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    anyone try this?

    i did with serious personal protection gear. i over acidified when gassing my reaction mixture but i think if i did it again i would succeed. very clever way of making meth, i have no idea why meth has not taken off here.

    they were selling "ice" out of the flats near gardiner street last summer. i spent a month or two on it (eating and sleeping). turned out to be a-pvp. not nearly as debilitating as my stint on mdpv. that whole class of drugs is nasty. i want more phenmetrazine analouges,

    apologies if this discussion is not allowed.

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    Ah, i think meth has not taken off here as being in western Europe we have always had such a wide selection of alternatives on the doorstep, and we tend to have more disposable income for intoxicants.. Meth was always bigger in the USA where they simply have less money for these types of things, so cost vs. hit is a major factor.

    Even the glamour of Breaking Bad has failed to put meth even in the top 10 here. Wierd thing is, with the amount of Irish people bailing from Sydney and turning up here again, i'm amazed they haven't kicked off a meth craze, since as You know, everything in Sydney has meth in it, including the bus tickets and toilet paper.

    Also, if You are low or no income in the USA, mexico or carribean, where meth is available everywhere for almost nothing, You can't really afford to go down the pub of a friday, or go to a festival or whatever and get wasted, whereas in Ireland the social will ACTUALLY PAY something towards this! What a great country we live in! and the best bit is, when You break Your brain/liver/lungs, they will pay to fix them for You afterwards! What a fucking WIN!

    Yeh, i think also You have to take into account the Paddy taste buds - we kinda like to THINK we are into trying everything food, drink and buzz-wise, but at the end of the day, we just cannot get away from bacon, potatoes and delicious booze. mmmm booze. you know where you are with some nice safe booze - which is totally non-habit forming, and defo does not cause depression or cancer. fuck no. not a bit of it. (etc.)
    jUst plAythAtbEAt