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    Honest Management proudly presents the debut mixtape by recording artist King Green the Party Krasher titled Excalibur Music Vol.1. King Green is a Rap artist from the South side of Chicago whose main goal is to get the party started and have an amazing time. The character and personality in his music makes you feel as if you hung out with him before. His style is in the vein of super successful multi-platinum Pop/Rap acts FloRida, LMAFO and Black Eyed Peas but with a Windy City twist. Chicago has long been dubbed House music capitol of the world (and a known party city), so its odd that there has yet to be a Rapper from the city's "new generation" of artists, representing this side of the spectrum. Worry no more, King Green the Party Krasher is hear to re-introduce a side of Chi-Town that has been dormant and/or overlooked for years. His mixtape series pays homage to Excalibur, one of the cities top 5 entertainment attractions that was voted "Best Night Club" in a Chicago Tribune readers poll. On Excalibur Music Vol.1, King Green transforms ten mega club hits into his own musical madness. Songs like While You Where Looking (Right Here) answers Rihanna's club smash Where Have You Been, Open The Door takes a seductive approach to Satisfaction by Dead Mau5, Higher Levels puts a positive spin on Avicii's Levels and What I'm Looking For gets descriptive on Benny Benassi's Satisfaction. From serious (Troubled Inside) and reflective (Morning Balance) moments, to heartbreak (It's Over (Love Sucks) and cult inspired dance moments (The Kool Aid), King Green the Party Krasher gives you everything your heart, mind, body and soul desires with Excalibur Music Vol.1. For contact or info visit:

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    4tha3rdtime Production