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  • Oct 2005

    Playlist for the Spring Session on 2FM.

    *presslab boys / ionizer [2] (sentient cdr)
    *korean & mutabor feat "tess" / love me [hook] (wallop wall029)
    *playback / so so disco (UNOH sampler)
    *xpress2 / give it [switch] (skint cdr)
    *ferry corsten / fire [dub] (positiva cdr)
    *marco v / red blue purple (be yourself music iccd002)
    *triballa / triballa [north] (innovative inv03)
    *bk vs. the vinylgroover / unfinished sympathy (riotinlondon riot!10traf01)
    *dogzilla / without you (maelstrom maelt036)
    *audio bullys / get get down (sourtdj113)
    * tdr / squelch (oxygen recordings ox008)
    *the drill / original mix (destined dest09djx01)
    *coburn / we interrupt this programme [interrupt] (data data95p1)
    *santi ray / purgatory (kamasutra kst003)
    *kick (kick001)
    *dj saray / deeper 2005 (md 0164)
    *tom novy / your body [harris] (data 102p2)
    *txitxarro / forum of love [cremona] (trance corp records tcr020)
    *three drives / greece 2000 [maron] (massive drive md 043)
    *markus schulz / coldharbour selections vol. (coldharbour recordings )
    *marco bailey / bollocks (mbsleektions mb selek 007)
    *calver and riggsy / feel filthy inc. (high rise recordings flat 1)
    *fb feat edun / who's knockin'? (flashover records flash 001)
    *randy katana / play it loud (jinx 001)
    *e-craig / call it a day (reset rs012)
    *acid mutant / acid mutant (silver planet recordings silver71)
    *dj zany / freakz (fusion 027-5)
    *dj wag / life on mars [y.o.m.c.] (traffic tunes tt003)
    *kaylab / salsa (headline 044)
    *interactive / who is elvis? (upright songs)

    Playlist for Spring Doz Dan on 2FM.

    **virus mode**
    *afrika bambaataa & the soulsonic force / planet rock (tommy boy)
    *kraftwerk / trans europa express (emi)
    *the normal / warm leatherette (mute)
    *squarepusher / my red hot car (warp)
    *marvin gaye / t plays it cool (mowtown)
    *harddrive / deep inside (strictly rhythm)
    *funky four plus one / that's the joint (sugarhill)
    *black heat / wanaoh (atlantic)
    *black heat / you should have listen'd (atlantic)
    *globe & the whizz kid / play that beat mr dj (tommy boy)
    *the temptations / papa was a rolling stone (mowtown)
    *santa esmerelda / don't let me be misunderstood (chicken shack)
    *blondie / rature (chrysalis)
    *rare earth / (i know) i'm loosing you [live] (rare earth)

    Playlist for Spring Doz Dan on 2FM.

    **machine mode**
    *wookie / scrappy (pias)
    *krs-1 / illegal business (koch)
    *kool & the gang / nt (mercury)
    *the egyptian lover /egypt egypt (egyptian empire)
    *housemaster boyz & the rude boy of house / house nation (bcm)
    [mixmaster mike live @ electric picnic]
    *bob james / take me to the mardi gras (wea)
    *art of noise / beatbox (ztt)
    *kraftwerk / the robots (capitol)
    *front 242 / headhunter (subterranean)
    *new order / your silent face (qwest)
    *gomez presley / the letter (o records)
    *blackbyrds / rock creek park (fantasy)

    Playlist for Spring Doz Dan on 2FM.

    **cider mode**
    *stranglers / down in the sewer (emi)
    *les mccann / the harlem buck dance strut (atlantic)
    *men at work / down by the sea (columbia)
    *harlem underground band / cheeba cheeba (pw)
    *double trouble / live at the amphitheatre (mr bongo)
    *indeep / last night a DJ saved my life (prelude)
    *specials / blank expression (2tone)
    *lipps inc. / funkytown [full] (casablanca)
    *lipps inc. / i need some cash (casablanca)
    *jacksons / shake your body.. [full] (mowtown)
    *t.d. records / feelin' james (bootleg)
    *jimmy spicer / the bubble bunch (ace)
    *kool & the gang / jungle jazz (mercury)
    *curtis mayfield / pusherman [alt.] (wea)
    *gibson bros. / cuba [full] (tk)

    Playlist for Spring Doz Dan on 2FM.

    **horrorshow mode**
    *dj mark the 45 king / 900 number (tuff city)
    *fred wesley / blow your head (polydor)
    *double dee & steinski / lesson 1 (bootleg)
    *chambers brothers / time has come today (columbia)
    *phuture / acid trax (trax)
    *george kranz / din daa da (personal)
    [lcd soundsystem live @ electric picnic]
    *double dee & steinski / lesson 2 (bootleg)
    *will powers / adventures in success [full] (island)
    *lowrell / mellow mellow right on (avi)
    *double dee & steinski / lesson 3 (bootleg)


    Playlist for the Spring Session on 2FM.

    *tom novy / your body (UNOH sampler)
    *uniting nations / ai no corrida [sharp] (gut records cdr)
    *xpress2 / give it (skint 111)
    *bush 2 bush / the piano track [orig] (cr2 cdr)
    *sander klienenberg / the fruit (UNOH sampler)
    *simply red / perfect love [mantronik] ( cdr)
    *bananarama / look on the floor [yomanda] (a&g prod. cdag4p)
    *cosmic gate / i feel wonderfull [riley] (maelstrom cdr)
    *presslab boys / ionizer (sentient cdr)
    *audio bullys / get get down (sourtdj 113)
    *santi rey / purgatory (kamasutra kst003)
    *david lara / black rules (distinto dst009)
    *untitled (kick 001)
    *simon & shaker / into the room [chus] (beatfreak bf064)
    *anthony class / i believe (tusom usm022)
    *txitxarro / forum of love [sunday] (trance corporation recordings tcr020)
    *dogzilla / without you (maelstrom maelt036)
    *dj saray / deeper 2005 (md records md0164)
    *e-craig / call it a day (reset rs012)
    *tdr / squelch par 2 [orig] (oxygen ox008)
    *white room 2005 (wr2005)
    *saray / urban madness (tektonn tk026)
    *jamaster a / bells of tiananmen (kick 133)
    *dj nervous / red alert (switch 001)
    *igor s / apache (robots rbs003)
    *marco bailey / bollocks (mbselek007)
    *randy katana / play it loud (jinx jinx001)
    *fragma / toca me (additive 12ad043)

    Playlist for Spring Doz Dan on 2FM.

    **oldskool mode**
    *talk talk / life's what you make it [1990 remix]
    *compass point allstarts / peanut butter [1981 "pull up to my bumper" inst/ dub]
    *sly & robbie / demolition city [1984 dub]
    *eric b & rakin / paid in full [1988 coldcut mix]
    *run DMC / here we go [1983 live @ the funhouse bootleg]
    *james brown / cold sweat [1967 outtake/alt. ver]
    *sugarhill gang / rapper's delight [1979 full ver.]
    *sly & the family stone / dance to the music [1970 album mix]
    *sharon redd / beat the street [1983 kiss 98.7 mastermix]
    *adonis / no way back [1988 edit]
    *leftfield / afroride [1995 extended ver.]
    *soft cell / memorabilia [1980 extended ver.]
    *stranglers / la folie [1981 album ver.]
    *imagination / just an illusion [1982 dub mix]
    *rick james / superfreak [1981 disco ver.]
    *culture club / it`s a miracle\miss me blind [1983 u.s.12-inch mix]

    Playlist for Spring Doz Dan on 2FM.

    **ollie reed mode**
    *pink floyd / have a cigar
    *art of noise / metaforce
    *krs-1 / outta here
    *specials / ghost town
    *guggenheim grotto / everyman [session]
    *goblin / profondo rosso
    *bob james / nautilus
    *guggenhiem grotto / cider elves [session]
    *style council / ever changing moods
    *kraftwerk / computer world
    *jam & spoon / stella
    *matthew's southern comfprt / woodstock
    *the george baker selection / little green bag
    *ac\dc / let there be rock [live]
    *ian dury & the blockheads / blockheads
    *romeo void / never say never [12inch]
    *the cult / she sells sanctuary [12inch]
    *crusaders / street life
    *donna summer / love to love you baby [suite]


    Playlist for the Spring Session on 2FM.

    *simply red / perfect love [mantronik] (cdr)
    *xpress 2 / give it [switch] (skint cdr)
    *bush 2 bush / the piano track [mync] (cr2 records cdr)
    *presslab boys / ionizer [1] (sentient cdr)
    *angel anx & dj aleksij / fatal song (united nations of house sampler)
    *bananarama / look on the floor [yomanda] (a&g prod. cdag4p)
    *laidback luke / switch (mixmash cdr)
    *danny howells & dick trevor [lex] / breathe (cr2 cdr)
    ******* / UR [xl] (nebula pic. disc nebt082)
    *apogee / tribal affair [apogee] (captivating sounds cvsa025)
    *ronald van gelderen / f!lth (high contrast hcr006)
    *sonic vibe / nostalgia (somatic sense somatic015)
    *three drives / greece 2000 [marcel] (massive drive md 043)
    *ernesto vs. bastian / dark side [dog] (nebula nebtx080)
    *dogzilla / without you [dub] (maelstrom maeltx036)
    *kaylab / above the clouds (headline 0044)
    *dj preach / imperio (relic 001)
    *haylon / starfighter [haylon] (surface 004)
    *m.i.k.e. / fuego caliente [v2] (club elite clel 009)
    *bart claessen / playmo [1st] (yakuza yak007)
    *randy katana / play it louder (jinx 001)
    *john marks / do it again [ext] (liquid wl031)
    *brisky & brookes / hands up (band 6)
    *e-craig / call it a day (reset rs012)
    *global cee / alive (druck 013)
    *niagra / cloudburst (freeflow records flow 2)


    Ah.. blog blog blog.. It`s amazing how "with it" journalists all latch on to buZz-words with the ease of a virus to a host cell.. all it takes is for one of them to start using it as if it`s actually a commonly used word, and soon they are all at it.. Blog. Yep. Blog. Bleeding Blog. Bloggy McBolg. Blogath McBloger, Blogstuth O'Blogagan (and so on.) Yes, the BLOG has come to save the internet.. As we all know, the Internet has 3 Purposes: Doing Email, Gathering and spreading free Porn and Aquisition of Bent Software. Before the Internet took hold, we used have to Use Poxy FIDO for Email, and it could take up to a year for a reply to arrive.. But it was free (as long as you were up to something else as you sent/got the mail concerned that is..) And as for Porn and Bent Software, there was a time (oh yes..) when one would actually have to LEAVE THE HOUSE and MEET OTHER PEOPLE to exchange vital things like the Hard-Disk Version of TURRICAN 2, or that piccy of the bird with the fish.. (etc.) But, of coarse, the Internet has saved us from this, and with the advent of broadband, you can now incriminate yourself and pollute your PeeCee in less time then it takes to NOT click on something.. Now, thanks to BLOGs, Not only do Journalists now have something to pin all their hopes on as the "next big thing" on the web for them to steal their copy from, but normal people who have managed to vault over the bar of initial introduction to the internet now have a Daily thing to do! Yep.. an application for the comman man! (or woman..) You see, this was always my big issue with the web.. People would say ".. i want to get the internet.." and i would ask "..why?", and this would be met with a blank stare, followed by " do stuff..". STUFF eh? riiight.. so, you mean bent software and porn huh? They would sigh and agree, All that free filth and games and such REALLY isn`t worth a Grand down, and 50 quid a month.. Especially as there are only so many ways to superimpose Shannon Elizabeth's head on a naked body.. (26,432 to be precise..) And only really so many games you can rob before your harddrive falls off all septic like.. (3 actually..) Now, to the rescue - BLOG CULTURE! Read how a person in london who works in a bland office hates their boss! Read how a schoolgirl in Minnasota tried pot for the first time last weekend! Read how a housewife in Tel-Aviv finally made Schnitzel! Read how a DJ in ireland missed his connecting train! (oops.. better stop now..) It's pretty fascinating reading how other people's lives are.. especially if they are off in far-flung places, and especially if they are kinda interesting themselves.. It gives us something to "measure" against.. Like, if someone is more messed up them us, we feel better about life.. If somebody has worse luck, and so on.. Now, don`t get me wrong here, Blogs of "celebs" aren`t REAL blogs, they are bullshit to brainwash you into buying stuff, a REAL blog has to be written regularly and truthfully by someone who has no public profile except the Blog.. then we can expect some real insight, for the sake of insight. Now, go forth and Blog yourself. Quickly now, do it before someone else in your area does.. Detail your Printer eating pages..Write up the crappy SUB K.F.C. charged you a fiver for.. Talk about the lame athmosphere at the pub last saturday.. Tell all about the clamper-van-man with the spots on his neck.. LET'S GO! Blog now before the Jopurnalistic interest kills it all off by attracting promo-blog's in gangs..

    Playlist for the Spring Session on 2FM.

    *g-club / people are crazy [mac] (g-club cdr)
    *presslab boys / ionizer (sentient sent005)
    *tiefschwarz / music (united nations of house sampler cdr)
    *ladytron / destroy everything you touch (island)
    *simply red / perfect love [mantronik] ( cdr)
    *akala / bullshit (illastate cdr)
    *robin / love me (eleven records cdr)
    *amadon & marlam / coulibaly [beedle] (because bec 5772002)
    *d-tox / danzas [lagos] (global house works cdr)
    *hound dogs / i like girls [olav] (direction hounddogs 1)
    *steve mac & steve smith / lovin' you more [inst.] (c2 records c2mos01p1)
    *d.o.n.s feat. technotronic / pump up the jam [kingdome] (data 94p2)
    *who's who? / lipstick (size 011)
    *jan loper / i can't stop (district dis-001)
    *niels van gogh / my own religon (media mrg 1037R-12)
    *depeche mode / precious [sasha] (mute 12bong35)
    *lcd soundsystem / tribulations [tiga] (dfa records dfaemidj2151x)
    *max coleman feat. laura vane / inside out (ink records nibne21t)
    *rank 1 / top gear (high contrast hcr 007)
    *solid globe / north pole (global demand funltdep001)
    *blank & jones / a forest [exor] (liquid wl009)
    *the future sound of london / papua new guinea (superstar super dj 2042 dmd)
    *bart claessen / playmo [1st] (yakuza yak007)
    *cosmic gate / back2back dub (e-cutz ec2005/5)
    *three drives / greece 2000 [marcel] (massive drive md043)
    *brother brown / under the water [dish] (ffrr fxdj367)

    Playlist for the Spring Session on 2FM.

    *akala / bullshit (illastate cdr)
    *g-club / people are crazy (gclub cdr)
    *matteo esse & sant / my revolution [tony] (cr2 cdr)
    *caffine people / kalkutta nights (real groove records cdr)
    *simply red / perfect love [mantronik] (cdr)
    *mrspring / the middle bit (spring records cdr)
    *laidback luke / switch (mixmash 0003)
    *alloy mental / untitled [si begg] skint cdr
    *hernan cattaneo / warsaw [bass] (bedrock beats bb09)
    *agnelli & nelson / shiver [john o'c] (xtravaganza cdr)
    *dj shog / running water [2 faces] (logport cdr)
    *hound dogs / i like girls [olav] (direction hounddogs 1)
    *lcd soundsystem / tribulations [tiga] (dfa dfaemidj2151x)
    *dj cosmo / ringed world (kick145a)
    *niels van gogh / my own religon (media mrg 1037r-12)
    *the future sound of london [marco] / papua new guinea (superstar super dj 2042 dmd)
    *lee cabrera / i watch you [mac] (data 90p3)
    *sonic vibe / desert island (somatic sense somatic015)
    *snap! / beauty queen (snap-world b532709-01)
    *three drives / greece 2000 [marcel] (massive drive md043)
    *fred baker / total blackout (magik muzik fbi1001-5)
    *dazed and confused / absolution (ggr 03)
    *john marks / do it again [ron] (liquid wl031)
    *central scrutinizer / and you all didn't get it (dark noize recordings dnb 5003-12)
    *man parrish / hiphop,bebop(don't stop) (mercury records)
    *sheila & b devotion / spacer (wea records)
    jUst plAythAtbEAt