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    Weekend Playlist for Mr.Spring`s Show on 2FM,
    ( TX: 291201/20.00-22.00


    20.00:Firen` Squad, Squaddies: Darren Hughes(Home), Hugh Scully(PoD), Graham Park (Galaxy FM,Radio Forth)

    ((( Brought to you live Via Microwave from the 2FM roadcaster at CREAM at THE POINT DEPOT dublin )))

    *telepopmusik/breath (jori hulkkonen mix)-emi france - 60%
    550273-6/wri:nikolai//emi music pub
    *orbital/illuminate-london/ffrr - 53%
    fxxdj405/p/wri:hartnett//cop con
    *tom cole/devotion-pied piper - 30%
    pied 017/wri:cole//hamelin music
    *mrs wood & dr mu/moontrigger (joff roach mix)-recharge - -16% (minus 16%)
    12charge005/wri:wood//react music
    *4 clubbers/children(j'food Junkies)-drop out - -335% (minus 335%)
    drop 0112-6/concina//warner chappell
    *discovery/missing-liquid recordings - -1365% (minus 1365%)
    liquid026/wri:thorn//sony music
    *ja rule feat.ashanti douglas/always on time-def jam - 23%
    alwayscd1/wri:atkinsss//slavery music

    21.00=-> Live Broadcast of JZ,Graham Park and Seb Fontaine...

    So.. it`s my birthday today so i`m off to funderland, harry potter, lord of the ringpiece and mc donalds!! mmmm.. birthday.. how old am i? 21 of coarse!! (give or take a decade..) ehm.. Looking foward to 2moroz messing for the new-year.. starting in PANAMA JAX in castlebar, then off to GPO in Galway for a double-whamey west-coast blow out.. i _do_ hope the weather holds up.. else i`ll be stealing tractors again to get around.. and NOBODY has a ford county in the area that actually WORKS.. (i couldn`t be seen in one of those penny-farthing workhorses.. gimmie 4-corner penny jobs.. mmm..) god the embarresment of having to lift anything less then a john deere.. although i DID spot a minty deutz in ballina last time.. ehm.. REMEMBER KIDS: tractor theft is NO JOKE!



    I 4got 2 mention the numberplates!! Saw some plates in letterkenny.. had my name in holographic-relief (?) innit! First time ive seen them, they LOOK legal, but if you look at them in the right light, you can see a secret message! mmmm.. seeecreet meessagee.. anyway, 2nite is the POINT, some thingy with Sander Klienenberg and Seb Fontaine and loads of other splooms, looks like another (ropey as hell sounding pass-the mike) extravaganza portable-style.. we are going to c who we can rope into coming on for a qwik opinion.. the usual.. Shouts to all that appeared on STEPHEN's nite.. at space in camolin, the tiny audience (since i was opening the night) were delighted to be hasstled by bouncers for "standing holding pints listening to the music".. amazing.. absolutly amazing. Think about it, you have the entire frontal area of the club to you and your mates' selves, and you are basking in some fine stereo imagary with a nice cool pint in yer mitt and yer mates by your side, and you are moved on!! The mind boggles..Such a contrast to the Temple Theatre where the staff are pleasent and full of greetings for DJs and punters alike.. And to the Temple theatre floor-cru.. so nice to walk in to a nicely heated gathering, pressure nailing it down for me to rip up again, and we DID play some neat stuff for yez.. and a few 2nd generation ravers (we bieng the 1st, the current group bieng the 5th with 4th outgoing) coming out for the Xmas, presumably since they were all home from foriegn parts for the Xmas.. but an Overall downer about the east-coast that night.. no manic pubs overflowing onto the pavement like 2 years ago, i think, in fairness, at the end of the day, Stephens' night is less and less an event, people would much rather just stay at home and play with their pleasure-zones.. Home entertainment killed raving.. (sigh).. you should all play FREQUENCY on the Playstation2 as soon as you can.. i have Spoken..

    NYE: Castlebar first then GPO galway, still no clue as to exact times.. but we are attempting to let everyone do 90 minutes, so 3 90-minuters per venue using me, JP, Ted and Pressure, with me and JP doing both venues.. (gulp) i do hope it doesn`t get to messy weather wise. i could do without dieng in a snow&ice RTA this season.. In fact that goes for ALL OF YOU.. play safe!


    So.. we return to Letterkenny after a looooong gap. THE GRILL has had some structural work done, a VERY favourable new back-bar which is actually splitting the crowd evenly with the main floor in the early part of the night,so it must be doing something right! When you don`t play somewhere for 6+ months, you imagine it`s because you were Shite last time,so i was a tad paranoimia-laden, and after KFC bieng closed and the 22,452 hour crawl in the pre-pre-Xmaseve panic every town we drove thru,i was prepared for the worst. A well, as usual i was wrong. Stuffed and VERY messy in deed. I had been told it was a STRICT 2.30am nighty-night, so the cru synchronised their watches 10-minutes slow to back up the "it`s only 2.30 NOW for fu*ksake" lie when i ran to 2.40, but blew it and finished on time.. then there was a large amount of "as you do" last tune stuff.. er, which cos they liked so much turned into a 3-tune medly thing and THEN we enuffed them, WAY over time and deservedly so since they were SUCH a messy happy crowd.. But DISASTER.. they were having NONE of it.. 1 more tune and so on, so we had ALL of CHAINSAW by DJ Shredda (it _was_ Xmas after all) and that really is your lot, at 2.55am!!! So.. after 10 MINUTES of Nobody moving and waves of WE WANT MORE, THE DJ, HERE WE FUC*ING GO we were sneaked out in pairs and bundled into bullet-proof T7s (thank you Special Branch!) and driven to a secret location in the mountains to hide.. WHAT A MESSY CROWD!! i LOVE the way the Security didn`t even DARE to mess with the shit.. i mean, in THE RED BOX i would have been assaulted and ejected by the staff, and in SPACE i would have had my records Smashed AND been poked for running 10-minutes after the encore.. in fact i would have been faded out at the PA end.. I DID try to say Happy Xmas over the mic at about 3.10, but thePA had been turned off, so the management COULD have turned me off any time they liked.. And they DIDN'T!!!!! SPECIAL distinctions all round... Crowd, Cru, Staff and Local Mafia all included here.. and 1 more thing, It was emotional!

    [Christmas Drunken-Rant mode **ON**]

    And so another Year flys by as if it were only a school term.. Well, it felt like i remember a school term passing by - gratingly slow and tedious at times, but the solid and undeniable reality of it all ending any second keeps you going through the boring bits till something cool happens, to wash away the sands of time from the ever-dissapearing-under-a-shifting-sand-dune-of-bullshit alter we all prey at in this desert partially-devoid of new music and free-st8 thinking.. er.. em... yeah.. Xmas makes me talk even more crap then usual.. must be the cold.. anyway, as i sit under a palm-tree in the current Oasis i have claimed for the revolution, i mustreflect on just how fast things are happening... Do you realise we are in our 3rd year now fully doing the dance thing on 2fm?? Good lord! What happend? I DO have a theory on all this.. i remember my summer of 1982.. it was an endless summer, and even though i worked the "summer job" with my Unkle peter (a gr8 influence on me musically that summer - forcing me to listen to KRAFTWERK, ROXY MUSIC, T.O.N.T.O., SCRITTI POLITTI and TOM PETTY in the Van!!) the summer passed SOOOOOOOOO slowly.. i had money from the job for the 1st time and got my first walkman and discovered Stereo Radio (NOVA, 2FM - John Clarke and Jerry Ryan,especially Ryan playing 12-inch mixes at nitetime!!) STEVE MILLAR BAND did ABRACADABRA and HUMAN LEAGUE did LOVE AND DANCING, and i KNEW what i was here for.. but i _was_ only 12-years old.. so i became best friends with frustration.. other kids wanted to kick a football, i wanted a KORG MS-10!!!!! It seemed like forever waiting to grow up, and it seemed like that because i`d only been alive for 12 years.. that summer was literally 5% of my life so far!!!! this entire last year was only 3%.. get it? God.. when i`m 40 a year will feel like a month.. HELP!!!! The solution (which i`ll fix when i`m president of this fine island) is simple, years will be changed to last 1000 days, with a christmas every 333 days. And compulsary free Sex,***** and Money for everyone every 99 days.. We will DRAG people kicking & screaming to special "treatment centres" where thay will be forced to indulge in all the things they don`t have time for usually.. It`ll be like National Service, except we will feel stronger as a nation NOT because we are all trained in killing and destructon, but because we will all be trained in LETTING GO!! Come on people, what have the last 2000 years been about REALLY?? I`ll tell You, HAVING MORE FUN. We break our asses to save time and effort all the time, but so rarely stop to enjoy the space we create... The SAD thing is, those WITH the time feel too guilty to enjoy it, or are excluded because they don`t have the money to enjoy it - meanwhile the people making the world a better and easier place to be in have ALL the money and NO time to play with it.. they prefer to give it to Mercedes or BMW, both of whom are FAR to busy to use the money for anything other then making more money.. er.. "stop the world, i want to get off" anybody? ANYWAY.. please have a nice time this holiday. Support those around you and Fear those who can`t see the wood for the trees for they are simply a bit slow and will hold you back... Be Excellent, and i`m proud of Each and Every one of You for sticking with this thing we all do and not letting the bangwagon-jumpers piss in the punch for 10 years now. Yes. that`s correct. 2002 is the 10th year i have been up to my ears in this music thing, and the ONLY reason it happend that way is because i always felt i was not alone in thinking the way i do, and doing the things i did. I always claimed that anyone could do this, and i was just there at the right time, in the right place, with the right people. Today (blub..) There are a SHEDLOAD of things happening, and it`s easier then ever to express yourself through music, business, art and writing, all you need is to get up off your arse and do something.. And as long as nobody else is doing the same thing better, you`ll be Elvis in 3 Years...

    Weekend Playlist for Mr.Spring`s Show on 2FM,
    ( TX: 221201/20.00-22.00


    20.00:Firen` Squad, Squaddies: Pascall(Grill/Q102.9),
    Tony Waters(He Who Parts Things In the Biblical Way, Timmy & Tommy(Of Coarse),Jason-The-Q(Q102.9)

    ((( Brought to you live Via Intelsat 801 from the 2FM roadcaster at THE GRILL letterkenny,pre-sessions tour Xmas Pardy! )))

    *paddy sheridan & john lawless/monofonic-abbey dance - 76%
    12abb004/wri:john & matt lawless//lawless music +35318733733
    *hiver & hammer/hands on devine-drehscheibe - 3%
    012-1/wri:bobby o//o music & epic songs
    *hidden fortress/autotelic-fortress - 56%
    fort001/wri:roney & mcdonnell//cop con
    *distant soundz/time after time-incentive - nobody cares!!
    centdj033/wri:some american//some corporation or other
    *nu-nrg/dreamland-vandit - 16%
    vandit012/wri:ribeca & ottaviani//matteo music srl.
    *pro-grammed/when you touch me-lowered - 70%
    low001p/no details, try:

    21.00:That was the year (sortof) that was:
    Some o'dis yearz auld shite we still like including:

    *zero7/destiny(photex mix)-Ultimate Dilemma udr043
    *5 below zero/clubquake-Kickin' kick117a1
    *sasha:emerson/scorchio(klienenberg mix)-Excession 14321865991
    *saeed & palash/loosing control-Addictive ar006a
    *ben shift/isla dorada-MD records md0083
    *motivation/para mi-Supadrive sup3 55-27096 +31(0)294492999
    *evil-d/he's the devil-Mostiko 29-200816
    *hyperraxx/paramoid-Overdose dmddose 080
    *santos/3-2-1-fire!-incentive cent23tdj


    So.. we r back at THE GRILL again 2nite.. I wonder if anyone will remember us? Bloody Hell It`s Xmas! Live Broadcast ahoy from the Roadcaster From 8pm onwards.. as we do r office aprdy! dew Dropp Inn.. Bladi-blah-di-blah! Smow etc..


    Had a tuff night Xfering MP3s into my 5510.. I can Confirm the Current Version of the Loader-suite from Nokia Locks on Win98,Win95b and Win98se.. including Virgin Installs with USB 1.1 Compliment Hard & software.. there IS a trick though.. when it starts the download, open EXPLORER and have an auld explore.. soon the machine will lock up [you will see the "progress" value on the download freeze and Explorer will not respond] then unplug and [quickly] replug in the USB connector on the 5510.. if you do it intime you won`t get a blue-screen complaining about the loss of a device and the download will continue, mostly without need fora second pull.. You can Dump a Whole 64MB this way if you time it right.. I can`t speak for ME and XP or Linux as i don`t have the former 2, and the latter box has no USB (cos it`s made of bits-out-of-a-skip).. I`m sure it actually works though.. it _is_ version 2.0 after all.. grrr!! More conspiracy theorys abound.. Anyway.. I`m getting about 5 minutes of 128k MP3 over in about 40 seconds.. when it works.. CLUBBING.COM magazine issue2 has been causing a stir here in the bratcave since the discovery of 2 Pubes on the front-cover.. Go check it yourself.. They are there.. We have decided to name them ***** and Dewie.. to Go with Heuy.. (note: for those that missed that night,heuy is Zoe's Nipple clearly visable thru the chain-mail in Issue1) Go On The Lads!!! I should point out, it was actually Women that spotted Heuy, ***** & Dewie first.. strange that we missed them... Hmm.. So.. the Big Question.. Will we have a Glimpse of Nutbag or maybe a helmet-shot on the Cover of Issue3? It makes sense.. It will only leave Ringpieces Untouched for another issue.. Mmmm...


    Look at this here.. a nice bitta streaming mixing for yez.. The very nice Sara.G will be on 2moro nite from 22.30, sound and vision! Power Updated the Script 2day.. You Know the way the Nokia 5510 Looks 2 good 2 b true?? Nearly. there's no memory expansion slot! And Another thing, No warning when your textmessage exceeds 159 Charicters and will cost you more.. (ie:sent as 2 linked messages) - now that IS sneaky. But Oh baby it's a rocking bit of plastik. No better IMHO this xmas.. And soooo light.. scary light in fact.. Er.. has any1 else got big trubble logging in these days? We are back to Loooong wait times after connect here.. messy.


    saturday Playlist for Mr.Spring`s Show on 2FM,
    ( TX: 151201/20.00-22.00

    Firen` Squad Squaddies: Kieth & Killian (Fortress Records), Massey James (Mass/Messy), Tony O'Leary (NovA)

    *We in music/grandlife-Virgin - 51%
    visa8663/wri:we in music//no details
    *Air/don`t be light(hacker)-white - 70%
    no details/whitelabel no details
    *Fergie/bass generator-duty free - 12%
    dftel004/wri:fergie//no details
    *Gordon Kaye & ken raey/this sound-appalooso - 50%
    no details whitelabel (sorry!)
    *Flash/megatron-perfecto - 43%
    perf25t//no details whitelabel (this is getting silly now)

    *The hacker/nothing lasts-missle 46.5
    *K-Traxx/noise tool-titanic ttc010
    *Cenoginerz/git down-tripoli trax ttrax081r
    *Evelyn thomas/high energy-ars club ms740572-1
    *Frankie & Spring/The Pleasure's Own-acetate
    *Dj Sammy/Heaven-super m records smr003
    *Loki/nycu-easy access


    Wanna read the Osama-Snuff-Movie Transcript? Click here..

    This week has been messy so far.. Already I have **failed** to meet the HUMAN LEAGUE to finalise the blagging of a mix for them.. I am told the track up for discussion are SHAMELESS and LOVE ME MADLY from the new album.. I imediatly jump up at the mention of MADLY, as you should be aware, i hammered it during the summer while doing FANNING's show.. but SHAME is not my favorite tune, unless i`m confusing it with another (4gettable) tune??? And What exactly _is_ that "come and join us.." tune? After the gig lastnight (oh yes) i can`t get it out of my noggin.. hmm.. god i must dig out the album and check the names of things.. the copy i have is a pre-mastering test copy, and has some tracks in the wrong place and has NO names on anything.. messy.. but anyway, i blew it, meeting them that is, failed to call their label etc.. messy.. The full script? Oh well, if you must know (we must we must..) My ex-pardner in RED Records,(a League inspired name..), mr.Kavanagh, interviewd Joanne a couple of weeks ago, and it was revealed they KNEW about our strange label, back then and were fairly open to hearing a mix or 2, since spreading the album in the scene a bit better is always a good idea.. [Remember I am on the same label as the League (R.A.M.) for Spain/benelux and their output is nice and dancy.. er.. sometimes..] Kav was meant to meet them yesterday too and hand over a showreel, but he had already chickend out last week leaving me to present myself.. er.. well.. i failed (like i said) to do just that, i left it at doing the gig.. so there.. anyway, a call has been put in to The UK Label, and we shall see what happens.. You N-e-v-e-r-k-n-o-w.. etc.. I'd LIKE to do something for them, especially on this album, it`s really nice, so great noises and some classic surreal (ie:total bollocks) lyrics!! _especially_ on MADLY.. i`d have to slow it down a bit though, it`s about 160bpm?? Jeez.. ANYWAY. the Gig!! Sound was uneven but the arse-end was SoLiD! Major crushed chest from the kickdrum.. unbelievable from where i was standing.. i can only compare it with the last ORBITAL gig in the same venue, which was very harsh and spikey with very little air moving.. this KICKED. SECONDS was a major delight, as was CIRCUS OF DEATH and BOILED.. really dark and moody stuff.. Phillo's Leather Coat looked a bit hot but fitted the "dirk gently" feel of SECONDS and so on perfectly! Groovy. Yeah yeah.. the usuals did the bizz.. with the crowd singing most of WANT ME and LOVE ACTION for the girls.. heheh! Ah, and didn`t The whole thing work.. You know? it WORKED.. for me anyway.. Okay, as i said , the sound was uneven, some urgent attention required on instrument levels and girls' vocals throughout, but it was attention IN PROGRESS, it happend as it happend if you get me.. oh, and the usual Feedback spikes were a slight annoyance (more for phillip then us i reckon..).. hey hey.. i got a t-shirt and all.. it says SHAMELESS on it, so i reckon (duh!!) it`s the next single alright.. mm.. Gear? wellll.. i spotted their Guitarist/Keys player (girly? - looked like chrissie hynde from where i was?!) on an oldish Roland Space-guitar,a GS300 perhaps? the twin main synth racks definatly had 2 of the large-panel OBM-Xs and (i think) a pair of Supernovas? I couldn`t suss the master keyboards, nor their samplers.. the Roland drumpads seemed to be v-drums with some on trigger duties.. Spotted major rips from COMPUTER WORLD and REPRODUCTION used throughout the show.. Mmm.. Fiiiinneeeeeee selection! Overall? Not as polished as the RDS gig, but a simpler set and MUCH better sound.. grr!!! I realised i`m not as old as i thought i was.. i must have been a little odd aged 11 and bieng a League fan! Everyone in the (legacy) audience looked 5-10 years OLDER then me!! Result!! Heheh! they all had spare-tyres and thinning hair! Haha! Revenge!! They may have had the money in 1981 to buy the choons coz they were all 16-20 years old,where i didn`t,but WHO'S LAUGHING NOW EH??? er.. whatever..

    In other news: Visited NOVA lastnight after the gig (as u do) and have decided to document all this behaviour.. i`m borrowing a Digicam for a week and am doing the rounds of the stations, with a view to making an .avi about the hobby scene in ireland in 2001.. coz it`s all good.. and should be recorded as such! No Anoraky stuff, pure "for us" stuff. Any thoughts?...

    Finished the first (and hopefully only) round of mixes for FGTH/welcome to the Pleasuredome this week.. a lovely hard-assed 100% analogue and vocals pounder.. i may have to sneak this one out as a quik booty to test it in the new year. it simply HAS to be done.. how does it go? it goes: "In Xanadu did kubla-kahn, pleasure dome, eerrrect-rect-rect-rect-rect.." and i like it.. i may be (my usual)punch-drunk state after doing it, we`ll see how it breathes over the holidays since NOTHING will be done with it till atleast february at this stage.. I have to say i did enjoy listening to all the parts (over 3 hours of seperate passes!) but settled on some of the 1st verse and some vocoder from the intro.. oh, and after hearing the tracks in isolation i can confirm the garbaged-robot voice in the intro ACTUALLY SAYS SOMETHING! heh.. in fact there are 5 lines of vocal in robot-ese.. delightfully Sennheiser in it`s feel although i may be mistaken, i could be an EMS with aload of processing (it _was_ SARM don`t forget..) also nice to hear was all the excellently 80's guitar licks and DRY Juno pads!! Hah!!! DRY as a bone and weak as a kitten.. Amazing what a load of 224 or 480xl can do! [Note: FRANKIE set sail for hollywood in a NED Synclavier on a sea of Lexicon Reverb!!] I do hope the mix is usefull.. i feel a bit humbled when listening to Saeed & Palash's mixes, and Deep Dish's, but hey, i`m different, so don`t get upset! All of this (by the way) was inspired by the launch of the FGTH DVD of all their videos.. all that is EXCEPT the 2 best ones, the "k-k-keep-keep-keep the peace" godly and creme special 8 minute video for 2 tribes, and the Original celluloid Live-funk version of RELAX (" i don`t wanna die, i don`t wanna die") WTF?????? Well.. I suppose it leaves the door open for a "Ultimate collectors edition" with comentary from Lol and Kevin.. Helloo???? And Jules Holland???? Helloooooo???


    saturday Playlist for Mr.Spring`s Show on 2FM,
    ( TX: 081201/20.00-22.00

    Firen` Squad Squaddies: Nigel H (Gluten Free), Pressure (No Preservatives), Conor G (Terms & Conditions Apply)

    *Micheal Jackson/Billie Jean-Bootleg - 43%
    cp001/Details As Per Original (only fair)
    *DJ Quiksilver/Boombastic-underdog - 5%
    ud35r/wri:shaggy & quiksilver//cop con
    *Interactive/forever Young-dos or die - 0%
    dos200/wri:gold & mertens//rolf budde MV
    *roots manuva/join the dots-big dada - 40%
    bd24a/wri:smith//chrysalis music
    *squarepusher/untitled-warp - 42%
    wap155/wri:squarepusher//warp music
    *dido/all you want-cheeky - 56%
    74321.907902/wri:armstrong & herman//warner chappel
    *jfk/whiplash-y2k - 40%
    y2k027/wri:jfk//puregroove music

    *dj spoke & vespa 63/men in trance - sonar son009/6
    *GE5001-039/bonzai classic
    *system f/dance vally theme - tsunami tsu6032
    *matt silver vs. endimion/violent skys - ledgend lgmx043
    *ramirez/el ritmo barbara - dfc1399
    *soda pop/an other state of mind - progressive state 2001-03
    *dj wag/life on mars - overdose dmddose 085


    So.. the Trip to Sligo was a bit odd.. Jay pidgeon had sucessfully fallen off a plane from the UK with a shedload of Duty-Free and got EVERYONE wasted b4 i got there.. So Johnny was up for an all-nighter, Col was in willo-the-wisp mode, and The Equinox cru were all sweaty and avoiding anything remotely hasstle-orientated.. Not good conditions for the dreaded "left-deck-in-1-ear" problem. Yes. a totally new deck, onlyworking in 1 ear!!! WTF? Upon pointing this out to anyone who would listen, i was informed the "lads in the other room" had swapped one of their decks earlier, and "the resident doesn`t like visiting DJs and may have interfered with it".. Hmm.. so.. Jay was on b4 me, and he gave up almost immediatly and used CDs for his set! Bieng elite, i don`t carry CDs, so had to go on a fault-finding tour of the system.. I Removed the Extention lead on the audio out of the Deck and plugged it directly in to the mixer, no difference. I swapped the left and right, aha, the working side changed from left to right.. so what do we deduce form this? Easy, the mixer is fine, the fault is in the deck.. So, time to ask for another one.. and i did, and THEY HAD ONE!! Scary huh? They actually had another deck upstairs!!??!! What are the chances of that? Excellent! Anyway, after a messy 1/2 hour from me, we transplanted the deck mid-set and got going.. Yep, i did switch the desk into MONO, so at least the sound was spread accross the 2 speakers, but the prob was, the fully working deck (in both ears) was then twice as loud as the single channel deck, and even cueing up the record was impossible, let alone mixing.. THANK GOD for the equinox spare deck!! As for the night, i have to apologise for the lame sound, it wasn`t my fault as usual, but the mood i was in because of the bad sound WAS my fault.. i didn`t flow that night and i know it. Also Adding to the distress was the lack of top end on the right hand side of the room (blown PA) and the slight return of the mid-range howl in the overall system... Oh yeah, and the nice new monitor behind the DJ booth has only 2 settings, pain and silence.. so.. it`s not as bad as it HAS been there, but it`s about to be.. goddamn!! On the lighter side of the news, the crowd were vocal and enjoyed themselves AFAIK, and i heard loads of WE WANT MORE coming from the Moy room, so i reckon the night was an (expensive and messy) success.. shouts specially to the Goal-line support crew with their flanking skills and skinning abilitys, and to the Cafe babe and her excellent coffee and normality! Wow.. students.. future leaders of the nation in which we roam!! etc. etc..

    Squad forcast: Nigel H, Alex P, Zoe, Pressure and Conor G with a hefty lump of Roadcasting and Sessions tour prep on board.. Oh, and i should point out that Alex has already missed 1 flight today and is therefore the most unlikely to turn up.. in fairness who can blame him, he does after all drive a ferrari...


    OK, make that Col Hamilton, Johnny Moy and Me in EquinoX this Evening.. Oh yes.. and in case You are worried as to how 3 Ego's of such massive proportions could possibly fit in one room together,relax the head, we all are to have (sort of) seperate areas designated! Ahhh.... isn`t that nice!


    Looks like SLIGO tomorrow night.. for a -m=a=s=s=i=v=e- script of epic proportion.. myself, moy and (i think) robbie nelson? all on the same bill? ehm.. wel.. that sounds messy.. verrrry messy.. so, what are you getting everyone for Christmas huh? Want a tip? Something cool yet sort-of affordable? Check this out the home of the finest publications on the planet!!! Special attention to WIERD FANTASY and the CRYPT series.. I'm amazed at how many stories were lifted from these comics over the years,some very blatent theft ahoy.. not just stories neither, loads of charicters that look sorta familier.. Get Your nuts there? Nope? Then try here for some seriously retro CB gear and ariels to scare your neibours wiff!! Okay, so maybe that was a bit silly an idea, how about lektropacks then for the ULTIMATE gift --> a CDV recorder <--!! Yes!! record Video to CDR/W in varieng qualitys! And they are playable in most DVD players afterwards! Oh Yeah baby! And some cool Lenses for your monitor too.. make your computer monitor a 29-inch for <50 quid?! Give it a look! Of Coarse the old reliables are always there too for the discerning dude(ette), Subscriptions to MAD magazine, VIZ and Playboy.. For the Total script on Old Consoles, have you checked out telegames recently? They do a nice line in extinct cansoles.. Atari Jaguar for 30 quid anyone? Ever Heard of a TG-16 NEC PC-Engine? I played one in France 10 years ago and it was the DADDY.. Why you can even find Neo-Geo Consoles there.. And They Are Arcade Machines.. Sort of.. Fu*k it, get a real one!! Fulfill Your Dreams My People.. Own a Slot-machine this Christmas! Fancy Something Different but nice-and-dodgy? Well, this Season, Give CAFFINE!! Watch with delight as your family (especially elder members) get well lively after those after-dinner-mints you gave them!! Watch as they crash horribly later that night not knowing why, and revel in the fact you have BOXES of them to keep you burning well into the new year LEGALLY and with absolutly NO mental illness or funny lumps appearing whatsoever! (note:bieng drunk helps it all make sense on the day..) On the Video Front.. On Region 2 DVD this, this and this are required viewing.. In Region 1 this, this and this are essential for a nice new year.. Girls.. Guarantee Some entertainment this holiday here.. and to be sure, here as well.. Running a hobby station? well look at this.. it recievs 24-7 the ministry's 24-hour digital dancemusic radio service.. invaluable as a fill-in.. although i didn`t say that OK? get one here and join the satellite-digital-radio rollercoaster of fun!! But for me.. this is the gift of choice.. closely followed by this and this and these heheh..

    Power Updated his Script today..


    saturday Playlist for Mr.Spring`s Show on 2FM,
    ( TX: 301101/20.00-22.00

    Firen` Squad Squaddies: Nick Harris (NRK Records), Ian Pooley (Ledgend In Own Lunchtime), Joy Kitikanti (Energiser), Darren Flynn (Tits oot for the lads)

    *V & A/Moon & The Sky-mute - 51%
    mute246/wri:unknown//mute music
    *lionel/yours sincerly-mantra vibes - 62%
    mtr2108/wri:masi & caminita//expanded music italia
    *chemical brothers/star guitar-virgin - 94%
    chemsdj14/wri:rowlands & simons//universal & mca music
    *thomazz/mozarecta-ftw - 1%
    ftw2001p13/no details as disk smashed by Nick..
    *something j/mercedes bently vs. verscase armaani-warp - 79%
    no details as disk claimed for the revolution by Joy..
    *speedy j/crackck-novamute - 90&
    no details as disk hijacked by Ian..
    *Samantha Fu/theme from discoteque-pias - 8%
    900.5001.130/wri:fu//strictly confidential

    *Ramirez/un minuto para evacuar - expanded music dfc 1399
    *medacine men/psychofunk - carnal car1208
    *jetson/starlight - captivating red car006
    *acid warrior/acid will never die - acid tracks at004
    *dj raf-bass/intenso - md records md0088
    *science of rhythm/strike - startstop records ssr00016
    *dj nano/fuc*ing in the sky - tem progressive tp9161mx
    *volts wagen/no sleep - vw006

    Lastweek's SCRIPT from power is now online..


    Darren Flynn Gets his tits out in the new ClubbingDotcom Mag!

    Bah Humbug!

    Last night was our first visit to #1 in Tullamore.. It has been said again and again that the midlands needs a good club, and this project showed alot of hope in the early stages.. Big talk and Big plans.. The gutting and re-modeling of an entire hotel into a multi-bar entertainments complex, multi million pound investment, state of the art lighting,sound and decor etc.. etc.. yada yada yada.. Yes, we have heard it all before, i know. So.. the final result? Weeelllll.. you can read about it in the next CLUBBINGdotcom magazine since they were on site for the night, but i`ll run you through it from my P.O.V. 1stly, it`s a shame when you approach the doormen outside the front (multi-bar) entrance of such a massivly modern glass/concrete columns venue (resembles a sushi bar/super pub) and are told "not tonight lads.." then followed by "I don`t know where the club enterence is.." and "I don`t know anything about anything i have just been standing here all night..." get the picture? Yeah. I did too. Anyway.. Let`s assume you are allowed in (ID essential etc. earrings and cropped hair a distinct disadvantage..) you are greeted by a groovy aluminium eggbox-texture tunnel (ala ministry 3 years ago) and after a few very expensive looking swinging doors, you are greeted by a tall sprawling interior with layers of baclonys,arches and landings all fanning out from a small dancefloor at ground level.. the DJ box is perched high against the back wall making it impossible to easily see anything but the opposite to, and perpendicular to landings/walkways from the control booth.. a bit sad really since the underwhelming sound is all concentrated (in an "acoustimas"/satellite speaker style) on the ground-floor dancefloor area and the "pudding bowl" shape of the cavern causes a rush of high-frequency short-reflection echos and boomy hollowness that is pure headwrecking for anyone except those near the centre of the dancefloor.. the room acts like a megapone and the result is unpleasent for the (admittedly excellent) balcony areas.. Big problems.. the place is basically a classy "rank" design without the carpet, if the place had less hard reflective surfaces, then maybe the sound would improve, but for now, unless you are ON the floor, the sound is terrible, especially up around the DJ box, an area requiring excellent sound by definition. On the subject of the DJ box, it`s a big area.. loads of concrete surfaces to put drinks etc, large well-designed trainspotter perches surround it with ample areas for drinks to be placed.. some nice igh stools would be nice too.. but it`s all pointless since the sound in the area is unlistenable.. in fact it induced a headace in all of our party bar 1 (who is partially deaf). The monitor in the DJ box is not only useless _quality_ wise(distortion, random level changes etc..) , but at foot level and causes obstruction as you move about.. Might i suggest placing a small PA facing the DJ, suspended from the cieling? This would provide decent sound for the Back Balcony area and for the (cool) Dancers on the mini-floor to the right of the DJ box? The mixer is one of those Large and Crap Ones I see installed by cowboys ("it cost a grand so it must be good...") with a choice of 1-in-each-ear type cue or the nasty task of trying to get 2 of the cue buttons to stay down at once.. horrible, and this was the cause of my (still splitting) headache.. Please PLEASE dump this mixer, it`s big but SHIiiiTe! and the EQ is only for show, it dips about 3db at most in each band and is not good enough for serious mixing.. PLEASE dump this and get a pioneer or a red infader.. ah well, at least it had fully nulling Trimpots.. (sigh) The lights were unattended and on a random setting all night.. where is the Light Jock? Helloo?? And no Fog/Smoke Machines? The place was too bright all night.. infact it was pointless having most of the lights on because of the overall brightness, i didn`t notice a single trick moment on the lights.. sad, cos the system looks expensive! The big screen was cool and really Big.. loads of Infografix on rotation though, they should stick on a godzilla movie or something.. or get some custom tapes made by SiNSiN or LightSurgeons.. So, thats the story so far in tullamore.. In my opinion the club is On par with the Best Rank clubs in The UK.. It`s teething problems should be sorted as Time goz by, but it IS really a super-Bar.. well, actually 4 super Bars in a complex... The shape, layout and interior plan is very deliberate - the brightness, the focus of the sound on one small area, It`s not made for a large crowd of serious music-loving dancers.. The focus is on socialising and drinking.. I could hear a crowd of exited chatting in the breakdowns of tunes for example..I think the dance side of things is secondary. Well, i wish them alot of luck, the place is well suited to all activitys Bar and Disco, In fact it`s probably one of the BEST one of them i've seen.. Serious production this place.. Sweat-Box it aint! The Air-con was in full swing and i was actually a bit cold, and the Toilets the second best in the World (Atlantic In London Bieng the best)... As for the Original Argument that the midlands need a Decent club.. well.. the argument stands.. this is an Ultra-Bar, In fact, THE ultra-bar in the Midlands..

    Big Shouts to all the Cru In Madrid for an excellent Week this week.. Special Thanks to Graeme and J.C. my translators/mentors as always!! I must have accumulated 150 New tunes over the week, everybody was flush with new gear, were excellent, as were madrid rock.. I did so many interviews and had so many new names (and new pronounciations) to remember that i ended up giving up trying to keep up with it all.. I must therfore greet You and thank You all in one go: GREETz & tHANKS! I am ashamed my spanish is so bad, i can`t string more then a few simple phrases together, and using translators for live radio interviews must be a strain on the poor listeners.. But there is a WEALTH of stations playing dance in Madrid now, and some cool dedicated newsprint sections, the club scene is much older (agewise) then here, in fact i commented repeatedly on the total lack of people under 26 ANYWHERE! What happend? The Pied Piper been in town? Records are expensive too, but the selection is breathtaking.. The Bootlegging scene is Huge as well.. Street traders were blatently offering The latest releases for Eu2.50 on CDR on EVERY pavement. Now i realise why it`s almost impossible for Spanish Cru to Reach outside the Counrty, and Vice-Versa, The bootleggers (all Black and Shifty) were even selling clones of PROMO cd albums complerte with "Promotional copy not for sale" photocopied on the covers.. jesus the dumb fuc*s can`t even read.. But How can you hope to even break even releasing CD product when this is going on? Huh? And the sick thing is, i have to agree with the eager public, why pay Eu16.00 for a CD in a shop when you can get it outside on the pavement for Eu2.50? SAme goes for Silk (yeah right!) Ties and Cashmere (ditto) Sweaters.. Where's the Cops when you need them? I`ll tell you where.. on a Siesta!

    We took 22518 Hits here last month.. With an excellently greedy 19800 files!!! Our max hits-per-hour was 303, which is a cool number whichever way you look at it! If you are still trying to complete downloads of larger files from us, i reccomend trying between 1am and 2am since that is out least-busy time for our servers apparently..

    TOP 30 Spring Nations Novmber 2001

    4.US Commercial
    5.United Kingdom
    8.United Arab Emirates
    12.US Educational
    24.United States
    25.South Africa
    29.Russian Federation
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