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Winamp 556 + Shoutcasting AAC+ Plugin

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  • Winamp 556 + Shoutcasting AAC+ Plugin

    UPDATE 05/05/14: Most of this thread is marked for deletion, this ancient version of winamp and the plugin it comes with were kept alive here because of the MANY MANY bugs with the newer versions - these now seem to be sorted and improved upon, so proceed directly to the latest versions of both the shputcast plugin and winamp in the thread and run in 'legacy V1 mode'..

    For some reason the latest versions of WINAMP have done away with the AAC+ plugin.. AAC+ is the best to use to push to the Server here ( ) since at 48k Mpeg4 setting, it takes only 8k upload to deliver a serious quality stream to punters..

    So, here it is - the last one we have lying around that did AAC+ out of the box..

    Install the winamp, then the plugin

    Then go to preferences, and in the DSP entry, click on the shoutcast plugin - then it will open up and you can configure it.. You need to appear on and speak to me or AS400XL to get the correct settings for the plugin to enable you to stream from - once you have the port settings and password you are welcome to broadcast whatever whenever.. etc.

    On OUTPUT Tab:

    click output 1,

    in 'connection', 'address' is, 'port' is (ask in the chat), 'password' is (ask in the chat), 'encoder' is 1, 'auto recon' is ticked, 'recon time' is 10 sec.

    in 'yellowpages', set up your choice, except in URL you must put '', and in 'IRC' put ''. Try to 'enable title updates' as it makes nice stats for you..

    On ENCODER Tab:

    Click 'encoder 1', for default station setup, select 'AAC+ Encoder', then in 'Encoder settings' button, make it '48k', 'MP4' & 'stereo'.. Else play about and do whatever.. Thats what it's about innit. Remember though, the bigger the numbers, the more of your internets you hog doing it, and the more of everyone else's you hog. Don't expect people to stick with you for that 2-hour prog bender if You are pushing a 256k mp3! This is where AAC+ wins it takes up fu*k-all space, so is even viable on a Phone

    On INPUT Tab:

    Select Your Input Device - 'winamp' to play in Winamp using the playlist - you can drag stuff in & out of it while it plays 'soundcard input' will relay whatever your soundcard is set to RECORD from.. So, you can make this the LINE IN and jack in whatever..

    Once set, back to the OUTPUT tab, and press 'connect'

    People using Virtual DJ or whatever would use mp3 in their software to push, but if you want to stream longterm, AAC+ is low-overhead stuff you can keep going the whole time at home..

    Of coarse winamp can also use LINE IN, but for just loading up a playlist and playing it, this wins..

    It seems the NEWER versions of Winamp are gearing up to doing Video! So, we'll see how that pans out.. We definatly want to support video, but for now, lets keep it audio, and keep it random.

    Anyway - zip attached..
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    Wicked, ntl are callin fri and hookin up a supposed 15meg dj/1.5 meg ul to the new pad, bye bye restrictive internets and throttled speeds, lookin forward to streaming youporn/******* again and making good my account on soundcloud with quality tunage from me new studio, lookin forward to playin some tunes on here for the buzz


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      lol well with 1.5 up you should be able to stream an entire network from there.. you could easily run whatever you liked with that..

      See if Unlimited actually means UNLIMITED!

      Also: this attached Winamp works fine in Linux as long as you have WINE installed natch..
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        there are tested to work on this version of winamp - a multi dsp plugin - just select it then tick / arrange the order of the plugins you want to run..
        also included is an OK level leveller! lol.. use it and the shoutcast plugin at the same time to get a broadcastable audio 'average'
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          Latest Winamp seems fine

          K, the fiasco with nullsoft no longer shipping the AAC/AAC+ plugin with winamp (see first post in this thread) looks to be over.

          As of now (2011-03-13), Winamp 5.601 has the vital enc_aacplus.dll in it, which is what you need to stream AAC with the shoutcast-dsp plugin.

          Far as I know, *any* version of winamp will now work, because Coffee has been freaking us all out for the past day streaming mad shit from Estonia and that's proof enough.

 for latest winamp (pro is not needed, "lite" don't have what we want, get "standard" version)
 for the Shoutcast DSP plugin (at bottom of page under "SHOUTcast DSP Plug-In for Winamp" section)


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            Annoyingly, this plugin in the archive above for Shoutcast 'whites out' if the connection appears broken for even a split second. not so great when your ip address is renewed or whatever.

            latest version of the plugin attached here now, claims to improve stuff.


            This is a recommended update for anyone using the DSP plug-in as it resolves a number of stability issues with the prior 2.x and 1.9x versions and also adds support for SHOUTcast 2 along with a number of other improvements to the experience of using the plug-in with a number of bug fixes as well.


            Changes from v2.3.2
            Added support for multiple instances of the plug-in so as not to mangle the settings (ini name is now based on the plug-in dll name)
            Added blocking of station names with only punctuation in them from being allowed to connect (matches YP-side) and updated illegal list
            Added displaying of the metadata and artwork currently present in Winamp when that is the selected mode on the input tab
            Added reporting of the 'type' of the artwork on the Winamp metadata panel (generally requires Winamp 5.64+ to work correctly)
            Added double-click to view file in explorer on the Winamp metadata panel
            Added Winamp v5.64+ safe mode support
            Changed how loading of the dialog is handled to try to improve it to appear on top of Winamp if set to load on startup
            Changed selecting appropriate input fields to select all text in the field (makes it quicker to enter new port values, etc)
            Changed handling of the UI tabs to reduced memory usage where possible
            Changed default playing artwork to use jpeg when not able to get the raw artwork on older (<5.6) Winamp clients
            Changed main input dialog to hide the soundcard options when in Winamp mode instead of disabling and changing the text
            Changed the 'quit' code to better ensure everything applicable is left in a clean state (helps to improve re-opening the window without a complete unload of the plug-in
            Fixed loading of the plug-in to not crash / lockup Winamp's UI when lame_enc.dll cannot be found
            Fixed Winamp / Soundcard options on the summary tab not being checked on loading
            Fixed some of the error indicator drawing appearing incorrectly after closing the window and re-opening (without a complete unload of the plug-in)
            Fixed closing the window not working properly next time / after a few repeat closes due to memory corruption issues and not correctly stopping the broadcast threads in all scenarios
            Miscellaneous code tidyups, size optimisations (~40kb), crash fixes, improved memory handling and other related changes to improve useability of the plug-in

            Reporting Issues

            If you do come across an issue with the plug-in, then please do post in this thread with as much information as possible about what you're doing at the time, the system you are using and anything else which will make it easier to understand what is or isn't going on with your install.

            Important Notes

            1) There are still a few issues regarding the soundcard control features on Vista / Windows 7 due to changes made in these OSes in the way it handles sound and how it can be obtained. This is being investigated though there is no eta on when a resolution will be found other than it is intended for there to be some attempt at a fix in v2.4.0

            2) By default on new installs of the plug-in, it will enable support for using the newer SHOUTcast 2 features. However, if you're using an older version of the DNAS (or an alternative which is not compatible with the SHOUTcast 2 protocol) then you will need to check the 'Use SHOUTcast v1 mode (for legacy servers)' on the Output Page -> Connection Tab.

            3) This version includes artwork support but requires a newer version of the SHOUTcast DNAS v2 in order to be able to use it.


            Cipher response received message - If this happens then you most likely are connecting in SHOUTcast 2 mode to a SHOUTcast 1 setup and so need check the 'Use SHOUTcast v1 mode (for legacy servers)' on the Output Page -> Connection Tab. The plug-in will give you a number of hints if this is what you need to do.

            Soundcard Mixer Control - On Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 there are issues with the use of the features with the selected device to act as the 'microphone' where it basically will not work in an expected manner which also affects the 'Push To Talk' (PTT) feature. This is being investigated though is not clear if there will be a solution for this.
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              this is back a bit, but the first version to claim to have FIXED the 'whiteout' issue.
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                Aside from this issue with the 'whitenout' when a drop happens, rather then just re-commecting like the fuc*ing thing says it will, there is the issue with the AAC codec causing lockups in Windows 7 and later - just rename the .dll in the winamp folder and ruin the extension to temp fix this. related to this is the inability of winamp to save its state or settings for itself or the DSP streaming plugin - this is again related to the .dll for the aac. it's really all falling apart guys

                i'm looking for a better solution, this is getting lame..
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                  The 2.1.1 plugin combined with the winamp install in the OP seems more friendly, and is what we are running from the studio from 05/05/14. It requires the 'legacy' box to be ticked, as we run shoutcast 1.9 on the .net server, but, it does include aac+ codec and the rest is pretty much the same as the instruction in the OP, except the new Ver 2 shoutcast allows for username on the login, we don't support this currently, so don't mind that shite.

                  reading up shows the latest version of the plugin also includes some protection against whiteouts caused by funky filenames.. Things like the " (inverted comma) symbol in a file name used to crash winamp also, now apparently do not. This is a really hard problem to repair - when you rip (for example) a track and it's got something like: '12" Version' in the title - it's nigh impossible to change the name of this file in anything other then Linux.. ah well.

                  testing here for a while and there are alot of dropouts happening as i listen. data stops flowing from the server to my client (vlc) - not sure why, but it is recovering after a few seconds. stil though, not good enough. I read this is a bug in the plugin and can be fixed by settin gup ENCODER 2 instead of just 1.
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                    all just not good enuf.. in desperation, adding latest version of winamp, combined with the last rev. of the plugin here it appears to be stable if a little complicated.. remember,leave the dj name blank..

                    after an hour this seems to be solid at client level, although the server is puing up this kind of stuff in it's logs:

                    <05/05/14@13:36:18> [yp_tch] gave error (nak)
                    <05/05/14@13:36:18> [yp_tch] gave extended error (Internal error - unable to acquire data source)
                    this does not seem to effect performance, and is isolated timewise from 'directory tester' pokes from shoutcast and the like.
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                      Latest Versions of Winamp and Shoutcast DSP


                      enc_fhgaac.dll is included in this version of Winamp (Frauenhofer AAC encoder).

                      Ask a mod for the connection port and password. See for info.