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  • Launchpad tenori on lemur

    The searching is over.
    its taken months but we have it.

    It started with a desire for a physical button based step sequencer.

    You know the mouse sucks.

    We need to move about. swing our arms and all that.

    I have a touchscreen, so .... there were jazz mutant lemur fantasies.

    You can make vst user interfaces and music apps with programes like
    synthedit .

    Yeah for me a waste of time, much too steep learning curve.

    Ive mentioned this before in playthatbeat's blip tenori-on thread,
    its worth another mention

    Wok's blip2000 vst has a 16 x 16 grid.

    Its too small for me, but he indicated hes gonna rework, bigger with lotsa functions. Me likeee.

    There's not much else in vst land.

    There's this other thing, called Max

    its harder, like hard drink.

    None o' yer fancy interfaces, more ... like the pic soy attatched at the top of the thread.... oh yes ...

    a 64 step sequencer.

    it locks to your sequencer app, with midi yolk with a little timing offset.

    itsa bang on.

    The very nice bit is, it takes notes from the novation launchpad,
    and feed back into the lovely lights.

    You download

    maxruntime which is free.

    nonome, connects mouse or touchscreen, or midi controller to max stepsequencers, and other creative stuff ......

    stay with me ....

    soyuz sequencer from

    good jebus, its great

    in a nutshell, its got a zing !!!! ( zing from the playthatbeat vernacular, put a zing on it, got a zing on it etc .... )

    the launchpad site has a link to a step sequencer , that you need a
    pay version of max for. A bit of a bummer if you consider that launchpad already
    cost many dollah. itsa red herring, --- Money pit !!

    There are lots of other cool midi step sequencer apps available on the site, like :

    plinknome, you drop your notes from above, and they sound when they hit the base of the sequencer,


    presscafe. press the buttons and it arps
    from the beginning of the riff,


    anywhere within it, truncating the riff, but still fitting the timing.

    you catchin' my drift ?

    what digitalallstars is listen to now :
    then choose Soulful Bits
    at this point in time it was killer,
    who knows what it'll be playing when you hit !!!!

    digitlallstars is also drinking in the garden.
    it is night
    we are in ireland.
    this is as rare as hens teeth.

    btw all the neighbourhood dogs are going f**king mentle, .. I think the funk's
    energy f**ks with their heads.

    still reading ...

    well lets get busy ..

    try the radar based app, a radar bar rotates and hits your notes, circular stylee

    drum and base phreaks, get the the molar app, resequence your sample slices.

    the only thing that could beat this would be .. imho..

    one with a vst lemur style neon interface with swing, the betting money is on wok.

    am very happy,

    been tripping around with laptop, usb m-audio external sound card unit thingee ..

    and a launchpad

    well anyway, its been amazing every time ive run it.

    squidgy buttons of launchpad, beat the socks oof touchscreen.

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

    and if it means anything, that internet radio steer from earlier, still stands .

    end communication.

    theres a grab of the soyuz ui, with unnecessary comments by me

    and some bits of the real soyuz, controlpanel and schematic.

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    well, well, well.

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    So the happiness was short lived.

    Sync isuues.

    it does sync, mostly.

    but that's not enough.

    it just isnt.

    it should be perfect.

    sync is what makes your fleeting idea, last.

    you want to hear back what you just wrote. exactly like it sounded.

    If you listen to it, in week, or six months you just want to fire it up, no slipping syncs back or forward, to see if it was any good.

    blip5000 and the version with the pitch recognition software,, as brought to our attention by Armour on this very site, are fantastic, esp the pitch recognition, but, there's still the sync thing. ....

    **** mental timeout ****

    on a side note, either yamaha or bontempi, had an ad once. a while ago, where you brought your keyboard on the bus, and played it through its BUILT IN SPEAKER. The nett result was people you never met before gathered around, to hear the wild goings on, and all wanted to be your friend.

    See .... now thats doing things the hard way, putting in the effort, getting the results.

    Now , - its all facebook this and please be my fiend that, with no effort what so ever .

    i dunno. the kids today. On drugs i suppose.


    So an upside to blip automap novation combination is it works,
    the downside is automap doesn't do as nice a job with the lights as Soyuz.

    When soyuz triggers a note, it lights, that is goes from off to on.

    when automap triggers the note, it is already lit up with a light red colour.

    then when the noted turns on, it becomes a brighter red.

    good but ot great.

    it still wins.


    quick guide to blip 2000 lit up by launchpad and novation automap.

    in the session mode on the launchpad,
    use learn and match up the rows,

    it will take upto 4 pages in the sessions menu to map the 4 "corners"
    of the blip 2000 grid.

    novation is 8x8 grid
    blip2000 is 16 x 16.

    i can post an automap session save file if anyone wants one, if thats ok by the mods.

    anyhoo, its sync is much tighter than the soyuz. which is a pity coz soyuz is
    the bollox.

    on the upsides, we got to play with such a simple lovely interface as soyuz...

    and ....

    now theres even more reason for Wok to do an upgrade on his blip2000.

    am off to buy anlocked version of bliip2000. Donationware. Got to respect that.
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    well, well, well.


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      Does it include a sock to wear for your head during the summer months?
      I AM A UFO


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        the launchpad actually does, more a wetsuit balaclava, good for robbing sand banks.

        what you're looking for is a tinfoil hat. "I AM A UFO " You can make them your self quite easily. with tin foil. In the shape of a hat.
        well, well, well.