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  • July 2005

    ==270705 is happening in 2 weeks.. And This bank Holiday, Power fills in for me on 2FM, as i`m off in Drogheda Saturday night At the Beach...

    Playlist for the Spring Session on 2FM.

    *les rhthmes digitales / jaques your body[switch] (wall of sound/data data93cdsp)
    *kiko & gino / good sluts factory (international deejay gigolo records gig 164)
    *danny howells & dick trevor / breathe [talk] (c2 cdr)
    *bananrama / move in my direction [redanka] (a&g cdag003p)
    *sander klienenberg / the fruit [gough & smillie] (eq eqsk001)
    *goldfrapp / oh la la [benassi] (mute pl12mute342)
    *kevin freeman / atomic funk (you c23001)
    *deep dish / say hello [dylan] (positivia 12tivdj220)
    *paul van dyk / the other side [deep dish] (positiva12tivdjx221)
    *kraftwerk / numbers [live] (EMI 12emdj667)
    *lange vs. gareth emery / x equals 69 (lange lange009)
    *eye wall / bad deal [klinkenberg] (captivating sounds cvsa024)
    *pascal feliz / ignition (rr rr028)
    *the rush vs. thalamus / shock your senses (?? 20050001)
    *gaz west / meaning of life (tranzlation whitez 005)
    *max b grant / no good 2005 [prophet] (scantraxx871486678298)
    *joop / the world (high contrast hcr 004)
    *randy katana / pleasure island (reset rs014)
    *trans-x / vive sur video (zyx5486)


    New Stuff on PLAYTHATBEAT.NET today.. I have decided to release the Version of UFO that has been circulating on the Internet, Complete, 192K, since the version going around is missing the intro, and sounds like it was recorded on a fuc*ing mobile Phone.. I was delighted to see all the old-skool stuff bieng offered on the various Filesharing thingys this weekend, as i hung out with a serious file trader for an afternoon.. In fact, this BitTorrent/W.H.Y. messing is very interesting, insofar as, you can get at (admittedly pretty poor quality) copys of pretty much anything that is digitisable.. but you knew that, didn`t you? Yes, the Tapes-from-the-attic fever is hitting hard all over.. All the previously forgotton crap is back.. I managed to Get my hands on an Episode of HOLMES & YOYO, The Movie POKER FACE and several demos and mid-way mixes of my own stuff, that i never knew existed! God bless progress..

    I have been very busy with the COMPLETE COMIC STRIP dvd boxset as well.. The Bullshitters, 3 Men in a... , Fistfull Of Traveller's Cheques, The Yob, Five go mad..., Supergrass, Strike! - all absolutely and completely (with mature recollection) funking fantastic.. I read a very snotty Review in one of the sunday Rags this weekend, obviously from someone with green eyes.. Yes, the 'strip were a little repetitive, but that is a very generalised slag to be fair.. I mean, if a perticular style of parody or satire works, then stick to it! You could say the same about NOT!, Python, Pete & dud, S.N.L. and so on.. It`s like slagging James Brown For Bieng Funky for Fu*kssake.. Nah, look, pal, Get a go on the Boxset, it`s very,very,very good. And i have waited for it since DVD began. Topping the collection off is a wonderfull 9th disk with a JULIAN TEMPLE film about the 'strip - documanting it`s origins in a sleazy club setting in laahdan in the 'day, and it`s Temple on the scissors, so you know it`s nice to look at, an a deeper dip into the day then any episode of Minder or The Avengers..

    Now, to a more serious item on the adjenda. SKYPE. Now. I have avoided it for ages, but got a handset lately, and gave it a lash. Within 12 hours of registering, i had an univited Visitor. A girl. Eastern Europe. Now, don`t get me wrong - i use ICQ, AIM and so on, and have no problem with people saying HI on the messangers, and in chatrooms, and on forums and so on, but people tend to know me b4 saying hello! You know, they like KNOW me, know who i am, or what i do, and aren`t just randomly texting me and asking would i like to see a photo of them! So, after i politely established the laydee didn`t know me, and declined her generous offer of a photo, i tipped off 2 friends of her Handle, and they put the trace on.. Right to the Door actually.. Definatly Eastern Europe, definatly a real person and so on.. I have to say i was curious as to her motives, maybe she was just bored! Who knows, but i have to say, it IS a bit suss. I mean.. Have a think about it.. You have seen that movie with yer wan and yer man, and the bank and all? Yeah, well.. I dunno.. This could have been the Start Of an attempt by American FilmStars imitating Eastern-European Scammers to Infiltrate the Irish scene! Just imagine.. i could have ended up with some random Bird and her 12 cousins from Various places that think they are worse-off then Ireland in my Gaff, all plotting to pull a mad one wherever i work! Luckily, the places i work would more then likely rope THEM into some sort of shady activity.. Ok, so maybe SKYPE is a cool way of randomly phoning/texting people in funky places for free, and maybe i'm jumping to conclusions.. (oh, but those jumps are so much more fun..) Hey, let's invent a new thing here.. SKYPE-DIVING.. You Randomly phone/text someone, and just try and chat them up! You get 1 point for evey unique message they send you, or every 30 seconds you talk, and you multiply it by the number of modes.. so, if you get 5 text replys, and then 6 30-second units of talk, you get (5+6)*2=22. 4 texts, 10 30-seconders and a piccy is (4+10+1)*3=45.. Yeah I like. It. Lets do it.. Let's have a CONTEST! We will declare Certain Weekends as "contest weekends", making sure they are weekends AFTER major Holidays, so people are Broke and Bored Shitless, and off we go.. Now, THAT is what SKYPE was made for.


    Score 1 point for each unique exchange. An "exchange" is a sent line of text, a picture, or 30-seconds on voice SKYPE.

    Multiply Score by number of modes used. Acceptable modes are: Voice, Text, Picture.

    Score Claims Must be supported By History Data.

    Contest Duration: 48 Hours

    Oh Yes.. I like this alot. Finally, a use for Skype. And i know we can take this to new levels of ridiculousness.. I seem to remember a craze in the early 80's where Kids would "tap" numbers into phoneboxes, in attempts to contact far-away places.. "Hey man, how are you? What is it like in New-Zealand today? Oh, it`s night time is it? Sorry, i didn`t mean to wake you.. (bonus point for waking him up..) -who am i? Just a kid, in Ireland.. yeah, i`m calling you freeof-charge from a phone Kiosque by the side of the road in Mayo, where's Mayo? Kinda near Greenland.. Yeah.. Cool! So what do you do?..." and so on.. No, i didn't do that myself, but i DID get a call from the New-Zealand Kid in the 90's, when i ran a BBS.. It had a very nice number.. Ending in "321", so got alot of crank calls, and he was doing a bit of phreaking, and thought he'd return the favour the Irish Had done for him, by ringing a random Irish Person, and saying "hi".. This, of coarse inspired me, and i then went on a campaign of only attending parties in places that had phones.. And the mad thing was, the PHONE BOOK took on a new role - the MENU! No, not the listings, the Crazy Zone/Dialling codes and thier promise of a hit.. You knew, for example, if you fancied the British Virgin Islands (as you do...), that it shared a dialling code with a load of other cool places, and if you failed to hit the target exactly, you may end up in the bahamas , or nearby anyway.. nice.. so well worth a drunken dial.. oh yes.. I have to say, after all this ranting, the most polite and fun recipients of these cold-calls from Pissed-up Irish Teenagers were always the Russians.. Yep.. They really knew how to laugh at the situation.. And the snottiest? Defo the Pakistan crew.. Instant hanging up type activity.. Very poor show. Guess they couldn`t fathom the destructive nature of the whole thing.. Anyway.. time to practice.. And get ready for the First WORLD SKYPE-DIVING CONTEST, the date of which i will announce when i think we are ready..

    Sessions this weekend:

    July 22 john OO fleming 4kee fauna flash

    July 23 Deep Dish John Public Eddy Ramich

    Playlist for the Spring Session on 2FM.

    *jor-el / in memory of (international gigolo gig169)
    *sander klienenberg / the fruit - cdr
    *steve porter / homegrown EP 3 - neptune (fds recordings fds-007)
    *jeff wayne / the eve of the war [middleton] (sony/bmg cdr)
    *system f / cry [groovelift] (cdr)
    *emjay / M.S.N. (global gathering 05) [ecomo] (perfecto cdper004-p)
    *max graham / automatic weapon (little mountain recordings lmr017)
    *denga & manus / music 4 the masses [trancetter] (drizzly music cdr)
    *kraftwerk / radioactivity [live] (emi 12emdj663)
    *laibach / bruderschaft (mute tse2)
    *olace / mind (tektonn tk027)
    *shany f / flashing (trance corp. records tcr 017)
    *re-create / fight club [liberty] (dedicated ded016)
    *the rush vs. thalamus / shock your senses (sensation 20050001)
    *max b grant / no good 2005 (scantraxx 8714866678298)
    *derb / coole sau [isaac] (tracid traxxx ttx2055)
    *tocs / 1 [scot proj.] (druck 012)
    *dimitrie siliakus / wow! (reset records rs013)
    *bulletproof / blue monday (bulletproof 1)
    *viper 2 / titty twister (pps 6913/1)


    July 15 dorfmiester glimmers ashley beadle

    July 16 john OO fleming 4kee fauna flash

    Playlist for the Spring Session on 2FM.

    23.00- Conor g - live from Oxegen 05.
    23.30- Slam - live from Oxegen 05.

    *bpt feat. DM binxter / moody [creamer & k](tweek'd records tr0019)
    *guy gerber / stoppage time [graham] (bedrock bed 55r)
    *jeff wayne / the eve of the war [middleton] (bmg cdr)
    *sander kleinenberg / the fruit [future funk] (stomp eqsk00)
    *deep dish / flashing for money (positiva cdr)

    00:30am- Black Strobe - live from Oxegen 05.
    01:00am- Johnny Moy - live from Oxegen 05.

    *2 lone swordsmen / Sick when we kiss - live from Oxegen 05.
    *timo maas / first day (hope recordings 2564624292)
    *j velarde / the life (underground sound of madrid usm 021)
    *bulletproof / blue monday (bulletproof t1)
    *green velevet / destination unknown (music manmm030)


    Sessions this weekend..

    July 9 disco annie maddox soulsavers

    July 10 oxygen special TBA oxygen special TBA oxygen special TBA*

    *will run till 6am

    Playlist for the Spring Session on 2FM.

    *deep dish / flashing for money (positiva cdr)
    *max graham / automatic weapon (little mountain recordings lmr017)
    *jeff wayne / the eve of the war [middleton] (bmg cdr)
    *sting / driven to tears (live8)
    *sting / every breath you take (live8)
    *state of existance / i feel love (salacious recordings cdr)
    *king roc / how big is it? (kingsize)
    *madonna / ray of light (live8)
    *xana / que sera [man behind c] (drizzly music cdr)
    *armin van buuren / serenity (nebula nebt069)
    *mr sam / lyteo (maelstrom maelt 037)
    *marcell woods / cherry blossom (high contrast hcr003)
    *dimitrie siliakus / wow! (reset rs013)
    *marc marberg / guarana (euphonic 53.3) LOCK
    *the who / won't get fooled again (live8)
    *pink floyd / breathe (live8)
    *pink floyd / money (live8)
    *vinyl groover & the red hand / higher state of consiousness (traffic records tr003)
    *dj mass in orbit / prayer for light [evolt] (uberdruck eud024)
    *jean michel jarre / oxygene 4 (polydor prolp3)
    jUst plAythAtbEAt