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October 2007

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  • October 2007

    Playlist for Spring-Doz-Dan on 2FM.

    *beastie boys - hold it now! (bootleg)
    *digitalisim - idealistic [hystereo] (virgin)
    *run DMC - down with the king (profile)
    *les mc cann - north carolina (atco)
    *dj yoda - ital stew (antidote records)
    *ac/dc - whole lotta rosie [live] (atlantic)
    *factory - path through the forest (arcade)
    *interpol - the heinrich maneuver [phones mix] (parlophone)
    *spooky - little bullet (geurilla)
    *the amboy dukes - baby please don't go (parliment)
    *underworld - crocodile [oliver hunteman] (virgin)
    *black uhuru - slaughter (island)
    *stereotyp - keepin me (g-stone)
    *the cure - a forest [12inch] (polydor)
    *swayzak - quiet life (k7!)
    *aardvark - put that in your pipe and smoke it (deram)
    *earth wind & fire - bad song (wea)
    *MFSB - love is the message [instrumental remix] (sunnybank)

    Playlist for Springsession on 2FM.

    *the fresh juice - hey DJ (drizzly adv)
    *uniting nations - do it yourself [hoff] (gusto)
    *dave armstrong & redroche - the love has gone (data adv)
    *Peter Gelderblom - waiting 4 [Thomas Gold Dub.mp3 (data adv)
    *dave gahan - kingdom [booka shade] (mute adv)
    *Japanese Popstars - Dirty Popstars On Your Radio [Totally Random DJs Mix] (artist offer)
    *Star Anise with Andrea Britton - When I Fall (Groove Factory Records)
    *robyn - handle me [soulseekers dub] (konichiwa adv)
    *Genetik - in memory [bart b] (spinnin)
    *peblab - im on the wrong medicine [1 arm robbery remix]
    *genix - phused [marcus schossow] (reset)
    *above and beyond - home [club] (anjunabeats adv)
    *dj spoke - watch them fall down [ali wilson tekelek remix]
    *mat zo - out of minority (coldharbour clhr033)
    *enmass - bass high (coldharbour clhr034)
    *m.i.k.e. - nu sensation (club elite clel 020)
    *ferry corsten - brain box (flashover flash016)
    *mark sherry vs. dr willis - her3e come the drums (detox tox024)
    *simon patterson - bulldozer (reset rs028)
    *paul webster pres. JPW - blindside (fraction fra005)
    *the blizzard - kalopsia (armada armd1043)
    *antic - the ultimate (jinx jx-500)
    jUst plAythAtbEAt

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    New Uploads in TAPES FROM THE ATTIC section:

    By Request, 2 tracks from the late 90ś - I NEED STRINGS and NO WAY BACK from 1997 & 1998 respectivly.. Neither were ever released Properly, but were on Swap Tapes at the time, and that is what the TAPES FROM THE ATTIC are all about Again, i have opted for .flac format for the uploads - you need to be running LINUX to play and edit it natively, or if you run Windows, get the Tools at and install it, then you can Right-Click on the .flac, and CONVERT TO a .WAV - from there you can burn a CD of the track EXACTLY AS IT WAS ON THE MASTER DAT! I have decided NOT to edit, trim or reprocess the files, to preserve their purity, er...


    Set from SPACE in CAMOLIN co.WEXFORD from December 1999 - the set was recorded for use on 2FM, although i canṫ confirm if it was, since i remember absolutely nothing, and have done for many years.. (old old old) - See TAPES FROM THE ATTIC etc..
    jUst plAythAtbEAt


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      The ALBUM has been sent to the factory for makings... We went for a single disc, CD-XA format - so it plays as a music disc in a dumb player, but if you have the smarts, is a DATA disc, containing folders of FUN FUN FUN for you to enjoy We should have Finished copies within 10 days, and some shops (indie only - no chains) will have them within 2 weeks, with some online support to follow, although iḿ not impressed with ANY of the online .MP3 pushers so far. They have so few sales, and pay so badly, itś only slightly more expensive to just GIVE THE STUFF AWAY! Dunno, what do you think? Ever used a online service to buy music? No? Know anyone that has? you see my point? Meh.

      The SESSIONSTOUR comes back with 3 dates between now and newyear.. Hoping to have a Hard night, a Drifty night and a A-Z multi-DJ Night under the belt to see the year off..
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      jUst plAythAtbEAt


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        Playlist for Springsession on 2FM.

        *16-bit lolitas - feel im falling [dub] (cr2 adv)
        *uniting nations - do it yourself [hoff] (gusto)
        *monster taxi boogie - makes a splash [dj cubanito]
        *brothers love dubs - the mighty ming [chris cargo] (stress residual)
        *Japanese Popstars - Dirty Popstars On Your Radio (Totally Random DJs Mix)
        *Peter Gelderblom - waiting 4 [Thomas Gold Dub]
        *mr da nos - dont stop [jon silvas nine ts remix]
        *Josh Gabriel – Summit (Organized Nature)
        *Joop - Prominent [Leon Bolier remix] (High Contrast Recordings)
        *genix - phused [orig] (reset)
        *above and beyond - home [club] (anjunabeats adv)
        *the subliminal kid - expected as you [gabriel ananda] (perspex recordings psx12003)
        *ferry corsten - brain box (flashover flash016)
        *edy c - neo www.
        *enmass - bass high (coldharbour recordings clhr034)
        *m.i.k.e. - nu sensation (club elite clel020)
        *sander van doorn - riff [original] (doorn 01)
        *mark sherry vs. dr willis - here come the drums (detox tox024)
        *john o callaghan pres mannih - acid rain (asot 085)
        *giorgio moroder - the chase [jam & spoon] (bmg)
        jUst plAythAtbEAt


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          So.. ALBUM is finished the initial Run. A small amount of Hard-Copy CD will be in Indie Shops Over the next 2 weeks.. This will NOT be repeated. Once the first lot are gone, the Next Pressing WILL NOT be the 3 x Albums, but a single discworth.

          I will do a FULL commentary this week on the tracks, and offer a clip or 2 (for registered members), and next week we should have decided how the downloads will go, like from where and which tracks to offer..

          Today we are Testing the Disc in our (12) different test machines: Car, Portable CD/MP3 DiscPlayers, PCs (XP/Vista/Linux) ,Mac & Domestic DVD players, to see if the factory pressings behave differently to the Test Discs which were all CDr.

          More When i have it
          jUst plAythAtbEAt


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            1st Few Copies of NOT FOR SALE are in secret Indie Stores this weekend.. I will write It up over the Bank-Holiday for yez, and also bring the weblinks on the Disc to life (sorry those getting 404 right now)...
            jUst plAythAtbEAt


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              Playlist for Springsession on 2FM.

              *Deeyana - Come closer - Blahtech Records
              *robyn - handle me [soulseekers dub] (konichiwa adv)
              *Star Anise with Andrea Britton - When I Fall (Groove Factory Records)
              *TV Rock vs Dukes Of Windsor - The Others - Laidback Luke Remix
              *Genetik - in memory [bart b] gimbbmr
              *uniting nations - do it yourself [hoff] (gusto)
              *Josh Gabriel – Summit (Organized Nature)
              *Layers Of Sound And Demetrios - Gotta Get Something [Stoned]
              *leonbolier- further instructions (oxegen adv)
              *Joop - On Top of Things [High Contrast Recordings]
              *above and beyond - home [club] (anjunabeats adv)
              *denga & manus - e-clipse [volition] (drizzly adv)
              *enmass - avalon (coldharbour clhr034)
              *mat zo - out of minority (coldharbour clhr033)
              *mandy reid - tornado (spinnin)
              *san feat olivia lewis - deja vu [M.I.K.E.] (fektive cap004)
              *M.I.K.E. - Nu Sensation (club elite clel020)
              *nick larson - barock (spinnin)
              *john o callaghan pres mannih - acid rain (a state of trance asot 085)
              *genex - phused (reset)
              *white spirit - club sanwich (deco moo1)
              jUst plAythAtbEAt


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                A Nice Major Time-Waster just went public in the TAPES FROM THE ATTIC section of the board - THE TOP 8 SETS FROM 1999!!

                As is traditional at RTE, everybody not fired has to pull a little extra at Xmastime, and Xmas `99 was the year JOHN POWER had to do a 25-hour shift,, all on his own, the day after Xmas (i think).. and, what better way to do it then Skunked and Pumped with the Groovy tunes of the year, as selected for live audiences, and recorded for Radio..

                Yes, i KNOW i should give you a list of who made it into the Top 8 of 1999, but THAT WOULD SpOIL IT FOR YOU!!! Even Power Himself cannot remember who was #1

                ALSO: like the famous West-End Musical THE MOUSETARP, the management requests you refrain from revealing the ending, so as not to spoil other peopleś enjoyment of the show!!
                jUst plAythAtbEAt


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                  Commentary For the album tracks, and a little clue on how to get at the folders of tracks on the CD are posted in the Tunes section of the board
                  jUst plAythAtbEAt