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    Don`t be silly, of coarse there are 31 days in February. And before you get smart, tomorrow's date is the 3rd of March, i decided to declare this past week as a leap-year "week of confusion". And so it shall be from this day forth. Can`t wait for the next one.


    Special greets to the future leaders of the planet, now plotting for same in carlow - nice night tuesday, actually. Now, this week's Radio Show starts Early, 9pm. Just in case you were wondering.


    Allegedly we visit CARLOW 2nite to aid those in Furthar Education reach the conclusion that if they don`t study hard and take over the planet, they may end up like me..


    Added a new gallery for LOVE DAY at Enniscorthy.. See Darran Rice, Robbie Nelson and Myself in Threesome Shocker..!!

    Playlist for the Spring Session on 2FM.

    *marcel woods/time is running out (ID&T 7007032) [happy reload]
    *dj amis/reborn (boss 008wl)
    *brainbug/nightmare [jules] (positiva bbug01)
    *voltage Controlled Dance/nr32 (sequential music seq001)
    *st.john vs. the locust/mindcircles (white asotw001)
    *break ledgend/dirty plugs EP (mantra vibes mtr2184)
    *ferry corsten/rock your body rock [pilgrim] (positiva 12tivdjx202)
    *kiper/the land of freedom (BXR 1202)
    *koglin & dewar/pushed on (noys music 003) [lock]
    *disco brothers/come with us (captivating sounds cvsa006)
    *paul van dyk/crush (positiva 12tivdjd204)
    *safri duo/all the people in the world [isaac] (white b389934) [happy peak]
    *children of E/addicted to hardstyle (resident e res.x.0.12)
    *dj scott project/FM (overdose dmddose 118)
    *rollo goes mystic/love love love (cheeky 12.007)

    Stats: 2:1 in favour - For every 1 missed call on the "sad" line, we had 2 on the "happy" line. Contribute during the show leaving missed calls on 0860.700427 (happy) or 0860.700426 (sad). Happy Peaker Starts the Show Next Week

    Playlist for the Spring Session on 2FM.

    *safri duo/all the people in the world [isaac] (white b389934) [happy reload]
    *gouryella/ligaya [yoji] (carnal car 1218)
    *one eye'd jack/pulse (bulletproof proof 25-2)
    *graham gold/the ending (relative relrec009)
    *pink floyd/always be here (bootleg punkf01)
    *kraftwerk/aerodynamik [FK] (emi 12emddj637) [autolock] [happypeak]
    *sonic vive & shiver/lunation (captured 001)
    *g&m Project/sunday afternoon (ID&T 7007415)
    *kiltzing & trappe/journey to vianna (headline 0030)
    *dj scott project/FM (overdose dmddose 118)
    *2 close/johnny & mary (f8 tunes 011-12)
    *broken piano/33 & the third (33rd 330402)
    *ferry corsten/rock your body rock [pilgrim] (positiva 12tivdjx202)
    *prevading call/destiny (above the sky above 15r)
    *agnelli & nelson/holding on to nothing (extravaganza xtravdj43)

    Stats: 10:1 in favour - For every 1 missed call on the "sad" line, we had 10 on the "happy" line. Contribute during the show leaving missed calls on 0860.700427 (happy) or 0860.700426 (sad). Happy Peaker Starts the Show Next Week


    God i have been bizzy.. sorry for ignoring you.. Eh.. okay, have officially been zinged to up "Think about it please" to Playthatbeat as a retro tune, so will get on that.. Special mention to this product below - finally, a use for USB that our Birds can enjoy.. (it`s a hand-massager apparently.. recommended by the slokavkian Pole-Dancing Federation and all!)


    Playlist for the Spring Session on 2FM.

    *commander tom/RMI Ver 2.3 (pulsive 019r2 b393451) [happy reload]
    *state of the art/automatic EP (victoria music inform006)
    *ofra haza/love song (club elite clel002)
    *kiper/the land of freedom (BXR 1202)
    *horrorist/the virus (robot trax rob004-12)
    *disco brothers/come with us (captivating sounds cvsa006) [lock]
    *paragliders/oasis (club system gold 541416)
    *dj scott project/FM (overdose dmddose 118)
    *mumbo jumbo & dj kuma/linda wierd (transient)
    *marcel woods/time's running out (ID&T 7007035) [happy peak]
    *trance providers/solution (ZZAP 007)
    *brainbug/nightmare(jules) (positiva bbug01)
    *safri duo/all the people in the world(isaac) (white b389934)
    *derb/attack (tracid traxx ttx2048)
    *break ledgend/dirty plugs EP (mantra mtr2148)
    *pastamatik/ever changing cycles (nu rulez nur06)
    *peter damir/hard power (dinamite din001)
    *NRG/i need your lovin (downtown dtr1029)

    Stats: 12:5 in favour - For every 5 missed calles on the "sad" line, we had 12 on the "happy" line. Contribute during the show leaving missed calls on 0860.700427 (happy) or 0860.700426 (sad). Happy Peaker Starts the Show Next Week


    The Valentines Massacre details:


    Playlist for the Spring Session on 2FM.

    *matt darey/electro buzz (incentive cent57cdsp) [happy reload]
    *shiney disco bollocks/untitled (bootleg df103-2)
    *derb/attack (tracid traxx ttx2048)
    *spook-a-tek/unity phaze (groucho grc025)
    *horrorist/the virus (robot trax rob004-12) [lock]
    *rank 1/it's up to you (kontor k362)
    *green atlas/circulation (tatsumaki tats1703)
    *alex hamlet/run with it (tonkatrax 2001)
    *commander tom/RMI Ver 2.3 (pulsive 019r2 b393451) [happy peak]
    *kernkraft 400/wufftweat (suntec tec090)
    *dj t.t. hacky/i want you (pulse 078)
    *mario piu/communication (nukleus nukp0164)
    *agro DJs/heaven (pump agro 03)
    *jupiter ace/shang-high (FI recordings fi003)
    *slammer/do you wanna funk (boss 007)
    *benny benassi/no matter what i do (data 66p2)
    *BT vs. Daft Punk/darker skys (bootleg cowpan 003)

    Stats: 91:2 in favour - For every 2 missed calles on the "sad" line, we had 91 on the "happy" line. Contribute during the show leaving missed calls on 0860.700427 (happy) or 0860.700426 (sad). Happy Peaker Starts the Show Next Week


    Nlab.. (the new "blah" BTW).. First the BAD news - the photos from saturday night last are useless.. All white-haze thanks to the Amount of smoke deployed by the visual effects team.. For once i wish the bouncers had had their way - you know the way they always bang on about "killing that bleedin' smoke..", the auld flash on the cam just PERFECTLY lit up the smoke-cloud, er, and that's all.. really.. ho hum.. we live & learn! Well, the good news now, it was FUN. Yep. Lotta folks turned out for the occation, and it certainly poured wet-slop on the DID rumour.. So, if DID, then WTF were all those splooms doing on saturday night? Paying their respects? Attending a wake? ENUF. That is the subject closed (at least untill _I_ can`t get a gig) - DI_N_D. Official. Anyone that thinks DID is just not looking correctly - or has killed their brain. More evidance: we had 29129 hits last month.. that's the most since the 30+ days of March 2003.. Mmm.. DIDND my friends, it's just "resting between projects"..

    Oh, so, the tech report? Been a while since we had need of one to be honest.. but just so you know.. We are Crit on HILLSTREET in Mohill, for twas' where we woz, and it`s like this: Vestax 2000 decks - loads of tricks, reverse and super-pitch (makes the wind-down so easy!!), +/- 10%, and (i'm sure) VERY expensive, with the Stock Headshells (doh! - far too light!!) and Stanton 500s.. Mixer is one of those nearly-there Allen & Heath's, the one's with the Highpass (tinny) filter knobs that "squish" out the bass when you wank them, nice the first time you do it, but VERY annoying thereafter.. Now, i am on record as saying the A&H mixers are posh shite - big and sexy, but not really any use next to a Pioneer or InFader - although with it`s Blue LED and extra Knobbage (preamp inputs for 5 decks!) i`m sure the A&H would look SAVAGE in a bedroom setup.. er.. with 5 decks.. The lighting Computer is MIDI-Keyboard controlled, black keys for banks, white for presets, and a mouse and LCD monitor are there for your comfort and safety also.. So look 4wd 2 Pro gear, but beware of the A&H scourge - the headphone AMP is feeble, breaking up allover the shop, and the Gainpots are NOT fully nulling!!! The monitor has a seperate feed, and is loud enough to have your OWN party! But (and here comes the but) the "air-pocket" hummmmmm is in da mutha-fuc*in house.. Now, here's the funky bit, the decks are very plasticky, and the volume of air underneath the desk caused the decks to self-oscillate, giving that drowning-out HUMMMMMMMM , DJs can avoid this by pulling the bass out - but if you are a freq-mizer, like me, this gives you only 45-degrees of turn on the bass pot (at most) to work with before the HUMMMM come.. NOT GOOD ENUF - and get this - when the "spare" mixer was removed at the end of the night, the RIGHT deck went into a bass-feedback loop for the first time that night.. the actual weight of the spare mixer, just sitting next to the right deck was enuf to kill some of the feedback,.. the left deck was as hummy as a week-old rasher on a radiator.. had to watch the bass.. Oh, and another thing about the A&H mixer - the headphone CUE is PRE EQ - so you don`t notice the changes you make on the bass/mid/top in the headphones! Yep.. partially blind mixing.. pisser huh? So what can they do to fix this? Well, besides dumping the mixer and decks for technics and pioneer, slab the table the decks are on - really, a paving slab underneath each deck, and support from below for the extra weight.. that may help with the Hummmmm, and DJs beware of the Vestax decks, they are much more resistant then technics - you really have to twist hard on the pin to make a difference, be ready for that.. And be Gentle with it

    As to this attempt to scaremonger re: gig on "love day" upcoming in Wexford, after carefull asking of people who might rememember that sort of thing, i have been informed there were some VERY bad nights on record in ENNISCORTHY, and that this upcoming thing is nowt to do with the crowd that did the bogey gigs.. In fact, it`s in the lap of ROB of Camolin days this time, and since we know exactly where he sleeps, and he has a track record of putting in the effort in when it's needed, we SHALL ball in Wexford for Lurrrve Day (valentines actually), and if it`s shite, blame rob.okay?
    jUst plAythAtbEAt