saturday's sessionstour from Henri's - i can confirm it _was_ a Back-=2=-bacK set from Shane & Greg and also that it rocked! - but, IMHO it was the Jazziest Session Yet - pure velvet and viagra! I wud have liked to have been there, but due to a previous engagement (see above) and my standing Lifetime Barring from Cork after the "You are now leaving Cork city" sign incident in 1995, i had to make do with the live broadcast & my MD of same.. grrr.. there had been a book opend on who would finish the night, greg or shane, but the back-2-back angle enuffed that..

    Weekend Playlist for Mr.Spring`s Show on 2FM,
    ( TX: 061001/20.00-22.00

    -=<[SpeciaL 5-membeR EditioN SimulcasT : CorK & DubliN]>=-

    Firen` Squad Squaddies: Leagues (Network 2TV/No Disco), Greg Dowling (HeadFish - Sir Henri's), Conor G (Mono), Stevie G (Comet etc..), Pete Hellar (Creator).

    *hall & oats/i can`t go for that-bmg - 23%
    hall01 74321 890351/wri:hall & oats//bmg music BIEM/GEMA LC00316
    *phats & small/change-multiply EMI - 17%
    12multy80p/wrihats & small//GB-AWV-01-02643 - no details
    *armand van helden/why can`t u spare sum time 4 me?-white - 21%
    zarmp18/wri:van helden//cop con
    *mark b & blade/there's no stoppin it-wordplay - 55%
    wordt032/wri:blade & life//cop con & westbury music
    *nilo/a summers song-perfecto - -2% (minus 2 percent)
    perf20tp/wri:davoli & sandham//universal music

    *cuardo/summer breeze - unsubmissive b152110
    *minimilistix/close cover - arcade 1a12th 002
    *luna park(de donatis)/space melody - underdog edel ud-x3
    *tony vankomono/headrock - 3beat 19box007
    *ariel baund/love generation - inversus inv12x
    *airwave/save me - serious vinyl serr037t
    *liquid sky/psichoterapia - und1067-12
    *d-gor/signal level - pace 005
    *dj arne lii+dj mirko milano/assimilation - deep mission dm22


    Top 25 MrSpring.Net Nations:

    1 Unresolved/Unknown
    2 Ireland
    3 US Commercial
    4 United Kingdom
    5 US Educational
    6 Germany
    7 Canada
    8 Australia
    9 Hungary
    10 Sweden
    11 Japan
    12 Belgium
    13 Italy
    14 Denmark
    15 Spain
    16 Netherlands
    17 Saudi Arabia
    18 France
    19 New Zealand (Aotearoa)
    20 Switzerland
    21 Slovak Republic
    22 Norway
    23 Czech Republic
    24 Finland
    25 Poland
    26 United States
    27 Austria
    28 Israel
    29 Croatia (Hrvatska)
    30 United Arab Emirates

    Wheyheyyy!! Nice one Unknown Cru!!


    I have been in CompUT3r HelL for days now.. i know i deserve it.. i know i do.. Why you ask? OK.. here we go.. the Main 10 gig on my Audio Computer (here in the bratcave) had started hanging the system on boot, but i could plug/unplug my way round it and did nothing.. then it started to "cluck".. oh yes.. the heads knocking off something in the safety zone.. then SCANDISK on every hang, then the dreaded "SCANDISK IS SEARCHING FOR CROSSLINKED FILES" for 5 hours!!! Enuf is enuf.. off for a 60gig from Dutron, i did flirt with the local dealer, and Compukestore, and MAPLIN (the daddies) but none had any suss ona 7200 spin [RULE 239a:Ah welll, might as well upgrade since i have to fix/replace it] so Darran drove it owt in his (still) stock GTI and marvellled at my alum case (more l8r) and off i went, 80-strand cables ahoy,UDMA66 etc.. and the poxy bios wouldn't play ball.. off to PCPARTNER's site in Taiwan, got the Award flash file and i poked the bios into the present day.. Lovely, it admits its a 60gig.. heheh! so then WinDoZe develops this inability to run in anything but safety/real mode, hanging on EVERY full boot! WTF? After pulling the Display, DSPengine, TVcard,SCSI and choosing every possible lame bios setup i narrowed it down to the IDE cdburner - a new 9200 series HP.. and lo!! it was the culprit.. goddamn! WTF? so ive had to go SCSI for the CDRs now.. arse. But i did get it all back again and the spooky bits: the ORIGINAL problem was on the Drive i use for current mastering stuff.. ALL the work i'd done in months nearly bit the big one.. shite! -=and=- the poxy IDE writer works fine in the Linux box and the 2 Wintel boxes i tried it in after?!! what is it with this audio PeeCee? It has eaten 4 Harddrives,2 powersupplys, 2 videocards, 3 motherboards, 2 cases, 2 floppydrives,3 soundcards, a DVB card and 13 (yes thirteen!) Fans (3 cpu, 10 case) in only 30 months!! How about that for value! Meanwhile, the Olympic 486/50DX i use for sequencing in the studio has been going PERFECTLY since 1993! Hellloooooooo???????? It`s even overclocked to 150 in the chip and overlaying the system on a (massive in 1996) 800MB hardrive! And it`s been gigged! And Partied! And choked daily. Grrr!! Ahh.. but the main PeeCee here is looking very nice indeed.. did the full aluminium jobbie, perspex window lit with cold-cathode blue light internally, rounded cables and 3 80mm fans.. mmmm faaaasssttt and cooooolllldd.. i'll put up a piccy soon to annoy you all. It took MONTHS to get right.. and it is with special thatnks to CIAN and STAN it has been completed.. the hole in the sidepanel was a BITCH to cut out, and putting the window in was a Cun*ofajob.. But hey.. it was worth it.

    So during all this braindamage i forced myself to go2 work and see what was in the "fix" tray.. redid SEX EDUCATION by ESPIONAGE.Did a SerIousLy funky-ier mix.. big psychedelic funkysexthing goin down with Lovely beattrips and a KILLER drone from the Voyetra8.. You'll love it, it starts all innocent and funky and gradually rips your arse clean off!! Speaking of Funky ass-rippers, about DESIRE - i was going to do 500 whites, 100 for mail, 100 for dublin and 300 for UK, just to cover a nice "hello" angle and then see what happens.. but after phoning TUNED (who are UKing/exporting for me) i'm enuffing the mail and dublin and just doing 800 for the UK.. Fuc* it. I can sell them and then do more and maybe spend on a mailout then.. and Dublin will be covered since TUNED now sell to ireland, so i'm afraid there won`t be a pile in Abbey (or wherever) ahead of the UK release like i usually do.. i simply can`t afford to bring them in and i want it all to go through TUNED for this one atleast - i need to fell out our "reach" again... And we are having to control all of the production ourselves - from idea to distributer - dealing with factorys, couriers, cuts etc is all expensive and a pain in the Bum. (sigh) But Hey! We'll got to press on 17th of this month and ship to TUNED immediatly. They have the only 5 whitelabels of it to work up a bit of interest, i have the Sixth one!!! Hehehe...

    Rumoured On THE FIREN' SQUAD (global assault edition) this Weekend : Pete Heller, Greg Dowling, Stevie G, Yer man off no disco, John Power and er.. some other blokes.. Hehe.. and we'll be live via microwave from the RTE Cork Studios In simulcast with the Dublin HQ as well since the SESSIONS TOUR is in Henri's @ Sweat.. so a megacast ahoy.. I'm in CASTLEBAR same night as well..

    Wow! Wonders will never cease! John Power has updated the script..

    A bit of a messy start to the week.. we had the First POKER night here in the Bratcave in about 18 months.. Present were Ois, CJ, Estaban, JH, The Ambassador's Son and of coarz me! I failes to lose my bollocks totaly, but at one stage had the rent in the pot.. (as you do)..
    I am listening to the Test Pressings for DESIRE as i type, and by god they are Pristine!!!!! Hell Yeah!!! "As Tape provided" or what!! Shit man.. Swithching to Damont may have done nothing for the speed of turnaround, but the Vinyl is clean baby clean, no stems, no stalks, just pure leaf and grain bieng scraped by sapphire right now! Lovely, the breakdowns are SILENT and the balls are soo hanging dood!! really.. a massive job.. lovely! I can safely say this is going to press this week.. I'm not happy with EMBALMER as a flipside, it`s takes away from the "next-big-thing" feel of DESIRE.. but hey.. Big SHOUT to Giles in DYNAMIC, i did the 1st stage of the Spring mix for SEX EDUCATION by ESPIONAGE yesterday, using the new Processing chain i put in.. well.. i just swapped the Beheringer Exiter/3d thingy for the new digital (ugh!)equivilent - no difference really except the new unit is a dual band job, so the bass & top are EVEN louder then before.. in a pushy sort of way.. so i will test listen it in the bratmobile for kick and checking on the way into town.. oh, and i'd like to announce the death of the 3rd harddrive in the bratcave in a month.. the main work drive on my audio PC is "clucking" and freezing the OS, it must be replaced (hence the trip to town).. what is it with me an hard drives? bollocks!! more money! help! (etc..) i just hope i can save most of the 10gigs of takes on it.. ;(

    Weekend Playlist for Mr.Spring`s Show on 2FM,
    ( TX: 290901/20.00-22.00

    Firen` Squad Squaddies: Podje (Kitchen), Andy Redanka (Tarrentella),Mark McCabe (2FM).

    *w.o.s.p./gettin into u-data - 22%
    data26p/wri:langmaid & ellis//warner chappel/universal
    *xpress2/smoke machine-skint - 91%
    skint14p/wri:rocky & diesel//no details
    *Paddy sheridan & John Lawless/monofonic-abbey - 40%
    12abb004/wri:artists//cop con
    *roots manuva/dreamy days-big dada - 43%
    bd033//no details
    *tag feat. azukx/the arrahant-inversus - 72%
    inv13//no details/inversus music publishing

    *jonah/yeah right! - kickin kick125
    *norman DJ/electronic technology - blutonium blu 036
    *reanimator/rewire your brain - pulsive009
    *green martian/industry(durango 95) - serious vinyl serr038t
    *van gelderen/aftershock - polar pol701x
    *YOMC/in my mind - overdose dmd dose 082
    *VDP Project/somebody scream! - acetate 2320309
    *vengence/song to the siren - conception cam033
    *rammstein/ich will(van dyk) - motar b157159
    jUst plAythAtbEAt