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Android Ver 4.x - What You need to fix to avoid fail

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  • Android Ver 4.x - What You need to fix to avoid fail

    I recently got a nextus 5 (LG) and the AIDS it carried was strong.

    Checklist so far:

    * SMS app is gone - now SMS and shit is part of GOOGLE HANGOUTS - so install an SMS app and in the settings make the it default.

    * CONTACTS are synced with the gmail a/c associated with the google ID you use on the phone. you need to log in to google on a desktop using the id of the phone, avoid ANY google+ setup - get to gmail, in there find CONTACTS and delete them all. On the Phone, set contacts to not sync. If You do not do this, then every time you try to add a contact (someone's phone number) you will get nagged to enable sync or allow sync BEFORE YOU ADD THE NUMBER. this means something as basic as adding new phone numbers to the phone is impossible without telling the whole galaxy and consenting to 'pairing' of You and the new contact, and all of their contacts (and so on..)

    * while in the google a/c, note all the HISTORY recorded so far - your Youtube views, your searches - all of it is there. delete the lot. do it now.

    * WIFI has to be told to NOT look for open wifi EVEN WHEN SWITCHED OFF. if you dont set this, wifi is on the whole time, roasting your face and spreading the aids.

    * All the useless google apps need to be opened in the APPS (in storage - apps) FORCE STOP, UNINSTALL UPDATES/BACK TO STOCK version, and set to DISABLEd and not to sync. if you do not do this, everything you look at, search for, read, send or do on that handset gets sent to the google account on the web/in the fuc*ing cloud.

    Annoying thing:

    EVERY REVISION of android changes the way You disable all this shit. So, if you google up 'how to stop android syncing contacts with google' you will find maybe 4 different examples, and all of them with people thanking the author for the method. Google are aware we hate this shit, and they try to create as much confusion as possible by moving the goalposts, and moving the place in your menus where stuff is enabled or disabled. DO NOT GIVE UP. You can find the place to toggle this stuff - just persist, use intuition, YOU CAN DO IT.

    Other annoying things:

    Incoming calls will display a picture set by the caller in their google profile. this means all incoming numbers are matched to google account holders' numbers at google, and then when they call you a picture is pushed to your handset. THIS MEANS EVERY CALL IS LOGGED BY GOOGLE. You can disable this, and all the other fuc*ing annoying features - just remember, when something happens, start accessing menus and settings for that app and disable everything You think is taking the piss. See here: for more on the caller ID pairing rubbish. Again, this is related to the CONTACTS function. It's clear that this is the new 'golden fleece' for Google - selling information on your social reach.. If You do not disable the 'contacts sync' crap, then everybody you call who has consented to this shit can see it is you, and all calls you make or take are subject to the 'pairing' routine, where google attempts to match your telephone number to data on file - this can be data YOU provide from Your contact list, or data other idiots have consented to provide.


    the usual disable 'help improve this app' bullshit, 'suppy location information' bullshit and the rest.


    This is a phone, not YOU. when you set it up - make a NEW GOOGLE ACCOUNT. do not link it to any existing account, and before you import things like CONTACTS, make sure the contacts app is set to NOT sync. NEVER use gmail on that account - if you must have a free email account, use Yahoo - they have an app for android.


    This might be stating the obvious, but NEVER buy a newly released device. wait at least 10 months after launch to ensure the community has Rooted the device, there are alternative roms (operating systems based on Android, but with less AIDS) , and people have worked out how to stop the phone stealing your life. Your friends at are there to make sure You get the most from Your device - don't be a pussy, read up, fix Your shit.
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