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    Squad returns.. 2moro..


    Shock news!! For those of us that missed FRIGHTFEST last summer (ie: all of us),check out this March-spectacular care of "to celebrate the tenth anniversary of FAB Press, and the publication of the latest and greatest FAB Press book - Flesh & Blood Compendium. We have secured an extremely strong line-up of FAB favourites - every film we are showing is an excellent example of cutting-edge Flesh & Blood cinema. The Cine Lumiere, which is part of the French Institute in London, will be hosting the event.." And here's the money-shot-reason-d'etre for this Call-2-arms: "16mm feature film:Four Flies on Grey Velvet (Italy) - What more needs to be said? This is the rarest Argento film by far, and an outstanding example of Dario's instant mastery of the giallo format. Last screened in the UK over five years ago. Throw away your pirate videos and see Argento in the only environment that makes sense: The Cinema!" Damn straight this is a serious development indeed.. the "long-lost" dario in 16-mil!!!! Oh joy, oh bliss, oh armed robbery..



    My fellow malleters,discerning self-abusers and co-conspiritors, it is with messy head i deliver this, the State of the nation address.. By now you are probably aware that we are on the brink of War again, and therefore, in a effort to distract you from this fact, i` going to try and point out some shit that while bieng totally obvious, may have escaped your attention due to the impending end of society as we know it. Firstly, the economic situation is grave. we all need to tighten our belts, spend more money, support local businesses and consume more meat. Borrowing vast quantitys of money right now is the way to go.. the sooner you do it, the sooner you can buy the stuff you really will need in the coming months.. things like canned meat, frozen meat and dried meat products. Essentials like matches, marlboro fags and king-size skins should be hoarded immediatly as they will no longer be available after the total and complete distruction of the planet that is shedualed for valentines day. remember that every Euro borrowed now will be worth one thousanth of it`s value in a year's time, and where that may seem like a duff prospect, remember the US dollar will be worth a thousanth of that again, so at least we get that bit back the way it should be.. So borrow like hell now, and buy buy buy while you still can, chances are, you'll not live long enough to pay it back anyway. Secondly, we need to sort out is the Pop-crap mountain (and the resultant "good-tune drought" that co-exists with it). Due to the over-manufacture of absolute crap, there is a shortage of flimsy cases for CDs, and an even more worrieng shortage of "pepsome" choons for the Brave GIs that will be fearlessly dropping bundles of pain the size of schoolbusses on the arabs by remote-control.. I mean, in vietnam they had THE DOORS to set them up for a day of shitting their pants in the swamp, what have our boys got nowdays? PUDDLE OF CRUD? JUSTINE TIMBERFOOL? come on people.. for f*cksake who'd want to risk their lives to preserve that shite? huh? fuc*ing nobody thats who! Imagine going into battle with that rubbish in your head? It's a frightening prospect.. And the Arabs know, they LAUGH at our pop music openly.. In fact the most popular Show on D.I.T.V.N. (Death to the infidel television network,tripoli) is in fact, "pinky-twits"(direct translation),a show where Lubby Achlemechh, the hostess with a very large nose indeed, lambasts and guffaws at footage of our crappy popstars and gardening and DIY programmes, it`s a bit like "it'll be alright on the night", but funnier.. Basically, unless we change things pretty soon, there won`t be a point to the war at all.. You see, they KNOW our messiest popstars have been long de-commisoned and dismantled, Jerry-lee-lewis, Alice cooper,The osmonds & The kids from fame used to scare the shit out of 99% of all arabs, now all we have left is conventional weaponry, like Micheal Jackson and he's hardly "battle fit"! We need to tool up and get serious about our music quick.. any nations propagating pop crap can hardly expect respect in the world circus.. face it.. we are actually doomed.. even if we win the war, it won`t matter, they will still make fun of us at the UN.. and who can blame them.. Thirdly, If it all goes according to plan, the lads will be pushing the buttons shortly after midday on valentines day, and the Quantity surveyors, Drainage experts, Estate agents, Lawyers, Chatshow hosts and Tele-evangilists are due to land about 3pm to lay the foundations for the new "pepsico-mcDonalds-Fox" middle east and by 6pm the first BigMac will be snorted off a land-steal contract by representatives of the Jeraldo/Opera meat and tobacco development foundation.. All this depends on all of YOU, the little guy, staying at home and watching it all on Television.. If you don`t, there won`t be enough advertising money to finance the war, and we may have to pospone again.. so, be brave, don`t just spend what you can afford, GO LONG SON, borrow and blow. it's the way of winners! NOW is the time for that LCD projector, NOW is the time for satellite TV, NOW is the time for that george forman combination toaster-ovan/pizza grill/pottery wheel.. the time is NOW people.

    Epilog: One positive aspect of this war is the total collapse of the Bullshit-sectors of the world: INSURANCE (nothing left worth insuring/all companys gone wallop after total destruction of everything and endless claims etc..), STOCKS & SHARES (hahahah, stop, i`l piss myself.. oh lordy.. hahahahahahahahahh.. snurf... hah.. hahahaha.), PROHIBITION (try prohibiting anything when water is a tradable commodity), CURRENCY (try offering small alloy disks or rectangles of smelly paper in exchange for a non-poison potato or some cleanish water after the sun dissapears..), ***** WALSHE (accidently shot by his own bodyguards in the confusion), POLITICS (the apocolypse will be the definitive proof that it was all bollocks), GOLF (i have it on authority the latest anthrax varient is geneticly pre-disposed to assholes).


    [1] Switch on FOX NEWS and turn up the volume

    [2] Open all doors and windows

    [3] Drink and smoke heavily, if you don`t drink or smoke, begin

    [4] Strip naked when you are sufficiently Wasted, and proceed to the roof of your building

    [5] Assume the self-abuse position, put your head between your knees, Kiss your ass goodbye, and hope you get a nut just as the bomb goes off!


    Weekend Playlist for Mr.Spring`s Show on 2FM's 6:2:6,
    ( TX: 250103/20.00-22.00

    *royksopp/eple(shakedown) - wall of sound wallt080px
    *shut up and dance/release the gimp - shut up and dance suad51
    *beat pusher/saving grace - serious ser4712pr
    *panjabi MC/mundian to bach ke - instant karma karma28t
    *dj shadow/six days(soulwax) - island 12isz807dj
    *matrix vs. goldtrix/trippin` - whitelabel trip002
    *project x/hard house heaven - rainforest rf22
    *niagra/cloudburst part 2 - freeflow flow2
    *liquid/music(the future music EP) - XL xlt33
    *reeloop/important - tracid traxx ttx2041
    *don diablo/casa del diablo(casa del dorito) - refuse 001
    *uli poppelbaum/stereo poems part 1(fear & loathing) - clubgroove cgr025
    *dj s.p.u.d./spear britney - superstar b273131
    *a situation/the situation - fundamental fun501
    *oakenfold & DJ judas/the prophet - perfecto parf49tp
    *sultan & tonedepth/sabres - alola alo47
    *york/the awakening(taucher) - zeitgiest 065817
    *de donatis/the virus 2002 - lift off lift001

    [Squad Returns Next weekend!!]


    We are pressing V1.7 next week.. UNIQUE will be taking it for the UK end of things and will (hopefully) feed europe a few too.. i'm leaving it 1-sided for now, maybe someone will fill the other side themselves someday.. hmm.. i MUST put the samples and loops up on the Net in that case.. yes.. remind me to do that next week..


    Weekend Playlist for Mr.Spring`s Show on 2FM's 6:2:6,
    ( TX: 180103/20.00-22.00

    *chic/good times - bootleg re644
    *kid gloves/ read the lines - coersive fmcr002
    *whiz kids/what u need - mantra vibes mtr2146
    *shut up and dance/release the gimp - shut up and dance suad51
    *rob dougan/furious angels - cheeky rob04a11
    *futureshock/phantom theory - junior 12rdj6595
    *matrix vs. goldtrix/trippin` - whitelabel trip002
    *de donatis/the virus - lift off lift001
    *antic/pulse - jinx jx520
    *commander tom/volume 1 - noom 13
    *e-ject/the pressure - safety in numbers sin003
    *can't believe it/syntone - closet clos08
    *marc la cruz and ace the brain/eriel - venom 002
    *reeloop/important - tracid traxx ttx2041
    *panic attack/i hate myself - invasion 33
    *oakenfold & DJ judas/the prophet - perfecto parf49tp
    *kinky toys/somewhere out there.. - mercury fes26
    *minty/useless man - candy can1v

    [Squad Returns 01Feb03 - If you want to take part Email/call now..]


    Upped NRG RUSH 1993 to [choose "downloads" from above..] As requested by you all for your Xmas present this year.. OldSchool Lives on in our heads.. In fact, i once said to a good friend of mine, that the day the music stops playing in my head is the day i stop playing music..I STILL hear music when i`m falling asleep after gigs, so i suppose that's allright then innit?


    Weekend Playlist for Mr.Spring`s Show on 2FM's 6:2:6,
    ( TX: 110103/20.00-22.00

    *whiz kids/what u need - mantra vibes mtr2146
    *chad jackson/rock - acetate ace018
    *tahoser/1000 nights - kontor k289
    *e-ject/the pressure - safety in numbers sin003
    *oakenfold & DJ judas/the prophet - perfecto parf49t
    *reeloop/important - tracid traxx ttx2041
    *iconesque/black pearl - DNS 04-12
    *brixton/still horney - A.C.I.D. traxx 012
    *dan maxam vs. polygen/tiefoderhoch - silly spider ssm002
    *303 child/believe it or not - A.C.I.D. traxx 009
    *mrspring/voyager 1.7 - spring sli10103
    *ultraravers/boing boom tschak! - hitland htl02.12
    *k-traxx/hardventure - titanic ttc014
    *marc la ruz & ace the brain/erial - venom 002
    *dopeman/hardbazz powah! - scantraxx 04
    *hardheads/hardhouse generation - kontor k286
    *pale-x/android - shogun 21
    *jamX & deleon/mand's made up - fate f8t005-12
    *system f/out of the blue 2nd edition - tsunami tsu 6036

    [Squad Returns Feb03 - If you want to take part Email now..]

    Aw.. what a great start to the year we are all having here in the bratcave.. Bieng Frozen Solid for days, then thawed out and then frozen again.. great for the circulation having to massage one's lips to get a word in edgeways.. I know we are all deeply dissapointed (as i`m sure you are too) to hear the latest sex-perv scandal in the UK involves someone we don't care a toss about.. I can think of SEVERAL top international rock-stars that are MUCH more deserving of the shame/fame then poor old Petey T.. The sad thing is, even if he _is_ a wierdo, none of us care.. (i _have_ asked about you know..) Why oh Why couldn`t it have been Phil Collins? Or That newsreader that's into Barley, or that smug politician with the twitch.. hmm??? Come on police.. there are FAR more deserving people out there offending our senses DAILY with their crapulence.. do us all a favour and make the Law work for the common good.. Start with Quiz-Show hosts and move your way through to town councellers.. The time has come to stop this filth and make a stand for the future of light entertainment and rebellious melody.. Expose the disposables!!!! Oust the louses!!

    2 points on saturday's show - [1] the arabic tune i dedicated to the american GIs stopping in ireland on their way to bomb the crap out of the mario-brothers was in no way meant to discourage them in their noble excercise of dropping million-dollar hardware on goat-farmers in the name of disclosure, it was to remind them that they aren`t just bombing small farms and underdeveloped townships in the desert, they are bombing some of the most disturbing singing in the world.. next to el-salvadorian marriage/death song (which can last,in the case of death of royalty or exposure of top-footballers as pervs, up to 12 days non-stop..) the attempts of the arab world at pop-music should be concidered the biggest threat to clublife as we know it today.. not only is it destructive in it's structure, but it`s rhythms can confuse and confound listeners to the point of giving up attempting to tap their feet to it.. Truely this music is scary and the work of people who laugh at the 12-note per octave scaling.. beware lads.. some people exposed to the correct intoxicants have been known to buy tapes of it and pass it among their co-workers - this music is wierd and proves the people who made it don`t conform to human spec!! Go forth lads, and spread the message: Drop the following on them: Marlboro Cigarettes (squashy pack, reds of coarse), Beef (chunks of..), Beer (bud, of coarse), Sex (girls on top), Rock N' Roll (6-Strings,4 strings and skins) and Decent Television (letterman, sopranos, scrubs, american dreams, lost in space, bewitched).. Do it, and do it smartly boys, you know it makes sense.. [2] the Grill has NOT ruled out scruffs like myself for future bookings.. YES they have a new Resident DJ, which means after 213 years , 113,045 nights, 2,872,223 cans of hairspray and 2 sets of slipmats,PASCALL has moved on, apparently to Tibet where he is opening a Qwik-e-mart on mount everest.. so god go with you Pascall, and hello New-Guy.. As you know, nothing spreads like gossip straight out of the fridge, or the grill as in this case, and i`m glad to clarify (from mouth of grill management) that the gossip that the GRILL had adopted a new music policy in opposition to it`s previous choice is nothing more then the gossips of concerned gossipers.. Yet on one hand, the Rezident HAS changed, for a new bloke, and whereas he's not the same as the last bloke, he isn`t different enough to be concidered a change of style.. er.. so there.. it`s official.. the change isn`t noticeable while still bieng a notable change.. er.. or whatever.. well, i`m delighted people still care enough to gossip about it.. i had a bucket of Texts from people expressing their concern that i may be off the menu in the grill (well Okay then, i had 6..) but they obviously aren`t used to me teasing them.. I`m actually as freaked as all of you when i hear clubs have "changed" things, moreso in fact, it may mean you would have to change your mallet-habits/locations, but for me (and other guest DJs) it's actually a possibility/probabliity of bieng removed from the menu!! Look at the GPO for example.. Such fun we had for years.. now no more.. (sigh) Goddamn Vegetarians!! [note: grilled peppers suck, grilled tuna rocks] I think this year i`ll have to get into the "takeaway" business..


    Weekend Playlist for Mr.Spring`s Show on 2FM's 6:2:6,
    ( TX: 040103/20.00-22.00

    *lee combs/perfecto breaks vol.1 - perfecto perfalb12tp
    *is this low? - halfinch half002
    *matrix vs. goldtrix/trippin' - whitelabel trip002
    *traveller in motion/i believe - 5am fam012
    *f1/cuz i'm rockin' EP - tripoli trax ttrax093r
    *don diablo/casa del diablo - y2k 038
    *kinetica/let go - y2k 039r
    *uberdruck boys/bloody slut - uberdruck08
    *dj crow meets dj arne II/the speed - uberdruck09
    *adam & glund/basscore - uberdruck10
    *max b. grant/running - stik stk077
    *mrspring/voyager 1.7 - spring sli10103
    *k-traxx/hardventure - titanic ttc014
    *uli poppelbaum/stereo poems vol.1 - clubgroove cgr025
    *cygnus-x/positron 2002 - ID&T 7004455
    *Dj SAkin & Friends/thunderbird - overdose dmddose 099
    *sound of overdose/city 2 city - overdose dmddose100.1
    *nivago/i feel free - bootleg beats bwhite005
    *symphonic/spanish night - kosmo k262
    *ultraravers/boing boom tschak! - hitland htl02.12

    [Squad Returns in Feb03]

    Ennis Photos are online in the pictures thingy..


    A thought just struck me, this year is a very special one for strange dated.. the 3rd of march especially.. "03.03.03", we need to have an acidhouse party that day! Anyway, tonight we attempt a visit to Ennis, co.clare.. that is, if the weather behaves.. as i speak, the area is bieng battered by hail and snow! Where this came from i dunno, it was 12degrees here on new-year's day!!


    Weekend Playlist for Mr.Spring`s Show on 2FM's 6:2:6,
    ( TX: 211202/20.00-22.00

    ***6:2:6 Sessions Tour Xmas Party @ GRILL(letterkenny) feat: FERGIE, TONY WATERS & JOHN POWER ***

    Squaddies:Timmy & Tommy(ina Sui),Tony Waters(ag damhsa),Dr How & Dave Tracy(ar an inis tracy),Pressure & Darran Rice(ag pleiciocht)

    *rosie ribbons/a little bit - t2 - 68%
    stas3312/wri:ribbons//cop con
    *nova/all this love - multiply - 22%
    nova001/no details
    *uli poeppelbaum/stereo poems chapter 1 - clubgroove - 69%
    cgr025/wrioeppelbaum//universal & edition a40
    *silencer/rollin & controllin' - critical mass - 73%
    critical028/wri:wells & beaver//mute song
    *santos & undo/redo - from ciociaria with love EP - mantra vibes - 21%
    mtr2152/wriucello//edition music camaleonte

    *zippora/time stood still - byte by050212-12
    *paul masterson/stars - you clash yc002
    *dave clarke/the wolf - skint 78
    *max b grant/running - stik 077
    *barlock/barley is gonna get u - white barl001
    *frank traxx/nubuchan(3 drives) - neo ul1134
    *rob dougan/furious angels(oliver klien) - cheeky rob06
    *under construction/umleitung - pulsive 015
    *gigi lav/full blast - cases records 23

    Weekend Playlist for Mr.Spring`s Show on 2FM's 6:2:6,
    ( TX: 281202/20.00-22.00

    20.00: Firen` Squad "clip show" 2oo2,Featuring a Cast of 1000's, Ropey as hell editing, Filth, Fury and Fun-filled-Frolix... Available as an MP3 on for you flashing-back pleasure!


    *Primeval/run to me - beatfreak bf0010
    *4tune500/dancing in the dark - black gold blgd04djx01
    *DJ sammy/boys of summer - super m smr006
    *Santos/undo/redo - mantra mtr2152
    *orange/orange 6 - ID&T 7005045
    *Peter the child & DJ Negro/i miss you - MD 0099
    *Uberdruck boys/bloody slut - Uberdruck 08
    *Control/Friction '02 - MD 0117
    *Me/Voyager 1.7 - Spring sli10103

    Mr.Spring's New-Year's Speech

    [transcript of section of Springer's speech to the massive at midnight 31.12.02]

    And so, the year has turned, and the next stop is summer.. er.. maybe.. or maybe the world is actually _broken_ at last.. after all our messing with it, maybe we have ruined the seasons.. gone are the searing highs, deathly deep lows and mellow middles, and in are constant grey-skys and pishing rain.. it worrys me greatly that there doesn't seem to be anybody looking into the possibility of getting the hell off this planet anytime soon.. like, what do we have to discover next to make people sit up and realise that e NEED to leave now.. we can go somewhere else nice and start again, WITHOUT the mistakes we made here.. Well, i'm about to enter the wonderfull world of media-Fraud as i think it`s the only way to drum up the cash to leg it.. Here's the plot: Religon on Tee-Vee.. Got it? good.. Very simple, i`m going to promise sad/bored/thick people whatever it is they want in my "NEW WORLD" in exchange for their money.. Freedom.. Slimness.. Good-looks, Big boobs.. Fast cars.. Your own gaff/ranch/spaceport.. the works man.. PLUS forgiveness for ALL sins past & present, Unlimited wealth and happiness for as long as you want it, whores, barl, swimming pools, cures for their illnesses, new organs, self-cleaning kitchens, more loot, some more whores (good looking ones too!), their own lap-shack/peck-bar full to the rafters with muscle/lappers, etc.. etc.. in short, i`m on the side of the Devil.. Yep, 2003 is the year Hell went publick.. Now before you get all upset and start harping on about eternal damnnation, hades and fires burining our flesh for all eternity and our souls suffering for the pleasure and gratification of some larger-than-life evil power, think about this:Current Religon, as we know it, is, on the whole about bieng good and nice and wise.. about abstention, grace and shame.. oh,and having sex with little boys.. We need an antidote for this, desperatly.. Now, why did people swallow all the religion up to now? Because it was EASY.. Yep.. do what they say, no matter how stupid it feels, and you`ll be OK.. well, it did it`s job, and now it`s time to party. Face it, life is too short, and this isn`t our planet at all, we only visit it for about 100 years or so (if we are lucky), in the Vaaaastness of time, this is a fraction of a gnats pube.. So why get upset about things like the Enviroment, desiese and death.. Fu*k it, it`s NOT our problem.. We trust OTHER people to do it, and if it`s not done right, it's THEIR problem. ehm.. so, join up now, sell your soul to the devil and you 2 can help stop the slide into shite the world is experiencing.. Remember, Selling Your soul to the devil is Recommended by ALL top Athletes, Sports Personalitys, TV & Movie stars, Politicians, Everyone in the Music Business and Everybody else who is unexplainedly popular, rich or has a girlfriend/boyfriend they couldn`t possibly have without some "special" help.. This is the Year, DO IT NOW! Speak to your local Priest or apply at your local V.E.C. about virgin sacrifices and demon ressurections that will be happening in your area soon!! You know it makes sense. [hAppynEwyEAryOUnUtbAgs]

    Thanks for supporting us in 2oo2! You hit us 239693 times last year.. that's alot of messing in fairness.. so much, we had to put up to cope with the downloads! we served 66110 complete files from there in the year, so i`m going to keep it going, with some deletions soon, to make space for new material and some newly discovered old stuff too.. I haven't forgotton about the oldies i promised for Xmas, i just er.. wel.. em.. forgot.. and couldn`t be arsed er.. i'll do it in January for you i PROMISE..
    jUst plAythAtbEAt