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    Playlist for the Spring Session on 2FM.

    *green atlas/circulation (tatsumaki tats1703) [reload]
    *******/traffic (nebula nebt052) www.******.com
    *svenson/sunlight (ID&T 7007385)
    *micro-pi/liberty drum (sacrifice s671)
    *kenji ogura/melanie di tria (tracid ttx2045)
    *don diablo/useless (ID&T 7007405)
    *JDS/blackout (thursday club renn3080)
    *layo & bushwacka/let the good times roll (XL xlt174)
    *matt darey/electro buzz (incentive cent57cdsp) [happy peak]
    *kernkraft 400/wufftweat (suntec tec090)
    *dave clarke/what was her name? (skint 94p)
    *children of E/crack it (resident E resex012)
    *orions voice/cockroaches (refeul rf003)
    *benny benassi/no matter what i do (data 66p2)
    *ferry corsten/rock your body rock (positiva 12tivdj202)
    *sticks & stoned/outragous (positiva 12tiv-52)
    *2 bad mice/bombscare (UD umlp004)

    Stats: 6:7 Not in favour - For every 7 missed calles on the "sad" line, we had 6 on the "happy" line. Contribute during the show leaving missed calls on 0680.700427 (happy) or 0860.700426 (sad). Happy Peaker Starts the Show Next Week


    Holy Cow.. where did the month go? Mmm.. to the planet yesterday baby - along with the crew of the good ship ENIGMA.. Yep, i`ts totally official now, the keys are back in the hands of the space-cruiser rental company and good captain Enigma and his loyal crew are grounded Alas, the last Industrial-size Dance Venue in Ireland has closed Boo-Hoo.. Well, it's a shame innit.. I can`t tell you the REAL truth about it all, because i don`t know WHAT the real truth is, all i can do is help spread the following Rumours: [1] It appears that after a pre-new year summming up of the script, the accounts dept. on the Good-Ship Enigma announced that if the ship didn`t put in somewhere and chill out pretty soon, it would run out of feul - and that could result in having to melt down crew members and cannabilise bits of the ship to keep going - something the BANKs tend to get very upset about is cannabilisim, they HATE when you eat the very things they are waiting to re-possess! So, the Order was given "return to base, and prepare to be de-mobbed", and so it went, the ship returned to port, and is currently bieng cut into chunks to use as landfill and roofs for low-income housing.[2] After the "coloursfest" 12-hour overtime bonanza by the regional drug squad/customs/traffic dept./anyone who was on that night, which resulted in over 25000 people* bieng searched and quizzed about why their jaw/eyes/limbs/sweat glands/mouths were in overdrive, and, more importantly, why they weren`t at home in bed smelling of stale guinness and farting in their sleep like the rest of the population reflected badly on the Enigma's re-application for a space-haulage licence from the Department of Long vehicles and RoadHogs, and when they applied for their 2oo4 permit to poisen the minds of the regions youth, they were refused on grounds of "bieng messy". [3] Because of it`s rugged location (built over one of the 7 gates of hell, 3-doors down from a black hole and on the same road as a rip in the space/time continuum) Enigma actually avoided detection by "The Man" for over a year, and it was only when the booze they found in the cellar ran out (ever wondered why there was WEST COAST COOLER, pints of BASS on draught, and complimentary cans of TAB and FRESCA in every room? well, now you know..) and they were forced to visit the local Cash & Carry to stock up one weekend, that they came to the attention of the local witch-burners.. Well, you'd look conspicious pulling up in a silver streach Hummar and trying to buy 25,000 cans of Bud, 5,000 bottles of absolut vodka, 100,000 cans of redbull and a tray of Gatorade (for me actually! - don`t have a cash & carry discount card.. etc..), wouldn`t you? And so it went.. the local chapter of "Jealous parents Against Young People" (the "J.A.Y.P.") lent on the local judge, who had been photographed in a rubber nappy with his nob in a Satsuma, (actually at "colousfest" ironicly), and the rest is obvious.. [4] The dance Scene is Fuc*ed.

    * Artist's impression - terms and conditions apply - actual facts and figures may bear no resemblence to the figures displayed here which are for illustration purposes only

    So, with this in mind, see y'all this saturday night.fooooooooooooor:

    PHUNK'DUP @ THE HILLSTREET MUSIC VENUE (HMV) @ Planxty's (Bar complex) Mohill, Co. Leitrim.

    MR. SPRING (2FM) & PHUNK'DUP SOUNDSYSTEM Live (Dean Sherry & Barry Dempsey)

    Saturday 31.01.04. 11-3am. Adm E12.50


    Playlist for the Spring Session on 2FM

    *globe & the whizkid/play that beat mr. DJ (tommyboy globe1)
    *goody/i think it's time we get back (goody2)
    *ferry corsten/rock your body rock (positiva 12tivdj202)
    *benny benassi/no matter what you do (data 66p1)
    *scissor sisters/comfortably numb (polydor snip6)
    *frank t wallace/children (FTW 23205656)
    *trope/anphetemine (prolekult kult009)
    *future funk squad/riffulator (default 006)
    *kai tracid/conscious (tracid traxxx ttx2047)
    *nu NRG/collective EP (vandit b393311-01)
    *jens/loops & things (ID&T 7007295)
    *deepest blue/give it away (data 65p1)
    *gleave dobbin/penetration (intensive inten012)
    *dj danjo & rob styles/on the verge (captivating sounds cvsa001)
    *jam & spoon/stella (superfly 10015)
    *roughage5/scanned state (time unlimited time033)
    *b'jammin/genetic junk (relative relrec008)

    Playlist for the Spring Session on 2FM.

    *basement jaxx/mere pass (XL xllt178)
    *layo & bushwacka/let the good times roll (XL xlt174)
    *pizzaman/babyloop (loaded load8)
    *JDS/blackout (thursday club renn3080)
    *ferry corsten/rock your body rock (positiva 12tivdj202)
    *lee coombs & the drumatic twins/tribal tension (thrust 007)
    *green atlas/circulation (tatsumaki tats1703) [happy peak]
    *alex hamlett/run with it (tonkatrax tonka2001)
    *the k series/k4 (k series k004)
    *storm/time to burn (zeitgiest 5617461)
    *singularity/ampire (overdose dmddose117)
    *project x/hard house heaven (rainforest rf22)
    *scissor sisters/comfortably numb (polydor snip6) [lock]
    *hardztyle masterz/beat diz (titanic ttc020)
    *sound 2 light/it`s like that (overdose dmddose116)
    *F&W/you will understand (f&w fwrecv001)
    *oxia/hasard (goodlife gl20)

    Stats: 3:1.9 in favour - For every 1.9 missed calles on the "sad" line, we had 3 on the "happy" line. Contribute during the show leaving missed calls on 0860.700427 (happy) or 0860.700426 (sad). Happy Peaker Starts the Show Next Week


    So.. we survived the ice-dance up to GALWAY this weekend.. and had some fun on friday nite on the radio.. you really took he "missed call" thing by the horns didn`t u!!! I mean, as soon as you got the numbers in your phones, it all worked briliantly! IF i played a tune you liked, you went moronic on the "love it" line, that new thing on Tsunami's offshoot got 90 missed calls! really cool! keep it up!! Put up a gallery of BLACK BOX this weekend.. i`m afraid the piccys are a bit lame, i didn`t leave the stage, and there was alot of smoke making for bad-flash clouding, but WTF, it was GREAT to see so many people out! Really pisses on the Fire of the Nay-Sayers.. Proud.. Defo.. On the negative side, i did get some reports the sound was worsening as the night went on, and it DID seem a bit bassey to me when i arrived.. it wasn`t untill a tune started skipping with the beats that i had a serious look, and there was a wedge of fluff under the cart on the skippy deck - caused by the cart riding too low and scraping along the record.. the back of the arm needs to be raised, and the weight on the cart removed, there is no need for that in fairness, just set the arm up so it touches the record at the corrct angle FFS! Anyway, i reckon that may have been a factor, so, sorry, i didn`t suss it earlier on in the night..


    Yes i know, the playlist isn`t up for last weekend.. well.. i`m lazy OK? right.. in GALWAY this week, Saturday nite at BLACK BOX.. been over a year since i played galway.. hope there is still some1 there.. yes, i promise to be gentle with you.. Apparently i am deputising for Jon Carter who has to stay at home to do some important stuff, like adjust his bird, or floss the cat, or something.. so there..


    The Friday night sessions start tonight.. 10-12 is me, and i am in RECRUITING mode.. so i want BUSINESS CARDS please to the mobile ([+353]086.404.9400) so we can recognise you when you text.. and if you fancy bieng a local grass, and filling us in on the happenings on your plot, you MUST email me and let me know your details.. 12-2 is Conor G (despite what SKY , THE SUN, THE MAIL and so on claim, he is NOT the arse-end of something called THE BIG SMOKE), with 3 Hour-long Mixchunk bits between 2am and 5 – in the fifth hour some nutmeg-tinged digital dance with Think Toy… and in hour 6, an old aquaintence best remebered; John Public dishes up a reggae mix for us and Dessy Balmers Nice and Nasty mix is on at 4 for hour 7 Think Toy did this little mix for the ultra cool Music for Speakers label based in Holland.. And it’s not as frantic as our usual fare . We’re going to ease into this a bit slowly this week.. John Public is a certafied soul-grabber – and has the airwaves on more pirates since 1981 than you and I have had hot chillums- ABC Dun Laoire, Blb in Bray (where i first met him in 1983), DLR, Hits 106 and Finally Ollie's Jazz FM , these days he’s on Dublin's Anna Livia along with Miss Pat, ally and producer.. and once a month he has agreed to be reggafying the airwaves for us all .. So expect some REAL H-Q black-echoes nationwide stylee for the foreseeable future..Nasty and nice is a Irish label with some fine stuff … the mix 2nite covers the full range.. Dave Ingham, Rotten Peter,Ron’s Mobile Disco, Derek Carr, Headrock Valley Beats amd so on .. pure sonic pleasure from Desy Balmer and the Nasty boys. ( )


    Riiiiiiiiight.. So the new Schedual comes into Eff-ect on 2fm this week.. So take note of the new start time: 10pm Fridays.. This week will be purely a Factfinding mission, i will ask you to contribute ideas for things you'd like to hear, then i'll ignore all that, and do whatever feels good at the time.. Probably.. Er.. Yeah.. well, there is still alot of stuff to be decided and done.. the Imaging for starters - Due to the untimely sched change (new year) there will be a SLIGHT gap in the service untill everybody officially gets back into the swing of things.. but Conor G will still be G-Spotting, except now from midnite till 2am after my bit, and we will still be playing the mixes too, till 5am (that's 3 hours!). Anyway, the first Friday Session is this friday, hope to talk at you then


    Hit the PICTURES button for total coverage of the LAST SESSION which went down last night in ENIGMA...
    jUst plAythAtbEAt