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    SO! What a fine weekend we all had at pOxegen! Fantastic! Amazing! And _what_ a lineup! I was perticularly impressed with the Dance Arena - my field (except it wasn`t a field it was an aircraft-style hanger) so i should know.. Luckily, there was some music playing in there inbetween the powercuts and blackouts to break the monotany of running to escape the rain and mud and wee and fights and knackers - sorry, security staff.. Anyway, i`m sure you all have plenty of craaaazy stories about bieng peed-on in a burning tent while bieng drenched with rain (read that last bit again plz), but to help you waste no more of your valuable lives on this complete fuc*ing fail of the highest order, I am proud to present the pOxygen Complaints Ready-reckoner..

    INSTRUCTIONS: Call your local Radio chat show, or RTE Radio1`s LIVELINE or NEWSTALK 106-108, and choose one box from each column, reading from left to right to form your complaint, just remember to Finish with ¨itś a DISGRACE..¨ or nobody will take you seriously...

    ==050707 (and some more)

    LATEST: I was Just packing the Hovercraft with Home-made Cider and Magic Festival Cake for this weekend, when i realised that there was a 60+ MPH wind blowing around the Bratcave.. 60MPH is the speed of wind it takes to make the Telegraph poles ¨sing¨, and they certainly ain`t NOT singing right now.. So, this led to the conclusion that we may be in for some interruption of Play this weekend.. Yes, i know we have all been hystericly enjoying the Pulling of all the Tennis Due to rain, as Tennis means nothing to anyone that doesn`t play Tennis, and NONE of us play Tennis, but it´s still funny You have to agree, But, we may be in for some of that ourselves! Oh woe, the gods of Sport are punishing us for Laughing at the Tennis Fools, oh, and probably for the Rugby Incidents, and that Cricket thing.. Er, but anyway, about this weekend: How can we be expected to be a credit to the nation with world-class Sling-Mud activitys In 60+ MPH wind? I mean REALLY? Sure, alot of the enjoyment in Mud is the actual Slinging, but the Hopes that it may connect with someone, preferably someone Less muddier then you, is the little extra thing that makes it kinda special.. Now, with this wind, we are going to have to CHEAT to make it happen Properly..Like using Carbon-Fibre Mud, or special Sports-Half-Bricks inside the mud Sod to make it more ¨managable¨ in the Wind... All this means less baggage space for important things like Dove Shower Gel and Alcahol of coarse, but if you are serious about your festivals, then you already know that there is little option here.. Anyways, on top of that, a change of jammer is called for too.. The Hovercraft doesn`t steer too good with 60MPH sidewinds, so i think it`s back to the original plan - Unimog ATVs, and Canoes with Paraglider Mods... Sure, the Hover is The king for Mud-drifting, but also, some control of trajectory is most desireable. Now, the Weather man says that the Sunshine will kick in Tomorrow, and last for a week or so, so i´m taking this as an indication that we AIN´T SEEN NOTHING YET!!!!! Since i started to type this, the lights have dimmed a bit, and 2 small birds have flown out of control into the bay windows here in the Bratcave. They were unharmed, except for pride, but the latest addition to the staff here, ¨t-bag¨, a feral tortoise-shell female with a penchant for dismembering Birds, preferred to Remain safe under the chair then venture out to Maim the birds.. Oh, another Weatherman on TV just Confirmed the Winds WILL contimue, but that the Sun will accompany them - so thats looking like Amour-plate is the way to go, since it looks savage in the sun, and doesn`t blow away easily.. er.. unless you have a Barrett of coarse. (of coarse)


    And So, as i type this, we are enduring our 11th day of rain. Yes, i know, it really is time to start planning the auld suicide again. I was thinking about involving some heavy machinary this time, maybe a steam engine or a drilling platform.. Mmmm.. That would certainly make for some scrunched-up faces at the inquest!!! Nah, i not serious.. I couldn`t do meself in, i have to provoke someone else into doing it for me, that way i still get into the VIP areas in the afterlife..So, how about combining the Bad weather, Festival fever, and my dislike for Yellow Bibs into a Justfied masterplan? OK, here goes: Cannot WAIT for this weekend down at Oxegen - all my favorite bands are playing: The Derivitives, The Clones, The Emos, The An-Heros, Dave Winge, Brian Killmenow, The Detroit Fails, The UK Loosers and i may explode with anticipation before i get to see the Damp Squibs, who are playing on the Mud stage inbetween the Had-A-Hit-2-Years-Agos and Squeaky Hormonal Drunken Female.. Did i tell you about the LAST time we all went to a festival And it rained? No, not the Now Ledgend that was SHITLESS - home of the biggest mud fight ever, when 36,000 people threw 2,450,000 Kg of mud in just 6 short hours (source: The Guinness Book Of Failure), no no no, i mean the Rainfest LAST year.. Well, i won´t bore you with the exact details, but to remind you: We were leaving at the end of the night, to go to the car with a load of bags of various assorted equipment and media, when a pair of fuc*ers with dayglo yellow bibs on forced us to double back and walk for an hour in the rain - resulting in major lostness, and bieng soaked to the skin - ruining alot of stuff we were carrieng etc. and putting me out of action for 3 weeks due to my imuran-induced poor immunce system taking on a major lung infection.. Now, i FINALLY worked out WHY it happend. The Pricks in the Yellow vests thought they were anonamous. think about it. No matter how right or wrong we or they are, THEY THINK THEY ARE ANONAMOUS. They are just getting a few quid for the day to boss people around and wear a yellow bib. When challanged for their names, they always reply with a ¨JOHN¨ or whatever, and are then joined by a few more ¨johns¨, and you know the rest.. SO, this year i intend to ensure i don`t get pushed around by any dickheads in yellow bibs that are suddenly going to take a swipe at RTE (everybody loves to take swipes at RTE in fairness, THIS i understand..) by refusing access to vehicle storage areas and bullying and blah blah.. THIS TIME, i intend to wound any fuc*er that as much as touches me or any of my co-workers. I will be tooled up, and looking to settle my scores from previous Festivals (3 weeks off work, course of Antibiotics, 1200eu Damage to my car which nobody saw etc.. etc..) Now, don`t take this the wrong way, I only want to ensure the person that plays bully gets canned permenantly. How? Well, if i get grief, and walk away (like the last few times) the prick gets away with it, hides behind his yellow anonamous dayglo shield, and gets to tell everyone down his local pub that he made me and co. walk in the mud blah, and what fuc*ers we are for gettin´ paid licence fees for ¨that shite¨ (i have been there , i have seen and heard it.. all wrong since 2FM gets NOTHING from the licence fee or taxpayer.. but who cares when you have had 12 pints and know it all..) er, where was i? oh yeah, well, i intend to MAKE SURE that dayglo anonamous and me meet again, where the full incident can be reviewed by all and sundry, and the only real way to do that is to wound the c*nts. You know, 2-inch switchblade in the bumcheek alcatraz stylee, or a nice 50,000 volts from mah combination Face-Massager/Mobile-Fone/Micro-Tazer, or perhaps a wee squirt of pepperspray or tomcat juice on the yellow bib will suffice? How about a series of Photos on the Interwebz of you Throwing your wieght about? Or maybe a special Website dedicated to You and your funky fresh Festival attitude? Whatever. YELLOW BIBS BEWARE - if you mess with me this time, it will be the start of a loooooong and painfull relationship, with much humiliation for you, and much loling for me and the thousands of people you have bullied over the years. DISCLAIMER: MrSpring, YellowBibMan and TomcatJuice are all figments of your imagination, as is the Internet, remember rule 1 of fight club.

    Playlist for Springsession on 2FM.

    *soundbluntz - lucky [hatiras] (gusto)
    *Jaymen - Ooh La Lishious (spinnin)
    *Laurent Pepper - Paris Is Born [Original] (852 Recordings)
    *CRW - I Feel Love [Aaron McClelland] (UMM records)
    *robot man - ready for this (neon wave)
    ****** Osbourne - Maia [Ramon Zenker Remix] (kingdomcome black)
    *Phunk Investigation - Wiggle Baby [Microwatt Mix] (absolutely records)
    *Basic Bastard - Frankfurter (Big & Dirty Records)
    *Atari Era - Dirty Dirty Girl (white)
    *leon boiler - summertime confessions [sied van riel] (spinnin)
    *Pascal Feliz - From Inside The Speaker Part 2 (Rytmic Records)
    *Marcel Woods - Lemon Tree (High Contrast Recordings)
    *johan gielen - magnitude (kontor records)
    *divini & warning - Otrabanda (reset rs027)
    *slusnik luna vs lowland - baas (ava recordings ava004)
    *randy katana - session impossible [snair] (reset records)
    *sander van doorn- pump up the jam (white)
    *andrew bennett - safe from harm (coldharbour clhr030)
    *armin van buuren - rush hour (armind 1041)
    *gate 42 - danger (discover dark)
    *slusnik luna - baas (ava recordings ava 004)
    *utah saints - lost vagueness [lieb] (EMI)

    Playlist for Spring Doz Dan on 2FM.

    *smashing pumpkins - tarantula (reprise records)
    *nine inch nails - capital g (island records)
    *chemical brothers - all rights reversed (virgin)
    *artic monkeys - fluorescent adoledcent
    *scary eire - rev it up
    *ikon - breakin (jalepeno records jal52)
    *krs one - bling blung
    *Clarence Wheeler & The Enforcers - Right on (atlantic)
    *messiah j & the expert - all the other girls
    *hot chip - my piano
    *sugarhill gang - apache (sugarhill)
    *apache indian - chok there! (island)
    *noise control - steel
    *groove armada - song 4 mutya
    *motor - unhuman (mute)
    *simion mobile disco - i got this down
    *derek carr - track 6 (nice & nasty)
    *nicole otero - sunshine song (cr2)
    *james brown - mama popcorn (polydor)
    *curved air - midnite wire
    *kraftwerk - vitamin (EMI)
    *blancmange - god's kitchen'(london)

    Playlist for Springsession on 2FM.

    *Robbie Craig and Audiofreaks - Freak [2 Step Mix] (audiofreaks)
    *Benjamin Bates - On My Feet [Benjamin's OMFG remix] (Big & Dirty)
    *nicole otero - sunshine song [john julius knight redub] (cr2)
    *Atari Era - Dirty Dirty Girl (white)
    *product 01 - fix me [broken robot] (product01 records prod1204)
    *Pascal Feliz - From Inside The Speaker Part 1 (Rytmic Records)
    *Sandervandoorn-by any demand [petergelderblom] (spinnin)
    *Basic Bastard - Frankfurter (Big & Dirty Records)
    *Activa - Flashpoint [orig] (spinnin)
    *mr pit - blue velvet [orig] (drizzly adv)
    *Marcel Woods - Lemon Tree (High Contrast Recordings)
    *richard durand - for the believers 2.0 (terminal 4)
    *greg downey - jaws (discover dark 11)
    *randy katana - session impossible (jinx jinx004)
    *the viceroy - endgame (flux deluxe fdelux 101)
    *andrew bennett - safe from harm (coldharbour recordings clhr030)
    *cliff coenraad pres: mulika - escalate (intuition intu910)
    *jay lumen pres: monologue - midnight express (whoop! wh110)
    *breakfast - the sunlight (flashover flash014)
    *side effect - always there (fantasy 769)
    jUst plAythAtbEAt

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    Iḿ pulling down most of, as its all a waste of space..

    Everything it hosted will be merged into this Forum over the coming weeks..

    So far, the UPDATE is done, as is The Discography and Picture Gallerys. Any new Updates or Pics or Discog changes will only happen here, on the Board.

    To follow: the Downloads page is to merge with the tapes-from-the-attic section here, and the Shows will also start bieng announced here only, in the springsession Section..

    Only the UPDATE will be public, all other content will be for members only. Probably.

    Yes, i know it sounds a bit strange, but if you think about it, it makes sense.. Websites were such a nice idea 5 years ago.. but after 5 years, itś clear what people want, and this is a nice way to get it happening in one swoop.


    Also: No Archive or Playlist of the RadioShow this week as it came from pOxegen, and was infected with rock music, You understand <3
    jUst plAythAtbEAt


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      Moved the DOWNLOADS from the main (old) website to this board today.. well, the links anyway.. And added a New one: HOUSE PRESSURE 5 mixed by DJ pressure.. This will be the last Of the House Pressure Series i will offer, if you want them all, look for the Full quality (relatively speaking) ones bieng knocked out by Your local Ropey Disc Burners, AFAIR, the entire Series is now available, or should be soon.. Overall, They turned out OK, except for one, which had a perticularly bad MP3 as the sauce, and i was dissapointed with.. There Really is nothing that can be done to Cure Metallic Grind caused by Cheapo MP3 encoding.. As a Rule of Thumb, PLEASE, if you are making an MP3, Use minimum 160k for Tapes, 192k for Vinyl, or just stick to VBR if you can.. You will kick Yourself in the Future if You don`t..

      Anyway, i am going to offer something for Download in FLAC format next i think. FLAC is kinda like MP3, but LOSSLESS. Yep. You see? Have a look here and maybe get ready if you use Windows by getting the free DBpoweramp installed... You will then be able to Convert Things to & From FLAC using a mouse right-click on the file you want to zing.. LINUX users can use Audacity, which Supports FLAC natively, and SAVE it as a .WAV or .MP3 or whatever, of coarse.. Yes, i know it all sounds like far too much trouble, but remember, Life is very very boring, and things like FLAC are sent to please us with their wizardry and excellence, so embrace it, and then we can all get back to shitty old reliable MP3.
      jUst plAythAtbEAt


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        Playlist for Spring Doz Dan on 2FM.

        *chemical brothers - all rights reversed (virgin)
        *the migrants - i thought that (apollo)
        *black heat - chicken heads (atlantic)
        *grace jones - she's lost control (island)
        *double trouble - live at the amphitheatre (WildStyle ost)
        *ramones - blitzkrieg bop (live bootleg)
        *sex pistols - bodies (virgin)
        *the flesh eaters - eyes without a face (restless)
        *kraftwerk - numbers/computerlove (emi)
        *luke dzierzek - echo (silver planet)
        *art of noise - metaforce (ztt/island)
        *james brown - people get up and drive your funky soul (polydor)
        *war - river niger (avenue records)
        *taana gardner - heartbeat
        *camel - lady fantasy
        *the brass buttons - hell will take care of her
        *eugene mcdaniels - headless heroes
        *the paupers - numbers
        *sugarhill gang - rappers delight

        Playlist for Springsession on 2FM.

        *dave spoon - bad girl (apollo)
        *CRW - I Feel Love [Aaron McClelland] (UMM)
        *freaks - the creeps [mickyslim dub] (data157cds)
        *the migrants - i thought that [boris dlugosch] (apollo)
        *luke dzierzek - echo (silver planet)
        *remi nicole - go mr sunshine (island)
        *agnelli nelson - that dress [orig ext] (deepblue label grp)
        *Louis Osbourne - Maia [Ramon Zenker]
        *steve birch feat marcie - edge of the ocean (insatiable)
        *Laurent Pepper - Paris Is Born [Original]
        *dj jeroenski - back once again [muzikjunki] (cr2)
        *leon boiler - summertime confessions [sied van riel]
        *sikk - the whisper (pinkstar clubsessions)
        *fratellis - chealsea dagger (jakobrox004)
        *divini & warning - outabanda (reset rs027)
        *phynn - c u smile [preach] (black hole 207-5)
        *brennan heart - get wasted [blademasterz] ( q036)
        *manuel JdEM - bring the beat back (licken kt060)
        *julian DJ & davide sonar - are you ready (lickin klassix 02)
        *slusnik luna - baas (ava004)
        *faith dept - babylonia (full circle t004)
        jUst plAythAtbEAt


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          Playlist for Springsession on 2FM.

          *dj jeroenski - back once again [muzikjunki] (cr2)
          *the migrants - i thought that [boris dlugosch] (apollo)
          *CRW - I Feel Love [Aaron McClelland] (umm)
          *serious danger - deeper (fresh)
          *Uness Feat Fazee - Soulmate [Djamel] (queep)
          *luke dzierzek - echo (silver planet)
          *federico franchi - cream [remaster] (cr2)
          *deelay vs crystal waters - come on down [extended] (adv.)
          *cor fijneman - knight of the jaguar [long] (adv.)
          *agnelli nelson - that dress [orig ext] (deepblue label grp).wav
          *Distant Soundz - The Sun Rising [Lee Neilson]
          *a&r - i dont care (cr2 digital007)
          *cirez d - tiger style (mouseville mouse 006)
          *sluznik luna - baas (ava records ava004)
          *leon bolier - summernight confessions (2play021)
          *marcus schulz - fly to colors (coldharbour recordings clhr031)
          *mike koglin vs. energy dai - reloaded [arcane science] (noys 017)
          *divini & warning - chaib (reset rs027)
          *adam & glund - ready to f... (uberdruck records ued017)
          *julian dj & davide sonar - are you ready (kickin tunes ktx02)
          *paul antony - everybody dance remix edition [cox] (dirty fabric df003)
          *serious danger - high noon [isb] (fresh records frsht69)
          jUst plAythAtbEAt


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            And so, JUDGEMENT DAY arrived this week. What? No, nothing to do with Julius the Judge, nor the Judge On wanderly wagon.. No, i didn`t get caught doing 300K/mh on the n7, no i haven`t been exposed as a [insert crime of the month here].. I am referring to my refusal to purchace any new studio computer equipment since 1992ish.. Wow, the actual date escapes me, but i do remember Cubase 1.0 bieng tested alongside Some Crazy Mac shite and the System i ended up with: Voyetra, and the Mac looking nice, the Cubase bieng too slow and fiddly on my Atart 1040st, and the Voyetra bieng so amusing with it`s already retro Ascii display, and NO MOUSE. Anyways. It all started with Sequencer+ Gold and a nice V24s interface, 4 out, 2 in, SMPTE and Beatlock on an NEC 286 PC with an EGA screen and a 32MB Harddisk. Mmmmmm.. Luxary. After a few $$-making schemes, i upgraded to the Baddest Machine available: an Olympic (sic) 486/50-DX, 4MB Ram, 125MB Harddisc and a 1MB VGA card.. Oh Joy. Now, there WERE DX/75 chips out, but they had an internal clock of a scabby 25Mhz, (yes, i know, 25Mhz - Compare that to the Internal clock of YOUR current processor and gasp at the fail of it!) but, the much-more expensive DX-50 ran at a blistering 50Mhz internally, and the FSB was also 50Mhz on the Motherboard.. Mucho fasto. Over the years, the harddrive got swapped out for an overlay`d 850MB, a CDrom drive was added, and with the final revision of Voyetra Seq+, another MIDI card - 2 in and 2 out, with MPU-401 capibility on 1 port.. This gave me 6 out x 16 channels, and 3 ins (2 merged and 2 singles).. Pretty hot stuff for 1996! But, i lusted for more power, less lag when swapping apps.. Oh, i should add, the whole shebang ran in DOS 5.0, and only made use of the first 640k of Ram - yeah, less then a megabite thar.. So, along came the Pentium. The first 3 Processors were 60Mhz, 75Mhz and a 90Mhz. Natch i bought a 90, and set to work porting the hardware to the new Machine. nah, Didn`t happen. Locked up EVERY TIME. If not immediatly, then after 40secs of playing. WTF? Calls to Voyetra settled it, ¨Voyetra Don`t like Pentiums...¨, so it was back to the 486, only this time i slipped in an Overdrive Processor, an EVERGREEN 133, which was meant to take a 33Mhz FSB 486 to 4x performance - yielding Wheatstones suited to a 133Mhz 486! Wow, what a difference! Less lagging on menus, no change in timing, lovely Oh, and there was more.. If i jumpered the Motherboard to it`s top FSB of 50Mhz, i got 150mhz in the chip! So that is the way tings stayed for 10 years. And not a SINGLE crash! That is, untill last week. During a SAVE, the PC locked up, giving serious Complaints. So. What to do? Replace the Drive sure, after backing up into an old ZIP drive via The printer port, but what drive? another 10 year old one? No. I couldn`t face it. seriously, not again. So. I set about making a FAT 16 partition on a nice new drive (80gig - the smalles i could find) and i copied the old drive over in a spare p2 piece of crap Dell GX-1 i got out of a skip, made the new teeny 1gb partition active and booted from it.. So, the Old PC wouldn`t recognise the new drive properly, and all the other machines around with isa oldschool slots were Pentiums.. I was borked. Wait, how about just TRYING the Hardware in the Crappy Dell? Wont hurt. It has 2 ISA slots.. So, in went the v24, and.. it WORKED! Added the v22, and, yep, freezy city after 40secs. Could i possibly carry on in life with only 4 x 16 midi channels? Could i really? Could i FU*K! i WNAT my 6 x 16. I REQUIRE that many channels. 10 years of it, i damn well INSIST on it. as a minimum. So what is the story with this v22 not having it? i decided to undo the driver loader for the v24, and only load the v22 driver.. Bingo. IRQ complaints. So what IRQ was it arguing over? Get this. The ACPI nonsense for the POWER SWITCH on the machine was hogging IRQ 2 & 9.. Why? Well, you know if you jab the power button on your PC it shuts down gracefully or kinda goes to sleep? or doesn`t turn off, just Hibernates? And if you need to force it to shut it Like during a crash or a freeze, you have to hold the button in for like 5 seconds? Yeah. I am serious. That STUPID FEATURE uses up valuable pipeage, and was arguing with my precious MIDI cards! WTF? So, off that went in the bios (thank you DELL for actually having this as one of the very few things to fiddle with in the bios of a GX-1), and a bit of IRQ jumpering later, ==> BOTH CARDS running. So, in went the fastest Ram i could find, and a 600Mhz Pentium 3 Processor - stable and happy on this Dell ¨BX¨ motherboard, with all the intigrated crap disabled.. I loaded up a nice phat tune, and looped it for 3 hours or so, with not a single dropped frame on the SMPTE out, and no MIDI errors, and, the best bit, no lag or drag in the display when using menus! (it never dragged on timing, that was always solid, just the display suffered a bit even though it was just ASCII text!) Oh, and you want to see this baby Transform (alter the MIDI data in a section of the song) - i can set every one of ~100,000 notes to A velocity of 100 in only a couple of seconds! See the Progress Dialog Blur!!!! Oh Joy. What an outstanding win for the Lads, and ANOTHER fingers up to buying some feature-lacking mouse-driven intigrated piece of crap sequencer! This, my friends, is the very same as reviving your Much Loved Sequential Prophet 5 instead of buying one of those bullshit software-in-a-box things or a plugin to replace it. er. kind of. No, it`s more like doing an Initial-D and fitting a Secret Touring-class engine to your beloved Trueno Panda after killing your favorite tweaked lump, rather then buying a less jurrasic car and betraying your soul, your family & friends, and the entire community. LESSON 5679b: Never give up on old stuff, you can fix it if you stash away enough shit you find in skips. Also: LESSON 5679c: If something didn`t work in 1996ish, you were doing it wrong.

            Oh, and later today, for a week i will run a thread in the RANDOM section to win a VIP to the Summer session
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            jUst plAythAtbEAt