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    Playlist for the Spring Session on 2FM.

    [good friday no-smoking lock-in special]

    *madoka/good to me (wrel 01)
    [double reload!]

    *subway / what you got what you do (cdr)
    *boogie pimps / sunny (data 67p2)
    *airscape/sosei (ID&T 7007555) [happy peak]
    *ne + ultra recordings / forever (ne ultra npu003)
    *donald & giles / manufactured (liquid lq 040)
    *walt / bring the pain (carnal car 1219) [lock]
    *passsive resistance / sweet n analog (acalwan aca2034-12)
    *anoma / island (harlem har010)
    *cloud nine/transmission (difuse se7)
    *MrSpring Presents: The Gauntlet / Going Up!! (spring sli 10604)
    *Tom's Doubt / Fuck Dancing (hell 001)
    *acrid abayance/hotstuff (mutekki mutekk1 017)
    *The Horrorist / The Virus 04 (robot-trax rob 0004)
    *2close/johnny & mary (fate recordings f8t011-12)
    *team deep/morning light 2oo4 (massive drive md039)
    *benjamin bates/i lost myself in the way you close your eyes (ID&T 7007505)
    *Vinylgroover & the Red Hand / this is how.. (split 001)
    *green martian/ladies & gentlemen (bonzai bm-2003-184)
    *sex club EP/passion (c.o.d. 1995)

    Stats: 3:1 in favour - For every 1 missed call on the "sad" line, we had 3 on the "happy" line. Contribute during the show leaving missed calls on 0860.700427 (happy) or 0860.700426 (sad). Happy Peaker Starts the Show Next Week

    Playlist for the Spring Session on 2FM.

    *madoka/good to me (wrel 01) [reload] [happy peak]
    *niels van gogh/one way out (marcel woods) (phobos phs 014-12)
    *push / electric eclipse (bonzai bm2004185)
    *l'age synthetique / je suis electrique (accalwan aca2024-12)
    *Tom's Doubt / Fuck Dancing (hell 001)
    *high caliber / flip the script (nine nr006)
    *agoria / stereolove (pias diff 2027)
    *acrid abayance/hotstuff (mutekki mutekk1 017)
    *y.o.m.c / pumt it (overdose 120)
    *benjamin bates/i lost myself in the way you close your eyes (ID&T 7007505)
    *stimulant DJs / scream & shout (stimulant stim o34)
    *dj duro / cocaine MF (scantraxx 012)
    *Vinylgroover & the Red Hand / this is how.. (split 001)
    *planet punk / troja.wav (pulse 082)
    *zero B / lockup (tripoli traxx ttrax 100)
    *kufftdam & plant / seduction (joof 17)
    *shelia & B Devotion / spacer (carrere car 133T)

    Stats: 37:2 in favour - For every 2 missed calls on the "sad" line, we had 37 on the "happy" line. Contribute during the show leaving missed calls on 0860.700427 (happy) or 0860.700426 (sad). Happy Peaker Starts the Show Next Week

    Playlist for the Spring Session on 2FM.

    *green martian/ladies & gentlemen (bonzai bm-2003-184) [reload]
    *mauro picotto/iguana[yoji] (media/bxr 1211)
    *james doman vs. thomas dolby - blinded by chemicals (additive 12ad096)
    *flaunt it DJs / last rhythm (never mind the bollocks)
    *dj shog/live for music (logport 100381-a1)
    *madoka/good to me (wrel 01) [happy peak]
    *team deep/morning light 2oo4 (massive drive)
    *lucid / untitled (red vinyl lucid 4)
    *subway / what you got what you do (cdr)
    *fuzzion / hot velvet (recovered rec674133)
    *y.o.m.c / pumt it (overdose 120)
    *high caliber / flip the script (nine nr006) [lock]
    *acrid abayance/hotstuff (mutekki mutekk1 017)
    *planet punk / troja.wav (pulse 082)
    *Vinylgroover & the Red Hand / this is how.. (split 001)
    *nagasaki EP / ken doh (nice/bass generator nv001)

    Stats: 21:5 in favour - For every 5 missed calls on the "sad" line, we had 21 on the "happy" line. Contribute during the show leaving missed calls on 0860.700427 (happy) or 0860.700426 (sad). Happy Peaker Starts the Show Next Week

    Also: Since the postal strike is still lingering, thos expectng whites of the new Spring Release can whistle (you do know how to whistle don`t you??) as we haven`t even had the cut done yet!! And.. in other news, Phunk'dup at HMV in Mohill (leitrim) gets a springing this 24th, the last saturday of the month.. Official!


    News Just in..


    What a surprise!! Last night's DOTD was (shock) almost ENTIRELY intact!!! Only 1 scene missing (the introspection scene), all the Headshots intact.. All the Extra banter intact, the "anyone got any cigarettes" scene all there.. Nice to see the BBC obtaining the longest print out there The Double DVD that came out last year in Europe Only (dark cover with gloss silver banner - NOT the UK one) had this cut _exactly_ on it - the telltale bit bieng the misinserting of a brief scene just before the lads "hit" the department store for the first time - where they discuss "trying out those keys" by the railings in the Mall- and then magically reappear back in the "engine room" looking at a map before reappearing on the landing by the railings again -err... okayyyyyyy.. whatever lads.. whatever.. But anyway, there is still a scene missing in even this print, and the only way you can see it is on the Double DVD issue from last year - it has the shorter, MUCH funkier DARIO ARGENTO remix version included - which is pace personified and has (THE) GOBLIN(s) on most of the sounds, rather then the very tired Library cuts (vintaj KPM i think) used in the 2 longer versions... Ho Hum.. Now, when are TG4 going to show SOLANGE? or BUIO OMEGA? or how about a series of JESS FRANCO classics? I hear they are available in 6-packs now


    In Entertainment news: DAWN OF THE DEAD is on BBC2 (excl. Wales) tonight, and THE CUBE is on NETWORK 2! 2 of my most favorite flix on one night? Wonderfull.. The DOTD may be a bit of a let-down as the BBC tend to remove the good bits from movies like this one.. It`s on the EPG as bieng 140 mins - which would be correct for the full "cannes" cut (aka the director's cut), but i am not so sure it'll survive unscathed.. The 3 big scenes they always fu*k about with are: The scene at the Police Dock - where the hereos may or may not meet some bent coppers looking for a smoke, The "refuel" stop at the garage where 2 child-zombies get the zap (and the most famous of all the zombies makes his appearence - ol' ONE EYE himself) and the rare "introspective" scene whre the survivors give opinions on what actually is happening once they are reasonably safe, and discuss what the future holds.. These are the main bits i find messed with, although there are the usual Gore/headshots that always get removed too, but we are used to that.. it`s when they remove bits of the STORY i get especially annoyed!!!!! ah well, at least RTE will leave THE CUBE uncut

    Now, as you are doubtless aware, our fair nation of Ireland has been under persistant and powerfull attack for the last few years.. Yes.. I am referring to the SNAK war.. For Decades we had things in their place - Cheese and Onion, Salt n' vinegar and Smokey Bacon.. All present and correct.. Even NEW challengers to the TAYTO crown had to bow to the already established & superior crisp.. KING, CAPTAIN and all those Italian sounding ones, all had their place supplieng Potato & Corn based-snackfoods to our population with little interference from THE MAN.. but recently, you can`t help but notice the prolifereation of the Imported crisps.. The most notable bieng the SPICE GIRL flavoured crisps from WALKERS - aka LAYS in the USA.. - Still REAL crisps mind, sliced from actual potato, and not some mash of oil and sawdust like those disgusting polyfilla chips from that wierd group of people that come from the land of multi-racial smiles, you know, what are they called again? ...that foil-lined tube of shite with the smiley face on them? ehh.. well, whatever, they are the lowest form of snack food - the crumbs found on the factory floor, pressed into a shape and heat-blasted to seal the deal.. YUCK!! ehm.. anyway, back to the plot - these bloody IMPORT crisps - YES the flavours are sometimes more interesting then domestic crisps(the aforementioned fish and sugar flavour the nicest IMHO) but the sad sad fact is, they are alien crisps.. Wake up people, we INVENTED crisps in ireland, we also invented the Potato (originally to make booze) and developed the science needed to get the cheese and onion particles to cling to the inside of the bag - NOBODY fu*ks with our crisps in fairness - until TODAY that is.. I was the happy owner of an Extra large bag of Extra-cheesy DORITOS (second only to PLANTERS cheese balls - now an endangered species as they have been over-fished by the americans, as usual - these are the snacks of the gods for sure for sure good buddy..) and i came accross a small plastic packet (as you do) containing some PRIZE or other, maybe, possibly.. So, i spat it out, and prized it open to get at my potential million euro/new RX8/shag with leilani, and was stunned to ACTUALLY WIN SOMETHING!!!! Yes!! for the first time in my life - i got something, totally without any interaction on my behalf - for nowt, for free and so on.. cool.. mmm.. a Whole 375g jar of DIP for my doritos. oooooooooooooookkkaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy. slight problems: [1] i have already EATEN my doritos, so a jar of dip is fu*k-all use to me now matey.. [2] the free dip is waiting for me at my "retalier", not, as you would expect, in the bag AS WELL, but some other place - like a shop. [3] this shop is in the UK. Now. Do you see? Huh? Well, as you can imagine, i went STRAIGHT to the piss-cupboard to check the levels, and yes, as expected, the cupboard was definatly down a pint or 2 of finest urine.. WALKERS - the licencee for DORITOS in this territory had been at it, and had had it away with quite a tidy amount too.. Naturally i rang their HELPLINE number on the packet - but it didn`t work, unless i was in the UK that is.. Now, you may think i am exagerating the seriousness of this , untill you examine the actual package of the product - it clearly boasts "OFFER NOT OPEN TO RESIDENTS OF THE REPUBLIC OF IRELAND" in big black letters acroos the front of the packet.. Right - i get you lads.. NOT eh? Well, you had your chance and you blew it - Doritos/Walkers has to shape up or ship out.. frankly, you are taking the pi$$, and for this, you must suffer, and that suffering starts HERE, and NOW. I hereby call on ALL "RESIDENTS OF THE REPUBLIC OF IRELAND" to vote with their pockets and buy slightly less imported snack foods then they normally would, especially ones from smart-assed smug re-badging smarmy flash twats like WALKERS - who may have excellent products, but are in fact scabby cnuts.. Our file on WALKERS and DORITOS has been handed over to the Special Branch of the Gardai, who are adding it to their dossier on piss-taking foriegn snak peddlers.. You can expoect a FULL expose on the seedy underworld of licencing snack food branding from the BBC sometime in the summer, probably.I call upon an irish based-snak food manufacturer to rob the DORITOS licence from under WALKER's Nose to teach them a little lesson on localisation and customer care..


    Don`t know where you were yesterday, but i was Under the stairs for the entire 4th & 16th hour, gritting my teeth and holding my breath as it ticked to 4:44 and 44 seconds.. on 04:04:04. Yes.. that is correct.. Now do you see how close we came to TOTAL destruction??? My only Japenese friend has not been seen since the weekend before last, he has been decidely twitchy since late last year actually, and now that i think of it, alot of machines have been off colour lately.. mmm... ah well, it`s all over now, and if we are agreed that nothing drastic has changed for the worse, well, nothing we can percieve as of yet, i think we should all just get on down and freak out sugar.. yeah!!!! so, with that in mind, i uploaded a wee mix for you to relax to, on, as usual..Look for it in the Newstuff section..
    jUst plAythAtbEAt