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  • January 2010

    Playlist for Springsession on 2FM.

    Year that was: 2009 Part 1 of 2

    January - TX:170109

    *remady p&r - no superstar [original mix]
    *SAUNDERS, Jesse - On & On 2009 [Stop The Beat remix]
    *Allan OMarshall - Something Youre Not [Matthew Nagel Remix] (fulltilt FTR012-3)
    *alex gaudino - little bird [jason rooney mix]
    *hatiras - what happened to the funk (hibias)
    *CLUBWORXX & JERRY ROPERO feat MR MIKE - Put Your Hands Up In The Air [Chris Kaeser remix]

    February - TX:270209

    *Josh The Funky 1 - Rock To The Beat [christian sims] (Funktion Recordings Inc)
    *Mark Simmons vs Marco Machiavelli - Lets Go [Main Mix]
    *pinktronix - i like samba (spectra spc067)
    *lady sovereign - so human [tastemakers] (midget records)
    *kklass - rhythm is a mistery '09 [reza mix]
    *shannon - let the music play [bit crushers remix] (perfecto-digital)

    March - TX:210309

    *David Forbes presents Sebrof Divad - Overdose [original mix]
    *HIGH SPIES DAVID GARCIA feat AMANDA JANE - Taxi Cab [Alternative Reality & Christian Planes remix]
    *TWINBEAT - Valerie
    *MINIMODE - Unchained Melodies
    *dj hell - bodyfarm2 (gigolo)
    *paul lyman - ponder (ponyplay records)

    April - TX:180409

    *Perry O'Neil - South-West Saga (original mix)
    *DJ TON TB - Dream Machine (Andzhan remix)
    *ATKINSON, Will - Technical Disturbance (original mix)
    *BENNISON, Nicholas - Zero Balance (Reaky mix)
    *Mark Norman vs Hole In One - Life's Too Short (2009)

    May - TX:230509

    *Nathan c and dex - The Box [peter mcgill Remix] (beneath records)
    *Carlo Resoort - First Rebirth
    *Robert Burian - Orion [Bart Claessen Mix] (Tetsuo Hybrid)
    *jc2- banging side of life [Ian Booth's side of life mix]
    *JohnOCallaghan ft AudreyGallagher - Big Sky [Joint Operations Centre Deconstruction]
    *Rudenko Beats - Feels Like im Alone (Extended) [Dirty Soul]

    June - TX:200609

    *John Shelvin feat Erire - All In My Mind [Abel Ramos Miami With Love Dub Mix]
    *Rob Mooney - Feelin Electro 2009 [Valentino Kanzyani Remix] (Punchfunk Records)
    *BRIEN, Jonno - Rewind [original mix]
    *COSMIC GATE - Sign Of The Times [Markus Schulz remix]
    *Scott Millz and Sean Kennedy - Believer
    *Audiowarp - The New Generation (Encoded Black)
    jUst plAythAtbEAt

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    Playlist for Springsession on 2FM.

    Year that was : 2009 part 2 of 2

    July - TX:180709

    SHIVA, Chris - Children Of The Time [Bananas Piano dub mix]
    FREEKSTYLE - Don't Stop The Rock [Dirty Freek remix]
    SERIAL THRILLA - Sucka DJ [Audio Jacker mix]
    CRIMINAL VIBES - Caribe [original mix]
    BAILEY, Will - Hustlin & Scratchin [Hot Mouth remix]
    SHAPESHIFTERS, The - Nocturnal

    August - TX:150809

    2 Dirty - Schnitzel [Dimitri Vegas Remix] (Underground Sound Of Belgium)
    Phunk Investigation - Bushido
    Space DJz & KC - Flyer [Advent vs Industrialyzer Remix] (Naked Lunch)
    Ido Ophir & Miki Litvak - Meshugaim
    NTFO - Filter [original mix]

    September - TX:190909

    Pilotpriest vs Run DMC - My Adidas [White Label Dirty Mix]
    Keri Hilson - Energy [Wideboys Dub]
    japanese popstarts - B.C.T.T. [Original Mix]
    express2 - Lazy [Lazyrich Remix]
    Florence and the machine - Drumming Song [Boy 8-Bit Remix]
    Thomas Ulstrup - Snap Back [Silicon]

    October - TX:171009

    PHONA - Juicen Bob
    OBE - JumpTheGun [originalmix]
    DABEL,John & MATTHEW MIND & FEDERI COMILANI - Armonia [Federico Milani remix]
    Lexmatic - Beat Of The Night [Sound2Light Mix]
    Andrea Roma - Elephant

    November - TX:141109

    The Dubguru - U Got 2 Know
    Zatox feat The R3bels - Storm
    Showtek - Here We Fuc*ing Go
    Pablo - Turntable Technology
    Marcus Visionary - Original Artical
    Matt Restless vs Morten Berg - Menace To Society (Acid)
    Te Tuna - Positive World
    Der Dritte Raum - Swing Dub

    December - TX:191209

    Lange presents Firewall - Wanderlust [Sunny Lax Chunky mix]
    Ercossa Twistigen - The Solstice [Sktyech remix]
    Agamemnon Project - It's A Fine Day [State Of Trance mix]
    Technoboy meets Ruffian - The Undersound
    Pocock - Swinery
    Culture Shock - Gears
    jUst plAythAtbEAt


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      Playlist for Springsession on 2FM.

      Mix Recall: March & July 2009

      *trash jelly - the whomp
      *mario peres - minidanca
      *thomas weitz - das techno [original]
      *axel karakasis - bloody chamber
      *wehbba vs claudio i - finders keepers
      *evren furtuna - 1996 sound
      *traintickets - one more time
      *maarten hercules - lightning buzzyear [original]
      *david a - from the heart
      *max 404 - long life to acid
      *gunjack - jack is dead
      *hristian stojanowski - coffee day [original]
      *dj wady - uganda [milton channels mix]
      *pablo decoder - shave it off
      *hot city - setting me free
      *carlos anaya - supernova
      *jeff bennett - ritzo
      *chuckie - aftershock
      *ganez - orbit
      *woo york - crises
      *be gold - starstruck
      *digital nature on/off
      *dax j - odyssey
      *hardfloor - trancescript

      Playlist for Springsession on 2FM.

      Mix Recall: August & November 2009

      *ruff loaderz vs scott giles - let me be your fantasy
      *spit - your freedom
      *sam taylor-wood - i'm in love with a german film star
      *ritton & primary 1 - who's there? [doorley's knock knock mix]
      *evgeny bardyuzah & east sunrise - silent forest [orig]
      *peter gunn - tribe 27
      *rob marmot - t minus 10 seconds [riley & durant mix]
      *sharkslayer - so sincere
      *bill eff - trouserflap
      *paul anthony - i am house music
      *raul mezcolanza & bob d - monchu
      *christopher banjamin - down the rabbit hole
      *mark zimma - punk nation
      *ferry corsten - brainbox [marlo remix]
      *dusty kid - train number 1 [siasia & 2pm remix]
      *pole folder - hate myself [sasha remix]
      *mark brown & steve mac - the fly
      *gamma rose - pop porn
      *utmost djs - go
      *nico dacido & robin hirte - get piece
      *andreas hennenberg - ask your druggist [lutzenkirchen mix]
      *mikalogic - hall of fame [zoutman remix]
      *doorley - toys
      *kraftwerk - computerwelt
      jUst plAythAtbEAt


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        Playlist for Springsession on 2FM.

        *ALTERED GROOVES - Come Get My Lovin' (Actual Sounds 111012010)
        *SHAY & SINISTA - Feeling Blue (S&S FLNG BLU)
        *MIKAS - Sunday (Progressive Grooves PGR 083)
        *Luca Rosa - cuta, I Am Yours (Nuhar NHR 049)
        *Jon SILVA feat DJAZZ - Enjoy This Trip (USB Digital Bulgaria USBDIG115 JSX)
        *NOMENKLATUR - Time Machine [Commuter remix] (Space Factory France 5967)
        *NAPALM - Artifical Intelligence [original] (Fairlads Digital FDR 072)
        *BEDROCK - Emerald [Filterheadz remix] (Bedrock BEDEMERALD)
        *Sam Paganini Circular (Android Muziq ANDROIDCD 01) <--WDDATOTWBIWD
        *Tony Lionni - This Feeling (Freerange FOF 03D)
        *FRISONI, Stefano - The Mentalist (Model MOD 033)
        *MUZZAIK - Going Underground [Belocca & Soneec dub] (Stealth STEALTH 68)
        *Luciano Esse & Toni D - Istanbul [Format B remix] (Material Greece MATERIALBONUS 001)
        *Dompe - Bad Dreams (RheinTime RTD 003)
        *LAZARUX, Van - Amor De Hermanos [Deepjay Project tech mix] (Next Dimension Music NDM 1215)
        *Tim ROSCOE - Fu*k [Hans Bouffmyhre remix] (Stolen Moments Holland STM 017)
        *CODA, Ben - Reflections [Russell G & Steve Haines remix] (Baroque Special Edition BARSP 029)
        *MARCO V feat JONATHAN MENDELSOHN - Coming Back [redub] (In Charge IC 059D)
        *W&W - Mainstage (Armada Music Holland ARDI 1391)
        *DJ ECO - And We Flew Away (Tone Diary Holland TONE 016)
        *SLOW BIT - Time For Prog Planet (BEN PBRD 052)
        *REAKY - Vempire Strikes Back [Thermo remix 1] (Penetration Nation PNRD 005)
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        jUst plAythAtbEAt


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          Playlist for Springsession on 2FM.

          *Jade - Pulp Friction (Citrus CITRUSCD 004)
          *NOM DE STRIP - Flapjack (Bomb Squad BSQUAD 14)
          *STRIPPER feat DJ OMEGA - Stripper Theme [dub mix] (Giant Pussy GPR 005)
          *Jonno Brien - My Groove [Steve Mulder 2010 Mix] (full tilt FTR023)
          *GARTON, Matthew - Candy Wacked (Potty Mouth US PMM 032)
          *DIGITAL FREQ - Disco Falls (Bugeyed US FIX 104)
          *JUMPEN, Nils - Brain Dead (Clac! 3661585225379)
          *LADYBOX - Hit My Ride [B Rich remix] (Party Like Us PLUR 007)
          *JOOP - One (High Contrast Holland HCR 092D)
          *John O'Callaghan - Striker [Ummet OzcanMix]
          *DJ Wag - Man On The Moon [Dr Willis Mix] (Traffic Tunes)
          *Robbie Buri - Attack [DJ Preach remix]
          *Talla 2XLC feat Skysurfer - Terra Australis (Addicted To Trance)
          *Neal Thomas - PyroTechno [A*S*Y*S remix]
          *santos martinez - hijo de la luna [jan vervloet] (hypre records hype006)
          *RIDER, Nick - Two Knights [Tu Rin remix] (Progressive Grooves PGR 084)
          *CAIN, Andy - Space Groove [club mix] (Plastic Fantastic PFT 081)
          *Robert Owens & FS - Silence [Dzeta N Basile remix]
          *DEADMAU5 - Strobe [full length version] (Mau5trap MAU 5022)
          *Enzo Canale - Concorde
          *URBAN ASSAULT - Digitize (Heavy Artillery Recordings HAR 019)
          *GTS - Eagles Claw (Dreadnought DRDNTDIGI 018)
          *BUMPERZ, The - LSDisco (Bumperz BR 100201)
          *JAMMER - Party Animal (Big Dada BDDNL 157)
          *Fredin - Multiply [Dj Choose pres. Encantada remix]
          *Q HEY - Swarm (MB Elektronics MBELEK 055D)
          *T3kn1que + Josh Abernethie - Distortion [Audiowarp Mix] (BNF003A1)
          *the gate - iron eden (orbit records)
          jUst plAythAtbEAt


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            Playlist for Springsession on 2FM.

            *in flagranti - ex ex ex [riton] (codek cre028)
            *DJ Dan - Tribute To Voodoo Ray [album mix]
            *Wac's - Bouncy [original mix]
            *Ralvero - Killer Bee
            *Peter Horrevorts Bloody Hands [Original Mix)] (GEM002)
            *Stefan Levan - I Got The Rhythm Up In My Soul [Stefan Levan's Long edit]
            *Breakzhead - Wired Wasted Wanted [Ways & Means remix]
            *abZ - Suspense
            *Danzca (Paul Nazca & Maxime Dangles) - Naphtalina [Joey Beltram remix]
            *Stoneface & Terminal - Don't Give A Fu*k [vocal mix]
            *Paul Trainer - Elusive [original mix]
            *David + Robbo - Sudden Movement [Pro State Digital]
            *Soundclash - Funk Me
            *MAIONE, Tony/WALTEK - The Sun (Aenaria Music Holland AENMU 015)
            *WEELA - Dead Bass (Groove Industry Recordings GIR 006)
            *Dario Nunz & DJ Nano - Back One Squad Music (Squad Music SQU 005CD)
            *Enton Mushi - Disconnect [Patrique remix] (DP-6 DREX 121)
            *PETRONELLI, Daniele - Hablando [Vandalism remix] (Netswork NDR038 DIGITAL)
            *DJ MOUSE - Distort (Dioxide 062)
            *Spencer & Hill - Cool [Afrojack remix] (New State NEWBD 9060)
            *ESCOBAR & VITO - Bud By Bud (Bomb Squad BSQUAD 15)
            *Digital Stitch - Da Hap (Audio Planet Recordings APR 005)
            *EXTRAWELT - Fernweh (Cocoon Germany CORDIG 010)
            *DEEZIL, Chuck - Pinball (dynamic:MusiK DM 076)
            *ABATI - Flow (Spyzer Project remix) (Perikles PERI 18)
            *ANDRI - Tschege (Cityfox Germany CF 005)
            jUst plAythAtbEAt


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              Playlist for Springsession on 2FM.

              *Deepswing - In The Music 2010 [Eric's Flashback remix]
              *Mike Monday - Salieri Complex [Hedberg remix]
              *Justy - Kreate [Highcat remix]
              *16 Bit Lolitas - Cold Energy
              *Joris Voorn - Chase The Mouse
              *Xpress2 - Time [Original] (skint)
              *John 00 Fleming - Jawa [Weekend Heros remix]
              *Davies OH - Green heart
              *Setrise vs Kay Wilder - Poetry Clash [John Gibbons and Scimon Tist Remix]
              *TrickyDJ + Jude - Elevate (High Fish Digital)
              *Muffler - Electrolux
              *16bit - Chainsaw Calligraphy [Kanji Kinetic remix]
              *SNAZ & GUZZ - Sex Appeal (High Definition HD 009)
              *DJ HAZE - Like This [Postino remix] (Pierogi PR 013-X)
              *SMITH, Christian/GABE - Fidelidade (Tronic TR 48)
              *DURAND, Richard - Xelerate [Brutally Attacked mix] (Magik Muzik Holland MM 883-0)
              *Mat 303 & Josh Love - Lets Go Back [Ivan Devero remix] (Kazoo KZO 008)
              *JCORTES/YESSI YACOBI - 110 (Techno Artillery 034)
              *MINDFORM - We Rock [original mix] (MHR-HRD MHRHRD 007)
              *FUNKAGENDA feat MC FLIPSIDE Nobody Listens To Techno [original club mix] (Toolroom Trax TRAX074) <-- WDDATOTWBIWD
              *George ACOSTA feat FISHER - True Love [Gerry Cueto instrumental mix] (Songbird Holland SB 238-0)
              *SKYTECH - Solitude (Coldharbour Holland CLHR 084)
              *black heat - you should've listened (atlantic)
              jUst plAythAtbEAt