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    2night i`m in Mohill for some post-xmas-pre-newyear mallet-orchestration.. Also 2nite, the radio show is a firen' squad "clips" special.. Bits of some of the shows over the last 12 months.. This run probably counts as the longest continuous run the squad has ever done.. As you know, it started out as a passing gesture in a corridor, struggled to overcome obscurity and sporadic existance, and went on to be the major pain it the ass to find tunes & squaddies for that it is today.. We've done 219 editions of it now over How many years? 5!?!?? on and off like.. Man... Anyway, The clips took a day to find and chop 2gether, so rather then have it be broadcast and forgotton, it`s been MP3'd and upped to have a blast.. The stats: 60+ guests, 20+ tunes, multiple plastings, clangers, bold stuff and a bit of hazy recollection.. (knew her well..)


    Merry Xmas you sexy fuc*ers!


    Last night in PULSE was gr8 fun.. Letterkenny were in fiiine form as usual.. Played one of the Tainted TPs of Voyager, it sounded surprisingly good at the time.. ah well.. still no sign of the replacements.. it'll have to do.. SESSIONs tour tomorrow night from Letterkenny actually, speaking of it as we were, FERGIE and POWER live on 626.. After My show.. Should be solid pleasure all-round.. Bitta double thrashing LK is getting this weekend in fairness.. i _do_ hope the student body had fun lastnight.. they were having a "traffic light" ball, red sticker for "i'm taken/on the blob", orange for "looking to upgrade" and green for "can we shag now please".. it was, as expected, messy!! Now a warning to anyone playing PULSE in the next while. the decks upstairs are a tad iffey.. the needles (stanton 500) are worn and bent beyond the valley of good taste, and the right head is actually bouncing off the vinyl as it plays and kick-drums happen.. resulting in a phase-cancellation on the bass end of anything played on it.. beware, bringing your own heads may help a little.. slightly nightmareish.. but hey.. Merry Xmas and all that.. (ie:nobody noticed cos' they were all too busy malleting/trying to get their hole)..


    Weekend Playlist for Mr.Spring`s Show on 2FM's 6:2:6,
    ( TX: 141202/20.00-22.00

    20.00: Firen` Squad,Squaddies: Webster, Razor & Hugh Scully (coastal beats hotel-suite wrecking cru),Jason Young (n.w.corrospondant), DJ Krisp (midlands corrospondant), Derek d-Fuse (urban dispondant)

    *X-press 2/supasong(soul mechanik) -skint - 45%
    xpress004/wri:xpress 2//skint music
    *erasure/solsbury hill -mute - -100% (minus 100 percent)
    solp1/wri:gabriel//cop con
    *dave clarke/the wolf -skint -44%
    skint78/wri:dave clarke//BMG music
    *chicane/love on the run -wea - 6%
    wea361t/wri:chicane//warner music UK
    *fab for feat. robert owens/last night a DJ blew my mind -illustrious - 68%
    12illdy013/wri:indeep & owens//king brain music & cop con

    *zippora/time stood still -byte by050212-12
    *dj icon/futureworld -DNS 001r-12
    *Milk inc./breathe without you -antler subway as9019
    *hercio DJ/eternal trance -mostiko 23207866
    *adam & glund/bass core - uberdruck ued10
    *pyra/humanoid - no name nn4022
    *dopeman/hardbazz powah - scantraxx004
    *4tune500/dancing in the dark - black gold blgd04djx01
    *marc la cruz & ace the brain/erial - venom002

    It`s been a slow week really.. mostly concerned with sneezing and laughing and freaking out.. baby.. The main drama (of coarse) has been the mysterious appearence of pink-noise accross the test presings of Voyager 1.7, even in the run-in and run-out grooves is very suspicious.. i could maybe swallow that my master CD was awash with noise and i had just not noticed in the mastering phaze due to retarded high-frequency sensitivity caused by repeated exposure to loud noises (ie: i`m deaf after 20 years of clubbing/mixing/walkmans to high-frequencys) but i`m aftraid i don`t provide 10 seconds of Silence before and after the track to allow the run-in/outs.. the hiss,was NOT on my master.. so, i`m wondering what to do, iv`e sent copies of the hissy tests to the cutting room and the factory for examination, and in the midst of waiting for a verdict, the cutting room (bless them) decide to re-cut and damn the torpedos.. so, verdict on who's fault it is is posponed for mow, we have more important things to do - like get the next batch done and see..needless to say, this is proving VERY expensive, but hey, life is a bitch.. should have the NEXT batch (cut a2) in a few days.. maybe.. i hope.. er.. god i can't imagine how this all came about.. the first cut sounds like it was cut on a bathroom tile, not soft wax! Goddamn..

    Have you voted for your favorite set of the year yet? for the New-years special on 626? hit the 626 site/2fm site and vote today - it is your duty!!!

    Our new-years party is still hanging in doubt.. although we are all due to be scattered thin and hard, there still may be a focus for the cru, where we all converge and try to ring out the WORST year i ever remember for music, clubs, driving, travel , investment, leisure and pop-music.. FU*K 2002.. what a disaster it was.. ah well, at least 1 of those problems is due to dissapear (the pop-crap thing), apparently the Press have so little to write about, they are resorting to pointing out the bleedin' obvious again - ie: nobody BUYS the pop-crap, it just circulates repeatedly through a counting device that contributes to sales figures.. I believe the world has a preset amount of crap pop-music, and it was all used up in the 70's & 80's with THE OSMONDS, BAY CITY ROLLARS, THE WOMBLES and the likes of TAKE THAT, THE DOOLEYS, THE NOLAN SISTERS, BUCKS FIZZ and extensively overdrawn by the activitys of STOCK, AITKEN & WATERMAN and the tobacco-chewing BONEY-M project... This means the Planet is actually in the RED from Crap, and needs some heavy belt-tightening in the crap music department.. Now, don`t get me wrong, without the likes of the papsmarms we would never appreciate the joy that is thrash & brat rock. nor would the Overdose family be necessary.. in a way, Pop-crap has made us realise that what was once referred to as "indie","collage rock" and "underground" (in fact the same stuff that ELTON JOHN and QUEEN was doing except it took 4 hours rather then 4 days to produce.. oh, and the sleeves were rarely as posh..) is in fact REAL music.. That is, Music that is written by someone, for a reason.. That is actually for sale where people who want it can buy it, and (most importantly) is sometimes bought by someone that will listen to it.. wow! what a concept!! Someone actually USING the end-product ! well.. that _is_ a fresh idea.. Here's to things to discuss amongst yourselves: [1] How many New acts have appeared in the last 12 months that you can remember? [2] How many cover-versions were done this year that you can remember? (our first answer: [1]-none [2]-15,342)

    Wow.. Pop-crap has saved us all.. It was polarised us into either seeing/hearing nothing but shite, or nothing but the real-deal.. now. that is nice to know.. no more flirting with coolness, you are either real, or a wan*er.. superb... Thank you pop-crap.. we love you.. now die.. DIE.. and do it on television so we can all watch!! hehehe.... speaking of which.. the HEARSAY flopumentary is on SKY this week..The rupertbox brings you SnuffPop - the death of a perticularly bad idea.. i rest my case..


    Weekend Playlist for Mr.Spring`s Show on 2FM's 6:2:6,
    ( TX: 071202/20.00-22.00

    20.00: Firen` Squad,Squaddies: Hugo Bass(space),Gav (flush bus),Pressure (DJ)

    *zippora/time stood still -byte - 45%
    by050212-12/wri:eddy weyns//decos publishing
    *chris coco feat. peter green/albatross -distinctive - 37%
    dp99-2/wri:green//palan music publishing
    *the mook/hardend soul -bosh! - 47%
    bosh1221/wri:keely//blakkat music
    *underworld/dinosaur adventure 3d -JBO - 60%
    jbo5020528/wri:smith & hyde//underworld & sherlock holmes music
    *tony de vit/i don`t care -tidy - 31%
    tidy181t/wri:de vit & parkes//tidy publishing


    *under construction/umleitung - pulsive 015
    *ruff drivers/don`t stop - white DS007
    *gee rossi/show me love - arcade 23-206956
    *kai tracid/just 1 day - tracid traxx ttx2040
    *adam & glund/bass core - uberdruck ued10
    *paul masterson/stars - you clash yc002
    *bbe/hollywood - kosmo kos2051
    *dj peter peter/muscle mary - ID&T 7005475

    Fu*king DISASTER on the Test pressings of Voyager 1.7.. they arrived today and there is a horrible hissing noise accross the vinyl.. From the Run-in to the end of the Run-out, a fairly distracting tape-hiss that is just terrible.. I examined the CD master and the hiss simply isn`t there, so it's back to the factory and the cutting room for their expert opinions.. Is it me? Is it the Cut? Is it the Processing? We will find out sooner or later i suppose.. but it DOES mean there is NO chance of seeing the record out this year... We had hoped to sneak out a few for the Xmas party scene, but that won`t happen now.. even the Test-pressings are unplayable.. What a pity.. and a missed oppertunity (story of my life m8...) I think i`m going off now to get smashed and pretend everything is alright.. Bollocks. Bolllloccksssssssssssss.. Arsssssssseeee.. [etc..] Oh.. hang on.. i think... yes.. it's.. it's... IT'S... oh yes... -=H-U-M-B-U-G=-!!!!!! Aw shite.. why me? [etc.] Thing is.. with the coming total-shutdown of the scene, and the impending excuses of MIDEM and MIAMI, tis record won`t be out till april 2oo3 now... Ah well, at least i`ll have a B-Side for it by then.. or not.. [pass the pliers..]


    Dear Santa..

    Please direct your browser to this please.. then this.. then this and then finally this.. And don`t piss me about or i`ll smoke your beard and tell the papers about "our little secret.."



    You may have noticed the BACK TO THE FUTURE trilogy is out on DVD this weekend.. PLAY.COM are doing a "Win a delorian" competition, click here for more.. Now, i don`t have to tell you that the Delorian is the Coolest Car ever made do i? Well.. what other car was manufactured in Ireland and made of Brushed Aluminium, Government money and (allegedly) Weapons-grade Cocaine!??! Just look will you.. jesus.. Hurry up.. And buy the DVD at or here from blackstar..

    Our Christmas/Hunnikah/New Dates go like this: 14th - Borris-on-ossiry for Rapture, 19th - Letterkenny RTC bash at the Pulse.., 21st - Enigma @ Carrickmacross, 28th - Nitelinks in Mohill and Jan 3rd 2oo3 - Kosmos In Ennis.. N.Y.E. is still unsure, insofaras there is nothing signed yet, and we want to avoid the panic-in-the-snow that was last year.. People are less greedy this year too, i think the Since the Millenium Night Fiasco, people are trying to steer clear of NYE to be honest.. it's no longer a lock for money, more like a lock for loosing your arse!! Ah well, we will c. I don`t want to die in a car-slide, and i don`t want to contribute to a financial mess... maybe we'll throw a free thing?


    Weekend Playlist for Mr.Spring`s Show on 2FM's 6:2:6,
    ( TX: 301102/20.00-22.00

    *** All-Girl-on-Girl Tropical Bikini-oil Special ***

    20.00: Firen` Squad,Squadettes: Mandy Reid (up there), Nikki Hayes (down here), Leonie (over there a bit), Zoe (little bit more), Donna Lyons (ahhh that's it..)

    *alison limerick/where love lies -arista - 9%
    ali02/wri:lati kronlund//BMG music
    *ruff drivers/don`t stop -white - 4%
    ds007/wri:ruff drivers//cop con
    *riva/time is the healer -landslide - 12%
    lsd004p/wri:riva//warner music(?)
    *rob tiserra/burning -y2k - 44%
    y2k036/wri:mark kitchen//bmg music
    *craig david/what's your flava? -wildstar - 38%
    12wild43rbp/no details

    So.. what a saturday it was on 626.. An all-girl-on-girl firen' squad.. the results of which will echo through time for decades to come.. some of the toppest and fittest girlys in the scene gathered in the spirit of correctional advisory activity, and didn`t they do well? Unfortunatly i couldn`t read out some of your Text messages that were launched DURING the squad, some of them were quite obscene to be fair, but most of them were asking the same thing : "are they shaggable", and i can safely say, yes, they were.. very much so.. they seemed to have a full compliment of curves and cans, and were displaying eyelashes that cut through the air like aluminium spoilers, and warpaint that meant bizz.. (sigh) but hey, this time 5 years ago, we didn`t really HAVE a female-with-dex population!! this is fab you know.. at this rate, if they keep reproducing, by march 2130, we will have a female DJ for every male one!!

    Did you enjoy the Broadcast from Brazil? some fabbbbbooooo tunes.. i especially dug the Drum n' Bass set, it was perrrfect for driving home, so massivly banging.. i think i have to officially condone Drum n' Bass for Cruising, especially in the pissing rain.. it just fits.. so constant and clicking.. loverly.. For those that can imagine stuff well, Power was making use of a Satellite Van in Downtown Sao-Paulo to link up to a sattelite hanging over s.america (NSS806) and from there the signal went to London, where it was sent by British telecom down a Fibre-optic cable to an ISDN Terminal and over to us in Dublin.. The whole trip took a little over 4 seconds.. Mmmm... Delaaay.. As you may have heard, we got "double booked" on the channel we were using... we ended up sharing with a Vollyball game bieng sent to Portugal and were blanked for an hour and a half of the 4-hour broadcast.. very disturbing.. but hey, it was a miracle Power even lived that long!! I`m sure we ALL want to attend the next RED BULL MUSIC ACADAMY thingy afer hearing the talent showing out there.. i`m gonna offer to lecture on "analog synthesis and relaxing herbs".. er.. and limbo-dancing...


    *dan maxam vs. polygen/tiefoderhoch - silly spider music ssm002
    *freaky boy/no time to sleep - deep mission dmltd05
    *uberdruck boys/bloody slut - uberdruck ued08
    *dj the crow meets dj arne LII/the speed - uberdruck ued09
    *bbe/hollywood - kosmo kos2051
    *vorwerk & kruithof/in trance of a tulip - front 222-12
    *gee rossi/show me love - arcade 23-206956
    *willy san juan/straight girls don't lick pussy - kimko promo34
    *the tubes/white punks on dope - A&M/virgin PM427


    So.. From the 21480 hits you bestowed upon us in November, here's the TOP 30 Springnations 11/2002:

    1 Unresolved/Unknown
    <-- UFOz Rool

    2 Ireland
    3 Network (AOL/IOL)
    4 US Commercial
    5 United Kingdom
    6 Belgium
    7 Netherlands
    8 Spain
    9 Sweden
    10 Uruguay
    11 Canada
    12 Australia
    13 Italy
    14 US Educational
    15 Germany
    16 France
    17 Japan
    18 Austria
    19 Poland
    20 Switzerland
    21 Finland
    22 Russian Federation
    23 Argentina
    24 United States
    25 Hungary
    26 Lithuania
    27 Saudi Arabia
    28 Estonia
    29 Greece
    30 Portugal

    Nice 2 c Uruguay in the Top 10, keeping the Flag flying for the S.American Dept., and a notable repeated lack of US Military access... maybe they are all using ZONEALARM now

    This weekend's 626 Clubchart is here..

    Power updated his script...


    'Tis the season.. etc..
    jUst plAythAtbEAt