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  • Summer Of code?

    Who knows what PROJECT LOOKING GLASS is about?

    Well, look here and maybe download the demo..

    It`s a new desktop enviroment from SUN MICROSYSTEMS, and once you see it, ther eis no going back to "flat" Computer Interfaces!!!

    You need Windoze XP or Linux, with a 3d Grafix Card - and if you run linux, you need a proper 3d driver installed..

    This Is the summer of code baby
    jUst plAythAtbEAt

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    Thanks for that....classy


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      have this bookmarked but seems a bit of effort im not arsed to make to install

      any reports?


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        It's very basic at the minute for windows...just shows what a 3d desktop could look like, there is no actual functionality

        Going to setup Linux this week, that actually works, will let you know if its any use..

        It's worth setting up though as there will be further releases from developers over the summer


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          yeah, most "X" applications work apparently.. So anthing you have going in KDE on Linux, or Maybe less-demanding MacOSX stuff should be fine..

          I`m convinced this is the future of geek operationg systems... Since Linux has become so damned easy to install and use now, it`s becoming hard to find anything that baffles girlfriends / police / family, this could be the break we have been looking for..

          Oh, and it looks the nuts..
          jUst plAythAtbEAt


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            what exactly is this summer of code?