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  • August 2009

    So.. Peak of the summer, and boredom, and i have decided to do a followup to my guide on HOW TO BEATMIX as first reported here..

    I remember getting so much flak from DJs when i wrote about 'the secrets of beatmixing' all those years ago, but the number of people that shook my hand for clearing it all up for them nuked all that negativity

    I suggest You read the original article again, and get handy with the concept of WHY beatmixing works, and WHY you need to be able to count to 4

    But now, for those of You with CD decks, i present:


    So, You have re-read the Vinyl guide, and are all ready to drive the train again? Well, relax, it's such a piece of pi$$, you can do this even when extremely drunk. SO, go ahead, have a few cans, You might as well, it will help You deal with the GUILT of how stupidly simple this sh!t has become, thanks to the modern marvel of BPM COUNTERS.

    Each CD player, even the cheapest pile of crap has a BPM counter in the display. Some require You to play the CD for a while to get a reading, some do it in advance. The Industry Standard Deck in Clubs is the PIONEER CDJ-1000 - this has pwned the Technics SL-1200, and is now expected in clubs, alongside a 'fully nulling triband EQ' mixer, and it 'reads ahead' and plots a map of level in the display, and the BPM appears. So. Here's the trick.

    IMPORTANT: after the previous DJ has finished, you MUST stop his/her tune dead. This is to get a roar form the crowd, and to allow You to bask in the attention of everyone. Now is a good time to point in the air, clap your hands for the previous DJ, and s-s-s-s-tart your first tune by jerking off with the CUE button. What the PUNTERS don't know is, you stopped dead so You didn't have to mix out of & follow the BPM of the last record played. During that tune, you were SNEDGING (now the official term for this) your first tune.


    [1] load Your first tune while the previous DJ's last tune is playing out & he/she is pointing in the air and showing off
    [2] change the PITCH RANGE on the deck to max resolution - this is the LOWEST % shift - usually 6% +/-
    [3] creep the pitch SLOWLY until the bpm readout flips to your chosen BPM
    [4] pull back by a gnats eyebrow so the display flips back a step - the best way to be sure of all this is to choose a BPM that is bang on a rounded number, like 137.0, then pull back till it reads 136.99 or 136.95 or whatever the smallest amount behind the WHOLE number is. This deck is now SNEDGED. Note: this is why we use the highest resolution on the pitch, at +/-10%, you can get to 136.95, and +/-20% you can get as close as 136.90 before it flips to 137.0, so go for the LOWEST range on the pitch to get the SMALLEST incriments in BPM, and therefore the closest match..
    [5] when preparing the next tune, do the same trick - snedge that fuc*er to 136.99 (or as close as you can to 137.0) and THAT BITCH IS READY TO MIX.
    [6] point in the air alot, hold your headphones with one hand, frown and hit that CUE button alot - this helps you stay awake after all those pints.
    [7] follow instructions in previous guide re: counting to 4 and crossfading , EQing and so on.
    [8] get all the chicks/fellahs 'cos You can mix


    * on a cheapo CD player, that only displays WHOLE NUMBERS - not 136.?? - only 136, this method works as well as with a player that reads to 12 decimal places, BECAUSE YOU ARE LOOKING FOR THE FLIP POINT WHEN THE NUMBER CHANGES, NOT AN ACTUAL NUMBER. In fact, the cheaper 'whole number' decks are easier to use because of the lack of numbers after the decimal point!! Hahahahahaha!!

    * if you have 2 different models of player, use a test CD to determine the difference in displays. For example, the Denon DNS-1200 displays .4 bmp faster then a Pioneer CDJ-800 Mk1

    * the position or value of the pitch control is NOT RELEVENT with this method, only the 'flip point' on the BPM display

    * BPM calculators all use the same TYPE of alogrhythm, but no 2 are the same, so this method is ONLY solid and needs no extra math in the head IF BOTH DECKS ARE THE SAME REVISION OF THE SAME MODEL FROM THE SAME MANUFACTURER

    * because of the digital nature of CDs, the pitch control will NEVER HAVE ENUF RESOLUTUION to get 2 differing BPM'd tunes 100% in sync. Therefore, CDs will NEVER be as solid in the mix as vinyl with analogue pitch control. This means, unless the 2 tunes were the SAME BPM EXACTLY to start with, or you have 2 copies of the same tune, YOU WILL HAVE TO 'nudge' them during the mix. The chances of a tune staying 'in' for longer then a few bars on a CD mix is FAR less likely then on vinyl. Until the arrival of a geared 1024-bit encoder control, we will never have the fine-tune resolution needed to match Vinyl & the human brain/hand. REMEMBER THAT BEFORE YOU OPEN YOUR PHAT HEAD SAYING VINYL IS DEAD.

    * go now, spread the word, and THROW THINGS at people that cannot mix with CDs, while WORSHIPPING those who can mix with vinyl.
    jUst plAythAtbEAt

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    Playlist for Springsession on 2FM.

    *Ralphi ROSARIO feat SHAWN CHRISTOPHER - Everybody Shake It [Dave Aude' mix]
    *Richard Grey presents Sold Out - Bassline
    *Jay SANTI - House Clubs
    *Bit Crushers - Time 2 Werk [Sean McCaff 2009 remix]
    *ACCESS DENIED - Other Side
    *Signal Type - B-14
    *FREEKSTYLE - Don't Stop The Rock [Dirty Freek remix]
    *Louk - Happy Days [Callum B Mix] (BNF001B1)
    *Jan Johnston - Sleeping Satellite [Sam Vahedi and Swedish Egil remix]
    *arkoss - bulldog [original]
    *Justin Ferier - Surrounded By Light [JVA's Sunset Remix] (Dirty Soul)
    *SECOND LEFT - Comatose
    *MICROSTAR - Rocco's Theme
    *Denis Naidanow - Wonderland [feat Tyree Cooper]
    *Benny Royal Ralvero - Take Control [Original Mix]
    *KISSOGRAM - Ratatata [Ramon Tapia Dub remix] (USOB)
    *Listen Different & Samuel Dilucas - Purple Cat [Samuel Dilucas Remix]
    *Tom HADES - Whenever You Want
    *KID BLUE - Soul Inside
    *Jamaster A - Shanghai 69 [Maarten De Jong Remix]
    *Woody van Eyden - B.O.B. [Original Extended]
    *CHARLIE G VANDALL - Crossed [original mix]
    *Oryon - Rocket Science [Original Mix]
    *Evol Waves - Moonish
    *SIASIA - Octopussy [original mix]
    *hypeartist feat, brad sucks - ynga [plastic shell mix]
    *citizen kain & phuture traxx - tan guapa
    *disco wierdos - half a pill
    *patrick hagenaar - feel the same
    *rpo - oaxaca
    *timmo perambulator <--WDDATOTWBIWD
    *robin hirte - not here
    *biohazart - happy noise
    *futureflahs - dirty boots [torso x remix]
    *pratap - lego
    *28 - made in gogo
    *control - move (md records)
    jUst plAythAtbEAt


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      Playlist for Springsession on 2FM.

      *Funky Choad - The Ultimate [Kam Dennys Vegas Dub] (LNG Music)
      *AUDIO JACKER - Jackers Symphony [Jackers 5th Symphony]
      *Justin Ferier - Surrounded By Light [Extended] (Dirty Soul)
      *VELARDE & LUQUE - The Party [Vlada DJ & JP Candela]
      *DUBJACK - Chop It Up
      *mando diao - dance with somebody [azzido da bass] (island)
      *LOWKISS - Love [dub mix]
      *The GOOD GUYS feat MARSHALL - Get Freaky [Chriss Ortega mix]
      *PROK & FITCH feat CEVIN FISHER - Mundo [Patric La Funk remix]
      *Danny HOWELLS - Gvibe
      *Saeed YOUNAN - Analock [Treavor Moontribe Massive remix]
      *ANARCHY RICE - Shake This Town Up [The Bulgarian remix]
      *KOOCHIE - Losing My Mind [Edu K's Electric Kool-Aid mix]
      *PASCAL & PEARCE - Mooiness [Aquilaganja's Bounce dub]
      *HEARTACHE - Temptation [Calvertron's 666 mix]
      *ADRIAN C - Endor [Stefano Ranieri remix]
      *KHAINZ - Distance [Greenbeam & Leon remix]
      *HEDFLUX TOM WILKES - Basscake [Plastic Shell's techno remix]
      *Signal Type - B-14
      *Denis Naidanow - Wonderland [feat Tyree Cooper]
      *Julio LEAL & JAVI ALWAYS feat PATRIZZE - I Need (Sunrise Base)
      *Arcadem - Suntear [original mix]
      *NITROUS OXIDE - Aurora [Sunny Lax remix]
      *Jamaster A - Shanghai 69 Maarten De Jong Remix
      *Timmy & Tommy - Escape To Fiji [Original Mix] (full tilt FTR018-1)
      *da boss - on da run [funkovic mix]
      *lish - dirty feelings
      *adf - long train running
      *timmo - perambulator
      *makotracks - cold white
      *fancesco gamelli - tabasko <--- WDDATOTWBIWD
      *lady k & lucadaddi - hells bells
      *japancat - black hole [nico mix]
      *truati - boozer
      *vigil coma - techno opera
      *mash - beat of my heart
      *wookie - battle
      jUst plAythAtbEAt


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        Playlist for Springsession on 2FM.

        *FIO - Cant Let You Go [Dave Ramone vs Niels Van Gogh Remix] (hero music)
        *Ladyhawk - Magic [Lee Osborne Mix] (White)
        *VASUTIN - La Paprica
        *calvin harris - ready for the weekend [Dave Spoon Broken Remix]
        *Back Young - Music love forever [ Robin Hirte Remix ]
        *moby - mistake [yuksek mix] (little idiot)
        *bloc party - one more chance [****** mix] (wichita)
        *deko ze & gavo - explosive [kid massive audiodamage vocal mix]
        *DJ Robopunk - Robogod
        *DADDY'S GROOVE - Bleeding Heart [Magic Island instrumental mix]
        *Jon ALLEGRO - Jack Jones [original mix]
        *Evgeny BARDYUZHA & EAST SUNRISE - Silent Forest [original mix]
        *sharam - she came along [danny bryd mix] (data)
        *filthy rich - luvstruck (floorplay 013)
        *2 Dirty - Schnitzel [Dimitri Vegas Remix] (Underground Sound Of Belgium)
        *DJ Philippe B - On The Galaxy [Laurent Pepper Dub Mix]
        *Daniel Marques & Marcello VOR - Sharkscope
        *Phunk Investigation - Bushido (absolutely records)
        *Sebastian INGROSSO - Kidsos [Wippenberg remix]
        *ACTIVA presents SOLAR MOVEMENT - Eclipse [Mat Zo remix]
        *Loki - Liberation (Terminal Trax)
        *Scott ATTRILL - More Power
        *Bedrock - For What You Dream Of [Bryan Kearney's Planet Love MakeOver]
        *MASH - Beat Of My Heart [Thermo remix]
        *tello pilla - tech life house good
        *berg - criminal disfunctions
        *jozef mihalik - famous when dead [209 rework]
        *fictionizer - bad scratch
        *the funk out - duh dum
        *zander mazuka - big bada boom
        *si begg - the bleeps
        *thomas p heckmann - asimov's law <--- WDDATOTWBIWD
        *sander kleinenberg - the answer
        *etienne ozborne - wak'up [dj preach mix]
        *nitti feat. shirly davis - deep down 2009 [dj exodus & JARED]
        *nostrum - brilliant (time unlimited)
        jUst plAythAtbEAt


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          Playlist for Springsession on 2FM.

          *filthy rich - luvstruck (floorplay013)
          *Dakota - Johnny The Fox [Barnes & Heatcliff remix]
          *DR KUCHO! - Groover' S Delight [original mix]
          *New Order - Blue Monday [Freemasons Remix]
          *FEELGOOD Charles - Hasta Manana [Verdugo Brothers mix]
          *J NITTI feat SHIRLEY DAVIS - Deep Down 2009 [DJ Exodus & Jared D remix]
          *moby - mistake [yuksek mix] (little idiot)
          *deko ze n gavo - explosive [kid massive audiodamage vocal mix]
          *TIGER STRIPES - Genesis [Florian Kruse remix]
          *SALT TANK - Eugina [Allende remix]
          *TONECAST - Flying Cabs [Steve Mill 1985 remix]
          *Way Out West - Only Love [Jerome Isma Ae Vocal Remix]
          *2 Dirty - Schnitzel [Dim itri Vegas Remix] (Underground Sound Of Belgium) <--- WDDATOTWBIWD
          *Phunk Investigation - Bushido
          *Space DJz - KC Flyer [Advent vs Industrialyzer Remix] (Naked Lunch)
          *Ido Ophir & Miki Litvak - Meshugaim
          *NTFO - Filter [original mix]
          *ERCOLA feat DANIELLA - Every Word [Paolo Jackson Badbouy dub]
          *Ray KEITH & TOP CAT - You Never Know What You've Got Til' Its Gone
          *Dave Lambert vs. Housetrap ft Liam South - Music For Peace [Dimitri Vegas Like Mike Rmx] (BHM)
          *Excentric vs. MvDJ - Execute (Expand This)
          *Scott ATTRILL - More Power
          *steve angelo - isabel
          *lissat & voltaxx - sunrise over mali [phunk investigaion mix]
          *pan pot - confronted
          *style of eye - roadrace
          *ruff loaderz vs scott giles - let me be your fantasy
          *spit - your freedom
          *sam taylor-wood - i'm in love with a german film star
          *ritton & primary 1 - who's there? [doorley's knock knock mix]
          *evgeny bardyuzah & east sunrise - silent forest [orig]
          *creative thieves - nasty rhythm (stress)
          jUst plAythAtbEAt


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            Playlist for Springsession on 2FM.

            *DJ DAN - I Don't Care [Hot Mouth remix]
            *Jim Tonique & Patrick Bryze - Better World [Dave Kurtis Remix] (Attractive Music)
            *Dave Lambert & Housetrap ft Liam South - Music For Peace [Dimitri Vegas Like Mike Rmx] (BHM)
            *Lee CABRERA vs THOMAS GOLD - Shake It [Steven Lee & Vin cent di Pasquale's remix]
            *Mark Simmons vs John De Mark - The Way [Main mix]
            *eurythmics - Here Comes The Rain Again [Freemasons Remix]
            *DJ Baldino & Nicola Sammartano - Jumping
            *Henry John Morgan - California [HJM rework]
            *Block & Crown - I Feel You [BC Pacha Mix]
            *DANISM - 824 [main mix]
            *Terry GRANT - Chinese Laundry [Sonny Wharton remix]
            *KneeDeep ft Cathy Battistessa - All About Love [Lovebirds Suite Mix] (Knee Deep Recs)
            *Alex CARBO - Code
            *ANTIX - Box Of Birds [Djuma Soundsystem remix]
            *MARTIN EYERER & STEPHAN HINZ - Train To Tehran [Daniele Papini remix]
            *R.E.Z. Sunderland [D-Sens Burn Remix] (Open Records)
            *Fabian ARGOMEDO - Due [oiginal mix]
            *Dave MOREAUX - Once Again [Out Of Kontrol mix]
            *ACID GIRLS - The Numbers Song
            *SUNTREE - Inside
            *Excentric vs. MvDJ - Execute [Expand This]
            *SPACE BROTHERS The - Everywhere I Go [Push remix]
            *DJ EDOARDO VARIOUS - New Sensations [Joti Sidhu remix]
            *Original Ninja - DubplateJuzz
            *thomas gold - in your face [henrik b remix]
            *brian cross feat keneida - waiting [abel ramos]
            *fortuna feat. asia argento - less is more [jon gurd]
            *morgan page - suzuki
            *topspin & matuss - i'd [dub makers remix]
            *wehbba - sidewinder [feat. ryo peres]
            *eric entrena & d-unity - drugs n' stuff
            *roland m dill black coffee <--- WDDATOTWBIWD
            *baasiciaal - aquadrolic
            *sebastian groth - crank sheeps[ivan devero mix]
            *h!p - my flo
            *beeswax - driftwood [beeswax 004]
            jUst plAythAtbEAt