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fleabay prices for TR-808 & TR-909

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  • fleabay prices for TR-808 & TR-909

    So, noticed that the TR-909 price on fleabay had stabilised at about $1600 for a US model, with TR-808 changing hands for slightly less, but average $1300, again for a US version..

    But, shock, horror gasp - check out below - ok, this is some serious dreaming on behalf of the seller(s), but what the F*ck happend?

    Ok, nothing sounds like an 808 - like NOTHING sounds that good.. the kick has the punch and the girth that is unique to the 808, and nothing (thats nothing) digital can reproduce the real deal 808 BOOM - you can spoof all you want about 24/96 hi-bit HD audio capture devices, but none of them can exactly catch the full-on long-decay 808 kick.. In fact, recording it with any digital device misses some of it's awesomeness.. So, you can FORGET those samples You have of it - they are only an approximation of how awesome it really is. This makes it very desireable. Indeed. But 2+ Grand? Fu*k off.

    Same for the TR-909, has some subtle sounds available, but in fairness, it was never anywhere close to the 808 for flexibility. It has a much improved sequencer, MIDI as standard (alongside DIN sync) and again has a hypnotic internal timing feel, with Swing options and blah.. But lads, it IS sampleable. The difference is barely there if you do it right - unlike the 808, this machine doesn't fall apart when you digitise it. In fact, the metalwork in it IS a sample.. Only the Bass, Snare, Clap, Rim and toms are 'real'.. The ONLY trick You can not do with samples of a 909 is the 'water snare' - where you can make the snaredrum sound like a splash of water by triggering it and the clap through the same output.. This is not possible with samples.. Oh OK, some of the bassdrums are unique too, but srsly, once you have mashed it to death in your picnic player, WHO CARES?

    SO, onwards and upwards - let's have 808s going for $5000 by Christmas. heh.
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