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    So it`s official, The Liquid Wheel Album is finished.. the Missing 4 minutes will remain missing - the boys prefer Quality to Quantity, and would rather 100% cool then 95% for the sake of length.. er.. (ooerr..) It`s to be called "CANDIDATES" or "CANDID8S", depending on your persuasion.. Next stop.. er.. LasVegas.. for a floorshow perhaps?

    POWER is in Brazil this weekend.. (yes i know. basterd.. he kept that one Quiet..) So his radio show will feature things he has captured there, mostly cool latino dudes attending the RED BULL ACADAMY of DANCE that is happening there (duh..), and a nice set from OAKENFOLD.. all on 626 2moro from 10pm GMT (5PM Sao Paolo time..) so dew choon in if you fancy a lick in Portugese!!

    Voyager 1.7 T.P.s ship next week!!!!

    Still taking requests for the Xmas Playthatbeat Uploads.. here.. and yes, you can stop asking for NRG RUSH, it`s guaranteed..


    Weekend Playlist for Mr.Spring`s Show on 2FM's 6:2:6,
    ( TX: 231102/20.00-22.00

    *** Sessions Tour Weekend - Semi-portable edition ***

    20.00: Firen` Squad,Squaddies: Mickey Roddy* (enigma), Paul Masterson* (Yomanda), Matt Hardwick (crasher oncle), Paul Scott (novah) [* - live from the roadcaster @ sessions tour from enigma in carrickmacross]

    *tranceluscent/trance odyessy theme -illusion - 61%
    ill940202-12/wri:schellens & penxten//universal belgium
    *milkey/in my mind -multiply - 57%
    tmulty92/wri:trivellato & sacchetto//tobacco music
    *driftwood/freeloader -positiva - 65%
    12tivdjx185/no details,whitelabel
    *10 revolutions/time for the revolution -incentive - 72%
    cent53tdj/wri:westbam//cop con
    *jurgen vries/the opera song - whitelabel - 52%
    xpr3638/wri:tate & church//cop con


    *sound of overdose/city to city - overdose dmddose 100.2
    <-- Overdose #100 - Disk 2 of 2

    *ralph fridge/man on mars - go for it gofo0291-6
    *DJ peter peter/muscle mary - ID&T 7005475
    *san juan/straight girls don't lick pussy - kimko promo34
    *dan maxam vs. polygen/tiefoderhoch - silly spider music ssm002
    *3 drives/freaky runaway - vandit b272058
    *vorwerk & kruithof/in trance of a tulip - front 222-12
    *hercio DJ/eternal trance - mostiko 23207866


    Mandrake Linux 9.0 is out.. For those in the UK & ireland, you can pick it up for free, as 3 .iso images for burning to 700MB disks on the Cover-mounted DVD with PERSONAL COMPUTER WORLD this month (Jan 2003 Edition..) After flirting with quite a few Linux Distributions in my time (face it, i`m a linux slut) and getting more brain-damage then warp-drive-action for my troubles, i only re-tried out Linux recently to see how badly it would install this time 'round - i`m a bit of a sicko like that actually.. ehm, but delightfully, Mandrake is almost on the button for working... It has a problem with Some Very common Soundcards (ie:Awe32), but loves all manner of other hardware unprompted! It used be like this: if you didn`t have an Ancient system, loaded with very common, outdated hardware, you were knackered if you wanted Linux.. It just wasn`t able for today's modern systems.. The Best linux system was one you found on a skip, or retired from service after 5 years of slog.. Mandrake (sort of) changes all that.. It actually manages a useable install! Try it.. it`s free, and has very little to do with Microsoft! Result! Web-browsing, games, and it can run Windows stuff too (sort of) for free.. Ok, so for a nation that tops the league in software theft/piracy per head, saying something is "free" is not an issue.. but hey.. it's Something to do innit?

    Power updated his script.

    Sessions tour weekend ahoy.. I`ll be joined by Paul "Yomanda" Masterson, Dave "roll another phat one" Pearce and Mickey "give it socks" Roddy in the OASIS in/near Carrickmacross this coming saturday.. As usual, for those in a 450-mile radius, attendance is compulsary and non-attendance is punishable by public humiliation and extended dangling from high places..

    Sent off Voyager 1.7 to the cutting-man today.. Should have the Test-pressings in 2 weeks for Xmas.. I`m going to do a few single-sided whites as soon as i`m sure it sounds alright out - i used an enormous amount of Girth on the Bottom end, so i still have to hear how it sounds on vinyl, it may be overkill.. ah well..

    We issued an Alpha (still short 1 track and some fades) of Liquid Wheel's Album Lastnight to those who worked on the Project.. It's to be Titled "CANDIDATES" and should be in production in 2 weeks for February 2003 Release.. I am deliriously happy with it, and am proud to have been allowed work on it.. Only 1 more small piece to be added, and then it`s off to the Funk-Factory in the Sky where the laser-fairy will sprinkle his magic dust on it and it will emerge a fully-fledged Cee-Dee.. (sigh) Such a joy watching it grow up, so hard to let it go out into that big bad world full of Boybands and fawning,slobbering Flop-stars.. I really do worry what might become of it.. I suppose nobody is safe these days.. Any minute it could be set-upon by a journalist with a hangover and a grudge.. the pressure of parenthood...


    New track on as promised.. I've been more concerned with other people's music these days, and rightly so, since most of it is so bloody interesting and cool compared to the crap i have been making on my own.. ho hum.. anyway, here's something nice for you.. go look at the NEWSTUFF section..

    Weekend Playlist for Mr.Spring`s Show on 2FM's 6:2:6,
    ( TX: 161102/20.00-22.00

    20.00: Firen` Squad,Squaddies: neal scarbouragh (kissFM LNTS), dusty rhodes (2FM 3micks), mark mccabe (626 chartlad), jerome (musicman records holland)

    *nrc/here comes the rain -white label - 1%
    nrc01a/wri:lennox & stewart//cop con
    *gouryella/ligaya -tsunami - 40%
    tsu605/wri:ewbank//ford chandler music
    *bob marley/is this low? -half inch - 38%
    half002/wri:marley//cop con
    *sarah whatmore/automatic -bmg - 21%
    sw12p2b/wri:stannard & morgan//sony & biffco music
    *wink/superfreak -ovum - 37%
    ovm153/wri:wink//wink like that music


    *black sun project/lemon squash - news 541
    *wake up!/no details - wakeup 130 [+33.388.936.523]
    *spytraxx/touch you(reeloop) - kombinat 004
    *tomcraft/lonlieness - kosmo kos2042
    *dj ax vannox/this is the house of house - robot traxx rob0001-12
    *sound of overdose/city to city - overdose dmddose 100.1
    <-- Overdose's release #100 - Congratulations!!!

    *tillman uhrmacher/friends - fog area trance 161
    *dj sammy/boys of summer - super m smr006
    *milk inc/the land of the living(coast to coast) - positiva 12tivdjx184
    *lionrock/packet of peace - deconstruction 74321144371

    Nice weekend trip to Tarbert.. despite my Horrific lack of excellence throughout due to this goddamn flu' angle.. I`m not sure how awfull i was over the weekend, i am just numb in the head still you see.. but i do remember the 'squad was very technically messy.. something to do with a total lack of co-ordination.. in fact, if i had been driving myself, i would have made a mess of someone/thing 4sure4sure..I kept pushing the wrong buttons, spilling things on myself, catching my fingers in things.. and so on.. arggghhh!! Car of the Carpark: The Red Mitzi EVO outside the front door, in excellent nick and sounding raw as sushi! I did send the exhaust noize down the mobile for the jury in dublin to drool over, and they agreed it had a nice rumble and was free of raspberrys.. wonderfull... nice job boyz...

    And now, the political bit... a m8 of mine that is a bit of a leftie (to be fair) has pointed out that nobody EVER does what they are told when the person dishing out the orders/advice is not respected.. Remember that lamer teacher in school you openly defied? cos he/she was as lame as hell? well, the Government is backing itself into a corner with these lies.. All weekend the papers slammed our leaders as liars.. the headline in the Mirror summed it up on sunday "SHAFTED!", now i know that you and i don`t really give a toss about politics, it means nothing to us at all, but soon you may be forced to take a stand.. what if some jumped-up little tosser wants to slap penelty points on you for driving "with an attitude i don`t like"?? huh? i got Just that 2 weeks ago.. some jumped up little wan*er tried to tell me he was going for 8 (count 'em) points on my licence cos' he disliked my "attitude when driving", this was after me (calmly) challenging his accusations of Speeding,Dangerous and then Reckless driving in the city centre.. So, i have to say, i have now got NO respect for the Uniformed Plod. Sorry, it`s all down the Jaxx now.. I`m afraid i`m Not going to be able to recognise the authority of the Guards and the government, both are bent, both are crap. Especially the greedy young ones, the annoying little ones that are put on "spoof" duty where they have the least chance of interfering with the public,yet still manage to do so with such devestating results.. Look at me, a mild-mannered anarchist, no harm to anyone, minding my own business, trying hard to make a crust and get on, and i get picked out and held-up because i "looked as if i may be up to something".. ie: the little shite-hawk chanced his arm thinking i was pissed behind the wheel and pulled me and made a fuss... well, that's not an action of an educated and well trained guardian of the peace, that's the action of a jumped-up little shit in bully-boy trousers trying to get a nut for teacher.. Yeah, right lads, you keep that up and see how long it takes for all of US (who pay your wages in taxes and fines) to strike.. yes that's right, a citizen's strike. No more payments for anything.. no more abiding by the law.. a total breakdown of the respect we have for the Law and the order it (supposedly) delivers.. See how you like it with all of you 100% occupied chasing people who refuse to aknowledge your existance. The same goes for our lieng government.. you are about to become obsolete. Jesus i hate politics, and now i hate the fat pigs that run it.. i see them buying new houses and Mercs while telling us the country is broke, and that the cars they encouraged us to buy are to be the instruments of our fleecing!!??! You are SOooooooOOOoOOooOooooo out. Just you wait.

    Don`t Fuc* with me, i have the 'flu. [also their fault by the way..]


    Right.. sorry for bieng so quiet on the Keys.. I`m dieng of the flu.. and this week has been very busy.. I think the semi-final piece in the jigsaw that is LIQUID WHEEL's album was done this week, so we are about to scheme up the plot for that for early next-year release.. And i have 4 tunes ready for my next release too.. i`m going to do 2 on Vinyl, and 2 on the One of them is a 2oo3 mix of VOYAGER.. in answer to the 3 (count 'em) bootlegs doing the `rounds lately - all of which are Limp as celery in a sauna - so this new one should put things right again..

    Tomorrow (saturday) i`m in Coasters, in Tarbert (?? is that right spelling ??) down limerick/kerry way.. So Dew Float by if you are in the mood.. I've got a MOXY of new Euro whump in the bag at the moment, some of which i`ll blast out on the Radio 2moro.. Jezus, my Nucking Fose keeps dripping all over the Keys.. this is beyond a joke now.. i'm going around with toilet paper up my schnoz the whole time to combat the drips.. i looks even sillier then usual.. hells bells..

    On the Lighter side of the news, i`m thrilled to announce THE SLATE is back again, and it's up to issue n-n-n-n-nineteen.. I failed to mention the issues between this current one and the last time i plugged them because, well, the quality left a great deal to be desired.. call it "summer droop", but they lost it a bit.. hey, they are SO back now.. a stonker.. IMHO, anything with a toon of a perv getting his thrill from electocuting his nads is A1 with me! Lovely perv special!! Mmmm.. Perv...

    Celebrating their 100th issue this month is THE DARKSIDE - next to Video Watchdog, it`s the only publication to be bothering with in the Freaky-Film department etc.. blah.. But anyway, it`s a bumper issue for the 100th b'day, and well worth the look.. in fact, it could lead to a bit of a frenzy in the DVD purchasing dept. - don`t say i didn`t warn yez..


    Weekend Playlist for Mr.Spring`s Show on 2FM's 6:2:6,
    ( TX: 091102/20.00-22.00

    20.00: Firen` Squad,Squaddies: Dezzy Balmer (the "M"), Keef Downey (the "R"), John Gibbons (oh,oh,oh the funky..), Pressure (Rez)

    *orland oye/ghost trains -source - 12%
    sour050dj/wriye & geist//cop con
    * personal difference -beat freak - 51%
    bf032/wri:free//king music editiones
    *allen pullen/rippen' -class a - 38%
    car001/wriullen//cop con
    *talla 2xLC/can you feel the silence? -club culture - 29%
    b2701179/wri:gore//grabbing hands music
    *taka boom feat. chaka kahn/groove like that -shaboom - 49%
    shab054/no details//no details


    -+= Broadcast live from Winterparty 3 @ point Depot. Dublin =+-

    Your Cuddly host : Felix Da Housecat - in thee place!!
    [tracklisting unavailable/un fathomable!]

    Christmas is coming, and that means bumper gifts on I`l be uploading 2 new tracks and 10 (yes!) 10 of the "most wanted" from the past 10 years.. Xmas 2002 marks the 10th anniversary of SoundCrowd's clublife.. 'twas Xmas 1992 we first stepped out with camcorder in hand, and demo on dat.. so, favorites please for the uploads, what do you want? eh? 10 years of muzak to be fair, there must be something.. email me with your wants.. here.. and i`ll upload the top 10 over december!!


    The New Mozilla is Out.. For those of you still using Microsoft (scm)Internet Explorer, and spending more time reebooting then cleaning up after a savage thrashing, try it out.. 1.2b is rivaling Opera as our fastest/stable-ist/most not-Microsoft Fav. Browser of choice!!

    I totally forgot to do the "New Venue Report" on this place in Borris-On-Osser, the Something-County-Hotel, er, or something.. Well, anyway, the place we did on the Bank Holiday Weekend.. So, where do i begin? Em... the place is a real nightclub, in a venue, and has been "recently converted" [staff words] from, er, another nightclub.. The gear - lights, typical random vari-sweep stuff, seemed to do the same thing all the time no matter how furiously the lightjock twiddled his knobs.. the Dry-Ice machine was sufficiant, that is, the Bouncers didn`t come up and ask me to lay off it till near the end, i must remember to leave it on the whole time next time.. looked like a scene form "From hell" at times, carpery-crush-red-velvet and smoke.. hehehe.. the DJ box is a total joke.. tiny.. fine for a robojock with 2 CDs to mix back n' 4wd from, but with the House mixer BOLTED into a console, (the type of console you bash your elbow on no matter how hard you try to avoid it, you know, chipboard surround with the (crap) mixer SUNK into it.. doh!!!) and the record decks on the plinth to the sides and BELOW the console, yeah BELOW, so you have to reach OVER the console that pokes up out at you to touch the platters, not so bad for the left deck that is flanked by the wall of the DJ box, but brAin-DamAGe for the right deck, flanked to the left by the console, to the right & rear by the DJ box, and with the Lights-guy standing with his back to you blocking the FRONT of the deck.. yeah.. right.. what a disaster.. the Box was designed for a CD jock, a CD jock that likes shite mixers.. Mixers that distort in your headphones before they get to a suitable level for monitiring.. in fact, let's just not talk about the mixer, it`s a nightmare.. thank god it had some form of EQ and nulling Trimpots, otherwise we were screwed.. ehm.. anyway.. the Sound? Like the DJ box, made for CD-DJ to play thru.. it cut out on the top end regularly if i drove it to a level that you could hear/dance to and was so annoying i don`t understand how i got out of there alive.. oh, and the Amps that were overheating? - they are at your Knees in the DJ box.. 3 amps, top, mid and bass.. the bass should have been the top, and the other 2 should have been louder, loud enough to run at 50% duty and be loud enough.. ie: 4 times what they were.. oh, and speakers to match.. so, besides the ropey sound and disasterous working Conditions, i felt it was a fun place and a worthwhile visit.. The Staff were Cool and the door-price was the lowest iv`e seen in months, and besides somebody attempting to get me to play 1 more by shouting "Play 1 more tune you qweer",and later, a brief incident of frontal nudity, fireworks and a bitch-fight in the carpark, i'd probably have to issue a slight warning to anyone playing there to watch you don`t pop the sound, learn to mix at low headphone volumes - with no monitor (did i mention there was no monitor?) and keep your head - the mixer is a puzzle..

    This Saturday is "Winter Party 3" in the Point Depot in dublin, Digweed, Felix Da Housecat etc.. 626 will be attempting to cover it by broadcasting sections throughout our Timeslot.. It`s Not as we would have liked it - (ie: Total coverage, Full outside Broadcast Team, All of us on the Bill bieng paid Telephone Numbers, Dressing Rooms stuffed full of Whores and Barl,etc..) - But we will be bringing you All the hot-decked-trickery as it unfolds, including a Title-Bout for "Trippyest Moment" and Lots of other fine sporting action, live from the moshing pit.. John Power is playing, so we are sneaking in in his boot and bugging the decks on stage so we can broadcast choise chunks, just for YOU! Yes! Do not dispair if you can't be arsed going, we'll try and fill the gap.. Oh yeah baby..


    Power Updated His Script...


    Weekend Playlist for Mr.Spring`s Show on 2FM's 6:2:6,
    ( TX: 021102/20.00-22.00

    20.00: Firen` Squad,Squaddies: Pat mcMello (mello by name..), Eoghan Young (young by name...), Karl Lambert (KL-555)

    *JDS/the drummer -rhythm syndicate - 26%
    rhysyn025/wriearse//cop con
    *bedrock/emerald -bedrock - 15%
    pealp61695/wri:digweed & muir//cop con
    *madonna/die another day -maverick - 16%
    sam00721/no details//no details
    *gigi d'agostino/bla bla bla -emi - 29%
    724355134707/wri: l di agostino//media songs srl.
    *hernan cattaneo/satellites -perfecto - 28%
    perf47t/wri:cattaneo & garcia//cop con
    *milk inc./land of the living -positiva - 0%
    12tivdjd184/no details


    *the real deal/bt3 project - white trd002
    *black sun project/lemon squash - n.e.w.s.541416500912
    *pyra/humanoid - noname 4022
    *ratty/sunshine - white vinyl b037158
    *the freak/addictive - jinx jxh750
    *the raiders/electronic ant - dance pollution poll217
    *ultraravers/boing boom tschak - hitland htl 02.13
    *lorenzo de preti/plasma EP - subway sub191
    *nivago/i feel free(murano) - bootleg beats blbwhite 005


    So.. novemer is upon us, halloween is a distant image burned into our retinas, and Xmas is in our sights.. Ah yes.. the season of Suicide and family reunions!!!

    So.. it`s stats time.. For October 2oo2, our 25027 hits came from these,

    The Top 30 Springnations October 2oo2:

    1 Unresolved/Unknown
    <-- E.T. Phone Home

    2 Ireland
    3 Network
    4 US Commercial
    5 United Kingdom
    6 US Educational
    7 Australia
    8 Netherlands
    9 Denmark
    10 Canada
    11 France
    12 Germany
    13 Spain
    14 Italy
    15 Belgium
    16 Austria
    17 US Military
    18 Poland
    19 Hungary
    20 New Zealand (Aotearoa)
    21 Japan
    22 United States
    23 Non-Profit Organization
    24 Sweden
    25 Switzerland
    26 Finland
    27 Russian Federation
    28 Estonia
    29 Greece
    30 Croatia (Hrvatska)
    jUst plAythAtbEAt