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  • commodore 64 revival

    OK, need to check out the Sid thread for the various hoops we have jumped thru' on the c=64 front lately..

    but, as well as the 2 flash carts i now own for the commie, there appears to be a really nice cheaper alternative that emulates the c=64 disk drive.. ebay has them for £40, they plug in and pretend to be a floppy drive using SD cards as media.. this is the seller's ebay thingy:

    looks like a nice solution.. have to say the ALIENFLASH is irritating with it's horrible windows loader and USB nonsense. i have had no desire to use it since the initial day playing.. and the INFINITY sits untouched also for some strange reason. Yes, i know i'll get to using the INFINITY sooner then i well the ALIENFLASH, as it has a cartridge passthru on the back of it, and i guess i can use it with the mssiah cart etc.


    c-64 does rock, in a nostalgic sort of way.. doesn't have the same wonder as the ZX spectrum, but it defo has the win in the discovery stakes.

    jUst plAythAtbEAt