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    Happy Easter Y`all! Don`t O.D. on coco-based products this weekend now y'hear? Did you know that The chocolate in the UK (and to a lesser extent here in Ireland) Isn`t actually Chocolate at all? It`s true! We use about Half the Coco in Our choccy, and about 4 times the Milk as the rest of the world.. Just try a HERSHEY bar, or some MILKA.. they taste like the grit at the bottom of a Coco Mug after it`s been used as an ashtray.. Give me milk anyday! Animal Fat rules! Shove the Seretonin-level-altering poison dude.. gimmie flava! FYI: The highest Level of Coco in Choccy available "off the shelf" in Ireland is in MILKY WAY MAGIC STARS. You would have to eat 4 bags of them to achieve the same Seretonin Boost as a SINGLE Hershey or a Single 75g serving of EuroChoc, but they certainly do the job OK.. flurmp.. burble..

    MORE LOST FOOTAGE FOUND!!! I have "aquired" 4 more tapes from "back in the day".. 1 Is positivly identified as THE OLYMPIC on new year's eve 1992, the other 3 are Tivoli,SFX and (possibly) Feile from 93,94 & 95 respectivly.. I will Xfer these soon and you can expect a new movie up on eventually.. Not sure if It will be another 30 minute job or a special video for a totally new (in an old-fashioned way) tune.. i Went back into the studio this week to adjust MOONSHINE to up it to release-candidate status.. sadly it sounds too wierd, even after interaction from POWER and DJ TED.. so i may do a cut-up of it and a classic tune from the day, so as not to waste the lovely CONSTRUCTION KIT i did for it.. I think i'll release the parts for MOONSHINE on the next single, but keep the track for another time.. Nice reactions for the TRIPODS CONSTRUCTION KIT (in shops NOW, distributed by TUNED in London..) with people making great use of the parts both in the mix and in their own tunes.. Glad to be of service!!!

    Tonight i`m in CLUB SPACE in camolin after the 6:2:6 radio show BTW.. Don`t forget to report your movements for the weekend on our voice mailboxes: Dublin (01)2084626 and Mobile (086)4049400..

    3 New Tracks Available on to make ur bankholiday a little more retro!! Check em out here..


    Well.. it`s official.. We are going to THE LOVE PARADE.. Our application has been accepted.. We will be International visitors to the Berlin Love Parade Along side The UK, Hong Kong, Argentina and France.. John Power Updated The Script today..


    Congrats to Jennifer Connolly, winnine an Oscar the other night.. Bieng a PHENOMENA fan, it had to happen sooner or later according to the law of what goes around.. XBOX sucks - and that's official. I have spoken. The Japenese scene has spoken, and the fact it's switched OFF in 9 out of 10 shops says it all.. just try playing GOTHAM RACING and all will be revealed.. So the photograffs are clearer and have smoother edges, but the gameplay is NAFF. PLAY B4 U BUY!! BEWARE!!! I knew there was a reason MICROSOFT didn`t get on my case to give it the radio push.. Goddam what a dissapointment.. 500euro for a (large) poXBOX.And the controls remind me of the organic horrors in eXistenz!!

    Weekend Playlist for Mr.Spring`s Show on 6:2:6 ,
    ( TX: 230302/20.00-22.00


    Firen` Squad, Squaddies: Frank Kenneddy (ledgend in own lunchtime), Nikki Hayes (nurse spinFM103.8),Dean Sherry (irish lesbian DJ alliance), Gedge (in his own right), Ter (doesn't know MK)

    *t-factory/message in a bottle -inferno - 20%
    tfern44/wri:naraine//magnetic publishing
    *zombie nation/unload -drohscheibe - 36%
    dreh014-1r/wri:splank@ & britton//edition gigolo & warner music
    *agent sumo/why -virgin - 40%
    vstxxdj1819/wri:cole & booth//chrysalis music
    *missy elliott/4 my people -elektra - 31%
    e7286cd1/wri:elliott & nolan//mass confusion music
    *mark kavanagh/let me fly -tripoli trax - 54%
    ttrax083/wri:kavanagh//puregroove music

    *dj ******/lethal industry -nebula vcrtdj103
    *dj jan vs. vangveren/deep emotion -arcade rev960110
    *giada/chains -red alert red218
    *k-lab/reunion -illusion ill940102
    *kai tracid/trance and acid -tracid traxx ttx2035
    *panic machine/beat -acalwan aca9959-12
    *dee pattern vs. jds/who's the badman? -white bad001
    *dial m for moguai/beatbox(2002) -knukleheadz khz001


    6:2:6 launches tonite on 2fm.. from 6pm to 6am.. full strength, high tar, no messing radio the way it should,shall and ever will be. So help me god. Death to the lamer infidel shitradio services. Get with the programme. New Gallerry Up!!!!! Shots from the OASIS gig last weekend for St.Patrick's day.. Enjoy! 2nd attempt this evening to have DEAN SHERRY on the 'squad.. with NIKKI HAYES and FRANK KENNEDDY on as well and a promise of a lookin from BILLY NASTY and UMEK.. Lovely. That's the way god planned it.


    Have been up 2 my titties with this 6:2:6 radio launch (tomorrow at 18.00hrs Irish time..) but i have some snazz new photos for y`all of the SESSIONS at CARRICKMACROSS last weekend.. so i'll Upload them as soon as i get a moment..


    Weekend Playlist for Mr.Spring`s Show on 2FM,
    ( TX: 160302/20.00-22.00


    Firen` Squad, Squaddies: DJ Ted (best irish DJ 2001), Mandy Reid (explodes when exited),Mal Black (friend of captain scarlett)

    *jamiroquai/love foolosophy -sony - 55%
    0109846000/no details
    *new order/here to stay -london - 26%
    ndxj11/wri:new order//gema & mcps
    *alex gopher pres. wuz/use me -virgin - 75%
    vvr5019250/wri:gopher & demon//disqes solid
    *viridian/sound of the crowd -lost moon - 74%
    ts3350/wri:farrell//cop con
    *fusion/spectrum -joof - 72%
    joof8/wri:hemstock & hardwick//cop con
    *azzido da bass/speed(can u feel it?) -edel - 22%
    b258987/wri:azzido da bass & clark//Cyclus music & BMG Ufa

    *tall paul/everybody's a rock star -duty free dftel003p
    *romanthony's nightvision/never fuc*(PVD) -urban urbdj2213
    *tripods/u.o.a -spring sli10302
    *4 strings/into the night -nebula string5
    *experiment k/back 2 experiment -accalwan aca9961-12
    *multiplicity/python -prolekult kult030
    *dj subsonic/hell to paradize -turning wheel whr005
    *david b/day mission -stik trance stkt014
    *porn rockers/cu*t licker - friendship fri024/6
    *commander tom/sweet thing - noom 068-6


    New uploads to for paddy's weekend..

    Last night was an emotional end to our Friday coverage.. But from the Flames rises our Phoenix.. 6:2:6 radio. From 6pm to 6am with a special bonus "13th hour" from 6-7am - a NEW NATIONAL RADIO SERVICE for clubbers.. In fact, THE FIRST NATIONAL DANCE SERVICE IN THE WORLD. and it`s Irish, and it`s Ours.. It will begin next saturday at 6pm with MARK McCABE doing cyber-shouts.. the warmup begins with YOU leaving your voicemail for the nation.. no more poxy requests. if u have something to say, a warning, a reccomendation or a spoof, leave it for mark and he'll bang it out - YOU ARE THE BOSS.. I stay the same, Squad 8-9, noise 9-10pm.. John Continues as before, but with no mix from 1-2am, that's moved and extended from 4-6am.. And Boy George moves to 2am. You SHOULD be able to listen before, on the way to, on the way home from and After your night out.. and for mix collectors, you can Lob in a video tape and catch the mixing off the Television (sky digital or cable) for later listening.. mmmm.. TOTAL COVERAGE (as hunter s. thompson would say). Alas goodbye Friday, hello The new Mathmos that is 6:2:6.. First Saturdays, next the world. Sort of.We would like to extend an invitation to all other national radio service providers to Kiss our asses at this time, and we'd like to invite them to get with the programme soon, else we'll do it for you. I thank You.

    Tonight is SESSIONS TOUR night for St.Patrick`s weekend from OASIS in Carricmacross.. TALL PAUL, ME,PRESSURE, Power, Mal Black and Mandy Reid live on 2fm from 11-3am.. We'll all be taking part in the FIRIN` SQUAD as well, with guests in the Outside Broadcast Unit and in the Dublin Studios and promised visits from DEAN SHERRY (chairman of the Irish Lesbian DJ alliance) and JON CHECHINI.. So a fitting show for a fitting weekend..



    Smirshnoff Irish Dance Awards Special!! The First thing is, this is NOT a full script, only what i remember at this time (4am).. DJ TED won best DJ.. Ironic don`t u think when you take into account his recent d.i.v.o.r.c.e. after 8 years from the GPO who are heavily involved in CLUBBING.COM who collected the votes in this catagory!?! WTF? wierd isn`t it? REDSETTAZ got best irish somthingorother - Allegedly Ironic Because they Don`t Play together anymore?! WTF 2?!! LUSH got 2 awards.. JAY AHERN accepted BASEMENT JAXXs award for Best Album.. LOTTIE collected THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS' award for Best Live thing.. Fatboy slim did a KEWL video "sorry i can`t be with you 2nite" film clip.. JOHNNY MOY collected DAVID HOLMES' award for best producer.. and JOHN POWER collected our award for BEST RADIO STATION.. and heeeere it is:

    Biggest "Boo!!" From the crowd was When WE won the above award.. Thanks for that people! We love You too. The 2 Biggest Cheers Were for RON'S MOBILE DISCO and (in joint jointness) ME and TIMO MAAS when our names were blasted out over the PA..That made up for the 2FM boo.. Sort of. Ah well. WORST SPEACH (resulting in a tirade of "boo") was made By the LUSH boys (first award) And sadly None of us could understand a word of it cos' it was in Northern-Irish, but the front 6 rows HATED it.. Whatever it was.. . Messiest Unit award went to OWEN YOUNG who was last seen in TOMATO arguing with someone nobody else could see or hear.. The "I`m just going for a piss, back in a minute" Award went to ME (again) and the BEST USE FOR THE AWARD YOU HAVE JUST BEEN GIVEN award was jointly won by "turning it into a Bong" and " Battering a Car-jacker to death with it". The RED BOX won something as well... er.. and so did.. er.. yer man.. the lad that did that tune.. er.. yeah.. him. mmm.. Bed. tomorrow is the LAST FRIDAY John & mark do their shows.. Yes, we have been Axed.. But to compensate, they (the demi-gods that peer down upon us through their magic fountain of wisdom from Valhalla) have awarded us with OUR OWN RADIO STATION. Coming soon. Oh lord i`ve said too much. I'm just going for a piss.. i`ll be back in a minute...


    "Tonight from 9-11pm, is the of an era on Irish Radio. The Legendary Dave Fanning rock show on 2FM will be no more and will be replaced by him doing a shorter 1 hour slot with more talk and less music at a different time.This legendary show was the show where U2 did their 1st ever session and is where they 1st were played anywhere in the world. In fact, Fanning is to be thanked for their rise to fame in the late 70s/Early 80s. Other great Irish bands were championed here on this show as well and has been on the original 2FM schedule since May 1979.Very sad indeed......"

    Add to the above press quote the following Realisations: No More FANNING SESSIONS and a big drop in Live Shows and (importantly for me) and end to my summer-season of "Spring doz Fanning".. So.. 2FM abanbons Music? THEY WISH! Coming Soon: More of what you want when you need it, and More of what you hate when you don`t want it... Unless of coarse they move the Goals again.. I don`t understand it.. what is the aim of the RTE service? To provide a service? To be popular? To make money? It seems NONE OF THE ABOVE. Anyone got a clue? anyone at all? I didn`t think so.

    And so, it`s goodbye Rock, Goodbye Fanning. Those of you that claim the Baton Has been passed to YesterdayFM in the evenings should rethink as there are only So many RHINO boxsets and Rock-Remasters available for our re-discovery, and as soon as they run out, YesterdayFM will have to wake up to sharp coffe-smell that is reality : Rock music is dead. In fact, i feel a TV-advertised Collection coming soon.. "Dead Rock Classics"..

    Smirnoff Awards tonight. Still no tickets for me anywhere.. I suppose i`m only a nominee for Best Irish DJ, and therefore don`t actually deserve a ticket.. Maybe it`s best, i`m getting a bit freaked by all this "legitimisation" of the scene. It`s ruining the Fun having so many people staring at us.. d`ont you think?


    Weekend Playlist for Mr.Spring`s Show on 2FM,
    ( TX: 090302/20.00-22.00


    Firen` Squad, Squaddies: Mark Johnson (the cleric), DJ Orbit (still sugarfree),Ken "Kenno" O'Flannigan (in fairness)

    *connector/interferance -additive - 41%
    12ad082/wri:renes//music all stars
    *members of mayday/sonic empire -devient - 15%
    dvnt49cds/wri:westbam & jankuhn//low spirit music
    *dee pattern vs J.D.S./who's the bad man -white - 61%
    bad001/wriattern & pearse//cop con
    *mario piu/you're game - whitelabel - 63%
    b259285/wriiu//cop con
    *phlash! vs base graffiti/mind body & soul -tripolitrax - 71%
    ttraxlp004-3/wri:sweeten & hill//pure groove music
    *xpress2 & david byrne/lazy -skint - 26%
    skint74cdp/wri:byrne//no details

    *marco v/godd - id&t 7004775
    *commander tom/sweet thing - noom 068-6
    *diva nova/clap your hands - 4djs only dj-2002-013
    *banana boys/one more - abbeydance abdyd007
    *porn rockers/cu*t licker - friendship fri024/6
    *systematic parts/don`t walk away(instrumental) - illusion ill-uk-003
    *marc dawn/expander - logport log 2006
    *presswerk/don`t cry(dj jean) - hartegrad hg001
    *panic machine/rock on - accalwan aca9958-12


    So.. that was a nice weekend wasn`t it? Eh? Specially loved those 70MPH winds that caved in the Windows in the shack here.. messy. Well.. you know what they say.. "People with glass houses shouldn`t place them in a 70MPH breeze..". Bravenet seems to be back, but has lost about a month of stuff from some boards.. no great loss in our case given the traffic!! I'll up another Retro file to playthatbeat (access through the Downloads page) to help feul the retro-fire burning so brightly thesedays.. Got mailed 3 "retro" and "hardcore" triple-albums this week.. WTF? Has Trance burned out the clubbers? Is the industry trying to Coax us Crustys out of clubbing-retirement since the current batch is so fried? Mmm.. well i know a few that fell off the wagon lastnight for the "Big" Big retro nite in the Temple.. So we'll see how long it takes them to start having panic-attacks when the phone/doorbell/pet rings again b4 declaring it a mistake.. But a mistake worthy of commiting at least every 2 years or so.. (remember crustys.. hangovers last 18 months now..) ANYWAY.. retro retro retro retro retro retro retro retro retro retro.Retro. Oh.. and the new CLUBBING.COM mag is out at last. So there.

    Releases Page Updated with a tasty review from UK's UPFRONT magazine...Thanks boys!! Also, TRIPODS CONSTRUCTION KIT is to be released for next weekend throught TUNED in the UK.. A nice st.patrick's day prezzie for the lads etc.. And then we can get the MOONSHINE CONSTRUCTION KIT ready for release!! Mmmm... Mooonshine Coonnstruuctionn kiiiit... Homebrew Crew this is for you.. Now DON'T GO BLIND!!




    coverage on 2fm tonite 10pm onwards..

    And now some sad/good newz.. (depending on which way you look at it) The TOMMYBOY/WARNERS partnership has ended.. TOMMY BOY were the 1st label to Put out a Spring Release In the USA (blaxxtrax3).. here's the Press-release: TOM SILVERMAN AND WARNER MUSIC GROUP END TOMMY BOY MUSIC JOINT VENTURE - Label Founder To Return Tommy Boy To Independent Status - NEW YORK, March 6, 2002. Tommy Boy Music founder Tom Silverman and Warner Music Group (WMG) announced today that after 15 years the Tommy Boy joint venture would end effective immediately. Under the agreement, Warner Music Group will acquire Tommy Boy's recorded music and music publishing catalogues, and will retain certain artists on the Tommy Boy roster including De La Soul, Kim Burrell and Everlast. Tom Silverman will retain the brand name Tommy Boy along with select artists on the roster. Tommy Boy will move forward under Silverman as a fully independent label. Founded in 1981, Tommy Boy is known for pioneering the early days of hip hop with groundbreaking artists such as Afrika Bambaataa, Stetsasonic and the Force M.D.s, and later De La Soul, House of Pain, Digital Underground, Naughty by Nature, Coolio and Everlast. Tom Silverman first entered into a venture with WMG's Warner Bros. Records, Inc. in 1986.Says Silverman, "Over the past 15 years I've had the incredible opportunity\line to have Mo Ostin as a mentor and to have worked with the amazing Warner staff, including Bob Daly and Terry Semel and most recently Roger Ames. All\line in all it has been a wonderful and rewarding experience."Tommy Boy will continue to independently distribute its product in the U.S. and will maintain its international distribution. Early 2002 releases from the label will include new music from Masters at Work, Amber, Junior Vasquez, Thunderpuss among others..So there You have it.. a little odd, a little sad, and a little good too!! Warners have always provided some excellent products, sometimes in the face of Non-Financial Viability, FOR THE MUSIC more then the money.. I respect them for that,but this looks like a change in policy.. TOMMY BOY indie again? Excellent! Now then, when are you going to sign another tune from me then? eh? Now that You are Indies again You`ll get a special "One-of-the-lads" discount.. heheh.. OH, and BRAVENET who provide our FORUM service seems to be having alot of trouble recovering from their HACK during the week.. so apologies for the lack of forum..We may re-locate if they can`t recover..


    Have to declare the new Firesign Theatre Album THE BRIDE OF FIRESIGN is truely the boh-locks! TruckDrivers on Speed.. The Return Of Nick Danger.. Yung-Guy VideoGames.. Oh god yes.. the lads are back.. The last album was a bit messy for some tastes after the ripping Phoenix-from the flame that was GIVE ME IMMORTALITY, but this is definatly a total and complete rewire.. The lads are using words like "wank" alot now as well!! Lovearly!! "Remember, You need a good TIME more then you need a good TOWN..".. Also, Elektron, Doepfer and Moog's Big Briar company are all taking a stand at the Frankfurt Musicmesse show March 13-17th.. Thats a Shedload of Modular synths, sidstations, Machinedrums and so on in 1 place to drool on and fiddle with.. check their site ..


    Big Up the MARK MCCABE dude for scooping "best dance DJ" at the METEOR AWARDS lastnight.. He beat off stiff competition from fellow nominees westlife, samantha mumba and a yellow plastic ruler with a 'garfield' cartoon on it.. Speaking of nominees, Mark and Myself and the Ruler are all nominated for BEST IRISH DJ in the SMIRNOFF DANCE AWARDS thingy as well.. CLUBBING.COM compiled the votes, so it _should_ be a little fairer then usual, and much more un-riggable, so i expect the Ruler to take that one hands-down.. Ah well.. Only another 9 months till the next 2FM awards which i plan on winning for a record-breaking 3rd time... infact, i may rename the catagory the "award mrspring always wins" and just automaticly accept it from now on, then we can have another award introduced called the "BEST IRISH NON MRSPRING DJ" award.. which i could fiddle & win as well and really be the daddy!! Hey.. i must look into winning some other things as well. Like BEST ACTOR at the oscars.. Yeah, that'd look good next to my BEST SMALL CAR and BEST VALUE LIPOSUCTION awards i did last year.. The Liposuction one is really snazzy, it`s a chunk of Blubber moddled in monumental alibaster with gold-flaked flip paint and a Snazz WINGS-WEST body kit.. er.. um.. Rumours Abound reJ TED and the Axing of ESSENCE.. Apparently a new night is ALREADY CONFIRMED featuring the ESSENCE method in a similer setting on the same night.. So.. let's just light the Blue touch-paper and stand welllll back shall we?

    Stats time again! Last month (sort of - the stats robot seems to have a problem with 28/29th feb..) we had 23602 hits.. Most of you hit us first thing in the morning (9-10am), with after lunch (2pm) and Hometime (5pm) bieng busy too.. strange that midnight to 3am is dead and 5am is the hottest time for Downloads! Hmm.. I guess you are all looking at work/collage/school regularly - i'm SO proud of you not paying for the call!!!! ASK JEEVES was our favorite Search engine last month.. sending us a smashing 16 people looking for "UFO Digiscan Elite" devices.. Amzing since i actually owned one in the eightys (on a Cobra 146gtl) and now can`t remember where it went!! Nice one Jeeves for that POKE.. 16971 of you use IE 5, 3575 IE6, 1482 Netscape 4, 507 IE4, 281 Opera, 258 Netscape 3 and 5 used Netscape 2! Bloody hell! Who would have thought it? I remember when SPYGLASS was the daddy (sigh).. BRING BACK SPYGLASS!! Long live DOS.. Blah Blah.. Moan about tech.. blah.. Anyway.. the You-Knighted-States are all over the:

    top 30 springnations feb2002

    1 Ireland
    2 Unresolved/Unknown
    <-- aliens??

    3 US
    4 US Commercial
    5 United Kingdom
    6 Netherlands
    7 US Educational
    8 Old style Arpanet (arpa)
    9 Australia
    10 Spain
    11 France
    12 Italy
    13 Belgium
    14 United States
    15 Canada
    16 Germany
    17 Japan
    18 Austria
    19 Switzerland
    20 Finland
    21 Sweden
    22 Russian Federation
    23 Non-Profit Organization
    24 Denmark
    25 Poland
    26 Brazil
    27 Norway
    28 Czech Republic
    29 Slovak Republic
    30 New Zealand (Aotearoa)


    Weekend Playlist for Mr.Spring`s Show on 2FM,
    ( TX: 020302/20.00-22.00


    Firen` Squad, Squaddies: Conor G (slightly messy), Jay Cisco (unlikely),Scott McNaughton (in fairness), Ronan O (the story of..)

    *h-two/burnin' fire -renaissence - 41%
    renx015/no details
    *nu-renegades/the calling -y2k - 56%
    y2k029/wri:bland & neary//pure groove music
    *kosheen/hungry -moksha - 72%
    kosheen012/wri:Evans & Beale//Tairona Songs
    *creative controle/check the vision -volta beats - 60%
    voltb002/wri:Galvin & Fitzgerald//Cop con
    *mini rolo/rolo -nestle - 45%
    new "miniture" rolo sweetys in foil bag
    *systematic parts/don`t walk away -illusion/AGM - 28%
    ill940103/wri:van dessel & joosten//agm & universal belgium

    *panic machine/beat - acalwan aca9959-12
    *marco v/good - id&t 7004775
    *tom wax/and then it hit me! - phuture wax pwr001
    *tall paul/everybody`s a rockstar - duty free dftel003p
    *russenmafia/afraid of us! - pulse 051
    *dj gert/once upon a time in the west - noname nt5022
    *dick van nille/outside - drohscheibe dreh013-1
    *romanthony's nightvision/never fuc* - urban urbdj2213
    *svenson & gielen/twisted - id&t 7004525


    Voyager1 (Director's Cut) is now available as straight MP3 download on the downloads page. For those of You that don`t need the messing of pulling the almost 70MB "Back21993" Movie on the blind, there's Now a Streaming Version Up too so you can sample the vibe live before commiting to a 5-hour download.. As always, if you MUST have this Movie (which You simply MUST!!) We DO support "Broken" Downloads, and Using something like OPERA for your downloading duties can be an excellent way to spread the Download over a week or 2 by "Resuming" it whenever you go online.. Quite Painless if You aren`t in a hurry.. The Streaming thing is a bit iffey, and really does alot of buffering for such shitty quality, but hey.. better then a week of downloads "just to see"..

    Added 2 CYBORGS FROM HELL playthatbeat.. Executive Relief-The Original Epic Version and MileHighClub in it`s Alternative "SlowJam" version..Also Up Is One of the Nuttier Versions of MANIAC by 4RHYTHM, the SoundCrowd "Cubano" mix which is really a dub of "Lite harp" (Coming Soon) with 1 line of vocal from Maniac! Hahah! It's got so much Swing in it it's totally Manic.


    Okay.. 1st file is Up on playthatbeat for you to enjoy. A half-hour Retro clip extravaganza of all the camcorder tapes i could get to Xfer - VHSC tapes don`t store well and most of them were badly wrinkled and flaking - and a _really_ dodgy radio mix thingy from the day as well to accompany it! Ive encoded it into a format for the newest version of WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER so you may need an upgrade to play it - sorry but progress etc.. I hope to move all of our media stuff to there gradually as this site is crumbling under the stress.. I also have about 3 hours of Semi-unreleased SOUND CROWD ERA .MP3 files as well.. all coming soon! Oh, and some new stuff as well of coarse - all in good time!


    We are Expanding!! Watch this space! is coming! Now..The World DJ Day lineup for the Redbox Gig this March the 8th, The Jocks will be rocking In this Order: DJ Pressure, Alan Pullen, Mark Kavanagh, Ron's Mobile Disco, ConorG, Billy Scurry, Scott mcNaughton, Johnny Moy,Al Gibbs,Robbie Butler(which is handy cos' he works there innit!) and Francois to wrap up. I'll be hosting the radio end of things on 2fm as John Power is Going to Be onsite to make sure there is no biting or scratchings.. So Dew-Drop in and get with the giving!! (lets give it loads.. etc..)
    jUst plAythAtbEAt