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  • Archos 5 Internet Tablet (android)

    So.. after months of hinting, i splashed out on an Archos 5 IT - this is NOT the same as the Plain Archos 5 - the IT has ANDROID as it's OS. Android is the GOOGLE ripoff of Linux for mobile devices, and can be found in awesome devices like the HTC Hero phone and so on.. Beware of the OLD Archos 5 - now on amazon for $129 - this is NOT android, although there is a Jailbreak hack out now for the OLD archos 5, so it MAY have an android hack soon..

    The 5 is tasty - but it has a pretty shite and crippled installer/library/package manager called 'appslib' that only allows you to install Archos-approved applications.. These, of coarse, are shite. For example, the IRC (chat) app does not work at all.. SO, You need to Install the official ANDROID application manager - it's called 'android market' and appears on devices as a prog called 'market' - this has about 2000 apps ready to install on Your android device for free, and another 2000+ to pay for (like apple's appstore)..

    So, have a look here for some clues - i adapted this post from this original article. No need to panic, all the files you need are here..

    SO, you need a few files.. I have attached them to this post.. The drivers, the app to load (its a commandline app). Unzip and have a look.

    YOU NEED WINDOWS XP TO DO THIS - 7 will not work properly..

    1 - Download and extract the zip to your computer's C: drive or whatever. You get some .exe files, and 3 folders - maps, driver and system. maps is the addon for street-level googlemaps, driver is used once to set up your PC to talk to the archos in debug (ADB) mode, and system has the files for the initial hack.

    2 - Put Archos 5 to ADB mode ( settings/device storage & USB/USB mode -> ADB )

    3 - Connect usb (the first time you do this you must choose drivers - navigate to drivers folder you extracted in step 2 - if it fails, go to device manager - click Archos - Update drivers - Browse computer for driver - Let me pick - Have disk - Browse to drivers folder again..

    4 - Open a commandline in windows (start button - run - 'cmd') then use the CD command to get to the folder you extracted from the archive (cd c:/archos5-android-market etc..)

    5 - Run adb.exe on command prompt (just type "adb" and hit enter) - some crap should scroll by.. this means it all works..

    6 - Then Type "adb push [folder with your app & framework folders - app containing the .apk files, framework containing any .jar files] in /data/test/system" [ press enter ]

    7 - reboot your Archos 5, follow setup crap..

    8 - ENJOY!

    Just remember to REGISTER your archos 5 to ensure you have the codecs and Flash etc. onboard.. DO NOT upgrade the firmware of Your archos 5 without checking the internets first to see if the upgrade will fu*k up any hacks..


    (edited: scroll down for a 'transfer and launch' installer for market, suitable for Donut 1.6 Androids.. Attachment here has been changed to contain just the drivers and the transfer app.. In case.. you never know..)
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    YOU NEED WINDOWS XP TO DO THIS - 7 will not work properly..
    Bahahahaaa XP ftmfw. It used to be "You need windows 98 to do this - XP will not work properly" so this is fkn great =)

    Hope yer Archos behaves and leaves everything else in the bargain bin.


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      Updates: lots of new ways to upgrade the firmware appearing, and more use for the Dev tools, AND a newest firmware (1.7.x) release (after the pulled 1.6.x) that can have GOOGLE MARKET installed easily - covered (see next post)

      After the Upgrade to the latest Firmware,with delicious Android 'donut' ver 1.6), Go for the full initialize (- You'll have to if you were on Firmware 1.5/Android 1.5 -) - then you can bang away on getting MARKET going...

      It addresses these issues:

      GPS, Initial WiFi Connect issues..

      Best to update online when it asks you, then do a full reset when asked, and then (see next post)
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        This is for the latest DONUT (1.6) version of Android.. Place this file anywhere on Your archos, and run it in the file manager..

        On Linux: select the USB mass storage option in the archos, then connect it to your machine, browse to it, and plonk the file somewhere (i put it in downloads..)Then use FILE MANAGER to find it and launch it. Do some more launching, reboot a bit and set up stuff again, and then you are sorted..

        Windows: i presume the same applys, but i couldn't get it to work. Best browse to this post and download the attachment, unzip it on your archos and run it.. er.. i suppose..

        EDIT: See updated version below
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          So, after 6 months, my poor a5a died it's USB socket fell out

          So off it went today for repair..

          the socket / lead combo is destined to fail.. it's latching, has no support posts on the socket sleeve, and requires force to insert and remove it.. this is asking for trouble.

          i hope this is a one off, and i hope the other devices i have with this horrible mini usb socket dont repeat this behaviour - like for example my delicious Xperia X10.. i think ALL android decices have this shitty socket crap.. messy.

          So, i hit the archos site, got a number to ring - and it was a DUBLIN number!!! lol.. spoke to a belgian guy, and he said he'd authorize a repair thing..

          So, today Rescued the RMA email from the clutches of my spamfilter: sent by - sent yesterday, so rapid response all the way..

          T & C are quite clear about having a copy of the receipt for the purchace, and NOT accepting a credit card or bank (laser) statement - this is unfair IMHO, but understandable as it wouldn't itemize the transaction in any detail.. same goes for ebay or paypal stuff - not accepted.. So, thanks to Anvika micro on the TCR in London for keeping full and accurate records, and being able to fax me the invoice Yay!

          One annoying point: the UK returns address is a P.O. Box - this means it is not possible to complete a 'signed for' delivery - nor will any courier take a job to ship there - so archos need to look at this.. I can only track & trace as far as the local delivery hub for the postcode!!

          Anyway, fingers crossed..

          man, i miss my android. can;t use the X10 in bed at night as it doesn;t have the ability to disable the phone section - like the X1 did.. so i am doomed to have no internets before sleepytime.. this is not good. i need mah infowars and atariage at bedtime..

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            About a month after returning the unit, this is what i see on the archos website..

            Designation Your product

            Advised Fault and Accessories received

            Fault identified

            ...Failure Permanent...S: Customer claims that the USB socket has fallen off. T: Rearly charged, no

            Technician Action

            Tracking your repair

            Traduction not found : LBL_reception_en_cours_reparation
            So i emailed with the usual nudge, and got this:

            Good afternoon

            This just refers to the date which the device was logged at the repair
            centre. It is nothing to worry about. If you have not received your unit by
            next Wednesday please let me know and I will pursue a different solution for

            Matt Archosbloke
            Returns and Repairs Coordinator
            Northern Europe
            ARCHOS (UK) Ltd
            02380 711 779
            Fax: +44 (0) 2380 83 92 59
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              So after a month or so, i got on their case - emailed the bloke in Returns, who poked someone in the ear, and a new unit arrived this week by TNT..

              i didn;t have to even change the registration details, they seem to have done that already for me, and all the plugins are working and shit..

              So, it's all awesome, the archos team deliver
              jUst plAythAtbEAt


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                oh yeh, obviously i had to reinstall the MARKET stuff - i used the attached APK - copied it to the device over USB after connecting it to my Linux box (it mounts with no grief on a linux box don't u know..)

                and now i'm swimming in apps again..
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