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    So anyway.. The "Ratings" (or 'book' as it`s known in the industry) came out last thursday - nicely timed as it's too late for the Sunday Papers to do a 5-page media-analysis on the whole affair, as the Sunday papers are put to bed on a wednesday - Result! Anyway.. How were the ratings you ask? Same as ever.. Overall LESS people are listening to the radio, which is a reversal of the recent trend, apparently.. And just about every radio show on every station in the Book can claim something-or-other, including one mid-morning show on a rival station, which can now claim to be an officially sanctioned 9th-day adventist glass-blowing trampoline outlet! (these statistics work in mysterious ways..) As for Your humble narrator, my concern is the Saturday night session, from 9-midnite, and the sessions from 2am.. The 9-12 is a recent development, so the numbers for that (as with the numbers for just about everything, conveniently..) are innacurate, and don`t represent a single style or presenter for the entire Period under examination, so you can't draw any solid conclusions to be fair, except that it`s unclear.. But I am Delighted to announce the SESSIONS saturday stream (which has been in the same-ish place for 5 years) is Up by massive 50%!!!! Yes indeed! 50% more people are finding the SESSIONS on saturday then were a year ago.. This is a miracle Of coarse, as this timeband (2-5am) is very difficult indeed to assess. Anyone awake & enjoying the tunes at that time of the morning will surely be unable to remember any of it in the days that follow, and won`t be able to tell the nice Survey-guy/gal how excellent it really was, and how it should be on earlier, and every night of the week actually..(sigh) This is the problem with this type of radio.. You are made in radio if you manage to fill that slot in people's brains that they store the "bloke/bird/show on the radio i know the name of.." bit of data.. This type of data is usually aquired in daylight hours, in a sober state, and stored subconsciously for recall when someone who works on the radio or is a survey guy/gal brings up the subject of radio.. We all know WHY people store these useless factlets don't we? Yes, because they think they will get a REWARD if they say the right thing.. They might tell themselves there is ANOTHER reason for saying whatever it is they say, but we ALL know the real reason people say things in surveys is because they think they are going to be Rewarded by the person asking the questions if they say the right thing.. In Radio Survey Situations, the victim examines the Survey-bod, and try's and work out which Radio station they work for, in the hopes of licking their arse correctly, and winning a car or a holiday - or at the very least, tickets to some gig on a wednesday night, or a bottle of wine.. Even when the Survey Drones explain they Don`t work for ANY radio station, and are an independent research entity, everybody secretly knows that they might win a car or something.. YOU KNOW IT'S TRUE. So, the next time someone asks YOU what radio station you like to listen to, don`t tell the truth, just say "2FM Saturday Nights", and i PERSONALLY guarantee you will win a Lexus Convertable and a crate of Middleton Whiskey on the fuc*ing spot! Join our recruitment Plan NOW - Get 2 of your friends to do it too, and we'll give you a small island in the Pacific - FREE - just for introducing your Friends!! [Terms and conditions apply]

    Playlist for the Spring Session on 2FM.

    *skeewiff - soul bossanova (jalapeno cdr)
    *joey negro / make a move on me [MK toolroom dub] (data 82p3)
    *deep dish - dreams [tacadisco] (positiva)
    *depeche mode - suffer well [narc thrust] (mute)
    *freemasons - watchin [bush2bush] (loaded)
    *tomcraft - da disco (kosmo)
    *layo & bushwaka - live 2 life (olmeto cdr)
    *delano smith - metropolis (third ear 3ecd-043) [detroit breakdown comp.]
    *pharrel williams - angel [axwell] (startrax/virgin)
    *bodzin & huntemann - the black EP (int. deejay gigolo recs.)
    *spice - big blue sky [skeewiff] (jalepeno cdr)
    *nightmares on wax - the sweetest (warp cdlp)
    *william orbit - surfin' (cdr)
    *mike "agent x" clark - let your love (third ear 3ecd-043) [detroit breakdown comp.]
    *paul oakenfold - faster kill pussycat [nat monday] (perfecto)
    *belmondo - sunshine dust (electric sauna esauna004)
    *richard dinsdale - sniffin' (toolroom trax trt15)
    *one hit wonders - grace of god [factor x] (gusto pr12gus20x)
    *valentino kanzyani - burros eslovenos (tronic)
    *coldplay - talk [thin white duke] (white)
    *cor fijneman - banger (outstanding 712-5)
    *the freak - elektra (liquid wl036)
    *hennes & cold - the journey (tracid traxx ttx 2058)
    *mauro picotto - darkroom EP (alchemy 08)
    *nic chagall - monday bar (high contrast hcr 013)
    *ferry corsten - whatever (tsunami tsu6060)
    *shocksteady - take a ride [santoro] (liquid wl034)
    *olivar prime - i was a bee (oxegen ox12)
    *thomas "drax" heckmann - amphetamine (trope records)

    Playlist for the Spring Session on 2FM.

    *tomcraft / da disko (kosmo)
    *coldplay vs. junkie xl / talk (cdr)
    *layo & bushwacka feat. green velvet / life2live (olmeto cdr)
    *william orbit / surfin' (cdr)
    *chab / lover [satoshi] (cdr)
    *lipps inc. / funkytown (cdr)
    [splitloop mix:tracklisting secret-secret]
    *goldfrapp / ride a white horse [disco whores dub] (mute p12mute356)
    *joey negro / make a move on me [MK toolroom dub] (data 82p3)
    *shapeshifters / incredible [den & jerry] (positiva white)
    *one hit wonders / grace of god [factor x] (gusto pr12gus20x)
    *valentino kanzyani / burros esloven
    *the disco brothers / music is my weapon (utopia utp002)
    *hiver & hammer / fusion 2006 (somatic sense somatic 018r)
    *attention deficit / what [batz] (coldharbour recordings clhr011)
    *blank & jones / revealed [trance] (liquid lq056)
    *mauro picotto / darkroom (alchemy alc008)
    *fred baker vs. greg nash / system activated (2play sp001)
    *precursor / systymatic (2play 013)
    *dumonde / i feel you (fate recordings f8t016-12)
    *oliver prime / i was a bee (oxygen recordings oxo12)
    *sam sharp / in deep (reset rssp001/rs003)
    *hennes & cold / the second trip [scot proj.] (tracid traxx tx2020R)
    *nic chagall / monday bar (high contrast hcr013)
    *quench / dreams (global)


    This saturday sees the re-activation of HMV in mohill co leitrim.. so, anyone still able to walk in the sligo/leitrim/longford manor is cordially invited to attend.. Apparently Mr.John Gibboms and Myself will be dropping plastic.. as you do..


    And so, another January passes, and it`s Officially Springtime now, and time to look 4wd to summer. Yes. Summer. With Easter and Paddy's day in the meantime, but mostly summer. Good old Global-warmed Summer.. Now. to Business. These offensive cartoons of The prophet Somthing-or-other (yes, i know his name, but i`m not typng it out in case i incur a penalty of loosing a finger for doing so..) are causing a load of grief and feeding a frenzy of very messy behaviour.. Time we discussed them i think. Firstly, has anyone seen them? One of them even? No. I didn`t think so. Why? because they were originally drawn for inclusion in a high-brow danish newspaper - very much like a telegraph/guardian splice - and i don`t know about you, but i very rarely read danish publications - except the odd copy of "Ædel", the danish & swedish microwave journal, and that's only half danish.. So, why the fuss? Easy. Certain maaadourravit space-cadets are always looking for a stick to stir it with, and this is just such a stick. Pity them if you will, as they are most probably deluded individuals who know nothing of humour, and feel no guilt or remorse for their actions. They seem almost psychotic, in that they fail to look foward in time to ponder what effect this ranting will have.. How can anyone that claims to have a logical thought process - one bound by (sometimes strict) rules stir such mean and pointless shit with total disregard for the damage they will cause? How? Do you like the way this question can be asked of BOTH sides? Yes, religious freaks are all mad, in fairness, but also big YES the Danish Newscru are also quite insane for poking fun at such a volatile and primitive target.. Picture the scene: in the pub.. rammed after the match.. "Big Eric" is leaning over the bar, pulling faces and grunting to himself as his bird just called him a poof infront of everyone, and then went off with a poof who "at least has a nob i can see..".. infront of everyone.. You pat Eric on the back and say "Don`t worry eric, i have plenty of Gay friends, we'll sort you out..".. Now, how SHOULD eric react.. [a] Explain he isn`t actually Gay, his bird is/was just an asshole and having a verbal swing at him, and shrug it off as a badly timed joke, or [b] Punch you so hard you look like a meat-donut after, and then stomp on you till he gets tired.. or [c] contact everyone he knows with a grievance, putting you in the frame, and organise some good old-fashioned gang-sized anarchy, with a side-order of chaos and grief, on a national scale, by explaining that you, and everyone YOU know called them, BY NAME a poof, and said their mothers wear army-boots... Yep. I know which i'd prefer, but in fairness, he may become a folk hero or something if he manages to pull off a [c].. And here lies the answer to all this crap. SHOWBOATING. Someone somewhere wants to be a "great revolutionary", you know, like father Ted's wanting to be a "great priest".. Yeah that's it.. because a Great and Thinking Man, a REAL leader would find a way to deal with the danish slur on their level - NOT by converting it into rage and violence, but by highlighting a fundamental paradox in the Danish way of life, and lampooning it in a way his people could snigger over at their brekfast tables.. Whatever. I'm willing to pay 20euro for a copy of that Danish newspaper, just so i can nail it to the "hangin' tree" in the garden and ward off that perticular type of religous nutter, who will be terrified and repulsed by it (or so i'm told) and will keep the F*ck away from me and my friends and family.. Yeah, right up there next to the Church of latter-day saints cold-call beeotch (who claimed to be lost and looking for directions, but we know better, don`t we kids?) and that Young Fine-Gaeler who dared ring my bell during Corrie.. I have been told if i paint the shadow of Lucifer on the wall outside the house, that is enough to keep them away, but i`m not taking any chances..

    What? Feeling unsure as to what stance to take on this Over-Religon? Let me ask you this.. If you got in a taxi in your local town, and the drver informed you that there were no seatbelts as "Arnold the X-ray Llama will watch over us", and that you aren`t to worry about his non-use of the steering wheel as "the afterlife is savage man", would you tip the guy? Yes, of coarse you would. If you don`t, he's likely to think you are disrespecting him, and he may organise a march on you. Anyone that clearly fuc*ing insane is to be treated with EXTRA care and attention, and HEAVILY tipped - especially if he really does manage to get you from A to B without touching the steering wheel.

    Playlist for the Spring Session on 2FM.

    *lipps inc. / funkytown [electrokid vs. dave lambert] (casablanca/bootleg)
    *joey negro / make a move on me [mark knight] (data cdr)
    *dead or alive / you snip me round [catnip] (bogie bl035)
    *makossa & megablast / like a rocket (g-stone cdr)
    *coldplay vs. junkie XL / talk (cdr)
    *william orbit / surfin' (sanctury sanpr406)
    *atfc / black knight (cdr)
    *goldfrapp / ride a white horse [fk] (mute cdr)
    *soulsonik feat. taka boom / when love is fading (no2 recs)
    *mike polo / gypsey woman (cdr)
    *tomcraft / da disko (kontor cdr)
    *boogie pimps / i got the music in me [proj. numraum] (data)
    *the prodigy / no good (XL)
    *skeewiff / soul bossanove (jalepeno cdr)
    *oakenfold / faster kill pussycat [nat monday] (perfecto)
    *the disco brothers / music is my weapon [1] (utopia utp002)
    *airbase / for the fallen (fundamental intu903)
    *second sun / playground (vandit 053)
    *blank & jones / revealed (liquid lq056)
    *dumonde / i feel you (fate recordings f8t016-12)
    *martin roth / shockwaves (lunatique lu001b)
    *hennes & cold / the second trip [alex kidd vs. dark by design] (tracid trax ttx2020r)
    *preach & anderson noise / caipirinha (noisemusic 010)
    *cave / plutonium EP (spilo004)
    *solarscape / alive [ronski & stoneface dub] (profuse 010)
    *angel 07
    *marcel woods / advanced [revisit] (high contrast)
    *fargetta /music is movin' (media records)
    jUst plAythAtbEAt