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  • November 2001


    So!! we made the trip to Leitrim this weekend.. Nitelynx in fact.. [yes i kno it`s not spelled that way.. but hey.. the LYNX was a groovy 8-bit machine from our past.. so live the memory!] anyway.. so rammed was the club when we arrived we GOT LOST trying to force our way in and _nearly_ had a bowl of cornflakes in the kitchen while we were waiting to be dragged to the stage.. ho hum... and what fun it was.. i know i've been pulling a "don't remember that place" angle recently, but it all came flooding back as soon as i saw the main room!! heh heh.. and SUCH a crowd!! b-i-i-i-i-g up! [as pressure said at the time:like shooting fish in a barrel!] good lordy they don`t stop at all there! i did try to flatline the floor mid-late set [as i do..] but they were wide to it and played along nicely, one of those "i _know_ u gonna dig dis" nights in fairness.. so.. it HAS to be said, In this year's top 5 for atmosphere 4sure4sure! No major gripes either, i was preying the -bendy arm- was fixed, and it was.. the PA was a bit over-limited, so some records sounded damn-right thin, but overall a nice carpet of whump and rattle of tin was in effect.. all of my heavier-vinyl and piccy disks were welllll slippy due to the steam, so the mixing was a little mushy at times since my fingers kept slipping as i nudged, so i switched to pulling instead and balenced it out (since a pull can be done on the platter instead of the slippy label..) nice 1 peeps! Wud i b repeating myself if i said the midlands needs a superclub? yeh? well then leave it unsaid but implied!! I can officially declare there _is_ a new super(ish) club bieng bullshitted about in the northern bit of the mid free st8 at the moment.. massive capacity, central location, super design team etc.. but as you all should know by now, talk is exactly that, talk, and nothing else.. but it`s clever talk.. so i actually remember what was said!! And it _sounds_ good.. more when i hear more, but for now, let`s just say the border area could get a whole lot funkier by Xmas!!! I`m off to Spain 2moro for the week to practice my bullfighting and paella-making skills.. so i`ll c y`all in TULLAMORE this coming weekend for the opening of "#1",which u can read more about in the current HOT PRESS magazine..

    saturday Playlist for Mr.Spring`s Show on 2FM,
    ( TX: 241101/20.00-22.00

    Firen` Squad Squaddies: Ambassador Of Thump (S.coast), Casper (W.coast), Wes Darcy (E.coast)

    *barthezz/infected-tremelo - 51%
    tre2030/wri:claessen//strengholt music
    *dj dan/put that record back on-honchos music - 56%
    hm010/wri:wherrett//slammin' wax music
    *gemini/sexy aquarius-wax - 62%
    wax008/wri:napolitano & mac//cop con +442086926161
    *cypress hill/trouble-columbia - 33%
    sampcs10622-1/wri:freese & muggerud//bmg songs
    *new order/someone like you-london - 54%
    nxdj10/wri:new order//cop con(?)
    *derb/in africa-tracid traxx - 36%
    ttx2032/wri:winter & hafner//edition kunst & wahnsinn

    *tukan/light a rainbow - incentive cent33tdj
    *ppk/ressurection - perfecto perf32p
    *dmb vs. ******/untitled - white label sb01
    *faithless/tarantula - cheeky 11
    *green ohms/frequency fiasco - dragonfly bflt83
    *dave joy/first impression - planet traxx ptraxx2018
    *slave/slave - demo no details
    *spock/lost in space - fragile frg008


    Had a nice visit from Lar Wheel 2day@@ Shout to the Lads etc..2 new tunes done this week (?) 1 with POWER and one on my own.. to add to lastweeks' triumph over nature, this is all very healthy stuff.. Power Updated THE SCRIPT today.. and we will be announcing the Official Official Catagories for the Awards this New Year this weekend.. Bit of Fine tuning Don`t You know! Clips!!! Tripods and I Want 2 B Ur SlaVe are up for a listen.. less then 20 seconds each, but should give you a taste of what's been done lately!! The files are WINDoZe Media Player style, best to download them then play them..And The Downloads page has a new addition too.. STITCH THAT! Which i have decided to officially spread since it is spreading already from the sneaky radioplays, and i can`t see it bieng a single anytime soon.. enjoy!! Also.. the MESSAGEBOARD has been returned to a more open format after the recent nazi-crackdown on free speach-cooling-off-period.. we hope to unite a few sites in 1 Board to allow a bit more of a lively userbase.. JOHN POWER, DJ7 PEAK, ESSENCE and us are now linking to this board.. so.. let's gossip dudes!! I EsPeCiAlLy want to read reviews of DJs.. what they played/are playing and so on.. does nobody care about these things anymore???


    saturday Playlist for Mr.Spring`s Show on 2FM,
    ( TX: 171101/20.00-22.00

    Firen` Squad Squaddies: Gerry Moore (hmv), Nick Corrigan (doc's),
    Christian Homan (spy)

    *lange/drifting away-vc - 33%
    wbadj93/wri:lange//virgin music
    *dj pied piper/we r here-relentless - -24% (minus 24%)
    relmos2a2/wriied piper//ministry of sound pub
    *riva & dannii minogue/stringer-ffrr - 60%
    dfcd002/wri:wri:riva & horn//no details
    *avalanches/electricity-xl - 52%
    xl cd promo//no details
    *garbage/cherry lips-mushroom - 60%
    trash41/wri:wrikson & manson//deaderm music
    *zero 7/in the waiting line-ultimate dilemma - 88%
    udr045/wri:binns & hardaker//universal music

    *steve hill vs. stealth/looking back - y2kltd005
    *simple minds/homosapiens - remote016
    *tomcraft/overdose - kosmo kos2031
    *tripods/tripods - demo
    *green martian/industry - serious serr038t
    *tj davis/wonderfull life - mer003
    *longy/spiegelsaal - tech 001-12
    *dj wag/life on mars - overdose dmddose085
    *o.e.g./endless horney - pulsive010


    The end of the Year approaches!!! And it`s time for the 2nd Annual 2FM Dance Music Awards (also known as "The Angles") and here is a shortlist of the catagorys we will need YOU to caast votes on:

    BEST & WORST.....

    * Venue
    * DJ
    * Visiting DJ
    * Tune Of The Year
    * Flick of the Year
    * Munchie of the Year
    * Album
    * Gig
    * Mess
    * Newcomer
    * Event
    * Crowd
    * Webthingy
    * Staff
    * Yolkymabob
    * Spoof
    * Hobby Radio DJ
    * Car
    * Game

    We will be awarding Silver T-Spoons to the Best in each catagory,Wooden Spoons to the Worst on the night of the ceremony! For Details on How to Vote and When the Awards will be Presented etc.. tune to Power this weekend for the "preview" and early adaptors Info.. We hope to have Email, SMS and Postal votes with a coupon in the RTE Guide and expect this year`s awards to be the most accurate representation of the Year in Award-Ceremony Form!


    Everyone i know has the RAINBOW FLU.. (aka: the chemical flu or osama's flu) i have personally lost my will to live.. i couldn`t be arsed washing, shaving or changing channels (been stuck on GRANADA+ for 2 days now) while the cats go mental and help themselves to anything they can get into their gobs.. ths is a real sapping flu,drains the care from you.. goddamn.. meanwhile SONIC TRIP have jiZZed up their website.. here.. And DJ7 has been busy choosing a new policy for the MESSAGE FORUMs here and on i have requested a Fast, Anonymous and messy board... all that logging in was more trouble then pleasure and must be enuffed,...,, after all, what are we? [note:the effort of typing this nearly broke my spirit - long live the flu!] For those that care, JOHN POWER is back from the middle east, he has a 4-inch scar in his lower back where he had a kidney removed after an unsuccessfull "factfinding" mission to the pyramids, and he can now testify that camels can spit harder then llamas! Also.. the rumoured 23rd December Orbital Gig is looking like bieng blanked by the Cru due to serious piss bieng taken on the fee front, and the presence of a major Alcahol Sponser in the ointment.. pity. STUDIO activity yesterday involved Myself and Pressure bieng joined by DARRAN RICE for a 3-hour brainstorm.. from hereon the resultant child shall be known as TRIPOD. Oh.. and here's something to start a discussion with..[Shift-click to download] and here's something cool to gawk at!!


    Well.. it`s back in the studio for me this week. Got that itch again.. oerrr..!!

    Top 25 October 2001 Spring Nations!

    1 Ireland
    2 US Commercial
    3 United Kingdom
    4 Netherlands
    5 Australia
    6 France
    7 Belgium
    8 Austria
    9 Germany
    10 Canada
    11 South Africa
    12 Italy
    13 Japan
    14 Poland
    15 Spain
    16 Finland
    17 New Zealand (Aotearoa)
    18 Hungary
    19 Portugal
    20 US Military*
    21 Denmark
    22 Macedonia
    23 Mexico
    24 Switzerland
    25 Saudi Arabia

    *Cool! The US Military have Springers Innit!!! Heheh. I hope it`s the airforce. We hope to add KOREA too the nations list soon as the album is rumoured to be going there in 2002..

    friday playlist for Spring Does Power on 2FM,
    TX: 091101/22.00-02.00

    *sonic infusion/reformatted - bonzai
    *robert smit/it's in the game - polar state
    *stargate/the arrival - good:as ga032
    *spock/lost in space - fragile
    *faithless/tarantula - cheeky
    *minimilistix/close cover - arcade
    *4strings/into the night - liquid
    *dj spoke & vespa 63/men in trance - solar
    *medway/geno sequence - decipher
    *circulation/grey - hooj
    *roisey/erotomania - connected
    *kamoflage promo - no details
    *espionage/sex education - cdr
    *olivar klien/timeloop - mealstrom
    *loki/nycu - easy access
    *reloop/fuc*ing society - headline
    *j.p. vs. the allstars/blockbuster 3
    *tomcraft/overdose - kosmo
    *ben shift/la isla dorada - md
    *journeyman djs/can u digit? - neo
    *orbital/funny break - ffrr
    *faithless/we come 1 - cheeky
    *xpress2/smoke machine - skint

    saturday Playlist for Mr.Spring`s Show on 2FM,
    ( TX: 101101/20.00-22.00

    Firen` Squad Squaddies: Al Gibbs (fm104), John Checheni (red parrot), Leoni (doc's)

    *ian van dahl/will i?-nu life - 26%
    nux33/wri:vanspauwen & chantzis//A&S & BMG ent.
    *tomcraft/overdose-kosmo - 66%
    kos2031/wri:tomcraft & eniac//edition kosmo
    *simple minds/homosapiem-remote - 81%
    remote016/wri:simple minds//virgin music
    *pet shop boys + peter rauhofer/break 4 love-*69 - -9 (minus 9%)
    star1219/wri:vaughan mason//funky feet pub.
    *milkymar disks,pastilles & smarties/nestle - 63%
    [new winter nestle editions]
    *mark kavanagh vs. allan pullen/go insane-baby doll - -7 (minus 7%)
    babydoll002/wri:kavanagh & love//puregroove music
    *ppk/resurection-perfecto - 43%
    perf32tp/wriimenov & polyakov//cop con

    *xpw/hazley - sacrifice s670
    *joy kitikonti/enegiser - bxr g1124a-12
    *reeloop/fuc*ing society - headline hdr 0008
    *stealth vs. steve hill/looking back - y2k ltd005
    *club caviar/game over - tripoli trax ttrax080
    *perfect phase/deliver the shiver - white label wl028
    *fast foward/to madness - edm 057-1
    *dave joy/first impression planet traxx ptraxx2018
    *loki/nycu-easy access easy003 www.silverplanetrecordings/easyaccess


    2nite's proposed Squaddies: Leoni,Al Gibbs and John Checheni.. Feeling Frustrated at the current traffic chaos in Dublin? No? Well try this for relief/induction from/to commuter minerva.. [note: all commuters are massochists]


    OK, so it wasn`t the Foundry last night.. ive had a couple of emails complaining i didn`t turn up, but i actually was on somewhere else.. THE EDGE actually.. the same cru that had me down for the Student event in Foundry lastyear were resonsible, hense the confusion!! So.. the suss? It was another 2/3 full (or 1/3 MT, depending on ur outlook on life..) thingy,the cru all repeating the "it`s very quiet 2nite" mantra - which is cak, i had done the rounds in the town and seen mayham in certain trendy venues, so the people are still there, they just don`t fancy moving by the looks of it.. Pity.. coz i have to echo the "best set in ages" sentiment from the onlookers.. i have become tired and bored of the "picotto sound" as it`s called in some heads.. you know.. the "whoomp,whoomp" and mad hoover sound with a flava of trance.. i mean, it all sounds the same now, and everybody is playing it too.. all the hard-house-wankers are lapping it up now that the "Oink!" scene has begun to turn bright green and smell alot, so it`s reached saturation point i`m afraid.. look at TIDY for example.. YODA?? DJ SHREDDA?? yeah right lads.. nice one.. keep reading my playlists wontcha'.. jeezus... so anyway.. i really wanted to play ANYTHING BUT "nitro" last night, and i think i got away with it!! Basically the (unwritten) rule was to be: No Progressive Arse, and No Oink or Nitro.. and hey hey hey.. it was a great set.. i enjoyed it.. and we still plunged to serious depths and fizzed on sunset-orange highs, just without the Embarresment and juvanille label.. Anyway, the music bizz is about to go into hibernation for a while, so we should be able to make it to february by re-capping and fortifieng the middle-ground-sound.. I hope!! But i _do_ feel the fatigue some nights lately.. People are getting wiser (as happens every 2-3 years) and getting bored with exiting tunes.. if you get my drift.. too many crappy gimmicks, and not enough music methinks!! It seems the choice on shelves this weekend proves the point - mad fast screaching wank-a-thon bollocks for born-again-speed-freaks or plodding doom-laden-pants for smack-heads with superiority complexes!! WHERE'S the CHOONZ????? Well, they are still there, but now EVEN harder to find, thanks to the abundance of polarised crap that is now selling sooo well... help! I`m drowning in a sea of arse! Ehm.. So.. the CLUB then.. Well.. i liked it.. right deck had a stack of beermats as it`s back/left leg, and the arms/weights were set up by a fool, so the HUMMMMMM during breaks was a disaster, but the left dek was grand.. definatly needs seeing to.. got the indistry-standerd-lie "the place is bieng done up next month", but we have heard that b4.. a million times!! the Needles were so old they must have come with the decks as well.. messy.. but can u imagine someone TAPING a 5p on to the top of the head, and wrapping the tape UNDER and AROUND the head so it rubs along the record as it plays???? hellloooo???!?!?!!? There was an ounce of dust underthere, lifting the head off the record... jeesus.. all this cos some tyrril had put all the weights on the armend, AND mounted the adjustable backwards!! - so the needle wouldn`t even fall without the 5p... messy.. but i removed it all and it worked out OK in the end, despite riding the bass on the rite dek.. jeez.. They had a 3-colour 70hz MERLIN lazer there too!!! Mmmm.. merlin.. lovely!! This made the night complete for me.. mmmm laaaazzzeerrr... Shouts to the cru mind, they made us very welcome.. nice night, despite the ropey deck/midange howl and bass feedback problems... ANYWAY.. Doing power's show 2nite, 10-2 on 2fm, so dooo drop by.. and remember to start TAPING the shows soon, with all the jobcuts announced, we may all be out on our ears sooner then even WE could hope for.. Shit man, i even saw a camera crew from TV3 in RTE 2day, filming the nice new building for a news insert.. Shocking! I suppose this would be the wrong time to ask for a rise? Well, one thing IS for sure.. the Buzzards are circling! I had _3_ calls from "opposition" representatives today alone, all "have been meaning to call for ages just to see how i am.. etc.." but they were all fishing to see if i knew of any cracks in the Great wall of Montrose.. Nice of them to call, but they should be aware, if i/we ARE let go, we will be looking to move to another service provider immediatly.. get the idea? Yeah.. You ain`t so safe neither guys!


    2moro night i'm in Carlow at the FOUNDRY (?) which should be very studious!! The last time i played there was for Rag-Week and it was men-taal - quite a shock to see such a large venue for the first time and all.. Nightlinx in Leitrim is due a visit soon as well.. I'm told iv`e played there b4, but er... i don`t remember it at all.. sorry! Emmm.. Yeah.. Have you heard about the TULLAMORE club opening on the 30th? #1? Hmmm... I see so many signs for Tullamore these days.. someone is definatly taking the piss - they must have knocked up a load of signs and peppered them about the shop (but actually genuinely pointing in the right direction) for a laff.. a bit like those signposts in london that say "PARIS 1856km>","NewYork 12450km>" and so on, except lamer.The traditional Spring 26th of December "Boxing Day" gig is due this year too as usual. As usual. It`s in the TEMPLE THEATRE and SPACE in wexford.. Yes i know.. I`m bi-locating!! Well it sure beats the hit out of Sitting At home Wallowing in Over-indulgence Pain!! I'm not One for Mentioning Gigs in advance because of the nature of the Industry (gulp!) and more to the point - how things rarely happen, no matter WHO is involved.. So, remember i may actually be Lying through my teef here,without knowing of coarse! Ehm.. Speaking Of "Probably won`t happen" nights.. the OFFICIAL atrisk music Xmas Party is In LETTERKENNY this year, on December 22nd.. PlumPudding And furry stick-on reindeer antlers are Optional. Whey-Hey. [Warning: The Xmas Trees are starting an EARLY OFFENSIVE this year and have already taken certain North-Dublin Homes and Several City-Centre Resteraunts and Shops! You Have Been Warned!]

    Sick Thrill Of The Week: "bid-up TV" on the SKY digital Package [FTA on Astra2 12.032H] it`s SICK SICK SICK!! The poor channel.. you just have to die inside for the poor (nice looking) presenter(s).. You know the way QVC (and most shopping channels) give you the creeps cos the lamer presenting is trying too hard to get exited about the plate or plastic statue or ashstray or whatever is bieng pushed?? the way the time drags and the words grate and you realise they THEMSELVES aren`t even TAKING IN what they are doing/saying??!!?? It`s surreal.. a grand charade.. put on for the heavily medicated!! Well.. Bid-uP is the DADDY of cringe channels.. Watch a Human Bieng DIE FOR YOUR SHOPPING PLEASURE!! You see, on Bid-uP the presenter has to convince the punters to ring a 60p-a-minute premium line to make a bid on each item as she/he bullshits on about it.. amazing! "You really do have to start making your mind up.. is this going to be for your kids? I have 2 nieces.. they`d LOVE this.. etc..","Going ONCE!...","Last few seconds!!! stay ahead of the top bid displayed on screen, remember the trick - bid 10 quid more then the current top bid if you need to be SURE of getting it.." - and all of this delivered with surgical precesion and a face as straight as a guilty politician on mogadon!! Wow.. it`s a heady experience.. Strictly for HardcorE grot fans.. Love the way the HEads all end their sentences by d-r-a-g-g-i-n-g o-u-t the last 2 words.. "... rabbit rabbit rabbit blah rabbit, aasss weeeellll.." (etc.)

    Oh, and since POWER is in EgypT this week, i`m doing his show on friday night.. so there..


    Weekend Playlist for Mr.Spring`s Show on 2FM,
    ( TX: 031101/20.00-22.00

    Firen` Squad Squaddies: Umek (That is correct), Robbie Nelson* ("Agnelli"), Gleave Dobbin* (Giddy Up), DJ7~ (.net), Chris Davis* (Met).

    *Live from THE MET Sessions Tour Thingy Via SAtellite!
    ~On the Dog n` Bone From Schull,Cork.

    *faithless/tarantula-cheeky - 54%
    cheeky11ab/wri:rollo & bliss//BMG
    *kosheen/catch-bmg - 47%
    kosheen008/wri:evens & beale//tairona songs
    *tall paul/go get it-duty free - 57%
    [album sampler]
    *drax & gooding/guam-USR - 58%
    usr001/wri:drax & gooding//cop con
    *medway vs. pete gawtry/geno sequence-decipher - 76%
    dcr12008/wri:artists//cop con
    *luna park/space melody-underdog - 50%
    udx3/wri:de donatis//cop con

    *robert smit/it's in the game-polarstate pol7013
    *loki/nycu-easy access easy003 www.silverplanetrecordings/easyaccess
    *dj spoke & vespa 63/men in trance-sonar son009/6
    *protech/out of control-pulse 046
    *thomas trouble/echos-blutonium blu 037
    *re-animator/rewire your brain - white no details
    *pulsedriver/i dominate you(scott proj.)-nothing pulse1
    *marc manga/chase the nz053
    *warp bros/blast the speakers-nu life nux32


    GPO was fun lassnite as usual.. special shouts as always to Serious John and As always the hole cru, and the cru, as always. In Fairness... etc.. 2nite rumoured on the Squad: UMEK, ROBBIE NELSON, GLEAVE DOBBIN and CONOR G!.. speaking of Conor.. isn`t it amazing how he gets so much press these days? Mostly apologetic "it`s not his fault he warms up for so many different styles.." type hype.. but still.. How doz he do it?? Coz he certainly doesn`t do it deliberatly!!!!!

    Mmmm.. New look Blueness ahoy.. DJ7 on the Keys.. And a strange new counter thingy as well.. Hmm..


    Wasn`t Halloween A bit of a noisey one then? My poor cats were terrified of all the bangs and whizzes.. funny, i thought they`d be used 2 it living with me and all.. So.. LOVE PARADE update: We can unofficially allegedly speculate the following as of this afternoon - FATHER MATT of the UK has now spoken to the Germans to explain the overall script about the Parade happening in Dublin next summer. Matt is the guy that Helped pull together the Parade in The UK for the Last 2 years and has been Helping lay Lines of communication down for the Irish Division.. It seems the Germans could be all up for it happening.. Er.. well they didn`t say no anyway.. Er.. well not then anyway.. So!!! That's positive.. innit? NEW YEAR'S EVE is shaping up to be a very expensive night for some people.. I have been getting Hints of how much the big names are bieng payed to play (some of them are ringing me in stitches laughing...) and i`m a bit freaked really.. So i did a bit more probing (oooeerr..) to see what some Big names get paid for ANY night they play.. And i am shocked!! If you have wondered why some door prices for DJ nights have risen from the 7-15 quid mark to the "very reasonable" 20-40 quid a pop story?? I can exclusivly reveal now -=WHY=-..... it costs more now! The Money Irish Venues are having to pay to attract Big Foreign names is absolutly absurd.. This is why - Picture Youself as a Fly-on-the-wall in some BiG Name DJ's Car as his Mate takes a call from an Irish Venue/Promoter/Whatever.. The Question is Popped. "Will DJ BiG play in Ireland on (let`s imagine..) New Year's Eve??" Now Think about it.. The Guy will get Good wages (fair enuf..) if he plays his home-plot.. but these Nutters are offering 10 times that amount, a flight, Hotel, Drink and Adoration.. Hell Yeah.. The Lads Piss themselves Laughing at the amount of money they are getting for this.. Of COARSE they will do it.. Trouble is My friends, On THIS end of the Wedge we get charged Silly money to see some bloke that looks different as he plays the tunes... er.. Hang on... Do a Calculation for me.. Add up all the money made at your local club that night on door & drink, Subtract the Cut for the Venue, The Cost of the Drink, Security, Bar extention, Staff, BiG DJ, Advertising, Insurance, PA, Lights and 2000 Cans of lager for the BiG DJ, Hotel, Taxi's, Room Service, Laundry Fee, Repair of Cieling In Hotel-Room Fee, Bar Tab In Hotel/Airport, Bribe for BiG DJ's Agent, Plane Tickets and PhoneCalls.. Well? Sound Risky to you? DAMN STRAIGHT!!! Especially when the BiG DJ concerned is some Wierdo None of Us Would be Arsed seeing!! That`s Why the prices are through the roof.. Charge enuf and you can _afford_ to take a knock every once in a while.. What is needed here is something like the Clandestine DVD "MOST WANTED" list.. it`s an Internet/SMS Poll conducted on behalf of US, THE CONSUMERS.. where WE leave a request for a movie we'd like to come out on DVD and the Film Companies check it out and judge from it what would be a good Plan to put out from the back catalogue.. I mean, why risk making a DVD of REBECCA OF SUNYBROOK FARM (3 votes in 3 years) when the cash could be used on something like CANNIBAL APOCALYPSE (22,344 votes in 3 years) which has a _slightly_ better chance of making money, thereby keeping the failed releases list smaller and ensuring the price of ALL DVDs stays LOW!!! GET ME?? Let's do it People.. Let's do a GIG poll.. And i`ll start by asking for the 'Stones.. Heheh.. And Kraftwerk.. And Pink Floyd and AC/DC.. all on the same bill.. heheh.. for 37.50! NO MORE DUFF GIGS PLEASE - it's pissing away the scene!!!

    This Friday: The GEE-PEE-OHH Galway 4 eSSenCe!
    jUst plAythAtbEAt