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  • August 2007

    Well, there was ANOTHER Judgement day this week! My beloved Voyetra 8 Synth went totally apeshit on me. All the controls did things they should not do - fun but unpredictable - and it then packed in totally, racing thru an AUTO-TUNE, and making no noise at all, bar the occational thumping sound

    What to do? Send it back to New-York, to DOUBLE-TAKE, where one of the only 2 people on the planet capable of fixing her is, or open it up and mess with it? You know what i did already. Nice design. Looks like a PC inside, all cards slotted in beside each other, mounted on a big motherboard.. So, i taped some rubber tubeing to the hoover nossle, and got in thar to suck out the 11 years of dust and (gulp) dead shit. I pulled 2 chrysalis (plural? anybody??) out that had attached themselves to the sides of things, total yuck. Orange evil creature things that definatly should not have been there. i suspect they got there in the US, cos i aint never seen the likes of them before.. Then came the removal of the boards and the cleaning and re-assembly.. And.. It booted first time, locking out ALL of the 8 voices as unusable. Messy. Well, at least the controls worked again. So, i left it for a while, try`d tuning it again and bbingo-bango-to-the-batmobile, it fu*king worked! tuned 4 out of the 8 voices, which is normal since about 1998. RESULT! another baby saved

    I know what you are thinking. Since i have it open and in the bratcave, should i not fiddle with it and try and tune in those 4 missing voices - actually 2, but they are in pairs and if one is out, it mutes both on the card, er, or something.. Oh man, so many things to adjust! Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeealy tempting. Nah, a bit of lurking on the interwebs reveals that to tune the cards you need to set them up outside the machine, in a special dummy slot to power them up and so on.. Only 2 of these are know to exist - yeh, i own neither.. So, i have been putting off sending it away to be serviced, since it weighs about 20kg and is actually one of my 5 favorite things in the world, and i would need to be sedated for the duration of it`s trip to NYC.. Unless.. I WENT WITH IT!!!

    ANNOUNCEMENT: i hereby intend going to New York to get my Synth serviced.

    Now, where was i?
    jUst plAythAtbEAt

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    Playlist for Springsession on 2FM.

    *booty luv - dont mess with my man [thomas gold dub] (hedkandi)
    *LatinBash MeuPiano BornToFunkRemix (
    *L1R ft Kelly Marie - Lucky [Soul Seekerz Piano Dub Mix]
    *silkfly - loved by you [darren crook deep love club mix]
    *marlo - mirage [breaks mix]
    *ZZT - lower state of consciousness (turbo)
    *chris cargo - directions (cargo)
    *Uness Feat Fazee - Soulmate [Djamel] (queep)
    *cor fijneman - knightofhtejaguar [long]
    *agnelli nelson - that dress [orig ext] (deepblue label grp)
    *Asylum - Intoxicated (Mac & Mac Remix) [In Charge Records]
    *paul anthony - everybody dance reimx edition (dirty fabric DF003)
    *spiltscreen - boomblasta (dedicated)
    *divini & warning - otrabanda (reset rs027)
    *CirezD - tigerstyle (mouseville)
    *mike koglin vd energy dai - reloaded (noys music)
    *micheal dow - ascent (captivating sounds cvsa 048)
    *absolute - up in the air (a state of trance asot082)
    *marcus schulz - fly to colors (coldharbour recordings clhr031)
    *leon bolier - summernight confessions (2play021)
    *phynn - c u smile [preach] (black hole)
    *that thing on ava recordings, you know the one..
    jUst plAythAtbEAt


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      New Addition to the TAPES FROM THE ATTIC section of the forum:

      Sound Crowd / TALLAGHT [ultimat edition]

      3 Versions of the track that ended up on the OLYMPIC STATES EP on Red Records in 1994ish. The Demo, The Released One and the 303 Version, which may or may not have ended up renamed and used, but was definatly the same track, with a few MUTEs on the desk and a stroll thru the patterns on the TB303..

      This EP did well at the time as people thought it was German, or Scandinavian in origin, with tracknames TALLAGHT, KILLBARRICK, RINGSEND etc.. If they had known the tracknames were Dublin Departments, all of whom had laid claim to areas of the Olympic Ballroom Dancefloor, they may actually have been more impressed..
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      jUst plAythAtbEAt


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        Playlist for Springsession on 2FM.

        *Mikel Curcio - Pain[Nino Anthony](
        *spektrum - kinda new [simmons and christopher] (data154cdsp)
        *charlean dance - mr dj (positivacdtivdj260)
        *chemical brothers - salmon dance [crookers wow mix] (virgin)
        *nightstylers - push da remix (first on the run)??
        *kurd maverick - strings of tortuga (cr2)
        *bjork - innocence [SMD mix] (onelittleindian838tp7cdp)
        *filaferro - fried ricehq(elastictrax)
        *mauro picotto - evribadi [original]
        *chris cargo - directions (baroque adv.)
        *Terry Ferminal - Deep Inside [original] (High Contrast Recordings)
        *mind movement - oceania (deep blue)
        *warp brothers - dominator [rude mix]
        *solarstone - release [2007 remixes] (deepblue 12deep1207rx)
        *prada - iron man (prada pr008)
        *cirez d - tigerstyle (mousville)
        *gleave - fire dragon (traffic tunes )
        *splitscreen - boomblasta (dedicated)
        *masif djs - awakening (s-trax)
        *ronski speed with stonface & terminal - soulseeker (euphonic 78.3)
        *michael dow - orbit (captivating sounds cvsa048)
        *under sun vs signum - captured (a state of trance asot 079)
        *cosmic gate - firewire (data24p1)


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          So, you may have noticed we are playing with the Website alot the last few days..
          New Skin in place now for the Forum, and some more click-intensive stuff to follow, as soon as we work out why the whole shebang grinds to a halt so regularly..

          Nice news you may have heard re: Summer Session, we have the 1am curfew agreed now I know You & I assumed that it would be that late, but apparently its not that simple. Recent 1-Day events have been turfing people out at like 10pm.. Some people find this excellent, as they can still make it to a pub somewhere to top off thier mallet with some good old-fashioned excessive PublicHouse drinking, and a good old rag-chew over the finer details of [insert prog DJ you have heard of but have never seen here]`s set. Me, i can`t stand Pubs. Even if the venue turns into 6 Oasis` under canvass surrounded by a lake of Burning Mud, i would stay put untill i was crushed by the tent bieng dismantled 3 days later by the Hire Company Rather then go to some Pub. School-nite = 10pm-ish. 10pm is for early cinema slots. 10pm is for the news and a nice warm pair of slippers. 10pm is Lunchtime For Fu*ks Sake. yeah, OK, maybe if you are at a gig where the Acts need to be Home early for Medication or Curfew at the Hostel/HalfwayHouse/NursingHome then fair enuf, but those type of gigs attract similer-minded audiences who like nothing better then to be wrapped up in a tartan blanket pinned to the nipples on sedatives infront of QVC.. Summer-Session is entirely based around people who Do not Do tartan Blankets.. Oh, Except of coarse for BELLE & SEBASTIAN who during a Routine 4am SummerSession Ethical assessment Raid, were found to have a tartan blanket concealed in a toolbox under the stairs, which they claimed they had for research purposes. Well, we will see if there are any traces of Horlicks or Pipe-Tobacco on it soon enough, as its been handed over to the Mallett-Squad Fornsic Science Division for An Ion-Scan, and even if it has been professionally dry-cleaned, they will find traces, oh yes they will.

          In other news, Album NOT FOR SALE is nearly ready now. We have to look at who will sell the online version of it, and finalise the ISRC codes (its the new barcode dont u kno) and do the final final master. Still clinging to the idea that people will be able to get their heads around the 3-Albums compressed onto 1 disc thing.. Oh man, i know this is going to be messy..


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            This was the WEEK OF THE WALKS. On tuesday, the 2FM specialist music dept (ie: Ian) went to STRADBALLY for the official walk of the plot for Electric Picnic ( ).. Same setup as last year, so was more a check then a full-on planning trip. I haven`t looked at the lineup yet, but am informed that i will be putting in some serious hours on the 2XM Digital Special Event Station over the Saturday & Sunday, as well as my usual stint on Saturday nite on the Main 2FM service, bringing YOU (and other people who didn`t get a ticket or couldn`t give a shit) all the finest sounds from the epicentre of kewl this summer...

            Just rang my most beatnik friend to ask who he & his crusty GF are looking foward to seeing at the PICNIC this year, and they both agree: Kraftwerk. (sigh) Yes, i know, but they also insist BRIAN TO WIN every year when discussing BIG BROTHER, THIS my friends is the nature of bieng a new bohemian crusty - NEVAR CHANGE!

            Anyways, Yesterday was the official walk of FAIRYHOUSE RACECOURSE for the this-goes-there-and-that-goes-where orientation planning meeting re: SUMMER SESSION. We were shown nice diagrams and nfo on the tents and arenas, and a nice man layed out paper-tape outlines for the tents and suchlike - like the outline you see on the pavement outside sucessfull rappers` houses when the people they ripped off finally catch up with them, except instead of bieng well-fed-rapper size, theese were fu*king enourmous - So, here is my un-official estimats o n size and shapes of the 6 areas..

            Main PL/2FM arena - capacity >8000, 4-peak tent, size of Point Depot minus seats!
            Collective & GoodGreef - capacity >2000 each, Square & Round tents, Football Pitch Size..
            PukkaUp - capacity <2000, Pink Frilly Tent, Large Circus Tent Size..
            VIP & Oldschool/DJ - capacity >1000 each, Under the Stands(concrete) ,Superclub/Nightclub size..

            So, all in all, enough space to swing an a320 airbus!!!

            jUst plAythAtbEAt


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              2 new Tapes From The Attic now online..

              SUNSET 040494 - more of the show from that night..


              RHYTHM FM 201194 - Oh god help me..

              2 More fragments of the year 1994.
              jUst plAythAtbEAt


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                Greatly encouraged by this thread here --> I hereby present a list of heartless scumbag spammer basterds that have sinned by fouling the board with their filthy unsolicited intrusions. Oh, also: we care.




                Montecito CA

                jUst plAythAtbEAt


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                  Todays Spammers:

                  jUst plAythAtbEAt


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                    PLSS: 2 Weeks to go WARNING!

                    You now have < 2weeks to prep for the Summer Session!!
                    The good people at have provided us with the following space-filling collection of text:

                    Checklist ;-

                    Someone to go with
                    Someone to play with
                    Someone to leave with
                    Somewhere to stay -
                    Clothes to wear (look out the window on the day)
                    How do I get home

                    Again I'll just go through some things with you.

                    You must buy a ticket in advance.No tickets at the venue for sale.

                    Plan how you are getting there and back.There is free car and coach
                    parking in Fairyhouse.Dublin Bus will be running a return service from
                    Parnell Square all day.You get your bus ticket on the day at Parnell Sq.
                    from midday

                    If you sre staying over, we strongly advise you book accom in or around
                    Dublin City and use the bus service to get to and from the event.There
                    is nowhere to stay near will be a lot easier to get
                    wherever you are going from Dublin City than from Fairyhouse.Do Not rely on
                    taxi's to be at the venue at close time.

                    There is no camping

                    Doors 1pm. Bar until 11pm . Music stops at 1am.

                    There will be ample hot food and drink on sale at the venue.No we won't
                    rip you.

                    There will be free drinking water or bottled for sale if you choose.

                    Choice of drink is Beer , WKD , Vodka , Red Bull.

                    Cigs and sweets available inside.

                    Cloakroom avavilable inside.

                    All structures are covered - no outdoor stages.The main arena holds

                    All of our headline acts will be playing in the general running order
                    you see on the flyer.

                    Approach the venue from the N3.Please respect neighbours' property
                    and privacy.

                    Yes we have booked a serious light and sound show for all arenas

                    Yes all the dj's are turning up

                    Yes it's probably going to sell out

                    Yes you are going to have one of the best nights of your life!
                    jUst plAythAtbEAt


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                      Playlist for Springsession on 2FM.

                      *t-empo - sat nite sun morning [digital dog] (gusto prcdgus54)
                      *digitalisim - idealistic [hystereo] (virgin adv)
                      *young punx - your music is killing me [olav basoski] (emi adv.)
                      *underworld - crocodile [hunteman] (cdr)
                      *charlean dance - mr dj (positivacdtivdj260)
                      *djhalsen & seiamberjolene (?) - summeroflove [davidekenbackremix] (cub ic021)
                      *unknown - everybody hurts (white cdr)
                      *BryanKearney presents Spunuldrick - TheWalrus [mastermix] (cdr)
                      *Terry Ferminal - Deep Inside [original] (High Contrast Recordings)
                      *mind movement - oceania (deep blue)
                      *Lars Schneemann - Take Control [CyberRemix] (adv.)
                      *spektrum - kinda new [simmons and christopher] (data154cdsp)
                      *above & beyond pres. tranquility base - oceanic (anjunabeats anj-091)
                      *richard durand - sweep & repeat (terminal 4)
                      *algarve - greasepaint (coldharbour recordings clhr032)
                      *marco bailey & tom hdes - horny (mb elektronics mbelek037)
                      *mark norman - ventura (magik muzik 838-5)
                      *gleave - fire devil (traffic tunes)
                      *mass in orbit - XTC love (uberdruck)
                      *dj ruby - modulation error (captivate / fektive)
                      *ignition technician - ignite it up (tcp)
                      *carpe diem 4 - the buzz [eddie lock & dylan] (pso14)
                      jUst plAythAtbEAt


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                        Playlist for Springsession on 2FM.

                        cerrone - misunderstanding (beach angel sampler fiancd8)
                        ida corr and fedde le grand - let me think about it (data170cdsp)
                        chemical brothers - salmon dance [crookers wow mix] (virgin)
                        molly_mcqueen_psycho_gorgeous_future_freakz_dirty_ dub
                        ZZT - lower state of consciousness (turbo)
                        djhalsen-seiamberjolene_summeroflove_davidekenbackremix_cub ic021
                        t-empo - sat nite sun morning [digital dog] (gusto prcdgus54)
                        digitalisim - idealistic [hystereo] (virgin adv)
                        filaferro - fried ricehq(elastictrax)
                        roisin murphy - let me know [andy cato](emi adv)
                        mind movement - oceania (deep blue)
                        jUst plAythAtbEAt