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new uppings for june bank holiday

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    Point Gig

    Yeah, 4thD rocked it alright..although I remember that silly "Storm" tune going down like a lead balloon...

    Have to agree with you on the Prodge that night, although they have put in some stellar performances since. They were cheesy as shit then though, put a big damper on the night for me, especially as all the other acts were so good..K-Klass were the other act and did an excellent live(ish) set..blurred memories of Bolivian Angel are there aswell...

    Looking forward to any more mp3 postings you might put up..I've been looking for your stuff for literally years on peer to peer but to no avail. I had the majority of your releases on vinyl and haemorrhaged it to different people through the years. Stumbled upon your site last week..great to hear some of the tracks again..although disappointing to see Olympic States EP not up there, cant get too greedy though..