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  • TOR in linux..

    So, back to 2010.0 mandriva, as 2010.1 is fuc*ing useless.. But, with the recent excuse to cause havoc on the webs, it's been time to get a version of tor running on my 2010.0 distro..

    I am Using Firefox's TOR BUTTON (in the addons) but to get tit working needs some messing from You in the background.. WINDOWS users just install the tor button and so on, you don;t need to worry about this stuff - just make sure you google for TEST TOR and confirm you are running tor before you go ddossing that bank..

    you need to install for linux TOR:

    tor, vidalia and privoxy (usually easy to do from repos) then seperatly install polipo which is slightly more messy to find - but rpmsearch should deliver if it isn't in your repo.

    you may have to start privoxy in the services manager, or by hand, tor should be controllable from vidalia (the tor control panel thing)

    run vidalia, and see if tor can connect.. if not, look at the errors in the error window and sort them out as a super-user.. you can chmod and chown the tor folders and bin if you have to to fix the errors (use 'wheris tor' or whatever to find the offending files/folders with bogus permissions and correct them)

    The You are good to go - test tor (see above) and engage the tor button on Firefox, then direct Your browser to and enjoy the internets to the fullest in complete safety..

    USING NON-TOR SUPPORTING STUFF: set them up to use the proxy: localhost (or and bang away - or look here for clues..

    Remember: FTP is not supported by tor (boo!) but i'm sure if you set a global proxy, then wget may still be of hammering use..
    jUst plAythAtbEAt