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    Oh god i am bored. Oh yes i am. Got up l8, scanned the TV guide, and it's 96% Bollocks. Unbelievable. All there is that looks even a little interesting is THE GREAT ESCAPE. Ironic. Anyway, There is a new TAPE FROM THE ATTIC up - 1993, summer of Love - Due to the Looming De-Commisioning of PLAYTHATBEAT.NET, This is Only available through the Link in the FORUM.. Enjoy.


    Time for a REAL "Oh My God" Moment.. That TV-Add for the Nissan Skyline GT-R is here.. You love it.


    This week's SHOWS archive entry is a bit different for Broadband Users.. As the radio show was a pre-recorded 2005 retrospective thing, i upped a CCTV & monitor capture of 2 of the hours for you to goof off.. The sound and picture quality are terrible, the sources bieng a B&W CCTV camera for the picture, and unfortunatly my monitor feed from the mixer, as the MASTER out was busy (duh!), so the level is a bit low and you can clearly hear when i INSERT any FX, as the topend takes a dive.. There is also a bit of "what happens if you ??????" stuff coming from the sofa as well, er, so that accounts for SOME of the odd behaviour.. Er.. Yeah.. ah well, it's kinda wierd to look at and listen to i guess.. You get to see me franticly syncing up tunes "upfront and personal".. The 2 hours i upped are the middle and last one, and i have NOT upped a HQ Capture of the off-air show, but will eventually UP a Mid-to-Lo-fi Version of the whole 3 hours to cover all angles.. Yay! CCTV rocks!

    Right.. time to start "doing christmas" bigtime now, as the day approaches rapidly.. Remember the SPIRIT of Christmas this year.. It`s NOT about Giving Presents, it`s NOT about Nativity, It`s NOT about getting wasted, it's NOT about emotional blackmail, it`s NOT about guilt - it`s ALL 'bout Family & Friends.Remember we are insects scampering on the surface of a hunk of rock, spinning through space.. We do have a LOT to be thatnkfull for though.. Yes, we are Insects, but we are very lucky to NOT be dung beetles, or pill-millipedes, or those lizard-like things with the bubblegum ears, because THEY have absolutely no hope of catching the father ted/only fools/starsky & hutch-on-ice christmas special.. No.. they will have to make do with another day looking for dung / eating a rotting shrew's tonails / burping in the swamp, with no military-grade light entertainment and specially prepared foodstuffs on the rotation whatsoever. Now. THAT is something to give "thanks" for, given the randomness of our existance in the first place.. You may like to seal the deal on all this by attanding Midnight Mass on Xmass eve DRESSED as the creature you are Delighted to NOT have been... Not only will this brighten up the Evening for the Drunks in attandence (ie: everybody, including the organist and Alter-Boys..), but it will surely be so much fun, that it wlll in time REPLACE all the other bullshit ritual that somehow got attached to Xmas.. Like all that mumbling and burning of insence.. And the self-flagilation.. F*ck that nonsence, let's make Xmas more like THE ROCKY HORROR.. Yep, looks like it's time for a re-branding of Xmas to reflect current awareness of things like (for example) the fact that we are insects scampering on the surface of a hunk of rock, spinning through space..

    Playlist for the Spring Session on 2FM.

    *blue cheese / can't get no more (paprika cdr)
    *dj juicy / you know (thrill records cdr)
    *beauty school / suicide (erase records er011)
    *deeptone / decompression (heavy rotation hr009)
    *coldcut / everything is under control [kentaro] (ninja tune cdr)
    *ken sheehan / viaduct (cdr)
    *michel de hey / camera [funk] (hey005)
    *bootek 6 (white label boot6a)
    *marksun & brian / neno itome (euphonic57.3)
    *dj shog / jealousy [inst.] (logport log2015)
    *clokx / tibet [orig] (liquid lq055)
    *the space brothers / everywhere i go (boss 036)
    *boogie pimps / i got the music in me (data 104p1)
    *porno / music power [vocal] (porno b1)
    *don diablo / wet smoke [n.y.c.] (spinnin wl033)
    *aaron smith / dancin' [fuzzy] (boss 037)
    *solar stone / eastern sea (solaris slrs002)
    *mode hookers / breathe (armind armd1019)
    *marcus schulz / travelling light (armada arma044)
    *hawk / need for cognition (anjunadeep anjdee002)
    *fred baker & greg nash / system activated [baker] (2play 2play012)
    *kamui / drop shot (traffic tunes tt004)
    *s.h.o.k.k. / isn't it a little strange? (pulse 043a)
    *jamx & de leon / 9 guys no weapons (fate recordings f8t 019-12) www.JAMXandDELEON.DE
    *energyse 2 / diving faces (distinkt 002)
    *dj mass in orbit vs. the diggerman / critical condition [siege] (uberdruck ued027)
    *sam sharp / hoover:craft (reset rs016)
    *petibonum / little planet (captivating sounds cvsa028)
    *moonman {aka ferry corsten} / don't be afraid (go for it)

    Playlist for the Spring Session on 2FM.

    ## So that was 2005 mode ##

    TX:17-APRIL-2005 *steve mac / that big track (cr2 records cdr)
    TX:04-FEB-2005 *praise cats / shined on me (all around the world 12djglobe 380)
    TX:10-APRIL-2005 *max graham vs. yes / owner of a lonely heart (data 92p2)
    TX:20-FEB-2005 *yer man / wierd therapy (UMM CDR)
    TX:22-MAY-2005 *jds / jump around (thursday club renn3095)
    TX:13-FEB-2005 *fatboy slim / the joker (skint 106)
    TX:15-MAY-2005 *roman flugel / get's noch? (superstar 101012)
    TX:04-FEB-2005 *joy kiticonti / joy energiser 2005 (media mr 2018)
    TX:15-MAY-2005 *angello & ingrosso / yeah (la mode mode 1)
    TX:24-JULY-2005 *deep dish / say hello [dylan] (positivia 12tivdj220)
    TX:20-MARCH-2005 *tall paul / got it (duty free df070)
    TX:18-SEPT-2005 *depeche mode / precious [sasha] (mute p12bong35a)
    TX:17-JULY-2005 *system f / cry (cdr)
    TX:14-JAN-2005 *wink vs. a.s.o.l. / higher palace (white label)
    TX:06-MARCH-2005 *pg2 vs. katana / trancentral (trance corp. records tcr013)
    TX:17-APRIL-2005 *red flag / pacific memory (captivating sounds cvsa022)
    TX:03-JULY-2005 *marc marberg / guarana (euphonic 53.3)
    TX:08-OCT-2005 *bart claessen / playmo [1st] (yakuza yak007)
    TX:17-JULY-2005 *bulletproof / blue monday (bulletproof 1)
    TX:11-NOV-2005 *funabashi / daylight (coldharbour clhr006)
    TX:13-FEB-2005 *yilmaz altanhan / eightys (anjuanabeats anj043)
    TX:13-FEB-2005 *dave 202 meets DuMonde / singularity 2005 (f8t 017-12)
    TX:21-MAY-2004 *dj scot project/u (overdose dmddose 122)
    TX:06-MARCH-2005 *uberdruck pres. drugface / all good buddy (uberdruck uedltd03)
    TX:14-AUGUST-2005 *mauro picotto / the lizard 2005 (nebula nebt074)
    TX:04-FEB-2005 *dj wag/gettin' high (overdose dmddose 135)
    TX:01-OCT-2005 *the future sound of london / papua new guinea (superstar super dj 2042 dmd)


    This year's Xmas list: Python DVD boxset for 20eu-ish? Cannibal Holocaust in a Region 1 "deluxe edition" (sic) for 30eu-ish, with a commentary from The director? Initial d boxset for 100eu-ish with engilsh language and loads of free stuff? How about a REAL gaming experience with your very own atari? and you'll be wanting some warez for it to impress the chicks/blokes with.. In this age of 128-bit multiprocessor digital hi-def ultrabit super gadgets, the auld dodgy vids and even dodgier video games are a breath of fresch air.. and far more fun in the long run.. Or how about owning a genuine SCAM? Try eBaying for "coral calcium" and have a read of this - yes!! you can own a part of history! SPEND SPEND SPEND!!!!!!!!

    But seriously now for a minute or 2, as the magical week approaches (as it was originally called by the Disney Corp. who invented Xmas in co-operation with the coca-cola company), time to start really seriously trying to figure out who you should be buying an Xmas present for. This is always quite difficult, as you have to play SANTA for a while.. Who has been a good boy/girl, and who has been a bold boy/girl? Ahh, but this is where we FAIL every year at Xmas.. The SANTA thing doesn`t JUST involve dishing out PSPs and Mountain Bikes to all the good kids, it ALSO involves leaving Soot in the socks of the Bad kids!! Oh yes it does.. And where has THIS perticular bit of the Xmas spirit gone eh? Well? Like everything else unsavoury about bieng a human, it`s been swept under the carpet.. History tells us that the last public outing for Soot-Sockers was documented in Tabloid stories of the late 1800's, headlines like "sooty-sock-sinner babcock the flatulent gets blanked by santa again" - were common in January when it was too cold to do anything worth reporting on.. (remember they didn`t have Natural Gas then..) These stories brought comfort to the wealthy people that could afford to read at the time, but since they were almost all perpetually good (ie: rich), the stories ceased through lack of relevance and readership interest.. Bieng a bold boy or girl and getting your just desserts at Xmas just didn`t make it through the industrial revolution.. You know why don`t you? Yep, economics - RETAIL economics.. You see, a Good girl has to be rewarded with colourfull brainwashing trinkets like dolls & non-matching out-of-scale houses (secretly demonstrating the futility of life at an early age to these poor unfortunate girls that would all end up bored & fat in a stone drawingroom dieng of gout, or serving gin in a smog-riddled hellhole with various rippers on the prowl 24/7 as soon as they were old enough, or maybe before..) and a good Boy would be showered with amusing wooden objects and Literature to get him ready to grow spuds or go abroad to kill inferior people for 3 shillings a month, While you could box off a BOLD kid by scraping the lining of your chimney, or even by shaking said kid violently and catching the soot that fell from their afros. (note: black people think they invented the afro - this is not the case, as afros are a direct result of soot coming into contact with the curly hair of an urban "urchin" repeatedly over a number of years as they carried out their job's as human chimney sweeps.. Fact.. look it up.. and all 250 years before Sony introduced their CS-1 "funkmaster human chimney sweep" robot - a massive hit last Xmas ironicly..) So you see? Good Kid = Buy Presents, spend money, support local toymaker, tax flows blah blah.. Bold Kid = Soot, which was freely available absolutey everywhere.. oh yes.. If you were after SOOT in them days, there was a WIDE range of soot literally hanging from the trees. jaysus, sure you couldn`t have an "artfull dodger" without a bit of the auld soot on his mush for chrissakes.. WELL WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! This is the 21st century, and SOOT is very rare indeed today! Used to be a firm family favorite in bygone days, but the Retail sector squeezed it out because it was FREE.. Do you ever see a "soot box" on the antiques roadshow? do you f*ck! I bet the soot box manufacturers were all squeezed out by evil toymakers.. Yeah like that bloke that made pinoccio, defo up to some evil doings that guy.. I SAY BRING BACK SOOT FOR THE BOLD BOYS AND GIRLS! Then we can remember ALL of the Xmas spirit, and not just the bits that up profiles or make us spend money on crap. Just Imagine "secret santa" at your workplace? Oh yes.. you get it now.. You get asked to buy the gift for the snooty streak of pi$$ that you know hates you and you get to do the Honourable thing and give them something that will make them physically sick the instant they open it (in front of everyone else that hates them, as you do..) Yeah, i like it... Department stores could have a special area at Xmas time featuring all manner of rancid waste material and dangerous substances in presentation boxes that resemble packaging you would get around nice things - "..would you like that spoof-wrapped sir? i can dress it up like expensive belgian truffles if you like.." Yeah, they are mad missing out on this oppertunity, but now that plain SOOT is changing hands for 100eu a sockfull, and also as it`s linked with human misary, i think there is bound to be some bright star on the retail scene that will step up to fill the gap.. Better do it soon before someone on ebay does.. you could even start a "soot-making" sevice for extremely wealthy people, where you sould choose an expensive gift, and turn it into soot on your behalf, so when your little darling cheating nagging bitch-cow wife opens her ipod box, she is greeted with a neat pile of soot that USED to be an ipod.. oh yes, i can can see it now, you could include a DVD of the burning process and a crtificate of BOLDness.. (and so on)

    Playlist for the Spring Session on 2FM.

    *aaron smith / dancin' [fuzzy] (boss cdr)
    *coldcut / everything is under control [kentaro] (ninja tune cdr)
    *calanit / sculptured (couture dj cdr)
    *eyeler & chopstick / she loves it (underwater cdr)
    *B.R.M. / your lovin' arms (cdr)
    *hi-tack / waiting for you [orig] (gusto pr12gus26)
    *boogie pimps / i got the music in me [west end sun] (data 104p1)
    *don diablo / wet smoke [n.y.c.] (spinnin wl033)
    *t.b.a. / s.o.s. (white tba001)
    *bootek 6 (white label boot6a)
    *space brothers / everywhere i go [loper] (boss036)
    *dj shog / jealousy [inst.] (logport log2015)
    *yves deruyter / infinity (bonzai music bonmu002)
    *maxi madrid / un dia (tiger 11) ~NB:low pressing~
    *fred baker vs. greg nash / the jungle (2play 010)
    *armani & ghost / airport (e-cutz ec008)
    *re:locate / typhoon (global demand EP #002 funltdep002)
    ******* / UR [xl] (nebula pic. disc nebt 083)
    *e-craig vs. ratty / call it a sunrise (here i am) (reset rs015)
    *dj precision & terry bones / another situation [norman] (somatic sense somatic017)
    *precursor vs. frisky warlock / quotations (2play011)
    *sam sharp / hoover:craft (reset rs016)
    *jamx & de leon / 9 guys no weapons (fate recordings f8t 019-12) www.JAMXandDELEON.DE
    *mauro picotto / pulsar 2k5 [megavoices] (bxr 1215)
    *dj mass in orbit vs. the diggerman / critical condition [siege] (uberdruck ued027)
    *nick touch / ooh (captivating sounds cvsa026)
    *the green martian / smack it up (bonzai bonmu004-12)
    *capricorn / 20hz (arcade 2107117)


    Oh jaysus.. it`s Xmas again.. and you all know what that means! Pressure to spend and pump up the retail sector by buying crap that exists only to be sold at Xmas. Think about it. Anyway, bieng 25% ***ish, i hereby declare an official state of HUMBUG in effect thru' January 1st. Also, since it`s Xmas, it's traditional to be Fired by RTE, or at least re-deployed.. Strangely, i have avoided this this year, and instead, CONOR G has been remixed and re-released to FRIDAY AT MIDNIGHTs.. Right before the reload of THE SESSIONS. So, tune his way, and send him a Text or 2 to cheer him up.. This starts THIS WEEKEND.

    And now, since we are approaching an ELECTION YEAR, a blast from the past. A clipping from that Essential 1990's "sword of light", the SOUTH CITY DEMOCRAT.. This copy was recently stolen from the waiting room of a leadling local politician, where it had sat among the scruffy "SUNDAY TIMES" magazines, and 10-year-old copies of "TIME". Note the Grafiiti which i had nothing to do with, but which sealed the deal on me upping it here Yay! This Article is talking about the time the Olympic was re-opend in the late 90's, after a brief period of having it`s licence refused on the grounds that it was a heaving sweaty hell-hole bursting at the seams with high-as-kite joyriders and violent animal-raping sadistic devil-worshipping lunatic murderers, which as we all now know was merly a misunderstanding brought about by the Police at the time having absolutly no sense of humour, and terrible "blending" skills. The reason the Cops THOUGHT the place was so messy was because whenever they went there undercover, everybody took the oppertunity to relieve them of their budget for the operation, by selling them things like Brick dust and BisoDol Tablets for 25-quid a dose.. "Jesus, if the kids are on this stuff, that place must be REALLY rough..." It was quite easy to spot a Cop in the Olympic. They were Prone to dance in a circle, looking at each other, and over each other's shoulders. They were also 10 years older then everyone else, and better dressed,.. but the MAIN giveaway was thier habit of "sniffing" their hands.. Yes, i know. Everybody used to nudge the person next to them and nod at the poor Plain-Clothes guy doing the hand-sniff thing.. At the time they hadn`t figured on the Criminal underworld bieng 2 steps ahead - it had been I.D.D.A.P.U. (irish drug dealing and pimping union) policy since 1989 (when it was first announced that ***** were coming to Ireland) that members upon bieng busted for dealing, were at all times to invent stories about ***** that may or may not exist, just to throw the Rozzers off the scent.. Like the classic "Ok, i have some information, let's do a deal.. there's a Kilo of Snadge arriving next wednesday.. Said to be 100% pure and worth 1 billion pounds.." (and so on..) And it was one of these situations that led the Police to believe you could get high by sniffing the palms of your hands after ingesting a chemical called "wide". Yes, i know. They lapped it up. A powerfull new drug that was Undetectable, had no smell or taste, and was invisible without specialised detection apparatus. In Fact (or not, depending on who you were at the time..) Rumours were circulating that the most recent shipment of "wide" had been accidently lost by the smuggler, who had put it down on a white surface in the ferry port bathroom to have a piss, and then was unable to find it again! Some cops at the time were convinced they had already seized a million pounds worth of it already.. (and so on..)

    jUst plAythAtbEAt