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    The New Saturday-night lineup on 2FM looks like this:

    6pm-9pm - Conor G [the g-spot house music et al]

    9pm-12am - MrSpring [upfront tunes & mixing]

    12am-2am - Wes D'arcy [HipHop]

    2am-5am - The LATE NIGHT SESSIONS


    Congratulations to Irish Rapper COLLIE for grabbing the Front-Page on this morning's SUN newspaper.. His "controversial" cover version/tribute to/total ripoff of SCARY EIRE's "(i wanna fu*k) Naomi Campbell" has come to the rescue of a totally unknown Politician, and a totally bled-dry newspaper on what must be one of the most boring newsdays in recent memory. In fact, if things carry on like this, we can expect headlines detailing such horror-shock stories as "TV STAR TAKES DRUNKEN SHITE", "SEAGULLS IN OPEN-AIR SEX SCANDAL" and so on.. I'm afraid it`s time for the media to wake up and realise that in times of little else to rant about, they need to take matters into their own hands and MAKE THINGS UP. Come on, you know it makes sense.. look at the recent headlines we have had to endure.. Like the recent nonsense re: That deformed Coke-Whore and her Smak-head talentless wanker of a slugmonster boyfriend.. I mean, WHO CARES? And more importantly, Why THEM? there are PLENTY of more talentless assholes out there who would be much easier, and fruiter targets for a bit of an auld outing!! I for one can think of at least 3 prime candidates who not only have ferocious Drug habits and Homosexual tendancys, but are hated far more then poor old Kate-the-rake and that Smak-head (whatever his name is..).. I mean, Who the hell are these 2 fools anyways? A slightly deformed clotheshorse (with freckles) and a greasy irritating mess, neither of whom have ever uttered a single line of stimulating conversation, nor created anything at all original.. Even their behaviour is just SOOO last decade.. Cocaine? Jesus, that went out with Ronnie Reagan and WANG CHUNG (see: "American Psycho") and as for Polydrug useage before taking to stage to sing, i'm sorry pal, that happens every weekend in the Hotels and bars accross this fair Island of ours, and has done since the introduction of Karaoke machines in 1988.. It`s all Pointless.. So,taking into account that 96% of all people in the entertainment industry are drug users and at least partially qweer, the big Question is: WHY THESE TWO FU*KERS AND NOT SOMEONE ELSE MORE DESERVING? Simple.. I know why.. There's really only 1 thing more irritating then a talentless asshole raking in the money and limelight, and that's a talentless asshole that won't share his/her intoxicants... I have it on authority that the 2 scumbags concerned are drug & drink hoovers, but are so greedy and obnoxious they rarely, if at all, even offer anyone a piece of chewing-gum. So, be aware all ye who seek the fame and fortune.. Spreadeth the free gargle and barl amongst thine bretheren inst da media, as they work as hard as you, and if you try to hogg the boo, be prepared to go public.. in the words of my maths teacher: "I hope you brought enough for everyone.."

    Playlist for the Spring Session on 2FM.

    *akala / bullshit [mark & kinky] (illastate cdr)
    *g-club / people are crazy [mac] (g-club cdr)
    *kern & sanner / still waters [em vs. denga] (bauplan cdr)
    *laidback luke / switch (mixmash 003)
    *agnelli & nelson / shiver [john o'c] (extravaganza cdr)
    *clubbasse & the baker / worldwide (trinity tmx005)
    *snap / beauty queen (b532709)
    *neils van gogh / my own religon (media mrg1037r-12)
    *depeche mode / precious [sasha] (mute p12bong35a)
    *jan loper / i can't stop [hindsight] (district dis-001)
    *rank 1 / top gear (high contrast hcr 007)
    *fred baker vs. greg nash / the jungle (2play010)
    *remo-com / g-sigh [a*s*y*s*] (tracid traxxx ttx2056)
    *dj preach / imperio (relic001)
    *global cee /alive (druck013)
    *dj neo / acid overdose [boy] (blutonium blu095)
    *rocker's revenge / walking on sunshine (london records)


    So, by now if you are the type of person that reads the Newspapers (or know someone that does..) u may b aware of lots of changes at 2FM.. I am still not sure what (if any) timeslot my Show, and the SESSIONS will be given. SO, i thought i'd propose a new RTE Radio service, in an effort to get paid more, and work even less... Ladles and gentlespoons, and members of the press, behold: the RTE RADIO ZERO Weekday schedual!

    6am-2pm: Programming for the Under-Fives

    2-4pm: The RZ Brekfast Show - Skate Punk, Reggae and Techno for Students.

    4-5pm: Keith and The Girl Show.

    5-7.30pm: Options - Carear Guidance, Personal Finance & House Music (incorporating "school's out" and "the dating game")

    7.30-8.00pm: Closedown. (featuring: Test tones, dead air, and Dirty SSTV piccys)

    8.00-10.00pm: I'm Bored - Large-Budget Show that does anything it can to avoid bieng bored.

    10.00-23.59pm: Hack the Planet (Educational Tips, Continuous Mixing, Hacking Competitions, etc..)

    23.59-00.00: Station Identification and Message From KRS-1.

    00.00am: Hardcore Filth (All the music you only like because it is cool.. and all the cool things you like because they are only filth..)

    02:00-06.00am: Drivetime.(Chatshow With the Drivetime Crew Of DJs, Alcaholics and Taxi Drivers, Arguing over Trance mixes..)

    NEWS CONTENT: Dependent on weather the Newsreader can answer back hard enuf to silence the DJ or not.

    SPORT CONTENT: Only to cover eXtreme Sports, Beach Sports, Drifting, Bowling and Poker.

    ADVERTISING: Advertisers may compete for exposure on one of our Fun Gameshows on WEEKEND ZERO*

    *except on "rolling stones" or "doors" weekends

    I am still working on the weekend schedual, i'll post that soon.. So, what do you think? I wonder if they will take any of it in? They RAVED about my idea about breeding a super-race of mutant monkey-bats to run Lyric FM, btu nothing ever happend! We even got as far as building a secret underground layer for the Technical Department to Develop the SROMMBs, but then someone used it to store a box of t-shirts and the next thing we knew, everyone was taking about this OTHER idea someone had - where they Breed a Super Race of Mutant Slug-eagles to man LyricFM, and the rest is history.. I mean, slugs! FFS. Yeah, they have better taste in music then monkeys, but they make lousey announcers! And they leave a mess everywhere..

    Playlist for the Spring Session on 2FM.

    *dj juicy / u know [deep] (thrill records thrill 002)
    *phuture / rise from the grave (international deejay gigolo records cdr)
    *akala / bullshit [mark & kinky] (illastate cdr)
    *kern & sanner ft. juke B / still waters (bauplan cdr)
    *hernan cattaneo / warsaw [big] (bedrock breaks bb09)
    *snap! / beauty queen ( promo)
    *depeche mode / precious [sasha] (mute p12bong35)
    *rank 1 / top gear (high contrast hcr 007)
    *mark norman / t-34 (in trance we trust itwt 378-5)
    *remo-con / g-sigh (tracid traxx ttx2056)
    *mauro picotto & fergie / funkytime (alchemy alc07)
    *fred baker / total blackout (magik muzik fbi 1001-5)
    *dj neo / acid overdose (blutonium blu96)
    *jan loper / i can't stop [hind] (district dis-001)
    *mr / to france 2005 [egohead] (beam-traxx016)
    *marco v / second bite [lopez] (incharge ic004)
    *kylie vs. visionmasters / i like it like that (white 2r)


    The SHOWS section now has 2 Slideshows, <20MB each, featuring some randomness in the photography department, with a soundtrack lifted from our broadcast at ELECTRIC PICNIC. The show was technically 5-hours long this weekend, and mostly made up of live inserts from the various stages, so hosting it as a reload isn`t really on in fairness.. But, if you need a flashback, shine the lamp on these 2.. Piccys thanks to the EP05 random-cam-crew, Noizes thanks to fatboyslim Note: Due to the random nature of the photography in these slideshows, Viewers should be prepared to be unimpressed, and should realise that the slideshow messing is only an attempt to protect the audio performance contained therin, or something...


    This weekend we are at ELECtRIC PICNIC broadcasting live from 6pm till 2am.. Miss it at your peril

    Playlist for the Spring Session on 2FM.

    *royksopp / 49 percent [m.a.n.d.y.] (wall of sound walld107xpr)
    *akala / bullshit (illastate cdr) [lock]
    *seyton / the drake equation (heavy rotation recordings hr007)
    *agnelli & nelson / shiver (extravaganza cdr)
    *darren tate / deliverance (mondo cdr)
    *laidback luke / jahmpin' (mixmash 003)
    *phuture / rise from the grave (international deejay gigolo records gigolo175)
    *oliver klitzing / yeah (headline 0043)
    *one hit wonders / grace of god (gusto pr12gus20)
    *mauro picotto & fergie / funkytime (alchemy alc007)
    *yakooza / i wanna feel [scot] (traffic tunes tt01)
    *masif dj's / cafe del mar [d10] (masif masifsampler01)
    *human resource / dominator [palmas] (edm 098)
    *mauro picotto / lizard 2005 [montana] (nebula nebt074)
    *mark norman / t-34 (in trance we trust itwt 378-5)
    *adz & rob dalby / closer (boshed! bosh003)
    *pianoheadz / it'sover (incredible incrpl3x)
    jUst plAythAtbEAt