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    Yep.. the New FLUSHBUS mag is out this weekend, and a new script is upon us for meets & greets:

    In the RED BOX tonite, with PRESSURE for an OldSkool Nite.. Donegal Saturday is CANCELLED!!

    The US elections are about 90 days away.. and as you may be aware, this is the biggest gig the states does - next to the superbowl.. not sure who's playing this time, but i'm putting 5c on KERRY.. 2 reasons: he's probably Irish (with a name like that), and er.. eh.. he's not the other bloke who i have (actually) forgotton already.. Anyway.. his last tour was SHITE.. (ask anyone that saw it..)


    On 2fm 2nite, 00.00-02.00, and wednesday & thursday too. So.


    As Promised, i will be upping the SpringSession to the site every weekend from now on.. It WILL NOT be there permenantly - i will only ever hold 2 shows for you, so, you should get the most recent two shows to listen to by clicking HERE - i`ll add this link to the front page, and repeat it in the UPDATE when there is something to repeat about..

    Right, and another thing.. we had a mad debate in the cave about Micro$git and their stuff.. and the official conclusion is: Microshite ROCKS as long as you do eXactly as they tell you to do.. Fair enough i suppose. Trouble is, we likes to fiddle, and to fiddle one must leave the confort-zone of the 'soft, and go for the Tux. End of story. To be fair, the 'soft have been instrumental in bringing computers to us all, and without them, none of this you see now would have been possible. The only problem we have, and it will never go away, is that Software SHOULD be free for recreational use.. How the fu*k else are we all meant to get the experience & training to realise the potential of the software in the first place? Huh? And how STUPID do you feel when you put your career in the hands of an expensive piece of software that BREAKS DOWN all the time? Huh? Do you think bread van drivers would all drive BEDFORDs if they only carried white bread? no. so. go figger.


    As you may be aware, i am currently addicted to MANDRAKE 10 - a distro of LINUX that really is pi$$easy to set up.. I have been busily converting everyone i come in contact with to Linux recently (again), and more people are dumping the virus-laden bag of sh1te that is Microshit.. You can boot off a CD (knoppix) and have a fully-laden Linux to play with, without altering your PC at all, or, you can install Linux on a 2nd harddrive, dual-booting with XP, or even Tri-Booting with 98se/XP Dead easy, and still have the safety-net of the auld-skool Microshite stuff in the b/g if you needs it.. Eh.. most of you know all this already, but for those of you that don`t, let me assure you that Linux is good.. real good. If you like to play (and we all do) then here is a starting point, and new regular hangoutness place (sketch courtesy of -=Dubz=-) - Fantastic shower of Linux hackers who make dyne:bolic - - an audio/visual linux distro that boots from CD, widely talked about on Sound on Sound's Linux music forum. This may be worth a look to test audio off linux, special for man wit de brawdbande. Grrrr....note - is out of reach at the moment, v1.3 is the latest and can be got from which is most graciously up and running.their blurb -

    Good call.. and a nice point for all of those who are using robbedeth warEZ to make their tunes.. remember, if you actually RELEASE dose tunes, or it can be demonstrated you did financially gain from the use of said bogus wARez for music,the making of, then, you, yes you, can be fined up to 100,000 lad, and anyone grassing you up can expect a tidy 2,000 lad for his/her grassiness. No, I am NOT joking. So, why is LINUX a better idea? Easy. It`s the Pirate-Radio of Computer operating systems.. It does what you want, because a bloke like you who ALSO wanted it to do that, MADE it do that. End of story. He doesn`t want your money, he doesn`t want your Name and address, he just wants what HE wants, and he is willing to pour his life-blood into making it happen, and then he is willing to share it with anyone and everyone.. Oh yes. Software should be FREE. The Airwaves should be FREE. We should pay 1/3 less road tax as 1/3 of the roads are fuc*ing buslanes, and i am not a fuc*ing bus and i resent paying for the things when i have to break my bollocks to keep my car on the road, the car i was encouraged to get by the, er, people that tax us all and make the roads.. ehm.. sorry.. But you can help STOP this rot.. LOAD LINUX TODAY, make it work, learn from it and help someone else break free from the clutches of the busses and that conman with the hairpiece they shot in the SOUTHPARK film.


    Lots of moves coming.. a new tour : FLUSH BEATS is in the planning stages.. cars, girls, music, hanging around.. yep.. fun fun fun.. erh.. and gigwise, RED BOX are doing another senoir disco-citizans OLD SKOOL night, on the 30th, and Pressure, me and a mystery thingy are doing the Deja-vu thing, so, eh, there.. the following night, we visit CARNDONAGH in donegal, for Tul na Ri, and Armagh, Drogheda, Enfield, Galway and Mayo are all due a visit in August.. messy.. Luckily, DAN HEGARTY is away for next week on 2FM, so i am doing his shift.. Midnite to 2, tuesday, wednesday and thursday, and the usual fridat 10-12 is also on, so we should get to play quite alot of mad shite next week! Eh.., there are no Friday late sessions tonight or next week, but, for the bank holiday, the SESSIONS RELOADED is coming.. we WILL be there to save your heads every night of the holiday with some of the meatiest custom jobs and reloads of sessions from the distant echoey past.. SO..


    So.. here we are, clear headed, rested and lucid after the horrors of the weekend.. and yes, it was a horrorshow.. not horrorshow as in Clockwork Orange Horrorshow - that would be GOOD after all, i mean Horrorshow as in having to lick the armpits of a steroidal slug after a full marathon (not the bar, the event).. I thought it was just me, you know, bieng a very pickey, and over-educated old cynical fart, so i kept my trap shut, but now, i feel the time is right to speak.. (it`s wednesday, i`m bored..) That festival last weekend sucked. Yep. You read right. It sucked. I would have MUCH prefered to have seen the CURE and ORBITAL play, with 2-3 decent DJs, in a less crap enviroment for 1/10th the price.. Sure, we wouldn`t have had the other acts, but i didn`t get to see anyone else properly.. bar the C.S.R. and the Chemical Brothers in the so-called "dance arena" - more like a fuc*ing 21st then a dance tent, and i should know, i have been to 2 21sts, and they were almost EXACTLY the same script, right down to the music policy.. (although DJ OTZI was sorely missed, as was the "slow set"). Now. What have we learned from all this? Simple - People Don`t care about lineups and content as much as they care about bieng able to go mental for 48-hours.. All i heard thru' the weekend was "almost everything is shite, and what ISN'T shite, is either cancelled,over or impossible to find in this mess".. NO mention of the pouring rain, no mention of the imaginitive prices of the food/drink/booze/*****, no mention of any fighting or over-malleting or messing, no complains about the staff or coppers - just 1 solid complaint - the entertainment is elusive.. Sad Sad Sad. Sorry, but it is. And when i come back immediatly with "well, why are you still here then?" the standerd issue reply is "..cos there it's comething to do" - this goes for artists, media and punters alike.. Ever get the feeling you're missing something? Yeah, well, it's done now innit.. Let's learn from it all..

    So.. what flipped the script on me? Simple. I had a conflict. Yep. In my head. It's about spoofing live performances, or more accuratley, how much spoofing is allowed before you cease bieng a live performance, and become a con... Now, this ain't no fuc*ing magic-circle, there is no oath to keep secret the secrets of the trade - i for one have always been VERY open, and shared any knowledge i am privvy to.. i am not afraid of anyone (i know i can out-code or at least equal any of them - i don`t use beat templates, fu*k pro-tools, f*ck presets and so on...) and i welcome a fellow imagineer with open arms, always longing for someone else to share my exitement over a noise or sound.. the thing is, and here's where the interal conflict arises - i RESENT wasters.. i DO.. i hate people who waste.. why? Because i was reduced to it for a while, and although i convinced myself it was OK at the time, i now know i was fooling nobody!

    So, how did i stoop so low as to spoof bits of a live performance? I say "bits" because it was never a FULL "playback" gig for me, ala britney or George Bush, it became pretty damn close, as the technology took hold.. Well, you see, my first accidental experiance of playing in a live band, was as a drop-in with LEO KELLY and TREVOR KNIGHT.. they were playing in the new(ish) venue in my hometown that a good friend of mine was the resident DJ (P.C.).. Peter (for 'twas he) used to let me spin a few choons in the break when Leo & Trev were playing, as i had the latest Acid & HipHop tunes, and in fairness, was a pest.. I noticed Trev had a PPG WAVE 2.3 synth.. and Leo had a Roland 606 drum machine - 2 items i lusted after in the pages of STUDIO SOUND and in the windows of the old SOHO SOUNDHOUSE and SYCO SYSTEMS in London - so i pestered them a bit, and they were SO open - sharing their experiences with me, we got on, jammed a bit, and eventually made a record together.. I started joining in during the set with scratching and drop-ins (at the time it seemed good, but i`m sure i was very annoying for the audience) off my single SL-1210, and later with my MOOG SOURCE (the highlight of evey tune i played on was when the source would go mad and start screaching randomly - a fault i now know was down to a faulty regulator!) and i was astonished at how good it felt when it all came together.. Leo and Trev are REAL musicians, but i had to have the notes written on the keys, and the chord sequences for each tune written out on a page for me so i could follow them! It was great having them to rescue every tune by knowing what comes next - LoL!!!! But anyway, watching them set up was a lesson.. Trev's PPG weighed a TON, and came in a coffin flight-case, the frame to hold it was made of steel from an old suspension bridge that used to hang over the River kwai (terms and conditions apply) and he had to scaffold his Keyboards, mixer and gizmos together for each gig.. Leo was the same(ish) - guitar cases, bags of pedals and cables.. loads of grief.. but, and here's the but, it was a well-rehersed ritual every time.. Just like the PA guy - he had all his kit in cases, on wheels and so on.. Major job though.. Now. This was all for a LIVE show. but for recording, the lads would arrive at my studio with almost the same setup, unpack and get wired up (!) ready to lay down some tracks.. Herein lies my problem when it came to putting my OWN band on the road.. How can i POSSIBLY play live when MY gear isn`t that of a musician, but that of an Engineer? Remember i can`t play a fuc*ing note without bieng told what it is, or alternatively, having a week to find the notes on the keyboard and learn them in the right order and so on by listening to the recorded version of the tune over and over.. You would think all i had to do was PLAY the shit, or get a gang to play.. That wasn`t an option in 1993 for me. Everyone else i knew in the electronic scene was in a similer boat to me, except they hadn`t 1/3 the gear i had - they hadn`t spent 5 years making ads and accumulating equipment like i had, so making a band was not on.. Not for a few rave gigs anyway.. too much work.. Anyway, it was the rave scene - bands were out, sequencing was IN!!!! So, that is what i did.. i BUILT a band. i got a shite apple mac (IIci i think) from a contact who had gone temporarily insane and was giving his possesions away while walking around in bare feet claiming he was jesus - it had a giant monitor, harddrive, midi interface and bent sequencing software, and i paired it with my studio sequencer - a trusty 486/DX-50 PC made by the Olympic Corp. in America minutes before they went bust.. (still running today as my main sequencer ACTUALLY!) with Seq+ in DOS and a 4-port Midi i/f.. The PC was to be the "master" sequencer, the MAC was to be the "slave". I split the MIDI files for the tunes we would perform into 2, 1 for Percussion and samples to run on the PC, and 1 for chords and patch changes on the MAC, and used the PC as the master-clock, banging out MTC to the mac. The MAC played a chain of keyboards - sending them Volume, Notes and patch changes, the PC played my sampler and (i think) a module for percussion.. All the sound went to a 12/2 mixer, and then off to the house sounddesk in stereo.. Everything went swimmingly. The rehersals were a breeze, me and mark only had to play small parts in each tune, and spend the rest of the time remembering to load the next MIDI file after the clock stopped, and possibly load another bank into the sampler.. On the NIGHT though, it all got very messy. The place was rammed. We couldn`t even SEE with the steam in the place.. Everyone was there, we were on.. I walked out, and checked the PC and the sampler, all ready.. and the MAC? oh god.. the screen is off, why is the screen off? what is the story.. oh man, the crowd are singing the riff from 6th season, what am i gonna do? reboot.. yeah.. so i did.. and we waited.. and you sang.. and er.. nothing.. the fuc*er was not coming on.. Mmm. the SCREEN was dead, but the harddisk light was flashing away.. mmm.. wait.. there it is!! if i HOLD down the ON button it flashes into life for a second, then dies.. i managed to open the sequencer in the flashes, and used the keys to OPEN and PLAY the file (luckily in numerical order as "1.mid", "2.mid" and so on) on the blind.. Because the MAC sequencer was in SLAVE mode, it wouldn`t actually begin to play untill the PC did, so it was safe to OPEN and PLAY on the blind.. we got away with it.. but i was far to freaked too attempt anyhing more then a bit of frowning for the first few numbers.. I swore never again that night.. it was too much.. Over the months, i lost piece after piece of precious equipment - now, you expect to loose/trade/steal at least 1 lead per gig, but when you are talking major pieces of your studio, it's simply not acceptable.. So.. eventually, the computers just stayed at home. I used a 4-track Harddisk recorder, with a stripped stereo mix of our set on 2 channels (stereo), a channel of effects and odd stuff, and a channel of "emergency" chords (that i could punch out to if i lost it), one of the Keyboards we used had a MIDI sequencer and Midi Apreggio gennys onboard (SY85 - never should have sold that...), and the Hard-disk recorder had an MTC card, so i could use it as a clock-source for my MTC-DIN convertor for the 909/202/303 combo, and to drive the sequencer in the sy85.. mmm.. nice.. And pretty foolproof.. I tried to sample as much as i could, so the vintage gear could stay safe in the studio, but i'd always slave a 303 or something so i would at LEAST have something to play with while i was standing there.. Sadly, looking worried that the system might crash at any moment isn`t very entertaining for an audience - twiddling the Freq-cutoff on a wild 303 loop IS.. er.. well, it is when compared to standing & staring that is.. right.. so... that is how we went out - in the end it was a Fostex D20 Timecoded DAT (alesis aDAT was too unreliable) driving an on-board sequencer (in a k2000) and a bassstation or 2 thru a SMPTE-->MTC box.. i kept that up till i stopped gigging.. Minimum breakage (bar an odd Quadrasynth loosing a key here and there.. ), and good sound.. Yes, it WAS sortof cheating. I even stopped playing the pads in the end and stuck to tweaking the Filter cutoff on the bassstations with the controllers on the k2000 (which had the local OFF, so although i appeared to play it, i was REALLY playing something else, yet the k2000 was playing back most of the "live" part of the music from it`s internal samples & patches..) I saw so many people just playing a DAT or Minidisk on stage, and leaping about like assholes with loads of smoke and lights, and it looked good.. I just couldn`t do that.. Not 100% playback.. For god's sake, it`s only SLIGHTLY more trouble to play or manipulate some of your sounds live, not doing it is pure laziness.. And in THIS day and age, with men on the moon and so on, it IS possible to do an ENTIRELY tweaked soundset, with little more then a laptop.. But this is where we reach a grey area.. And i hope to make it a CLEAR area.

    Now. If Someone plays a recording they made SPECIALLY for the performance, and adds some visual or other element to take it to another level, is that a live performance? If someone is just replaying the Studio multitracks and mixing them on the fly, is it a live performance? If someone Accompanies a previous Recording, is that a live performance? If someone supervises some machines playing a set of instructions they previously prepared for it, is it a live performance? If someone Blends other people's recordings and sounds to make a continuous 2-hour piece, is it a live performance?


    This is the problem. How do you know you aren`t standing listening to a fecking tape? or a CD? or a big MP3? and if you are, do you care? Well, I DO. I don`t like bieng decieved. I find it annoying in the extreme. At least with a trad Rock band, you can see the bleeders playing the instruments.. we all know the noises a guitar makes, and we all know what a drummer has to do to get a drum to make a noise.. but How many of us know how the noises in an electronic piece come about? Hmm? There are literally billions of ways of doing it.. i have seen people playing the depth of a reverb with a GLOVE for godssake.. The really nice thing about electronic music is, you Don`t need any musical SKILL, you only need KNOWLEDGE to get it on.. Sure, if you can play you will save yourself time.. but its imagination that is on offer in the electronic scene. The ONLY way you can be sure the blokes hiding in the flashing lights and smoke are actually not taking the piss, is if the tune does something you don`t recognise from the recordings you own.. The VERY least that is acceptable is a re-arrangement of previous recordings, and some sort of live input - be it in the form of music, lyrics or manipulation of the actual soundstage with processing.. This MUST be enforced. Why? because music is changing. Entertainment is changing. We now have the power to not only PLAY music, but to interact with it. Live acts should be manipulating their music, not just reproducing it - DJs should be customising the sounds to the bone - not just synching one piece into another.. what will happen when people want more then a Playback night? It will happen. How do i know? From Watching BUCK ROGERS IN THE 25th CENTURY, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA and SPACE 1999.. Have you EVER seen a DJ in those shows? Huh? No, damn straight. In the future, there are NO record shops. NO wankers inbetween the musicians and the users, NO piracy.. All music is everywhere at all times, and in free circulation for anyone that wants it. It is free, and the real stars are the creators. They travel from gig to gig. mad out of it, playing to people who like the music, and the unstoppable live-broadcast of everything from the tunes to the heart-rate of each musician is instantly accessable, and recordable by the earth's population at all times.. Oh, but once the recording is out, and free, who will pay to see the band again? EVERYFU*KINGBODY - because the band only play a certain amount of tunes, they just Upgrade them for EVERY GIG.. so, the tunes get better and better, and the recordings are alyays a taster of what's to come.. SEE? As long as the band are good, and they keep flipping the script, they go on, play get paid.. People have their favorite tunes, (FACT), and to see them evolve is very addictive.. There are NO charts, as there are no sales, only Box-office and Audience figures matter.. this is the future my friends! You can safely only ever like 1 song by 1 band, and over the lifetime of that band, the tune can wear a thousand masks and keep you hooked.. Do you see a place in all this for slutty teenagers lip-synching to a tape? No, if you want slutty teenagers lip synching, you can see them on your mobile communications thingy on the slutty teenagers lipsynch channel.. Music will be for Performers and Music lovers, and they will be brought together without the Manufacturers filtering it all.. Sure, we will have to take on the job of quality control and selection ourselves, but as everyone in the future will have nothing much to do, (except the specially bred mutants on ***** in the secret underground caverns who maintain everything in the background who will be very busy indeed..) there will be plenty of time to surf the millions of broadcasts for a good tune..

    I can actually pinpoint when the music industry collapses entirely, it`s late november, 2034.. a bored student in finland (probably) works out how to store the entire library of recorded music in the world on his mobile phone, and still have room for TETRIS - within a week it was all over.. (hehehe)


    Well, i'm sure we are all very tired today after yesterday's activitys.. Bleeding Aliens again!!! Ah well, sorted it in the end - serves them right for not having their ANTI-HUMAN software up2date.. Anyway.. Did we enjoy the MACYs Fireworks thing for Independence day last night? Wasn't it savage? Well, wasn't it PURE america - almost _exactly_ the same waves as those fireworks we had in Dublin recently, er, for whatever reason (there was a reason, i just know there was.. er.. can`t put my finger on it though.. oh man, YOU remember, that time.. yeah.. ) except in a different order, and (the good bit) they had 4 displays going off at the same time (!), arranged at corners of a giant square over New York.. Mmm.. Quadra-Display.. Oh yes.. I could feel the sky burn from here!! I think Fireworks should be a subject at school - after all, they are becoming a part of our daily lives more and more these days.. It would be easy to motivate the Yoof to get into the subject too - EVERYBODY loves a bit of an auld explosion combined with bright colours, loud music, food & drink (optional) and a willing crowd of onlookers.. We could lead the world in Professional Pyromaniacs! We already lead the world in badly-shaven rock stars, Heart-disease and teenage suicide - maybe we could COMBINE these unique national qualitys, and solve a few problems along the way.. Think about it.. you KNOW it all makes sense.. They would cancel each other out!! (and so on)

    Playlist for the Spring Session on 2FM.

    *magnoila / all in vain (data 69p2) [reload]
    *igor s / airforce one (ID&T 7007695)
    *cosmic gate / monotune (e-cutz ec2004/2)
    *mark norman / phantom manor (magik musik 816-5)
    *ferry corsten / it's time (positiva 12tivdjd206)
    *2xlc / divided states (bostich 004)
    *ben shift / lashar (trance corporation recordings tcr 010)
    *yordan pregyov / sun part 1 (tekktonn tk 017)
    *audiowerk z / last train to amsterdam (dfc 1452)
    *orion's voice / cockroackes (overdose dmddose 123)
    *spancox / to the club (inferno djfern62)
    *club caviar / i wish (blue 054)
    *shanya / dancing in the sky (vocal series vs011)
    *adagio for strings (remix) (above the sky atsltd004)
    *hardfloor / mrs. blovofski (hardfloor hf003)
    *hybrid / i'm still awake (distinctive disnt 123)
    *noiz / noiz (dfc1451-12)
    *general midi / bass rokkaz (tuesday club recordings renn3082)
    *colourrecordings (untitled color 015a)
    *Mahogany / ride the rhythm (west end wes22150)

    Stats: Disabled

    Playlist for the Spring Session on 2FM.

    *grandmaster flash / white lines (sugar hill)
    *spancox / to the club (inferno djfern62)
    *kid creme / doin my own thing (illegal beats jalill13)
    *dub pistols / world gone crazy (distinctive disnt 124a)
    *rhythm code / hypnotic influence (cuba)
    *ben shift / lashar (trance corporation recordings tcr 010)
    *adagio for strings (remix) (above the sky atsltd004)
    *ferry corsten / it's time (positiva)
    *rapha / get back (druck 007)
    *flash / idon't want you (pulse 084)
    *mark norman / phantom manor (magik musik 816-5)
    *u-turn / dead end (ID&T)
    *kadoc / the nighttrain (nukleus 0619pnuk) [happy peak]
    *axel coon / lamenting city (aqualoop)
    *dj stardust / alfa plastic (dance pollution)
    * robotman / do the do (superstar)

    Stats: 2:1 not in favour - For every 2 missed calls on the "sad" line, we had 1 on the "happy" line. Contribute during the show leaving missed calls on 0860.700427 (happy) or 0860.700426 (sad). Happy Peaker Starts the Show Next Week

    Playlist for the Spring Session on 2FM.

    *kadoc / the nighttrain (nukleus 0619pnuk) [reload]
    *olivar shine / northstar (tsunami tsusb9015)
    *combi-nation (bootleg)
    *mark norman / phantom manor (magik musik 816-5)
    *true form / forbiddan colours (state of trance asoto21)
    *u-turn / dead end - (ID&T 7007775)
    *airwave / trust no1 (bonzai mwlp-2004-001)
    *yordan pregyov / sun part 1 (tekktonn tk 017)
    *horrorscope / heliumoxyd (acalwan)
    *tunaboy / underground (dfc itl.)
    *joy kiticonti / dirty summer (media CDR)
    *flash brothers / amen (direction CDR)
    *shapeshifters / lola's theme (positiva 12tivjd207) [happy peak]
    *bass inferno inc. / keep the fire burning (club section csr 1003)
    *flash / idon't want you (pulse 084)
    *mutant DJ / B raver (hellhouse CDR)
    *pepermint lounge / the lemon EP (bomba bomb12005)

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    Playlist for the Spring Session on 2FM.

    *shapeshifters / lola's theme (positiva 12tivjd207) [reload]
    *poonisher - gonna keep ride (mantra breaks mtr2201)
    *stellar project / get up stand up (data 74p1)
    *the disco boys / here on my own (kosmo k373)
    *raw man/beautiful (we rock music wrm007)
    *tears for fears vs. skylark - shout (white shout DJ1)
    *dj energy / serenity (nukleus 0616pnuk)
    *ferry corsten / it's time (positiva 12 tivdjd206)
    *flash / idon't want you (pulse 084)
    *dano & kay d smith - alladin on acid ( 019)
    *marco v / automanual (ID&T 7007895) [happy peak]
    *alex calver & neil C / where am i? (subsonix 1)
    *@dam/danger (pulse 085)
    *airwave / trust no1 (bonzai mwlp-2004-001)
    *sensation / the anthem 2004 (ID&T 7007935)
    *arctic quest / glaze (armind armd1008)
    *push / tranceformation (bonzai mwlp-2004-002)
    *Todd Terry-Bango (To the batmobile - let's go) (sleeping bag)

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    Playlist for the Spring Session on 2FM.

    *marco v / automanual (ID&T 7007895) [reload]
    *organ doners / mental athmosphere (nukleus 0621pnuk)
    *stellar project / get up stand up (data 74p3)
    *kaiser souzai / wild side (zeitgeist b375020)
    *kylie / chocolate (parlaphone 12rdj6639)
    *shapeshifters / lola's theme (positiva 12tivjd207)
    *3drives / air traffic (nebula CDR) [lock]
    *airwave / trust no1 (bonzai mwlp-2004-001)
    *era vulgaris / ashra (accalwan aca2104-12)
    *adam/danger (pulse 085)
    *tweetwoof / 9pm till i come (suntec tec104a)
    *dj wag / the day the earth caught fire (overdose 124)
    *dano & kay d smith - alladin on acid ( 019)
    *nick lunn & YOMC / saturday (vandit 038) [happy peak]
    ******* / theme from norejfel (black hole 106-5)
    *jens / never be the same (kontor k385)
    *scientist / the bee (kickin)

    Stats: 4:1 in favour - For every 1 missed call on the "sad" line, we had 4 on the "happy" line. Contribute during the show leaving missed calls on 0860.700427 (happy) or 0860.700426 (sad). Happy Peaker Starts the Show Next Week
    jUst plAythAtbEAt