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    Oimigod Tom Petty has a new album out.. Er... Oh, and power updated his script..


    Recovering from the sunday activity due 2 the (sch)bank holiday.. Have to say the only reason it FEELS like a bank holiday is because the Gardai are everywhere enforcing 30mph speedlimits with portable speed cameras! Do you know the new PENALTY POINTS system is now in operation? 4 hits and you are out for a year... messy. Very messy. Anyway..

    Weekend Playlist for Mr.Spring`s Show on 2FM's 6:2:6,
    ( TX: 281002/20.00-22.00

    20.00: Firen` Squad, -+**+-
    Squaddies: DJ Pascal (chef @ grill),Kieth Mac (luvvieanna), Al Greene (jazz bohemian), Lil' red Basterd (In his element), Niall redmond (beside himself)

    *a split second/flesh -perfecto - 42%
    perf44t/wri:ickx & chayell//BS's Songs & migrant group
    *corvin dalek/a real man -flesh - 49%
    7616-6/wri:dalek & major//mfs2 & bmg/ufa
    *joy kitikonti/joy don't stop -bxr(UK) - 41%
    0438cbxr/wri:kitikonti//media songs srl
    *cadbury's/calchoc bar -cadbury chocolate(irl) - 73%
    [new choccy bar that gives 50% of RDA of calcium!!]
    *glamrock/crucified -phobos - 5%
    phs003p-12/wri:baardt & wollbeck//universal music


    *the freak/addictive - jinx jxh750
    *alex G & fame/freedom 2002 - sonar son015-6
    *little big angel/jam hot - kontor k265
    *lorenzo de preti/plasma EP - subway sub191
    *sonz of a loop da loop era/far out(altern8) - liquid asset12008-2
    *gollum & yanny/thunderball 2002 - edm
    *a situation/the situation - fundamental fun501

    Check the script for the latest 626 clubchart here..


    This Bank Holiday's angles are - Saturday Night we NOT in Dundrum In Co.Tipperary, dispite rumours we are.. But Sunday we visit a new venue in Boris-On-Ossary(?).. so i might c u der then.. I suppose..


    Power updated his script..

    The 626 clubchart is here..


    Weekend Playlist for Mr.Spring`s Show on 2FM's 6:2:6,
    ( TX: 191002/20.00-22.00

    20.00: [Firen` Squad on secret weekend's training with the SAS!]

    *steve blake & phil reynolds/phaze 2 - tripoli trax ttrax090
    *player 1/insomnia - clubbtraxx 010
    *riot 303 vs. observer/chains of justice - rewire wire004-12
    *cygnus x/positron 2oo2 - ID&T 7004455
    *the freak/addictive - jinx jxh750
    *methods of mayham/drunk in chicago - ID&T Hardstyle7005435
    *corvin dalek/a real man - flesh 7616-6
    *joy kiticonti/joy nonstop - bxr bxrf0438
    *Nu-NRG / Dreamland - Vandit b152457

    21.00: Live broadcast from GODSKITCHEN @ the Point Depot Dublin Pt.1

    feat: Tall Paul [playlist unavailable]

    Okay, a very strange weekend indeed.. the goverment have blagged their way to a victory over NICE, we appaently said "yes" to whatever we were asked... thing is, the majority of people that voted NO lasttime didn`t bother to vote at all this time.. using the logic that the fatheads will KEEP running the referendum again and again untill it comes out the way they want it to anyway, so why bother.. we are down as saying NO the first time, and the big question in everyone's minds this day is "What part of 'no' don`t you understand Bertie?" - in fact this is the #1 most scrawled grafitti in Dublin over the last 3 weeks!! Made no difference though, we are all doomed.. Not from political shafting, i mean from the impending Global weather meltdown.. 33mm of rain a day average over the last 4 days.. ah well, at least the car got a free wash..

    Radio Bizz this weekend was all in a mess.. we couldn`t do the FULL-ON live coverage of GODSKITCHEN because of that farse of a referendum causing every SNG and Outside Broadcast unit in the country to be deployed to godforsaken holes in the space-time continuum to report on how the fiddle was working out... did you see any of it live on the box? I mean, 2 camera crews form RTE and 1 from TV3, as well as a plethora of radio journos all packed into a horrible little church hall waiting for someone to blurt out the lies we all knew were coming.. HARDLY news is it?? Hardly worth the Live satellite link was it? Hardly ENTERTAINING was it? It could have just as easily been a bloke on his mobile.. no need for all that Overtime and hasstle.. the Sat-Link would have been much better down the point IMHO.. but hey, i don`t run RTE , yet. Welll... only a few more months till the Nucleur war, then we can get into a nice comfy Anarchy again... Renting our back-garden to dictators for re-feulling purposes!!!

    You do know how the war will begin don`t you? It`ll all happen when a religious nutter catches his towel in a vital part of the de-commisioned russian warhead during a routine "parading of the tools" ceremony on some significent date requiring a bit of wailing & parading - causing it to topple over, spill it`s guts, poisen the onlookers who will blame "Hamericha" for the outrage (since they designed the missile casing) and proceed to stomp wildly while chanting angry stuff.. the Stomping will send vibrations shuddering throught the Plinth that holds the especially unstable, but VERY big and impressive-looking Bomb they bought at an army-surplus shop in Minsk, which will roll off it`s perch, crushing the Local dictator flat and causing a riot during which firearms are discharged into the air in a frenzy of "Oh yes.. something's happening... who-hooo!!!"- panic.. the army who were up until now marching along looking smug in their nicely pressed uniforms will jump at the chance to vent some of their built-up frustration at never having anything they can actually SEE to shoot at and will blast the crap out of everyone & everything in sight.. by the time all of this filters back to the Head-honcho in his pad, it`s been transmogrified into a war decleration by [insert this month's western premiere of choice here] resulting in the REST of the 2nd-hand nucleur arsenal bieng brought out of it`s secret hiding places,(much to the disgust of it's caretakers who haven't even begun to get the rust off half of it), and an even BIGGER parade bieng thrown together before the glorious phallic bearers of chemical & nucleur death are sparked up into action and randomly launched at anyone at all, anywhere really - "these things don`t come with instructions you know.."


    Tigger Is much better.. although 1 of his pupils is stuck open.. he looks sinister..


    Some Basterd hit one of my cats again.. Tigger (the tart) has an ulcer on his right eye caused by a "massive trauma" and could be heading for the loss of same.. The poor cat is in terrible pain and is housebound.. he has to shit in a box and get painfull eyedrops every 6 hours.. I have to bring him to the vet again tonight, so hopefully it`'ll be good news.. can you imagine trying to be a cat with only 1 eye? Oh god.. poor thing... The thing is, cat's don't get digs in the eye easily.. they tend to run away.. so something took him by surprise, he could have been suckered.. TOP 3 SUSPECTS: [1] a Firework, [2] a Sneak cat-bully he trusted, [3] a Crow he was killing at the time.. Whatever.. It seems all my favorite things are getting fuc*ed up these days.. Organic or electronic, it doesn`t matter..

    So.. have you decided how you are voting on saturday? I (of coarse) refuse to vote since the so-called government are taking the piss asking us the same question TWICE.. cheeky cun*s.. Are they deaf? do they think we are stupid? WE SAID NO!! - now piss off you thieving bunch of clowns.. I never thought i`d say it, but i think it`s time for a Military state.. Forget voting for political partys - they all KNOW they have 4 years to Rob & Steal before they are caught and then get to write their books and live abroad, it`s SUCH a waste of time.. we need SOLID leadership.. from people that CANNOT escape with the petty-cash box.. EVER!! i`m talking JOBS FOR LIFE here.. You don`t see your local Bus-driver lying and robbing for 4 years and then retireing in disgrace to be replaced by someone telling similer lies do you??? Look at Saddam for example.. he's got NOWHERE TO RUN, he's there for the duration.. do you see HIM lying and stealing? Huh? Nope.. he's on the level.. a total space-cadet that just want's the yanks to leave him alone so he can sort his shit out.. We need a solid leader that can execute the thieving fat slobs and divert money away from football stadiums and Bullshit private jets and into the IMPORTANT things.. like free TV for everyone, decent roads and proper education.. oh.. and firearms for the Cops.. in fact.. let's make the cops all JUDGES, and introduce the DEATH penalty for bieng a tosser.. Wow.. i`d have this place sorted in 10 days.. We'd be a nation to reckon with.. all the bad people would be publicly humiliated and then murdered on a special show on saturday nights (after the lottery) and the good people would be showered in praise and money.. yess.. lovely... er..

    Don`t forget it`s not only the Nice referendum this saturday, but the First GOD'S KITCHEN event from the point depot.. We should be covering it in some state or form on 626 - sets from SCOTT PROJ., MARCO V and TALL PAUL will be broadcast time-delayed by an hour or so.. Unfortunatly we cannot bring you there live due to circumstances that are scabby and shitty and have to do with Overtime Pay (see:lack of) for certain skilled individuals It`s kind of like how we cannot watch our national team lose on TV because our government sold the rights to someone else.. infact, i may not be the owner of my own bolix shortly, due to RTE selling it off for sausage meat..

    Power updated his Script..


    Wicked to be back at THE GRILL again lastnight after so long.. and such a cool bunch the Sligo TC and Letterkenny TC are!! Glad i hit for you! Some old faces back again behind the scenes.. the lighting was lovely and moody, and i think we all got away with it.. One thing, why are the SO and LK cruisers so into KAHN rims? I saw more Kahn then any other rim this time.. Now, i`m not knocking them, had RS-S on the bratmobile for a year and they were hard as fu*k... is it a tribal thing? Oh.. and that was Hairy Sean's motar i had the misfortune to pilot out of the area, OK? I do NOT drive that tractor.


    Weekend Playlist for Mr.Spring`s Show on 2FM's 6:2:6,
    ( TX: 121002/20.00-22.00

    20.00: Firen` Squad, Squaddies: jay cisco (still minus the sanfran), derek duff (-ster), ronan o (ledgendary story of at this stage), cormack o'halloran (basscapeist)

    *Sound Bluntz/billie jean -incentive - 61%
    cent51cds/wri:jackson//mijac music
    *Carl Taylor/space disco -bugged out - 25%
    bop89r/wri:taylor//cop con
    *Royksopp/poor leno -wall of sound - 60%
    wallt079r/wri:royksopp//cop con
    *Cadbury's Chocolate/Cappuchino Bar -Cadbury Schwepps - 40%
    New Coffee-Filled Chocolate bar..
    *Luke Thomas/Automatic -Vibe - 56%
    vibecd002/wri:Pointer sisters//cop con


    *cosmical kids / imagination - MD 0113
    *marcel woods / drama - ID&T 084955420
    *skysurfer / silence - Overdose dmddose 098
    *DJ Sammy / Boys of summer - Super M smr006
    *Nu-NRG / Dreamland - Vandit b152457
    *climax bass / holz blech plastik - HLP 002
    *Olivar Klitzing / i like that beat(remix) - Tracid traxx ttx2039r
    *Tomcraft / lonlyness - kosmo kos2042
    *Svenson & Gielen / Answer the Question - ID&T 084991320

    The 626 Clubcharts, as broadcast every saturday night 6-8pm, can be viewed here..

    Quick script on Sligo... Lovely!! Enjoyed myself noend! Some familier faces.. Some new one's too, but an overall excellent vibe.. The cru had to re-model the entire DJ booth for the night.. CD's were ripped out, as was the chipboard enclosures for same, and decks were slotted/shoehorned in.. the soundsystem was brought in for the occation and was, shockingly, 95% perfect. Yes you read correctly.. That's a 95 on the Sound front.. the only blots bieng occational Bass feedback because the DJ's monitor was on the same counter as the decks.. But YES!! a BIG yes in fairness.. All i can say is well done.. suce a nice intimate and fun athmosphere that i haven`t felt in a club in about 2 years..Roll on dudes.. And i shall reveal more the next time it`s happening.. for mow, let's keep it between ourselves!! Sligo is online again..

    So.. did we all see CLOCKWORK ORANGE on C4 last night? I hope you didn`t watch it with your Mum or anything.. i mean, with drug taking, gang-rape, flick-knives, gang wars, full-frontal nudity, car theft, robbery, murder and burglery all in the first 15 minutes, it`s hardly a flick with which you can win cred points for watching with the family, but did you spot the Clubby references? Lets see.. The Name itself, CLOCKWORK ORANGE is a club brand, the Stolen car was DURANGO 95 - an act on Duty free records, HOME was the name of the first house (the writer & his wife) they visit & commit rape/robbery, the name of the ill-fated club in London.. Professor BRONSKI was the Luduvico treatment professor - the name borrowed by BRONSKI BEAT.. The milkbar was the KOROVA milkbar - a name used by the KOROVA record label in the 80's.. I won`t go into the tracks that have sampled Alex and so on, that would be silly and very lengthy.. Did you catch the Combination Alex used on his bedroom door? Who`s Birthdate is it?? Aw!! There's a cool bit every 90 seconds in that film... i DO hope you taped it.. It WAS in stereo as predicted, with a slight stirring in the surround speakers every once and a while.. but i MUST protest at the entire thing bieng run slightly faster then it should have been - maybe to save time? whatever, Alex sounded like a child, his voice far squeakier then on my american DVD and Old 35mm print bootleg.. maybe the audio restoration does that?? but it sounded like a cheap shot to me.. never mind.. a stunning film, SO ahead of it`s time... little things like the line "The disc on the stereo warbled off and out..." in the milkbar are truely wonderfully coincidental - the point bieng Burgess was probably referring to a Jukebox in his novel, we assume it's a CD jukebox!!! Lovely.. the film is stuffed with such coincidences.. Good stuff.. let's all learn from this experience and take more psychedelic milk-drinks before playing "Hogs of the road" in future..


    Sligo 2moro (saturday) night..


    Doh! i knew 2oo2 was a mistake.. look at that date.. it`s just RUINED by the "2".. *sigh* Did i tell you DJ7 has re-appeared.. yep, he is living still, in brighton.. Regulatly attending THC and gorging on rock.. bet the weather is nice.. I _do_ hope he has a decent scooter organised with Mink-tails hanging off the Handlebars and 12 mirrors either side of the chrome & silver polished buckboard.. Ehm.. And so to The Autumn Static Equinox. It all began innocently enough with the Audio PC in the bratcave doing some ropey booting without and harddrives bieng detected.. The feeble 250w PSU was powering : 3 IDE drives, 1 Scsi Burner, a dirty big scsi drive, 2 fans and a neon string inverter.. as well a DSP engine, legacy AWE32 and usual requirements.. So i relaced it with a nice new 450w, with an extra fan, and off we went.. er.. not alot of change really.. it's still pickey on boots.. messyyyyy.. so before i could freak over that, My SIDSTATION threw an almighty wobbler.. cycling LED's and no sound/controls.. Goddamn. just as i really WANTED to play with it.. Total lock-job.. Arse.. so it has to go back to sweeden. Arse.. THEN the ICE dies.. My sexy OEL display Headunit (1 arm, 1 leg AND 1/2 a testicle..) Goes totally mental.. the display looks like .. er.. well, it`s a load of bouncy lines now.. and some trails, but it makes NO sense.. All the buttons work but it just displays crap.. So, IT has to go off to Pioneer now for a service.. the WHOLE THING.. not just the removable-display, the lot.. So i`m surfing REAL hard trying to shake the techno-demon, and one of my displays dies.. looses its colour, and streaches the screen off into infinity (to the right actually..).. Totally bollocksed.. Out comes the Malfunctioning card, leaving only 1 of the pair i use for dual-monitor action, and by a P.O.I. it`s deemed Fuc*ed. (3dBlaster Vanta yolkys..) So i lose 1 of a pair of identical cards, for NO reason, just like that.. Oh, and the strip-light in the bathroom went as well as 2 spots in the Playroom/Torture Chamber.. Now hang on a minute... Is this JUST me? What is everything fuc*ing blowing it`self up for? And why now? Did they all have a Pact? What.. is it ME? Am i just aquiring the Wrong things? Why does MY gear always go nuts? This year alone i`ve had a new Sampler due to the last one siezing after years of loyal digital Vomiting, My precious SPX90 "grindo-matic" MultiefX from 1987 lived through bieng Gigged by a metal band for a decade but finally went in it's sleep in a nice comfy rack in the corner of the studio.. i`td cost more to Ship it to be fixed, and back again, and to get it fixed, er.. then it would to buy a new one!! And there lies the answer. It`s solved. I feel much better now. The Electricity Pushers are spiking our juice with fluctuations, filthy, dirty surges and dips.. and they are doing it because they are shagging the electronics industry.. Mmm.. that doesn`t explain how the car stereo died though.. I hardly ever connect my car up to the mains.. it makes it`s Own electricity as it converts money into poison, they must have spiked the petrol too.

    Don`t forget people.. the NICE VOTE is coming next week(ish).. Time to make your mind up about who you hate more, Our funky Government(al), or Foriegn people. Ehm.. Fu*k it.. Toss a coin. Either way we are screwed. The Nice treaty Vote - Slightly less comprehensable the the new self-assement tax forms, slightly more ignorable then the middle east crises. And now, you know it had to be done, our gift to you so you minimise the time taken to vote should you be forced to by your parents or the police, it's our Fast Guide to How to Vote on the Nice Treaty!!

    --> Place an "X" in the no Box, and a "TICK" in the yes box. <--

    Trust me on this, i have a mate that does cleaning in the Dail, usually just clearing up puke and picking up newspapers after a session, but he FOUND THE ANSWERS!!! Well, he had to do some pretty deep trash-diving, but he sorted the answer sheet, and that's the script.. Just fill it in like i said, and you`ll be sorted.. Trust me. I`m a doctor.


    My ICE died.. had to replace it.. there goes another hard lesson in consumer affairs.. Power updated his script..


    Weekend Playlist for Mr.Spring`s Show on 2FM's 6:2:6,
    ( TX: 051002/20.00-22.00

    20.00: Firen` Squad, Squaddies: Corvin Dalek (hi-fash),DJ Ted (kung-bo), Al Redmond (hoi-sin), Al Kelly (thurs-tee), Don Rosko & Cian(bass-bin).

    *Monica/all eyes on me -bmg - 28%
    mauveyez12/no details//cop con
    *DBA vs. John B/falling -detox - 10%
    beta1/wriBA & John B//cop con
    *Danni minogue/put the needle on it -london - 56%
    loxdj470/no details//cop con
    *Potato Crisps/Hot Chilli & Curry Flavour -tayto - 61%
    no details - deep fried potato chips with HOT flavourings!!
    *Jan johnson/flesh 2oo2 -perfecto - [divide by zero error]
    perf45t/wri:johnson & transeau//mushroom music


    *Tomcraft / lonlyness - kosmo kos2042
    *climax bass / holz blech plastik - HLP 002
    *marcel woods / drama - ID&T 084955420
    *jandrick de ruvo / drumcode x - Deep Mission dmltd004
    *unknown / enemy of the state - intensive inten005
    *acer / the mixmaster - phobos phs 004
    *cosmical kids / imagination - MD 0113
    *knuckleheadz / house rokka 2oo2 - tripoli trax ttrax089
    *pro active / the beat goes on - hard n' holy hnh0008


    While we are on a Movie tip, The excellent news is that Channel 4 is to show "A Clockwork Orange" on October 13th. It will be the same cut/treatment that did the UK cinema rounds 2 summers ago.. that means some tiny cuts, nothing to get uptight about, they are in the "speeded-up" menage-a-trois between alex and the 2 ptitsas he picks up in the record shop.. it`s probably the Stereo Soundtracked version which everyone i know refused to buy on Region2 DVD, despite the stereo parts, preferring to stick to their treasured Jap Lazers and Region 1 "no-frills" Mono versions.. mmm.. the orange on terrestrial!! Viddy well little brothers, viddy well!


    Apparently we visit the Dundalk area This saturday... Mmm..

    And now to The Promised Rant On RED DRAGON.. So.. are you a fan? Of Hannibal Lecter That is? Saw SILENCE OF THE LAMBS on TV etc.? Even Did the DVD of HANNIBAL Perhaps? Well, i Am.. Anyone that has such a cool name is on My hitlist - "Hannibal" Rhyming So Brilliantly with "Cannibal", and as we all Know the "Cannibal" word is to the Home Video Industry What The "Cu*t" Word was to Derek And Clive.. and "Lecter" Bieng the Object of desire in that James Bond Film With the Ship Sinking in the First scene.. Er.. Anyway.. The Film.. Now, Firstly, What we already Knew - It`s a Prequal to SILENCE, (Amazing how Dr.Lecter Wasn't looking any Younger then he did in HANNIBAL of this year) - this fact made Glaringly obvious for those not paying attention in the Excellent Final Final Scene Where Lecter's Jailer asks him, even though he probably won`t be interested, if he'd like to Talk to a FEMALE F.B.I. agent about some murduring angle or another, and he Cheekily Askes her name with a twinkle in his eye, Just before the titles Roll.. This agent, I presume is Agent Starling, er, the original version, i presume, in SILENCE. Really, they could have got away with this as a NEW movie Entirely, Had it not been for the fact this movie ia a Remake of the classic MANHUNTER.. Yep. The same MANHUNTER that had a Different Bloke Playing Lecter.. and so on (sort of like the Agent Starling thing really..) and we all should know from our research, pretty well by now... MANHUNTER is a difficult movie to remake.. Partially because it's still an issue/cool due to it`s Many different Incarnations around the world, leading to MANY a paragraph bieng bashed out over Cuts, Censorship and Network & Pay TV Piss-Taking with Running times.. A Definitive DVD came out with the absolute longest and most coherent version a while back, and this was the version i chose to make my First.. I'd heard ALOT about it from Fans of the film, and read alot too about all the Different Versions.. It had been Shown on FILM 4 and CHANNEL 4 UK as part of their "Wind up the Busy-Bodies" series of films that included ZOMBIE FLESH EATERS and BRAINDEAD, but None of these films, even on FILM 4 where they claim to Play things totally intact, had been the true full-strength lad.. So, What's it like as a remake of a Serious favorite with the lads? Nice. That's it. Nice. Loads of Deja-vu all through.. The Villan was too good looking though this time,but MUCH more nuts.. There is a lot more insight into the Villan in this.. in fact, he's made out by the F.B.I. to be abit of a mess, and his "Plan" (all the best serial killers have a ridiculous "plan" they,and only they,know about.. in fairness!) is not going so well because of constant interruptions.. We are shown he is maybe a little bit TOO nuts.. so much in fact he makes rash decisions, makes a balls of things and exposes himself a bit too much as a result of actions to fix the messes he finds himself in.. The classic "love overcomes evil" ploy is used, as it`s a woman at the root of the messiness in the plan's execution, so we are led to believe the bird will mess it all up for him/save the day/convert him into a regular joe, but that's nicely turned on it's head in the latter stages of the movie.. The cast is stuffed with cool names like HARVEY KIETEL, er, and that bloke from FIGHT CLUB, so it`s a comfy watch and feels like a big job from the off.. Where MANHUNTER sucked slightly due to lack of polish, RED DRAGON excells. I think it`s a 15 Cert.,mostly down to the total lack of any violence.. wellllll... there some pretty splattery themes brought up, and a tad of gunplay, but Gorehounds will not be impressed. Maybe this is a good thing for mass acceptance, it`s a film you could see with your bird.. or your parents.. I think this is actually a stepping stone movie.. I expect a pre-prequal to come soon.. I actually went to this thinking it was the film BEFORE MANHUNTER, and there are several references placed near Plot-points in the Dialogue referring to when Lecter was caught in the First place, By the Same F.B.I. agent he is helping from behind bars in this Film.... Yes, that's a whole new film itself... And i think we are bieng given this Flash Remix of MANHUNTER to prepare us for the Next chapter,er, which is the previous chapter.. The One we ALL want to see.. Yeah baby.. So much is made of the Crimes of Lecter himself i`m sure i speak for all of us when i say SHOW ME THE MONEY(shot)!!! I want to see what Lecter DID, and how he was caught.. Now. Immediatly. Moreso after seeing RED DRAGON. See it quickly. Mmm.. Quickly.(etc.)


    Mmm.. did the RED DRAGON thing lastnight.. Unfortunatly, i can't tell you about it 'till after midnight on thursday (don`t ask), but i can get you ready by upping a bunch of flyer images to get you in the mood!!!!

    Gotta love this ticket/invitation!!!!


    Omigod what happend to the year.. a minute ago it was Xmas.. er.. Wow..

    Actually ontime this month.. Of the 22834 Hits last month, this is how they shaped up in the..

    TOP 20 Springnations September 2oo2..

    1 Unresolved/Unknown
    <<--== aLieNz r0oL!!

    2 Ireland
    3 US Commercial
    4 United Kingdom
    5 Finland
    6 Spain
    7 Australia
    8 Sweden
    9 US Educational
    10 France
    11 Canada
    12 Non-Profit Organization
    13 Belgium
    14 Switzerland
    15 Israel
    16 Netherlands
    17 Hong Kong
    18 Croatia (Hrvatska)
    19 Japan
    20 Norway
    jUst plAythAtbEAt