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    Well, i never thought it would happen (part 1 of 4 i predict) but, KRAFTWERK tickets go on sale tomorrow, friday the 28th, for the Upcoming Gig in Dublin in March 2004... I trust that is all the information you require on the subject. Attendance is compulsary.

    Well, I never thought it would happen (part 2 of 4 quite possibly) but, THE SESSIONS TOUR is dead.. 5 years on, and the Live Club Broadcast Tour, pioneered here in Ireland by The Good Folks at 2FM, Copied by _everyone_ else in the world, and long abandoned by those that failed to make it shine, is to Bow out with one final flogging of the dead horse on New-Year'sEve 2003 at ENIGMA.. We are going to go out like we came in, cheap door price (20 lids), Irish Lineup like this: 21:00 - 21:50 : Resident Leno Or Conor G 21:50 - 22:30 : John O Callaghan Live DJ Set 22:30 - 23:30 : Splitloop Live 23:30 - 00:30 : John Power 00:30 - 01:30 : Sunil Sharpe 01:30 - 02:30 : Jay Pigeon 02:30 - 03:30 : Mr Spring Whats more, it`ll be broadcast live on 2FM, from 10-2, aaaaaaaaaaaand...

    Well, i never thought it would happen (part 3 of 4 almost definitely) but, JOHN POWER is legging it.. Yes, that's now an officially confirmed Rumour.. And the Last Sessions night (before we change it's name) will also be Power's last night for 626/2FM.. He is moving on to find himself, possibly in foreign lands, ah whatever.. you have heard it all before form someone i`m sure - no fluff, he's outtahere.. So, it`s goodbye John, and hello changes galore.. Yes, it will probably mean the end of 626 as we know it.. The sad fact is, John is not replaceable, there can be no Sessions tour without him, no Late night sessions, no 626, well, not the way it has been anyway. So It looks like after 15 years, 12 major awards, countless great tunes and over 50 million people satisfied (terms and conditions apply, figures may not have actual basis in fact), it`s time for John To piss off to some clammy climate and live like leo di caprio in that shite seaside ***** movie.. Meanwhile, those of us who have some sort of grip on reality and some semblence of intelligence & a sense of common decency and appreciation of good taste and decorum will be soldiering on, staying put, facing the music and keeping your radio real, fair & balenced and annoying to everyone that has no fuc*ing brain.


    Weekend Playlist for Mr.Spring`s Show on 2FM's 6:2:6,
    ( TX: 151103/20.00-22.00

    Firen` Squad, Squaddies: oscar sanchez (moon is moon), mark mccabe (lifer), dj ted (rt.hon), ross rooney (tobacco chewer)

    *tomcraft & eniac/great stuff - gsr - 36%
    gsr001/wri:tomcraft & eniac//edition kosmo
    *gleave dobbin/penetration - intensive - 51%
    inten012/wri:dobbin//cop con
    *voodoo child/strings - mute - 7%
    12mute309/wri:moby//warner tamerlaine & little idiot music
    *umek/entan - novamute - 43%
    12nomu129/wri:umek//prime music
    *dj format/1,2,3 scrape! - pias - 55%
    gen020t/wri:dj format//cop con

    ### Pointless Statistics: Squad Satisfaction Index: 38.4 Lowest Average: 33.8 [ted] Highest Average: 50.4 [ross]


    *shithead/shithead 3002 - qdance 010
    *technoboy/bomb squad - titanic ttc019
    *c4/bla bla bla - schalldruck scd01
    *dj substyle/let the bass kick - q-uazar qas004
    *no faces/no time no space - fate f8t009-12
    *clapheads/everybody clap - ????? clap01 +49.699.414.3844
    *the gladheads/drug addicted psycho - fakten 005

    Weekend Playlist for Mr.Spring`s Show on 2FM's 6:2:6,
    ( TX: 221103/20.00-22.00

    Firen` Squad, Squaddies: the dj pressure (now available online), colin heaney (also available on vinyl), dean sherry (ultimatly available)

    *skyy feat. sheena/turn my world - inferno - 13%
    djfern60/wri:skyy//cop con
    *desert/moods - additive - 2%
    12ad094/wriringle & kane//proof songs
    *tube & berger/straight ahead - direction - 37%
    xpr3711/wri:tube & berger//cop con
    *agaha feat. jocylen brown & loleta holloway/a better world - beatfreak - 6%
    bf0046/wri:hedge & hidaka//music of nia songs
    *joy@joman/tronic toys - bxr - 38%
    bxr1200/wri:chiti conti & piperno//media songs srl.

    ### Pointless Statistics: Squad Satisfaction Index: 19.2 Lowest Average: 16.6 [dean] Highest Average: 23.3 [rob]


    *fate federation/narcotic guide - black hole 164-5
    *ben shift/quazar - md 0139
    *no faces/no time no space - fate f8t009-12
    *technoboy/bomb squad - titanic ttc019
    *vdm/no hesitation - combined forces/deal 037
    *scott mac & simon eve/always - recover 030
    *the gladheads/drug addicted psycho - fakten 005
    *hardheadz/wreck the rmx - scanntraxx 010


    You can now listen to the Hour i did at Enigma for Colourfest (!?) on (try the DOWNLOADS button if you have a Flash-enabled Browser).It was a very hurried affair, not alot of foreplay, mostly nutbag in content, and it features the 5th Springer Battalion on choral duties, a live percussionist (who did well most of the time anticipating the breaks and changes) and good old uncle crowd noiz!! Some of you may have caught the arse-end of the set on 2FM, well, here is what you missed.. To make things a little more crystal, i should explain i was late (rare) and was playing inbetween PUSH and PUBLIC DOMAIN, both doing Live sets.. er.. Okay then, both playing patrially live, and the wait at the start and end of the set was to connect/disconnect the decks from the PA and plug in the Band's On-stage mixer.. this also meant that while i was playing, 2 sound crews were fighting for position, 1 to remove the gear for PUSH, another to install the gear for PUBLIC DOMAIN.. comical i am told, there were a few incidents of a PUB DOM soundguy carefully placing a lead and plugging it in, only to have it unplugged and carefully coiled up and stashed away by an eager-to-get-the-fu*k-out-of-here PUSH sound man,, Kinda like a Laurel & hardy sketch, except far noisier.. Anyway, i did the best i could given the Festival goings-on. hehehe..


    Okay, the Final Chapter of the Ibiza Odyessy is done:

    Fridays are always a "town" day for me.. i end up going into the big smoke 99% of fridays to look for New tunes, gather stuff for the 626 radio slots, and get my blood-pressure high as a kite from the Gridlock and Lack of aforementioned Tunes.. This Perticular friday was down to be a horrorshow ayways - i was SUPPOSED to be landing after the trip at all-hours, with no sleep, and then would have to attempt to get home, via the city centre and then through RTE since that is where i had left the Bratmobile.. I was EXPECTING a rotton day.. And as Long-time springer watchers will know, bieng prepared for the Worst is the the best policy - that way when things go OK, you feel elated and on a bonus!! So, i had opted for the Lift into A&E, rather then the Meat-wagon, and was marvelling at how i got a head-rush everytime the car accellerated, when it occoured to me this was slightly more then a bit of exhaustion.. Maybe i was experiencing Extra effects of the whole event due to my on-board health problem (for those unaware, i have had Gut problems since i was 15 - ulcers, malfunction, blah blah..) I Have been underweight for many years, and eating isn`t my strong point.. Anyway, i expected whatever WAS wrong with me, it was going to be extra messy thanks to my lack of health in general... The Venue for the "We can rebuild him" was to be St.Vincents Hospital A&E dept., Donnybrook, Informal dress, no reservation required (bar the friendly call from my GP to tip them off i required a Table to die on)... I arrived, and took pride of place in the Waiting Area, along with the usual Bunch of misfortunates with Vacum-cleaners stuck to their nobs, and people with Lawnmowerblades stuck in their heads and proceeded to Sieze up. Now when i say Sieze up, i mean LOCKED up.. It started in my hands.. I was Having Involuntery "clasping" of the hands.. Forming Fists and Claws without wanting to.. Only slight, but stiff all the same.. So i Talked to the Nice Ladys in the White suits, the usual formalitys of "what did you take" and "was your drink spiked" and so on were dealed with after i announced i was just of the plane from a 48-hour tour of duty in Ibiza, and it took some convincing (of myself included!) before we settled on the fact that i was actually clean, not even alcahol on board.. Yet i appeared to all onlookers to be exhibiting the classic behaviour of drug-related (nay, Ecstacy-related dehydration episode) thanks to my look of death and muscular mayham..

    So what is the First thing your Doctor usually does when you see him/her? Thaaats right kids - they take your blood pressure innit!! It`s nothing to be scard of, just an arm-band and a quick liten-while-i-inflate/deflate thing.. Had it done countless times.. no problem.. er... that is untill this time.. On went the armband, it auto-inflated, and then my head tried to burst.. Yes, BURST. Never felt so freaked.. as the bag around my arm inflated, my head did too.. and i swear i was going to pop.. the pressure was incredible.. the force of forces, my head went, i just managed to express my dissatisfaction with the whole proceedings, when the nurse backed off and i avoided passing out.. WTF? I was in such a state, taking my blood pressure was a life-threatening experience?!???! How did it come to this? Anyway, from what i can gather, the way to deal with this kind of "whahappen?" is to look at the Blood of the Victim, so out came the needles, and they took some soup.. While i waited for something else to happen, something else happend.. the "claw" thing got really bad.. my hands were locking permenantly in the shape of an eagles claw, my thumb pressing into my ring-finger so hard i swear my bones were creaking.. this was disturbing to me, and i think may have helped trigger a fine game of "i can't breathe", a fine game indeed, where no matter how much air you get into you, you still are short of breath! So, the game began, the nurses were informed, and i was awarded an upgrade from the anti-room to the inner sanctum of broken people, THE BACK ROOM.. there i lay, not able to breathe, all my muscles doing things they wanted to do without consulting me first, ( - good job they were so puny!!) then things got really wierd.. I had an X-Ray, and did some more freaking out on the bench, and got one of those Oxygen masks to help with the breath problem, and that's when my eyes stopped working.. mmm.. messy.. the Oxygen actually seemed to make the cramping worse, and my vision was reduced so i could only see DIRECTLY infront of me, the vision to the sides went totally, all i saw was grey fuzz.. oh, and i got a nice buzzing in the ears too Riiight.. so what is the story then? i thought the Oxygen mask was a GOOD thing, no? Someone injected something into my neck/shoulder, a calcium injection i think i remember, and things immediatly felt a bit better.. maybe it was a psycological thing, knowing something was bieng done, but i definatly stopped bieng as wierd.. for a second or 2 anyway...

    The breathing thing was hard to deal with, the trick is to NOT breathe like a maniac, to take it slow and easy through the nose, and try and get as little Oxygen as you can, that stems the hunger for air.. So i had one of my charming assistants hold a paper cup over my nose and mouth, and i managed to keep the fight for air to flyweight proportions.. My calm was aided by a shot of "groovy juice" into the neck, not sure what it was, but it certainly made things a fu*k sight more mellow and groovy.. to be sure.. This all happend VERY quickly.. i was expecting to hang around in the waiting room for AT LEAST an hour before geting assesed, but i had found my way into the Back-room in a matter of minutes - Take note: if you are planning on arriving into A&E, be as Fuc*ed-Up as possible to recieve propmt service.. So, that blood that went for an Emergency look came back.. They knew what to look for - thank god. I don`t know how long it USUALLY takes for a blood test to come back, but these were fast. Within the hour they knew my blood was full of toxins, toxins of my own making - the waste products from muscle activity i suppose, the sort of think the Kidneys should be dealing with.. and there was a severe lack of Calcium and (more importantly) Potassium.. So a treatment was devised.. Up went the drip of potassium solution, and on went the heart-monitor.. Somewhere in this haze, where time began to fly, i was told i had 1% function in my kidneys according to the recent batch of bloods.. 1% eh.. That's not too good is it.. Hmmm.. so what now then doc? Ahh.. going to restart them are we? good good good.. that WILL help clean out my blood, which at this stage is dirtier then Britney Spears' manager's mind.. So, problem found.. my kidneys have failed.. mmm.. Now it`s official.. I am in deep shit. I remeber very clearly it dawning on me that if i HAD killed my kidneys, i was going to end up like those blokes on BLUE PETER i saw when i was a kid, going in to hospital to get my blood washed 3 times a week, DIALISIS (?), on a bleeding kidney machine? Holy shit.. This is ALL i need. Thanks for that.. I reckon if i hadn`t have been on the auld relaxo-juice, i would have thrown in the towel there and then.. What a prospect. But i have had no luck in the health dept. in my life.. been quite ill for many years.. got used to watching everyone else eat and drink what they liked while i suffer the tortures of the damned on a regular basis (ah well, at least i'm not an asshole..) blah blah, so i took it in my sedated stride, and somehow knew that the doc would actually restart my kidneys, and then i could go home and watch telly.. Amazing things sedatives.. they could have had my anus dangling on a spike in front of me and i would have decided "oh, that's all right then.." ah well.. the hours past.. i slowly stopped trying to cush my hands with my hands (!), and the breathing and vision returned to almost normal, and i had some visitors.. My beautiful and charming cousin, a nurse, dropped in, riskysean, my family, all greeted by a twisted mess.. i know what was going through their heads, i know what is going through YOUR head, but i must assure you, i definatly didn`t get drugged in ibiza.. no fuc*ing way. Not unless it was with some cruel new form of ***** that doesn`t make you feel any different to normal, and then unceremoniously fu*ks you in the kidneys afterwards.. REALLY this all happend for no other reason then me taking a glass of water, with ice, the first night i got to Ibiza.. Er.. i think.. It`s like this - nobody can prove anything, but you know the way when you get the flu and you tell people you have the flu and they come back with "???? has it too" or "it`s going about.."??? You know??? It`s like when you get a new Jacket, and you then begin to see EVERYONE ELSE has one just like it.. This Phenomena can work both ways - when you have the Flu and you are told everyone else has it too, you feel better about the whole sorry affair, but when you see your new jacket on some sploom, you feel gutted.. So, i have to be carefull here and only repeat the Hearsay i can rely on, 2 pieces of it to be precice.. Firstly, fellow DJ AL GIBBS had a very similer experience this year in Ibiza.. he ended up in San An hospital for 3 days with a less severe attack of the same shit.. And one of the People attending one of the weddings i missed (the one in Rome) got the same on the plane on the way home afterwards.. Less severe of coarse (of coarse MINE was the best of the 3!!!). Now, AL had been told by the Medics in san an that his Dehydration was triggered by a bug that is living in the domestic water supply in Ibiza - one the locals are immune to since childhood since they have been ingesting it for years.. It gets into us through the ICE in drinks.. Yes.. The ICE.. so how did the poor sod on the ROME trip get it? Well, she, (for 'twas a she) is apparently nursing a child, so her body chemistry is a bit topsy-turvey anyway, and she had been got by the Airconditioning and exhaustion attributed to an Irish Wedding in Rome (ehm).. How can thew Aircon screw you up? well, if you look up how any modern airconditioner works, you will see part of it`s job is De-Humidifieng, that is removal of water vapour from the air, Drying the air out if you can imagine.. If you spend your time in an aircon enviroment, or even worse, SLEEP under an airconditioning unit, like in my hotel room in Ibiza, you will Dry out!! Every breath you take will be dryed out, and soon, like a sponge, you will dehydrate by loosing your body's moisture to the De-humidifier! Good god.. i had been in an air-bubble since getting on the plane in dublin.. hu hum... AND i couldn`t do my usual trick of leaving the window open in the hotel room, because the Aircon had been adjusted to detect open windows and shut down accordingly.. I was doomed. With hindsight it seems so Simple now, if i had suffered the heat, i would not have been so prone to the Dehydration.. Damned Aircon.. Is EVERYTHING bad for you??? I suppose it must be. Now, i had BOTH of those triggers to deal with, bogey Dry-Air, AND poisen ice-cubes, oh, and my constant health crappiness to boot..

    So... 3 days and nights your humble narrator did his time on the Vincents Cardiac ward with a Heart monitor under his T-Shirt and a Bag of Saline/Potassium in his arm.. I was the youngest on the ward (as usual) by about 25 years.. The other guys there all had horrible things to deal with.. No Sugar, Salt, Nice food, fun etc.. all of them getting on abit, but all of them with their lives on hold because of their hearts. One guy an ex-technician, clever bloke you can tell,.. a farmer, a very old guy indeed that used to be an accountant or something, a judge that really missed bieng able to do simple things in his garden, and so on... and there was me.. i couldn`t even begin to explain how i got there.. i tried anyway, and found then all to be in need of a reminder that life is fun.. sure, they are TIRED of bieng sick, so would you be if you had heart trouble.. but they were all dwelling on what they could not do anymore because of their condition, well, i reminded them i have been suffering the tortures of the damned for 17 years now, and i do alright!!! in fact, they need to learn that they now have a 100% iron-clad excuse for stuff.. no more crap nights out, no more food they don`t like no more situations they don't need and so on.. i think i convinced at least 2 of them to get on the internet as soon as possible, and to upgrade their home entertainment faculitys to a stupid level.. makes it easier to stay in when you have a 50-inch telly and a kilowatt of 5:1 sound to play with.. ah well, once again i got a reminder of what life does to you - it Fuc*s you when you least expect it, and when you least deserve it.. these guys did nothing to deserve the millstone around their necks, they may have smoked and drank alot, but for god's sake one of them had a Nurse as a wife.. a bleeding expert on the subject of healthy shit, and HE got screwed.. Imagine how pissed off his wife is seeing him in a bed all grey and sad.. horrible thing life.. One of the BAD things about a heart-ward is the food is absolutly terrible. No salt. No taste. No Fat. No Sugar. No bleeding anything.. not that i wanted anything, i was still throwing up green puke whenever i could drag myself to the jacks.. i had to tow a drip on a stand, and my heart-monitor to the jacks every time, a tuff proposition when turning your head makes the room spin.. yes, i know i could have pissed in a bottle in the bed like a good boy, but i am not a good boy am i? At least let me wee standing up.. ehm.. So, on the 4th day, the time came for me to escape. And home i went. The puking continued, and by the friday, i was <7 stone and having trouble with pins and needles again. Yep.. it was time for Hospital again.

    This time my kidneys hadn`t actually FAILED, i was well on the way there though, and my stomach was simply not working anymore.. Nothing stayed down, not even nothing! So i had some "scopes" done, cameras down the gullet to see WTF was going on in the stomach.. Simple really.. the musle at the bottom of it, the valve if you will, was screwed.. maybe pushed over the edge by the dehydration? who knows, who cares, it was stuck shut.. nothing could get out of my stomach properly, and Bile was backing up into it.. Bile is irritating, and green. Yuck.. So, what to do? *****. anti-inflammitarys, steroids to be precise.. and then insert a baloon into the valve, and inflate it to streach it open.. then some food could leave the stomach.. riight.. so in went the pipework to the vein on my wrist (hurts less when you bend your arm then the traditional inside elbow position) and in went the steroids.. biiiig injections every few hours.. you can taste it in your nose and on your breath shortly after it goes in.. mmm, anyway it did the trick.. 48 hours later i was on the slab, the baloon was ready to go, and i had consented to the whole thing, and it wasn`t needed!! first bit of luck for a fortnight! result!! the ***** DO work Well, these did anyway.. i was a bit sketchy about the baloon in the valve thing, sounded a bit like what they do to heart-patients, where they un-clog veins a similer way.. and yes, it does carry a risk.. if the baloon is inflated too much, the intestine would burst, and then i would be REALLY fuc*ed.. of coarse, the doc doing the proceedure met with my approval as someone that knew the risks, and was trustworthy, but you can`t help thinking what MAY happen.. ah well, enuf of that, it wasn`t needed.. and the rest, bar some horrific hoops i had to jump through in the name of tests, is academic. I ate alot, took lots more *****, ate some more, and came home after about 10 days... Bieng home was a mess, pretty high on the steroids, i couldn`t help but tidy up the gaff ALL NIGHT, listen to every cd i had been meaning to listen to for years, throw out loads of junk i had been hoarding, etc. etc... the dose is a reducing one, so i have the next week of less manic behaviour to look foward to every week... thing is, steroids mess you up REAL bad.. so it`s a game to balence the good and the bad.. can i stay well without the side-effects of the pills killing me first? yeah, piece of piss.. that is if Osteoperosis doesn`t get me first.. (steroids rot your bones) Anyyyyyyway.. I managed to get a total change of blood out of the whole thing, so i am no longer addicted to 7up and Eastenders.. Great way to De-Tox all of this.. IS there a lesson to be learned? No, not really.. I wish i could tell you how to avoid this kind of thing happening, but i cannot.. it came to me uninvited, and without provacation ruined my year.. Oh yes it did!!! I couldn`t work for 8 weeks, and you know how it is, if you can`t do it, somebody else will.. Fair? Hell no, but at least i am alive still, and i can finally sleep at night without "You belong to me" by FREDDIE & THE DREAMERS playing in my head.. (that is another story) All i can suggest is, Don`t Overuse Airconditioning, Don`t drink the water locally - it may be harmless to the locals, but to you it could be deadly (seen "war of the worlds" lately??) - and for god's sake keep the fuc* way from Ibiza. Stay at home, it`s almost cheaper. One thing sticks in my mind though - if i had been the type to "when in rome.." and take some ***** or fall off the wagon and get a holiday piss on, i would almost certainly be dead now.. there is NO WAY the toxins from a drinking session or some ***** would have left my system with failed kidneys, and i would have snuffed it.. So, all those times where i felt cheated cos' i couldn`t get loaded like everyone else? Good practice, and it saved my life this summer. Finally, i win, Now, if you find yourself in the same position, don`t panic, tell the truth, and be polite, and don`t whatever you do start telling everyone your life story/what you read about in the paper that morning/all about that crazy sick film you saw last week when you get sedation.. it may seem big and clever to you at the time, but believe me, it`s not.. I know. Goodnight kids..


    Weekend Playlist for Mr.Spring`s Show on 2FM's 6:2:6,
    ( TX: 251003/20.00-22.00

    Firen` Squad, Squaddies: Niall Redmond (robin), Spenser Parker (defected john), Ronan O (friar tuck), Alan Simms (made marion)

    *solex/close to the edge - black label - 6%
    0150350f2ap/wri:no details//cop con
    *underworld/born slippy - JBO - 20%
    *the lost brothers/cry little sister - incentive - <-1% (less then minus 1%)
    CDRin4003231/wri:rutherford//cop con
    *grafit/tarito - toneman - 59%
    toneman18/wri:sforzina & papini//cop con
    dave gahan/hidden houses & bottle living - mute - 46%
    pl12mute310/wri:gahan & chandler//jjsr & mutesong

    ### Pointless Statistics: Squad Satisfaction Index: 29.6 Lowest Average: 24.2 [ronan o] Highest Average: 51.57 [spenser]

    Weekend Playlist for Mr.Spring`s Show on 2FM's 6:2:6,
    ( TX: 011103/20.00-22.00

    Firen` Squad, Squaddies: Toni O'Leary (scott), Donna Lyons (brains), Paul Webster (virgil), Brian Cody (the hood)

    *slo blow/if you leave me now - red label - 25%
    xpr3701a/wri:cetera//cop con
    *kylie/slow - parlaphone - 38%
    12mindjx0068/wri:minogue & tomini//mushroom music
    *mad gay mafia/i love my penis - efadrine - 40%
    ef031/wri:mishka//cop con c/o fax:+442089607266
    *mac zimms/l'annonce des couleurs - 2play - 46%
    2play001r/wri:zimms & the freak//fontein music
    *unkle/in a state(sacha) - island - 60%
    ciddj839/wri:file & lavelle//emi music

    ### Pointless Statistics: Squad Satisfaction Index: 42.0 Lowest Average: 36.0 [toni] Highest Average: 60.0 [donna]


    *afterburn/summer sun - tatsumaki 085212220
    *in/musica - king racords md0132
    *tomcraft/brainwashed - data 63p1
    *mafia angels/let it go - green force
    *endocrine/adrenochrome - wicked me0903
    *underworld feat. pink floyd - brown acid - bootleg wr009
    *born sloppy/born sloppy - bootleg b sloppy 001
    *booty dubs/booty dubs vol 3 - bdub dbubzvol3
    *kenji ogura/melanie di tria - tracid traxxx ttx2045
    *nuw idol/life is the poison - wellwicked ww023

    Weekend Playlist for Mr.Spring`s Show on 2FM's 6:2:6,
    ( TX: 081103/20.00-22.00

    Firen` Squad, Squaddies: Robin Jones (mongo), Zoe (lilly von schtup), Paul Taylor (taggert), Alan Simms (rock ridge)

    *darran gate vs. jonno grant/nocternal creatures - mondo - 27%
    mnd001/wri:tate & grant//warner chappell
    *fergie/teknoise - duty free - 33%
    df060/wri:fergie & goss//cop con
    *si begg/buss - novamute - 67%
    cdnomu112/wri:si begg//mute song
    *chemical brothers/get yourself high(switch) - virgin - 83%
    chemtdjx19/wri:rowlands & brereton//awet & universal
    *basement jaxx/lucky star - XL - 12%
    xlcdp174/wri:basement jaxx//XL music

    ### Pointless Statistics: Squad Satisfaction Index: 44.35 Lowest Average: 31.6 [zoe] Highest Average: 57.6 [paul]


    *dj kraftywerk/radioactivity - whitelabel bobo2
    *motorcycle/as the rush comes - armada armd1001
    *kenji ogura/melanie di tria - tracid traxxx ttx2045
    *hennes & cold/can`t have enough - tracid traxxx ttx 2046
    *dj wag/music non-stop - overdose dmddose115
    *sabrina setler/ich bin so - overdose dmddose114
    *grenz frequenz - open source - prosolation prosol005
    *mafia angels/let it go - green force gee045
    *shithead/shithead 3002 - Q-dance 7007355


    Okay.. so i have been a little lazy lately.. never mind..
    jUst plAythAtbEAt